Serbian Gods

5’10”, 150 pound Serbian stunner, Arn Nedic
It seems that I’m not the only one caught a little breathless at the first sight of BG East’s new sexy Eurostud, Arn Nedic.  I mentioned in my post a couple of days ago that I’ve never knowingly harbored a homoerotic wrestling fantasy for a Serbian go-go boy before.  Then today I was making my periodic stroll through tried and true sources of eye candy and came across this series of photos of yet another Serbian fantasy man, male model Vasa Nestorovic.  
6’4″, 205 pound Serbian Male Model Vasa Nestorovic
Hello, Mr. Nestorovic!  His Model Mayhem page says he’s 6’4″, 205 pounds, with brown eyes.  Eventually, I’d have noticed the eyes, but it would have taken me a while, because the rest of him is un-fucking-believable!  There are some neverland readers out there who make it their mission to keep me up to date on male model eye candy guaranteed to inspire erotic wrestling fantasies.  I send a virtual scowl their way for not introducing me to this glorious muscle god sooner!
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This is an entire homoerotic wrestling fantasy handed over whole by Slick It Up and from me to you via Homotrophy.  Get this pink menace into a ring, pronto!  The mask alone is making me squirm in my seat!  And if there was ever an enigmatic ring moniker to inspire images of mythic Nordic heroes and gods (despite him being Serbian), it’s Vasa.
Vasa’s pumped, primed and raging-ready for a jock strap match!

Other than some tragic warfare in the 90’s and an assassination that started WWI, I don’t think I’d really given Serbia a second thought before a few days ago.  But from the entire sample of Serbian hunks known to me now (n=2), I’m left with burning questions, like what the fuck is in the water in Serbia that grows boys this insanely sexy!?!?

A little hint of bondage fantasy, sure, but this says full stakes homoerotic wrestler to me!

6’4″ doesn’t look good on just anybody, in my opinion.  I think guys with that big of a frame often have a tough time steering a course somewhere between skinny-as-a-rail and doughy.  All that hungry muscle seems to me to need a particularly disciplined hand to keep it in shape, without fucking up the joints from all that weight they carry around.  Vasa is clearly a nothing short of a god of self-discipline, because ever inch of that 6’4″ is so perfect it makes me want to cry!

Every fucking inch: perfect!
And if this shot is a real one, holy buddha on a hill, sign this kid up for a ring match now.  Yesterday!  And based on his Slick It Up expose, I think I’ve got the perfect tag team partner in mind for him.
Alert Cage Thunder.  Pink Puma may have big, big backup next time!

9 thoughts on “Serbian Gods

  1. Yowza! That's so very, very fine. I think an all Serbian tag team is a brilliant idea, I say modestly. Vasa and Arn would clean up, just because their opponents would be so distracted by their hard-ons. 😉 That's a deliberately ambiguous sentence.

    1. Thanks, Goran! His wrestling identity for BG East was listed as Serbian. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of obfuscation in homoerotic wrestling profiles. However, if you have more luscious and legitimate Serbian hunks you’d like to recommend I crush on, please share!

      1. Thanks for the reference to see more Vasa! Yum. You seem to be an authority, so you tell me what qualities do men need to have to be counted among the beautiful in Serbia? Those are the ones I want to more of.

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