“We’re Just Wrasslin’!”

I regularly get a taste for long, lean, limber bodies tearing up a homoerotic wrestling match. Christian Taylor always scratches that itch for me. Kid Vicious gets me there as well. Over at UCW, 6’3″ Harvey Dale just grabbed my attention for the same reasons. Somehow, he looks taller than 6’3. It may be the contrast as he stares way, way down his nose at 5’6″ Zack Reno in the opening pec-to-pec stare off for their oil match. Zack has a choice to look straight ahead and study Harvey’s sternum, or crane his neck at a painful angle to make eye contact with the smirking taltos.

It’s a 30-minute match, but be aware that the first 12 minutes are a curious study of the two of them bro-ing it up as they slather each other with coconut oil. The pre-match relational dynamics are fascinating. When Zack demands Harvey massage the aching arch of his left foot, Harvey obeys immediately. When he’s tugs Zack’s yellow trunks down, the better to oil those remarkably perky glutes, Zack leaves them there, not bothered. In fact, they stay there well beyond when the wrestling starts. But back to Harvey obediently following Zack’s instructions as he massages him down. I’m thinking, just for a moment, that the long, tall drink of water is here to job for the hunky homoerotic wrestling veteran. But, then again, Harvey’s got a not-a-jobber attitude when he finishes applying oil to EVERY inch of Zack, and he lies on his back, hands behind his head, and orders the beefcake boy to return the favor. And, fuck, Zack does! With some enthusiasm, actually. Where Harvey was a little coy about sliding his hands inside Zack’s trunks, Zack dives in head first and absolutely throttles the tall kid’s cock relentlessly, making Harvey both writhe and grin ear-to-ear.

It’s SUCH a curious vibe as they banter and joke back and forth, getting their hands all over each other unselfconsciously. I was actually wondering for a little while if this was a bait-and-switch, and it was just some friendly muscle worship sans wrestling. But holy hell, when the bell rings, both boys suddenly see red and go the fuck at it! As I mentioned, Zack leaves his trunks hanging well underneath the prominent shelf of his ass, barely covering his crotch. And the serious-as-fuck competition on Harvey’s youthful face instantly dials the heat way, way up.

Both boys have a tough time with the oil. Zack, bless his heart, keeps trying to stand up, only to slip and slide and crash back down again (once, face-first into Harvey’s crotch). Harvey, on the other hand, seems to handle the context better, capitalizing on his Mr. Fantastic long and flexible limbs to tie the beefcake up and wring him out relentlessly. Again, the heat jumps up several degrees when Zack manages to suck his opponent’s head in between his legs and give Harvey a long, close-up look at his bared ass. To free himself, Harvey rabbit punches the heartthrob repeatedly in the kidneys. “Stop hurting me,” Zack bitches in his bro-y baritone. “We’re just wrasslin’!”

Best hold of the match goes to Zack. There’s a tug-of-war back and forth for quite a while as both wrestlers work on stripping each other out of their trunks. Buyer beware: neither quite succeeds. Buyer rejoice: Zack’s thick, happy cock keeps spilling out, before getting stuffed back into this trunks, and then spilling out again seconds later, over and over. But the hottest move of the match for me doesn’t involve seeing Zack’s cock (shockingly). No, it’s when Zack smothers lucky Harvey in face-to-crotch headscissors, combined with hooking the tall boy’s briefs with Zack’s toes, in order to wedge them way, way, WAY up his crack. And right there, with Harvey’s sugary sweet, oil soaked, lovely, lean, sculpted ass cheeks on display, my itch for the long and lean homoerotic wrestler gets scratched just right.

Honestly, I buy Harvey’s earnestness and intensity more than Zack’s. Though, there is this moment where Harvey has the beefcake folded over backward, his hand slid down inside Zack’s pouch, jerking on his power tool for days, when Zack absolutely goes perfectly still and silent. Like, fuck, fuck, fuck, I think he was just about ready to let Harvey get him off, but, sadly, he came back to his senses and fought his way back on top. But no, Harvey brings the heat, the fury, and the intensity. And damn it all, as turned on I was by Zack leaving his trunks hanging off his ass for so long, it’s Harvey’s sweet cheeks in that wedgied face-to-crotch that’s haunting me now that the match is over.

Fun match. Fascinating, FASCINATING personalities playing off of one another. And gorgeous use of contrasting bodies, glistening in oil and delighting in the tactile pleasure of rolling all over each other. It takes me back to very fond memories of titillating oil wrestling in halcyon days gone by!

3 thoughts on ““We’re Just Wrasslin’!”

  1. SOOO damn hot..nothing like a Headscissor with the victim’s face buried tight in the Heel’s package….

      1. Gotta make this happen this summer…
        Let’s see what the Cocky Scissor Heel’s got……

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