What Turned Me Gay (again, not really)

So I definitely knew I enjoyed the look of an athletic male body before I saw my first Soloflex ad, but I believe that original ad campaign was my first introduction to body worship. The original Soloflex boy, Scott Madsen, was stunningly displayed. Clearly, he was featured as an object to be adored, envied, lusted after… The faceless shot of him pulling his t-shirt over his head drew the observer’s attention away from the “person” in the photograph, and instead focused our gaze on the muscles, the bellybutton, the incredibly narrow waist, that one visible nipple. The intent of the photograph is clearly sexually provocative objectivication of the athletic male body. And boy, did I get the message. I remember being a pre-teen getting a hold of a magazine with that ad in it. I studied it. I obsessed over it. I traced it on paper in order to get a sense of the shape and the feel of it. I cut it out of the magazine and treasured it in my dresser drawer. No, the Soloflex ads didn’t “turn me” gay, but they fired up my youthful, lustful imagination. I collected images of beautiful male bodies after that. I practiced (without much success) drawing the male body. Eventually, I graduated to collecting muscle magazines, then later gay porn and wrestling videos. The bodies of lovers always fill me with a sense of awe that not only gets me hot, but also leaves me just a little blissfully lost in the beauty of any fit male form. The classic images from my childhood, like the Soloflex ads, continue to take me back to that wonderful moment of discovery and self-discovery, when I recognized that the male body could enthrall me, entice me, and arouse me.

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