Twink Heels

I was chatting with a friend about heels recently, and we were extolling the charms of a twink heel. Now, as soon as I broach this topic here, I brace myself for controversies over the definitions of heels (and twinks, for that matter). Just for context, let me say that I’m approaching heels in terms of wrestlers who are viciously sadistic, taking pleasure in the pain and humiliation of their opponents. A heel, to me, is a wrestler who doesn’t so much break the rules as makes his own rules that, coincidentally, typically contradict the commonly accepted standards of fair play and sportsmanship. In 2022, I feel like we’ve transcended the old characterizations of “villains,” because, let’s face it, sometimes we cheer louder for the sensational villains that the so-called heroes. The wrestlers I count as heels don’t have to always be heels. They don’t have to always win. In the transient world of homoerotic wrestling, hunks inhabit multiple characters and storylines all the time. But for at least one brief, shining moment, if they’ve been a heel, I’m counting them.

Then there’s the potential debate over what constitutes a twink. Since this is my blog, and I’m relating my conversation with my friend, let me share my take on the subject. I think of twinks as pretty, perhaps even of delicate features. They can range from downright skinny to “swimmer’s build”-fit, but aren’t heavily muscled. If a fight breaks out, you might not expect a twink to step up because they wouldn’t want to bruise their beautiful faces, and there’s probably a bigger, stronger stud nearby who’d get the job done more efficiently.

I love the idea of the combination of the two: the twink heel. Delicate, pretty, slight of build, and a viciously sadistic, fuck-the-rules, delightfully nasty son-of-a-bitch. After waxing poetic about the abstract allure of a twink heel, we were then struck with how difficult it was to come up with a robust list of them. We settled on John Wolfboy as a potential twink heel we like who’s currently wrestling. I suggested back in the day, I’d include Scott “Dark” Rogers, and even Brigham Bell (like when he fucked over Troy Baker sooooo sweetly). Who else, though? I’m sending up incense and a prayer to the homoerotic wrestling gods for some more sensational twink heels to come our way!

Have You Heard?

I received a DM late last night asking me if knew some point of contact with the classic BG East wrestler Nick Archer. Quick answer: no, sadly. I’d love to know what Nick is up to, and if he still puts his incredible arsenal of submission holds to good use. So damn handsome. So fucking hot!

Nick Archer

It’s not uncommon that I get this type of question. I assume it’s because you all know that I’m a self-avowed low-impact stalker. I’ve spent an unreasonable amount of time in my life obsessively combing the internet for updates and clues to know more about the gorgeous hunks I lust over. I’ve also enjoyed the privilege of conducting interviews with wrestlers over the years, and it’s also true that I’ve had the amazing privilege to get to meet in-person several of the wrestling studs who step into the ring for our pleasure. I’m honored to even call a few of them friends! So, you’d be forgiven if you overestimate my behind-the-scenes, insider access to information about homoerotic wrestling stars.

Friend of the blog and the blogger, Drake Marcos

However, sometimes current and former wrestlers read these pages, and even respond in the comments or reach out to follow up by email. In case Nick Archer’s eyes ever fall on these words, I hope he knows that there’s an army of homoerotic wrestling fans who wish him well, and we’d all be delighted if he’d drop a comment to let us know he’s well.

Sal Bruno has found memories of Ken Canada!

Sal Bruno reached out to be my email a couple of weeks ago, after he recently read my interview from several years ago with Ken Canada. Sal says reading Ken’s reminisces brought back good memories for him, mostly of pounding the perkiness out of adorably sexy jobbers like Ken. I’ve lost my direct connection to Ken, but in case he’s reading this, drop me a note, buddy, and I’ll be happy to get you back in touch with Sal!

Troy Baker haunts our homoerotic wresting dreams!

There are recurring subjects of “have you heard from” messages I receive. I get hit up at least 2 or 3 times a year with questions about Troy Baker. Trust me, I get it! Troy’s monster quads show up often in my fondest wrestling fantasies. The only intel I have on Troy came from the Boss, who once told me that Troy left the world of homoerotic wrestling on good terms, but an old hockey injury knocked him out of competition. In case Troy ever reads these words, I’d like to suggest that he consider sending up a flag to a whole lot of us fierce fans, and I’d bet he’d rake in some cash with a OF glimpse of himself!

Text Me, Sexy Alexi!

Some other common questions I field focus on babyface heroes like Brad Rochelle, Alexi Adamov, Chris Bruce, Mr. Joshua Goodman… I don’t have any lines of communications with those guys, either, but just listing their names here leaves me with all sorts of feels. I will always, ALWAYS be thrilled to hear from any of them, and pass along the passionate appreciation their fans have for them still!

Need a kidney?

Of course, I have my own personal wish list of wrestlers I’d love to have a direct line to. Kid Vicious has teased me cruelly over the years (because… he’s Kid Vicious!) about the possibility of an actual sit-down, full-on interview. Sadly, that’s never happened, and he hasn’t even teased me with the possibility of it in a couple of years. I’ve heard various rumors that he’s retired from active wrestling, or not… that he now lives full-time in the UK, or not… that he actively trains new BG East recruits, or not…. He’s been edging me ruthlessly for years, so I can only imagine how hard I’d pop if I ever actually landed that interview. I’ve got SO many questions. And I’d donate a kidney to get to see one of those training sessions!

Feel free to send me your “where are they now” questions, though I don’t promise to have the answers. But I’ll be happy to put out the call to the ether, and hope that our favorite homoerotic wrestling hunks might just read, and respond, to the passionate appreciation of their fans!

Thongs for the Win

BG East has a sale running on their membership site, Arena. It appears that someone has lovingly curated all of the Video On Demand matches that feature wrestlers in thongs. Fuck me, where did I go so miserably wrong, that I did not end up with the job of combing through the BGE catalog looking for thongs?! I feel like my entire educational career is suddenly a tragic farce, now that I know what job I should have been padding my resume for all these years. And those “career aptitude” inventories I filled out for my guidance counselor were clearly a load of bull shit, because if I was hardwired for any particular career, it’s OBVIOUSLY to be the lucky son of a bitch tasked with categorizing BG East products by themes for sales promotions. Fuck you, Mrs. Rogers, my high school guidance counselor, who said I ought to pursue a career in human services or educational settings.

In a cheap imitation of the professional I wish I was, I’ve now been spending some time looking through the sale catalog at matches with thongs. Woozy, what an erotic trip down memory lane! Like, Reese Wells getting his balls bashed until his cock was so hard that it, nor his balls, could fit inside his bullseye thong’s pouch any longer. Sweet fucking homoerotic wrestling gods. Legendary.

Mike Columbo’s thonged dismantling of Jay Stevens from Fantasymen 18 gets a discount in this sale. Let me repeat, Mike Columbo’s ass in a thong…. Good fucking gods, are you kidding me? Talk about legendary, and this match is from the first DVD I ever bought, in no small part because of the irresistible allure of Mike’s bare ass cheeks. He is a TERROR in the match, and I personally never loved him as much as when Mike was brutalizing a lucky fucker like Jay, wringing him out to two dimensions in epic, epic muscleboy body scissors.

The Gear Wars: UK Kink match between Ashley and Rob has recently been on my mind for some reason. And by “some reason,” I mean Rob’s stunningly gorgeous cock, and the ridiculously weird sock-fetish theme of the match. Honestly, I came for Ashley’s prettiness, but I go back again, and again, (and again) for Rob’s insanely gorgeous muscles, stunningly hot cock (I know, I already said that, but it bears repeating), and his sensational intensity that totally rubs out any campiness from the sock fetish antics.

And finally, Thrash thrashing El Favorito, who I’m convinced was named in honor of me! Sweet fucking gods, El Favorito’s ass NEVER looked better, and I’m in more of a position than most fans to back that claim up. And I maintain a long, long, LOOONG simmering crush on Thrash, and, in particular, his circus strongman, insanely sexy quads.

More thongs need to show up, and then get ripped off, in homoerotic wrestling, as far as I’m concerned. But who am I? Clearly not an insider living my best self with the job I was born for.

Fine Art

Fuck. Me. I just posted a new post here, and somewhere after I pressed publish, everything that I’d written disappeared. What. the. fuck. Now, I’m sort of pissed that I need to compose this entire post. Let’s see. What was I saying? I’m sure that I said that I’m deeply grateful to ArtReplicant for inspiring me get back to composing words about homoerotic wrestling, both in terms of this blog, and in writing new homoerotic wrestling fiction.

I’m pretty positive I suggested that you should check out the newest addition to the Producer’s Ring, which is a sequel to the illustrated match ArtReplicant and I posted a couple of weeks ago, when Ryan Gosling faced off against Timothée Chalamet. I’m sure I was more eloquent the first time, before I started having to shove down my irritation at technology and the vicissitudes of WordPress, but the new match, in which Baby Goose shows back up to square off against Jake Gyllenhaal this time, is even more brutal than the last match.

I’m certain I waxed existential about the alchemy I’m enjoying in co-creating this text/graphic art combination. Knowing me, I’m sure I also mentioned that ArtReplicant’s images of Baby Goose’s ass-in-jeopardy keeps turning me on like a light switch.

I probably mused about the way the total of our words and ArtReplicant’s graphics make the final product so much more than the sum of its parts. But the real take home message is that you should jump over to the Producer’s Ring, settle in for some extended time in the Focus Group, and bring a towel to wipe off with as you read the illustrated homoerotic wrestling fiction in this newest addition to the archives. Oh, yeah, and I mentioned that I don’t have a way for you to comment on the stories directly, there in the archives, so you should let us know what you think in the comments here and/or on Twitter.

And finally, in conclusion, fuck technology.

Mio Dio!

I’d like to extend my personal welcome and heartfelt gratitude to Dio Characi, as he debuts with BG East! I’ve been swooning over Dio on social media for several months now, and it was like manna from heaven when he strolled into frame as part of Hunkbash 27, in the latest catalog release just a couple of days ago.

I was already a little big familiar with Dio from the teaser clips he posts on Twitter, featuring some of him wrestling, but even more of him brutally dominating and humiliating extremely eager worshipers. The Brazilian hunk is such a perfectly sexy example of a cherubic, ridiculously adorable baby face, attached to an insanely sexy, dripping with sensuality, centerfold-ready body. I was already in awe of him, but the cottage-industry format of his self-produced work hasn’t let me really study this stunning stud from the angles, and with the quality of video, that I’ve really, really wanted. I have literally said, out loud, “Fuck, someone buy this muscle hunk a plane ticket and get him into a BG East ring!” So, in further proof that the wrestling gods answer the prayers of the truly devout, Dio showed up to face Ace Aarons.

This is not a unqualified hit for me, I feel the need to put out there right away. I feel like Ace and Dio aren’t quite on the same page, in a way that keeps interrupting the seductively sexy flow of the story that they’re telling. The story is sensational, mind you. Ace is the pro wrestling hunk with a thousand ways to wring a submission out of an opponent, and the scorching hot bod to look so, so good doing it. Dio is openly in awe of Ace. Like, he can’t restrain himself from almost instantly touching him, almost reverently. There’s this strong, not quite spoken out loud element of the story that says that Dio would just as soon get straight to fucking this hot, hard, pro wrestler. But then there’s this added twist, that’s delightfully twisted, that Dio is getting OFF the more Ace manhandles him.

Okay, so far, we’re golden, as far as I’m concerned. I’m also thrilled with the plot point that Ace, despite his aggressive, best intentions, keeps getting almost hypnotically distracted from schooling the newbie, because of Dio’s insane prettiness and smoking hot bod. Again, absolutely everything makes perfect sense to me about this story. If I was hell-bent on beating the shit out of my next opponent, and in walks Dio… yeah, I’d have a hard time remembering mission #1.

There are misfires in the chemistry, though. Like, Dio is seemingly getting stoked hard by getting manhandled, but then again, he takes the opportunity to turn the tables whenever Ace gets distracted by the Brazilian’s sexy (SEXY!!!) lips. He literally defies Ace’s claim that the pro wrestler has “punished” him by shoving Dio’s face in his crotch, instead making it clear that Dio is downright ecstatic to have his face shoved in Ace’s crotch. “So, you push my head in our crotch, and you think I am the loser?” Dio is incredulous, like he’d rather be nowhere else in the world. But then, why is he fighting so hard to punish Ace?

There’s also this moment that feels like actual heat, when Ace calls Dio his bitch. You can almost see Dio’s spine stiffen, as he rejects the claim. “I will NEVER be your bitch!” And, for a moment, I’m thinking that’s exactly what Dio has been sort of angling for from the very start of this match, to get severely punished in just that right way that gets Dio off, to be manhandled and dominated, not despite Dio’s intentions, but because he wants it bad. Maybe it’s a moment that got lost in translation. But I’m sort of confused about exactly what Dio wants. And the harder Ace shakes himself out of the hypnotic reverie of lusting over the new kid, I’m not exactly sure what’s motivating Ace, anymore, either.

I’m having a hard time explaining what I thought was a misfire, and I’m in danger of making much more out of it than I really intend. So let me just point out what is working really, really, REALLY well for me in this match. Dio Characi is fucking GORGEOUS in high definition, and in extremely brief white trunks. His thick, hairy thighs, and that beautiful, round ass, are 110% worth the price of his plane ticket from Brazil. His smart ass banter and that knee-bucklingly sexy accent make watching him in a full match for the first time intensely rewarding for me, personally.

Ace is punishing and relentless, and watching him play the part of the beast, seduced by beauty, is both hilarious and provocative. Maybe, I’m just resenting Ace for successfully shoving down his lust and tearing his lips away from Dio’s, because that requires a suspension of disbelief that even my legendarily outrageous imagination struggles to achieve.

Please, please, homoerotic wrestling gods, grace us with more Dio matches. And I beg you, in the name of all that is good and right in this world, pit the Brazilian heartthrob against a mere mortal, more like me, someone who, when faced with Dio’s erotic offense, will see that story through to the only conclusion that could possibly make sense.

Producer’s Ring

My work life kicks into high gear in a few days, so I’m trying to take advantage of the fleeting moments of summer to transfer some more matches from the old Producer’s Ring archives to their new location.

I continue to half-anticipate something more cringey about re-reading my old homoerotic wrestling fiction, but I keep surprising myself. I mean, it’s seriously dated. The first matches I wrote are about 12 years old now, so, it’s evident to see the march of time putting the Hollywood hunks I was obsessing over into context. Like, I was such a HUGE Heroes fan. HUGE. I still have a fast-twitch instant erection at Adrian Pasdar’s name, and that’s even after listening to The Chicks Gaslighter album a couple of hundred times in the past year and a half, where Adrian’s cheating ways get aired out with such excellent musical accompaniment. So, little wonder that I was so into picturing who would win a no-holds-barred homoerotic wrestling competition between Milo Ventimiglia and Sendhil Ramamurthy, also Heroes stars. The world has moved on, but it’s fascinating to get transported back to that moment when Milo and Sendhil seemed like the perfectly sexy, obvious pairing. And I did not remember what a seriously brutal match that was! Despite the way their careers took shape in the intervening decade, I still stand by my picture of who would obliterate whose ass.

It took me half a beat to even remember who the fuck Hunter Parrish was when I was transcribing a couple of his stores. Oh, right, I was up to my armpits in Weeds at the time, and feeling way, way frustrated at the cocktease that Hunter Parrish was, playing an emerging adult with mommy issues. However, I had no problem at all placing his opponent, Teddy Sears, who continues to strike a chord in my crotch every time I get a glimpse of him, almost always in some supporting role, looking so fucking fine! I don’t know if I even know any friends IRL who would even recognize the name Teddy Sears, and here I am, self-appointed president of his homoerotic wrestling fan club, instantly hard when I see him in a new role, preferably playing a gay character or someone in a throuple. The match between Hunter and Teddy was always going exactly one direction, and STILL, I was delightfully surprised and aroused re-reading where my mind was those years ago.

And then, it’s no wonder at all that I had to toss Hunter back into some action, because, let me explain again, he was such an epic, major league cocktease! I was seriously working some shit out in Hunter’s second match, facing off against Ben Godfre in the first Secretarial Pool match, which, now that I think about it, later evolved into an elimination tournament to select the newest member of Eli Brody’s elite executive team, with blog readers weighing in. Fuck, what a stroll down memory lane. Fuck, I loved those hunky executive assistants hard! Fuck… Ben Godfre! This, all before Ben hoisted his spectacular full monty freak flag for the average joe, like me, to see that he’s even kinkier and sexier than even my overactive imagination was picturing!

And finally, for this update, the first Major Domo match. As I remember it, the Major Domo stories emerged from my serious, certainly obvious crush I have ALWAYS had on the main character in the Producer’s Ring universe, West Coast Titan Eli Brody. Eli is in almost every story, but he’s pulling strings and typically fully clothed in business suits. Writing him so much, I quickly developed a crush, and I ached to see Eli do more than just sit back and watch, though, honestly, there’s something super sexy about a knock-dead gorgeous beefcake in a suit sitting back and watching two nearly naked/naked hunks ripping into each other. But I digress. The Major Domos took the action to Eli’s living room, and were built on the premise that, on rare occasions, Eli involves himself personally in providing… let’s say, “career advice,” to struggling hunks.

I hope that pulling these stories from the homoerotic wrestling fiction archives tickle at least some of you just right.

And just because I feel compelled to say “I told you so,” I just wanted to point out that low-key genius artist ArtReplicant immediately sent me a humble disclaimer of all of the praise I heaped on him in my last pose. Seriously, that guy is freaking brilliant, and ridiculously humble. Send him some love at his DeviantArt profile, and tell him that I sent you. It’ll drive him nuts.

Will Breaker

ArtReplicant is genuinely low-key genius when it comes to his eye for homoerotic wrestling. One of the unexpectedly fun aspects of my recent collaboration with him, co-creating with me my first illustrated homoerotic wrestling fiction, was the particular give and take of the creative process. At times, I’d take the lead with some text, describing the scene, detailing a hold, scripting the dialogue. Then, like half a day later, ArtReplicant would have created a 3D image in astonishing detail of that moment that had, just hours earlier, only existed in my mind’s eye. At other times, he would craft an image of a hold or a plot point, and then I’d write the text through the middle of the lane markers that he so skillfully generated for the story. It was a very cool creative process that we’re already investing in replicating.

One of the coolest moments in the creative process of putting together the Focus Group homoerotic wrestling match, featuring Ryan Gosling and Timothée Chalamet, was near the end of our work, when ArtReplicant asked if we were missing a beat in the narrative. We built this moment in the plot when one hot, hard hunk is at the brink of despair, and ArtReplicant asked the perfect question, of whether the action we’d constructed sufficiently and convincingly shoved the poor, gorgeous fucker over that edge. It was ArtReplicant’s idea to add one more hold to fully justify the way the story unfolds, and he was the one who suggested that we use the Will Breaker.

Charlie Evans in the Will Breaker in Ring Rookies 5

I know this hold from Charming Chase Addams’ matches, and from having enjoyed the opportunity in the past to hear Chase talk about the development of the hold, and his creative process in coming up with the name for it. Chase is an innovator, and a passionately devoted student of the science and art of pro wrestling. The range of holds in his arsenal is pretty fucking incredible, particularly when I think about how ridiculously young and pretty he is. (Not that being pretty has anything to do with it. I just wanted to mention how pretty Chase is.)

Kirk Donahue in the Will Breaker in Florida Fights 7, winner of 2018 Best Submission!

I don’t think I really fully appreciated the complexity and beauty of the Will Breaker until it came time for me to try to describe, in words, one homoerotic wrestler applying the hold to another. Like, fuck, the words fail me! I watch him do it, mind you. It’s not like some mystery that happens behind a curtain somewhere. The spotlight over the ring allows no slight of hand or smoke and mirrors. I watch him do it, and even still, it’s fucking complex and nuanced and mysterious!

Tiko meets the Will Breaker in Chase’s Wrestler Spotlight Collection.

ArtReplicant suggested something similar in his creative process of constructing a 3D render of the hold. He mentioned needing to painstakingly place each limb and joint, because there are no software shortcuts to create something like that. It’s not a position the human body was meant to easily slip into, or to endure for very long, so shaping a 3D rendering was, as I understand it, a significant challenge. And, thus, I repeat myself when I say that ArtReplicant is a low-key genius. As soon as I publish this post, I’m going to get an email from him, humbly insisting on a disclaimer from my praise, but don’t believe him. He’s fucking brilliant.

Chase is, obviously, brilliant at what he does, as well. He’s not low-key about it, though. Chase knows his own genius, and he strips down to nearly nothing, climbs into a wrestling ring in front of a room full of cameras and microphones, and does magic like this that makes me gasp.

Christian Taylor gets the Will Breaker in Chase’s debut, in Tag Team Torture 19, Best Ring Match and Best Overall Match of 2016!

Anyway, I’m appreciating today these two young geniuses with such a passion for the science and art of homoerotic wrestling, of one fierce hunk taking possession of another, crushing one man’s hopes and dignity, and handing his body entirely over to his opponent. In their own ways, ArtReplicant and Chase both get it, so deeply and fully!

Richie Douglas reaches Will Breaker perfection in Ring Wars 32, Best Ring Match and Best Submission of 2019 (see a pattern!?)

Producer’s Ring

I’m sitting on several exciting projects that should ripen nicely within the coming days and weeks. I’m working on my next homoerotic wrestling comic, and I’m really, really enjoying how it’s turning out, so far. Here are a couple of preview images for you, available only here on the blog, in various states of being incomplete. They’ll look different in their final drafts, but I know some of you will get a kick out of the works-in-progress versions. The final drafts, in full comic layout, will appear at part of Sidelineland Stories.

Astonishingly, I’m even more stoked for the impending publication of a new Focus Group match in the Producer’s Ring. I alluded to this last week, but this will be the combustible compound that results from mixing my prose with ArtReplicant’s astonishingly sexy 3D artwork. We’ll be publishing this new match, the first, ever, illustrated Producer’s Ring match, very soon, at the resurrected Producer’s Ring archives. Here are some teasers to give you a sneak peak of what’s to come.

And finally, I wish I had an intern for the tedious grunt work of translating the old archives over to their new homes. But, alas, without an intern, it’s just me doing the tedium. Most recently, I’ve uploaded to the Producer’s Ring a couple more Focus Group matches, along with the first TV League match I ever wrote. To be pedantic, this version of the TV League match pitting Jamie Bamber against Tahmoh Penikett is the “director’s cut” version that I re-wrote and published on the pages of this blog about a year and a half ago. It’s just written soooo much better, and the plot and details are just way, way more interesting than the original. If some diehard really wants a copy of the original version, like, if you’re doing a dissertation on the rhetorical development of my homoerotic wrestling celebrity fan fiction, and you simply have to have the untouched earliest historical document, let me know. Short of that, I’m just sticking with publishing this newer version, because it’s fucking sexier!

I don’t know how long this burst of creativity will keep going, but I’m riding the wave as far as it will take me. I hope you enjoy some of it!

Producer’s Ring

Holy shit. It’s been about 14 years since I first started posting celebrity-themed homoerotic wrestling fiction, in what I came to call the Producer’s Ring. Suddenly, I feel old. Honestly, though, I feel sexy, too, so if this is growing old, I’m all for it.

Back to my original point, however. If you’ve read these pages recently, you’re aware that I resurrected the old Sideline Stories archive, and rescued it from Google purgatory, by beginning to transcribe the old stories there to a new site on the updated Google platform. I’m not sure how many more reinventions I’ve got in me, if/when Google decides to sunset this version of Google Sites in the infinite search for appearing innovative and relevant. However, I’ve been painstakingly reconstructing Sidelineland Stories (reborn) here, and having a good time of it (and happy to receive comments on the stories on the pages of this blog).

First republished Sidelineland Stories matches were in the Brothers in Arms Series.

I’ve been planning on doing the same for the Producer’s Ring archives, as well. Producer’s Ring actually predates the Sidelineland Stories archives by a couple of years. Producer’s Ring was an obliviously ambitious effort at world-building, setting dozens of homoerotic wrestling matches in an alternate universe where, more plausibly than in this universe, homoerotic wrestling contests break out all-the-fucking-time. The setting also allowed me some mental freedom to write my favorite celebrity crushes into the action, because if you haven’t cottoned on, I’m mentally composing homoerotic wrestling scenarios constantly IRL. I’m thrilled to report that I’ve begun the transfer from the old Producer’s Ring group site to a new site, available for your perusal without the annoying bit of me curating a membership list. I’m still sort of waiting on the other shoe to drop with pulling down the members-eyes-only wall, but so far, I’m willfully carefree and enjoying the rebirth of these old stories that I loved writing, and am surprised by how much I’m loving re-reading. I’m doing my best to keep my editing hands off of the old material, even when I find it cringy. I’m relieved that none of it has been all that cringy at all for me, but I’m sorely tempted to correct errors, reduce the repetitions, use more evocative metaphors. I’m doing pretty well at restraining myself, in the interest of letting the historical record stand on its own feet (not sure that absolutely anyone else in the world would ever give a flying fuck, but it’s meaningful to me). Check out the first re-mastered (with such a light hand) matches from the Producer’s Ring here, and you can find a portal in the Sidelineland Stories archives too, for your convenience.

The first Focus Group match I ever published (now re-published): Daniel Craig vs. Christian Bale

To really bury the lead, let me finally get around to explaining why I accelerated the Producer’s Ring reboot. An artist at Deviant Art approached me to collaborate on a project. Low, and behold, he’s an old Producer’s Ring reader, and it was his idea (I swear!) to collaborate on an illustrated version of a brand new Focus Group match. In honor of that, and to give the new illustrated version a place to land, I’ve started by posting some of the original Focus Group matches. I’m so stoked with the fun of working on this, my collaborator working up artwork as I generate text. It’s going to be sexy as fuck, and I’m going to be incredibly proud of it, once we get it put to bed. Hold your breath, because we’re both pretty fired up with getting this puppy finished up! Details to come…

Fresh Meat

In between the time I was last blogging with some regularity and today, a lot of shit has gone down (<- understatement of the century). As a result, there are some fresh faces (, jobbers, and heels) on the scene that I’ve not obsessed over here, though that’s certainly not to say I haven’t obsessed over. So let me, in brief, highlight some of the relatively fresh meat that is long overdue for me to adore in print. Honestly, my bandwidth has been pretty limited to BG East and indy pro available on YouTube, with a couple of glances over at HunksWrestling because they’ve been recruiting some fucking dazzling specimens lately. So, this isn’t a representative sampling of all the homoerotic potential to hit the scene in the past year and half, just where my time and attention has drawn my focus. Please feel free to add in the comments that rookies and sophomores from other companies that I’ve failed to mention.

Forrest Taylor (those fucking thighs!!!)

First of all, Forrest Taylor. Holy fuck. It felt to me like this hunk came out of nowhere to suddenly catapult to my top 5 favorite wrestlers. Honestly, he’s the perfect size for me. Compact, fit as a fiddle, and so. damn. pretty. Everything below the neck was carved by Michelangelo, and everything above the neck is porn-ready lumberjack. I didn’t know how much I was missing a red-headed, bushy-bearded, never-say-die twink scrapper, until I caught sight of Forrest. I could (and probably will, sooner or later) wax poetic about his physique, but it would be criminal not to immediately mention here that he’s got an astonishingly gorgeous ass. Like, astonishing. I nominated him for last year’s Debut of the Year. I voted for him as Debut of the Year. And he won Debut of the Year (and Jobber of the Year… he was my second choice in that category). I’ve loved his work in Wrestleshack 27, Ring Rookies 6, and most recently, Ring Singlets 1.

Lobo Gris

Lobo Gris is really seasoned fresh meat. I’ve followed him on social media well before seeing him grace the ring and mats of BG East, so he was so familiar and tantalizing from the start. He’s got a 70’s porn star body, with an effortlessly impeccable hairy torso and an irresistibly yankable bushy black coif. So fucking handsome, and an incredibly sexy, aggressive, confident persona. I know that he was unmasked in his debut masked match, but I really, really want to advocate, in the strongest possible terms, for a suspension of the masked luchador rules that say once unmasked, a wrestler doesn’t don the mask again. He turned up my temperature when I watched him wrestle Forrest in Wrestleshack 27, and made me dizzy with lust in his sweat soaked corporal lesson in cultural humility with Mason Brooks in Gear Wars 9.

Freddy Campbell (and the face he stole off of a 1950’s television puppet)

It took a little while, but Freddy Campbell as grown on me. Initially, when he was so ridiculously green, I was resenting him for riding his BF’s coattails into some prime time BG East matches. But damn it all, I keep watching him in match after match, and he keeps sending me harder and harder. He’s doesn’t have the whittled, rock hard physique of so many of the homoerotic wrestling stars, but he’s got that lush, targetable ass and that ridiculously cute (like, surreally sexy Howdy Doody) face that constantly screams for someone to pound him into a pulp. You can watch him objectively growing in confidence and skill across his BG East matches over the past many months, which is sort of intoxicating, in and of itself. I was still hating him in his Backyard Brawl 14 match, but I’ve gone back to it again, with new eyes, and new appreciation, and can’t help myself but enjoy it on repeat. I really learned to love him when he got the full-on Mason Brooks treatment in Wrestleshack 27, and Gear Wars 9 far outpaced my expectations (because I’m pretty lukewarm on soccer), in large part due to watching Freddy saddle up on offense.

Finally, for this post at least, I feel the need to mention John Wolfboy. I know he’s not new to homoerotic wrestling, having appeared for quite a while in at least a couple of other companies. So you probably already knew him, and had formed your opinions about him, long before me. But I was seriously delighted to see him show up at BG East in the past several months and pit that whipcord lean body against some of the reigning bad boys. He seems to have gleefully stepped/stomped onto the hornets nest of heel daddies and their dutiful boys/boyfriends. With the beard and wavy brown hair, he sports a hypermasculine vibe, paired evocatively with a lightweight, junior varsity physique. He has that special talent that I’ve only noticed in a couple of other wrestlers before, to look like he’s got skinny arms one moment, and then to flex, and BOOM… out of nowhere, appear these lovely, meaty, peaked biceps. What brand of devilish sorcery is this?! And does the Wolfboy do worship sessions (asking for a friend)? I first sort of felt bad for his bruising, upperclassmen beatdown (especially considered it was his BGE debut) of Freddy in Backyard Brawls 14, though watching Kayden step in and piss along the borders of his territory (burying Wolfboy under) was poignant. Watching the through-story (fuck, I love a through-story) play out, as Freddy’s BF defends his honor by taking Wolfboy on in the ring, followed by Ash’s heel mentor, Kayden showing back up for another pissing contest, was incredibly successful story telling, as far as I’m concerned. And fuck, can W-boy take, and dish out, a brutally sexy beating!

I’ve got a longer list of fresh meat to laud, but I’ll push publish now, so that I can get on with some other projects that I’m excited to share here soon. In the meantime, let me know who’s been turning your eye lately.