Man of my dreams


Scott “Man-of-my-Dreams” Williams
Someone reminded me this weekend of my simmering wrestling crush on BG East classic hunk Scott Williams. Similar to how I recently mentioned that I have this distorted perception of Kayden Keller’s height (he always seems smaller in my mind), I think of Scott has having a much longer wrestling CV than he actually does. He stars in just 5 products between catalogs 14 and 25, including his ensemble appearance in the spotlight feature on Philly’s gay amateur wrestling club, Meet the Spartans.


It wasn’t always trash talk and derision between Shane McCall & Scott Williams
When I had the titillating pleasure of interviewing and being provoked by classic hunk Shane McCall, I mentioned my slackjawed crush on Scott, knowing that the 2 of them horsed around together in the Spartans. My reference to “Scott man-of-my-dreams Williams” got quite a rise out of Shane, who couldn’t resist dishing out some trash talk for his former rival. But I stand by the statement of fact that I have held, for quite a long time, and continue to hold a fanatical infatuation with the beauty, power, and wrestling style of hotty Scotty.


Classic wrestling hunk
Having been sent down memory lane, I’ve been browsing clips and pics of Scott and instantly getting that swelling feeling in my crotch. Aesthetically, physically speaking, there’s something both classically handsome and atypically tantalizing about his appearance. I say classically handsome because of his gorgeous proportions, his thick, ultra lean muscle mass, the jaw and chin of a Hollywood leading man and the nose of a toga clad Roman aristocrat. My tendency (certainly not 100%) to prefer smooth, lickable muscle men notwithstanding, there’s an effortless, masculine perfection about Scott’s thorougly coated, impeccably groomed hairy torso.


Hair, muscles and sweat in all the right places
At the same time, I say Scott speaks to me as an atypical wrestlng fantasyman mostly because of his bare pate, which is a downright novelty in homoerotic wrestling circles. There’s something effortless and real about a sizzling hot wrestling hunk with a bald head. Scott’s calm, sneering, underspoken confidence translates into over the top hypermasculinity, not just because of his rocking hot muscled body, but also because of that unapologetically muscledaddy smooth scalp. My hunch is that Scott isn’t all that much older than I am, but premature baldness made him always, from my earliest introduction to his wrestling, a mature, wise, worldly fantasyman that has always and will continue to make me infatuated with any “seasoned coach” wrestling character (hello, Mitch Colby).


Scott makes it hurt!
I’m sure I’ve mentioned Scott’s sell before, but fuck, I’m on a roll now, so I’m mentioning it again. I absolutely love the way he milks a hold. There are a lot of wrestlers (or at least guys wrestling) for whom I struggle to suspend disbelief. They apply an armbar or wristlock and we can all plainly see there’s no actual pressure on the joint. I never had to suspend anything other than my impulse to pull my hair trigger watching Scott Williams wrestle. He puts his opponents’ joints through their range of motion, so that when abruptly the lucky stud in his clutches goes from halfheartedly groaning to suddenly choking out a cry of pain an octave higher and 20 decibels louder, you can believe that shit just hurt. When any part of some fortunate fuck gets trapped between his wiry, crushing thighs, Scott works every inch of his body into screwing down those crushing scissors as tight as humanly possible. His hips twist to add pressure, he transitions his upper body from angle to angle to dig his legs as deep as possible into every available inch of flesh and muscle.


I can’t help but pucker up!
And then that face. Holy fuck, that face. When he purses his lips in concentration and effort, I’ve got a ravenous need to lock lips with the handsome hunk. He’s not the most demonstrative in his sell. There’s a slow simmer about him that doesn’t rely on a bullhorn to convey his emotional state. Rather, steering with such an even keel, every subtle smirk or gasp, every gutteral grunt speaks louder than most wrestlers’ screams and incessant monologues. You can see every fucking muscle fiber on his fabulous body because he’s just that amazingly lean, so Scott doesn’t need to growl like the Incredible Hulk to signal with complete clarity that he’s flexing, squeezing, pressing, or crushing.


Talk about a babyface hero!
And then that smile knocks my knees out from underneath me. Completely disarming. The kind of face that young, ambitious bucks would bust a nut to get the chance to see deliver an approving look, a nod of respect, a seriously appraising eye.


Like me right now, Scott looks like he needs to towel off
I’ve heard from the grapevine that Scott continues to wrestle in private, or in front of custom cameras in  command performances only these days. Which is a crying shame, as far as I’m concerned. Because I’ve so many Scott Williams wrestling fantasies, and he’s got such an abridged catalog. So, yeah, I’m a big, big fan (getting bigger by the second just thinking about him).  In a 2nd golden age of homoerotic wrestling, with classic comebacks like that of Christopher Bruce and Shane McCall, and the long-rumored return of the likes of Liam Ryan to competition, this fanatic will always carry a torch for one of my first, longest lasting, and instantly provocative classic wrestling infatuations, Scott man-of-my-dreams Williams.

16 thoughts on “Man of my dreams

  1. Hey WrestleBard!!
    Thanks for that article!! I love that Scott Williams is still appreciated! Such a kick to see the pics…especially the one with Shane 😉 Still keeping in shape and wrestling privately here in Boston and when I travel….always will love it and will always make you proud on the mats or in the ring!
    Sending Bearhugs!!
    Scott Williams

    1. Receiving said bearhugs and feeling the need to towel off! I’m a little verklempt to have you comment here, Scott. My confidence in your ongoing ability to make me proud on the mats/in the ring is very high, but video proof would really drive the point home. I’m offering a prayer to the homoerotic wrestling gods to see your hot bod in action for myself again someday. And believe me l, I’m not the only BGE fan who thinks so. All my best (and my ongoing slack jawed fanaticism)!

    2. Scott, still appreciated? You kidding? A legend! I have several action pix of you. Loved the sweaty action you had with Bud Orton, and the hot action with Doug Warren. Plus some other pix from private matches, many of which show you on the receiving end, but still hot. Stay well and keep kicking ass. Bearhugs to you

    1. So many reasons to kick Drake’s twink ass…..but alas..the kid keeps dodging me.
      Epic beatdown waiting for him.

  2. Hey Bard…..just checking in….hope you are safe and well during this coronacrap…no wrestling is making Scott Williams a little crazy……

    1. Scott! I literally get an erection the moment I see a message from you, so my quarantine hell just brightened considerably! I’m planning a reboot here on the blog in about a month. What can I post about to entertain the man of my dreams?

  3. Hey Bard!! You made my day Again)…thanks for the shout out!
    Glad to see that you’re well and back in the game.
    Loved your interview with Ash DeLeon…you are the Howard Stern of the Underground Wrestling World 😉
    I’ve had the pleasure of two private matches with Ash, and I can attest to the intensity of his abwork and, surprise, the constrictive quality of his his quads/legs as I have faded in his headscissors. He takes as good as he doles out, and I make sure to remind him that, while youth may have its advantages, experience still rules!
    So, what could you post about to entertain me? I’ve always been a fan of head scissors, so a review of some of the most punishing quads in this business would always be appreciated. I’m, also a big fan of Guido Genetti (sp?)
    He is one of the best heels out there, and I have to admit a certain attraction to straight guys who enjoy mercilessly punishing a hapless jobber.
    Haven’t wrestled in two month….Something’s gotta give soon!.
    Sending Bearhugs,
    Scott Williams

    1. Your praise makes me blush, Scott. And hard. Your wish is my command (always, anywhere, anything). I will be more than happy to dedicate a couple of posts to the task of entertaining you, specifically. Watch for some upcoming attention to punishing quads and some heel love for Dirty Daddy Guido. It’s absolutely tragic that your hot bod is idling away, but I’m glad to hear that you’re keeping yourself healthy.

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