“I Want More!”

I continue to get instantly turned on when I see Dio Characi has a new release. The newest has him appearing opposite Kayden Keller in the double-header X-Fights 58. I feel like the Brazilian bombshell must have had a rider stipulating that we don’t get to see his full frontal, because once again, even in an x-fight, the Brazilian’s power tool remains holstered. It’s a little cruel, to be honest, and I actually think that’s completely in character for Dio, despite his persistent casting as a babyface borderline-jobber in his (hopefully first of many) forays into competing for BG East. Catching his Instagram reels is like eating M&Ms, because he melts in the mouth so seductively, while coming across as a sensationally sexy purveyor of snarling, dominating raunch. Which, FUCK, works like magic coming from someone with an insanely hot bod and cherubic baby face. But in his incarnation as an award-winning BG East it-boy, Dio puts up a good fight, but gets plowed under a lot (Rocky Sparks notwithstanding).

X-Fights 58 features the fan-selected Top Babyface of 2023 squaring off on the mats against the six-time award winning Top Heel, Kayden Keller. Fuck, the sexual tension and drama just write themselves, right? During the opening match at Wrestlefest 4, while Kayden was absolutely eviscerating bleach blond bon-bon Nathan FX, Dio was right up front of the babyface bench in the audience, leading the taunts and jeers taking Kayden to task for being such a nasty, cheating, merciless heel. At one point, as Kayden is bouncing off the ropes, about to kick Nathan in the face for the 645th time, Dio stands up and grabs him by the ankle, tripping the dangerous heel. You can see the steam rise off of Kayden, he’s so fucking angry. He starts hurling threats and insults at the Brazilian over the ropes, daring him to put his hot bod on the line and face him once he’s done with Nathan. Dio sneers back defiantly, telling Kayden to fuck off, holding his gaze unflinchingly. Which gives Nathan time to peel himself off the mat, clear his head, and nearly decapitate Kayden with with a clothesline when the distracted heel finally remembers he’s got an opponent still to finish off in the ring behind him.

I even speculated in my review of that match that the exquisite tension between Dio and Kayden in that moment simply HAD to result in the two of them facing each other one-on-one. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one with that opinion. “There you are,” Kayden says, as if mildly surprised to find the Brazilian bombshell stretching out his award winning body on the mat. “I was a little worried you might not show up, that you weren’t ready to take me on.” Dio looks up with those big brown eyes, looking through his long lashes, like a Raphael painting come to life, and grins. “Me? I’m always ready.”

Dio possesses a can of whoop ass as yet unopened at BG East, I’m sure of it. I keep thinking he’s going to finally crack it open and let loose the vile, raunchy, ravenous erotic wrestler that I’m 110% certain he’s got chained inside of him, but Kayden is just too much. It plays like brutal strength and experience chipping away relentlessly at stubborn, raw ambition. They’re evenly matched in terms of size, but Kayden strikes at will, persistently putting Dio on his back. “I heard a rumor you like legs,” Kayden confesses casually, as he wraps his long, strong tree trunks and starts crushing Dio’s rock hard core. I LOVE the passing allusion to the behind-the-scenes locker room culture. These guys aren’t just punching the clock. They’re thinking about each other off the mats. They’re comparing notes with other wrestlers, talking with former opponents to catch some juicy insights into weaknesses and what to watch out for.

Dio suffers gorgeously. Kayden tags the Brazilian’s abs for demolition, pounding, grinding, clawing and squeezing that sexy-as-fuck washboard. When seriously pushed, Dio sounds like he’s practicing Lamaze, with quick, shallow, audible exhalations, struggling to breathe through the corporal punishment. With Kayden’s huge quads scissoring his body, the sexy cherub’s neck arches in agony. His hands rest on his opponent’s rock hard leg bearing down on his gut. “Go ahead, you can feel those strong legs wrapped around you,” Kayden instructs. The intense intimacy, watching Dio immediately start to hungrily stroke his open palms over the bulging, brutal muscle, turns me on so fucking much.

Dio gets some offense, because he’s fucking fierce and strong. Assisted by Kayden repeatedly becoming almost completely distracted by the seductive allure of sucking on his opponent’s mouthwatering lips, Dio displays his sexy, raw power, turning the tables and climbing into the saddle of a schoolboy pin. It takes some seriously sexy strength for an opponent to grapevine Kayden’s infamous legs and rip them open wide, and gorgeous Dio absolutely possesses that sexy strength. And it’s entrancing watching Dio enjoy his riding time. He flexes his meaty, bubble butt hypnotically, grinding his hungry cock into Kayden’s gut. While Dio, indeed, keeps his cock holstered, it’s awfully inspiring to see it grow with excitement, straining the tight confines of his green trunks.

Among the super sexy moments in this match, there are a couple that keep intruding on my thoughts as I go through my day. One of those moments is the quirky, sexy script-flipping of Kayden repeatedly smothering Dio with his pecs. I’ve enjoyed (“enjoyed”) watching Dio pec-smother several lucky sons of bitches in his Instagram reels, and it’s compelling as fuck. So watching him panting like he’s going in labor, his breath muffled as his face his crushed helplessly against Kayden’s chest, is a super sexy twist. But I think the sexiest gem in this entire match is after Dio has had a few super resentful submissions wrung out of him, and Kayden is perched on top of a schoolboy, his fingers laced through the cherub’s curly locks, smothering him in his crotch. The Top Heel asks, “Do you like the smell and the taste of it, Dio?” As if in response, Dio reaches up and starts to stroke his opponent’s muscles. He squeezes Kayden’s juicy ass and palms the heel’s bulging biceps. When Kayden shoves them in his face, Dio obediently worships those biceps and licks his opponent’s sweaty armpit. Kayden is absolutely seduced, unable to resist swooping in and making out with the deliriously handsome babyface beneath him. “There you go,” Kayden coos. “Now you know your place.” And then, Dio absolutely pushes me over the edge when he stares up at Kayden with that fierce, unquenchable heat of his, and absolutely demands, “I want more.”

Dio is voicing exactly what I’m thinking, in that moment, and more philosophically as I think about his incredibly sexy journey through BG East thus far. I love the sight of Kayden forgetting himself momentarily under the Brazilian’s insanely sexy spell. I’m turned on so fucking hard by the raging furnace that is constantly burning just beneath Dio’s surface, whether giving or taking, demanding more, so completely turned on and sucking down the pleasure that comes with his gorgeous body locked in competition with a worthy opponent. And despite my disappointment at not getting to enjoy seeing what Dio’s packing in those bulging trunks, when Kayden peels out of his trunks and pounds out a quart of cum across Dio’s thick pecs and rippling abs, I get it. I really, really get it.

Simmer and Boil

Dio Characi’s journey into BG East has fascinated me. Of course, I’m infatuated with Dio for a dozen reasons, and, if I’m being totally honest, the intrigues of his match history aren’t at the top of that list. Technically speaking. Knowing me, I’m sure I’ll mention the other reasons I’m infatuated with Dio soon enough, but let me start by just musing about his most recent BG East release, StripStakes 6.

There’s a “buyer beware” in the online match description for this match, letting you know that lovely, multiple award-winning Dio loses, but is spared having his last scrap of fabric stripped off his smoking hot body. That said, I get why this is a strip stakes match, though, because, fuck, vicious little pit bull Kirk Donahue relishes prying every last scrap other than that sweat-soaked pink thong off of Dio’s body. I love the simmering rage Dio serves up when he’s submitted. Fuck, EVERYBODY needs some sexy hunk glaring holes into them, the way that Dio smolders angrily at Kirk over and over again.

And, somehow, I fucking despise Kirk even more than I did when this match started. I mean, fuck, he’s incredible, and FUCK he’s sensational as a vile heel. Like, VILE. And I admit that I’ve been hating on him from nearly the first time I saw him climb into the BG East ring, often unfairly. But hating on Kirk now feels like a habit that I just don’t know that I can break, and based on his despicable, contemptuous, nasty attitude as he lowers the hammer on Dio, I’m not about to turn over a new leaf anytime soon. “Something tells me you belong flat on your back in the middle of this ring,” he snarls at doe-eyed Dio, dragging the fierce little Brazilian terrier all over the ring. At one point, Dio openly admires the size of Kirk’s biceps, which seems to be a calling card of Dio’s. He’s not afraid to slap down open admiration, and 9 times out of 10, open praise from a hunk as hot as Dio makes an opponent stop in his tracks and admire himself. But Kirk? Fuck, no. Kirk swats down the compliment and does not return the favor. There. Right there. Fuck, I despise Kirk for that. At no point in this entire match does he seem to appreciate the ggggorgeous hunk of beef that he’s tenderizing. Oh, Kirk says he’s having fun, but he doesn’t look like he’s having fun. Not the way someone who’s got Dio-fucking-Characi at his mercy should be enjoying himself. (Just one blogger’s opinion, mind you).

Dio sends me every time I watch him wrestle, and StripStakes 6 is no exception. He gets pretty much squashed into oblivion, but he never loses that bitter rage, and ferocity bubbling just below the surface. Way, way early, the savvy indy pro heel has Dio’s back stretched over the ropes with the Brazilian’s handsome face wedged up hard and tight in a dragon sleeper. And then, when he’s thrown to the mat, he looks like he wants to take a bite out of Kirk’s throat. Kirk viciously stomps the living shit out of Dio’s shins and ankles, his ridiculously hot body bouncing and writhing and squirming, a bundle of raw nerves and fear of being maimed. The indy pro applies an expert ankle lock and literally drags Dio’s unbelievably hot ass around the ring, whimpering. And when he submits in panic, and then gets his pink trunks ripped off, leaving him in nothing but boots, kneepads, and that entirely inadequate pink thong, Dio could start a fucking forest fire with the laser beams he pins onto Kirk’s smirking face. Fuck, I love that!

Having followed (not stalked, mind you, just very, very, very casually followed) Dio on social media, I know our cherubic babyface beefcake has got a seriously sadistic and kinky side. But other than his lopsided beatdown on notorious jobber Rocky Sparks (hello, 2023’s Best Abs!), the Brazilian hunk never quite unleashed that smirking, snarling, spitting, eye-fluttering sadism in his BG East journey. Thus far.

So, that intrigues me and keeps me up at night. Maybe not as much as Dio’s luscious pecs and mouthwatering ass do, of course. I’m not quite as infatuated with it as I am with, say, his thick, hairy thighs and superhuman proportions. Or his adorable baby-baby-baby face. Or the giggle of his pouch. Or the boatload of sweat that makes the Best Body of 2023 glisten in the overhead lights. But still, I seriously long to see that simmering rage come to a full boil!

Boys On Film

I get Rocky Sparks, in his new release, Glamour Shoot 1: Immediate Gratification. “I’ve got a job to do,” he explains to Dio Characi. “I’m just serious about photography,” he claims, even when Dio suggests that perhaps Rocky had other things in mind when he asked to take his picture. “You know what would really make this great, though? Some oil. I want to see you glisten.” Fuck. I really, really get that.

Dio’s recent journey with BG East has just gotten hotter and hotter, and I’m here for it. He was sexy as fuck as a punishment slut in Hunkbash 27. Then he nearly burned the ring down taking on a living legend in front of a live audience in Wrestlefest 4. So I’m just a little shocked to be saying that he’s the sexiest yet in the devastatingly hot, intimately private moments with an overtly creeping Rocky.

In a stroke of pure genius, BG East has uploaded to the Arena that actual Polaroids taken during the match. The camera fucking LOVES Dio, nearly as much as I do! And I love that he calls bullshit on Rocky for pretending NOT to be aching to get worked over by him. Shut the FUCK up, Rocky, because that wasn’t believable for a second.

I feel like Dio should sell tickets for everyone who’d pay a whole lot of cash to get pec smothered, the way he does to Rocky. And bearhugged. And liplocked. Absolutely everything he does to Rocky is clearly Rocky’s dream come true. And again, I say, I get Rocky soooo much.

This isn’t competitive, though there’s plenty of super hot wrestling holds. I mean, Rocky keeps threatening to make Dio work for it, but fuuuuck, honestly? He barely makes Dio break a sweat. I, on the other hand, am sweating SOOO much by the time Dio is grinding his crotch into Rocky’s face and sucking on his nipples until he makes him cum.

For those who are more familiar with Dio’s personality from his social media presence, we get a much better look of that in this match. And you can tell his cold, sneering, nasty domination is his strong suit. Can someone, please, buy Dio a planre ticket to the States several times a year, so that we can get him in front of the BG East cameras a lot more often?!

Save Me a Seat

One of my regular rants is about how much I enjoy homoerotic wrestling in front of a live audience. From the classic public events BG East filmed many years ago, to the more recent Wrestlefest matches, recorded in front of an audience of their wrestling peers, there’s something spontaneous and extra intense about wrestlers going full throttle on each other in front of others. I had the honor of writing the match descriptions for the newly released Wrestlefest 4, because, frankly, I elbowed and shoved my way to the front of the line of writers this time to insist on getting the first glimpse of these two fabulous matches. Both matches were very satisfying, for all of the reasons that I’ve mentioned concerning the extra adrenaline rush of a live audience, but also because the wrestling is just so fucking sexy! For this post, I want to pour a little love on Jonny Firestorm and Dio Characi, and the rich cast of characters at ringside who made their match so… interactive.

It’s impossible for me to overemphasize how much I am turned on by Dio. What felt like a near miss in his debut match, is an absolute bullseye when he climbs into the ring with Jonny. Just objectively, the Brazilian bomber is just so fucking sexy! He’s the paradigmatic babyface, with an adorable face, beautiful even, stacked almost improbably on top of a fucking outrageously sexy body! BG East lists him at 6′ even, but he looks even taller, particularly as he towers over a half a foot taller than fireplug Jonny. There’s a lot to take in on Dio’s bod, from his sweet, round pecs and his hot, hot six-pack abs. But I go a little light-headed whenever I get a serious glimpse of his astonishingly sexy ass. I literally stood up and cheered when Jonny peeled the Brazilian’s trunks off, leaving an unobstructed view of those glorious glutes hugged snugly by a brave, brave little thong.

Whereas Dio brings the shiny and new to this match, Jonny brings the legitimacy of a legend. This is Jonny’s second Wrestlefest, and mind you, Wrestlefest 3 was released well over a decade ago. Jonny has been heeling, day in and day out, the whole time, and was already approaching legendary status well before Wrestlefest 2. I’m still a little astonished he and Kayden can be in the same room together, because the sense of something dangerously unsettled is palpable, as the reigning, back-to-back, multiple Top Heel awardee Kayden watches the talents and terror of a mentor who was perfecting the craft well before the first BG East year-end besties were ever handed out. Jonny’s beefy, hairy, and looking like a badass brute, which is the absolute perfect complement to cherubic playgirl bunny Dio.

The action is intense and brutal. As you might imagine, Jonny is downright diabolical, and having a couple of heel proteges at ringside certainly seems to bring out a little extra sadism and a little devilish gleam in Jonny’s eyes as he brutalizes the Brazilian babyface beauty. When he plants Dio in a tree of woe, I knew there was something magical about to happen. I had NO idea that magic would include Jonny, literally, chomping down on Dio’s huge, vulnerable bulge! Fuck, I wouldn’t brush my teeth for a week, to savor that!

While this is a babyface beatdown, this is not a squash. Dio is a fierce mother fucker, and I love him for that. He turns the tables several times on the bulldozing heel, and I buy every single one of them. A hugely muscled bearhug and a gorgeously savored OTK backbreaker demonstrate convincingly that Dio is a beast, and he came to play. But woah, the torture rack?! Parading Jonny-fucking-Firestorm around like a chump on his shoulders, wringing him out in front of the bench of babyface boosters drowning a wailing Jonny with taunts?!? Sweet!

The wrestler-audience does their job, keeping it live, fresh, and intense with the guarantee that somebody is going to get ultimately and publicly humiliated. I love the spontaneous taunts and cheers, the pleading with Dio to hold out against Jonny’s machinations, the jumping up to land a few gratuitous, completely illegal blows of their own when the opportunity “presents itself.” I’m registering exactly two complaints about the audience, though. Complaint #1: What… THE FUCK… is Freddy Campbell doing on the heel bench!? I mean, I realize that he’s Ash’s boy toy and all, but the doe-eyed pretty boy has GOT to be in line for jobber of the year at this point, and slipping him onto the heel bench, even with his badass boyfriend protecting him, just seems like a miscast. Complaint #2: Will someone PLEASE take your sock off and shove it down Forrest Taylor’s throat!?! Dude, he does not shut up, and I almost can’t quite suspend my disbelief enough to wrap my head around how Jonny didn’t drag him by his lumberjack beard into the ring and beat the living shit of him right next to Dio. Hell, I’m a little awestruck that one of the other babyfaces didn’t get fed up with Forrest’s over-exuberant work on the sidelines and pummel the pretty boy themselves. If there was ever a jobber gagging for a beatdown, it was Forrest that day on the babyface bench at Wrestlefest 4.

I loved this match, and I’m proud to have been honored with the opportunity to write the match description!

Mio Dio!

I’d like to extend my personal welcome and heartfelt gratitude to Dio Characi, as he debuts with BG East! I’ve been swooning over Dio on social media for several months now, and it was like manna from heaven when he strolled into frame as part of Hunkbash 27, in the latest catalog release just a couple of days ago.

I was already a little big familiar with Dio from the teaser clips he posts on Twitter, featuring some of him wrestling, but even more of him brutally dominating and humiliating extremely eager worshipers. The Brazilian hunk is such a perfectly sexy example of a cherubic, ridiculously adorable baby face, attached to an insanely sexy, dripping with sensuality, centerfold-ready body. I was already in awe of him, but the cottage-industry format of his self-produced work hasn’t let me really study this stunning stud from the angles, and with the quality of video, that I’ve really, really wanted. I have literally said, out loud, “Fuck, someone buy this muscle hunk a plane ticket and get him into a BG East ring!” So, in further proof that the wrestling gods answer the prayers of the truly devout, Dio showed up to face Ace Aarons.

This is not a unqualified hit for me, I feel the need to put out there right away. I feel like Ace and Dio aren’t quite on the same page, in a way that keeps interrupting the seductively sexy flow of the story that they’re telling. The story is sensational, mind you. Ace is the pro wrestling hunk with a thousand ways to wring a submission out of an opponent, and the scorching hot bod to look so, so good doing it. Dio is openly in awe of Ace. Like, he can’t restrain himself from almost instantly touching him, almost reverently. There’s this strong, not quite spoken out loud element of the story that says that Dio would just as soon get straight to fucking this hot, hard, pro wrestler. But then there’s this added twist, that’s delightfully twisted, that Dio is getting OFF the more Ace manhandles him.

Okay, so far, we’re golden, as far as I’m concerned. I’m also thrilled with the plot point that Ace, despite his aggressive, best intentions, keeps getting almost hypnotically distracted from schooling the newbie, because of Dio’s insane prettiness and smoking hot bod. Again, absolutely everything makes perfect sense to me about this story. If I was hell-bent on beating the shit out of my next opponent, and in walks Dio… yeah, I’d have a hard time remembering mission #1.

There are misfires in the chemistry, though. Like, Dio is seemingly getting stoked hard by getting manhandled, but then again, he takes the opportunity to turn the tables whenever Ace gets distracted by the Brazilian’s sexy (SEXY!!!) lips. He literally defies Ace’s claim that the pro wrestler has “punished” him by shoving Dio’s face in his crotch, instead making it clear that Dio is downright ecstatic to have his face shoved in Ace’s crotch. “So, you push my head in our crotch, and you think I am the loser?” Dio is incredulous, like he’d rather be nowhere else in the world. But then, why is he fighting so hard to punish Ace?

There’s also this moment that feels like actual heat, when Ace calls Dio his bitch. You can almost see Dio’s spine stiffen, as he rejects the claim. “I will NEVER be your bitch!” And, for a moment, I’m thinking that’s exactly what Dio has been sort of angling for from the very start of this match, to get severely punished in just that right way that gets Dio off, to be manhandled and dominated, not despite Dio’s intentions, but because he wants it bad. Maybe it’s a moment that got lost in translation. But I’m sort of confused about exactly what Dio wants. And the harder Ace shakes himself out of the hypnotic reverie of lusting over the new kid, I’m not exactly sure what’s motivating Ace, anymore, either.

I’m having a hard time explaining what I thought was a misfire, and I’m in danger of making much more out of it than I really intend. So let me just point out what is working really, really, REALLY well for me in this match. Dio Characi is fucking GORGEOUS in high definition, and in extremely brief white trunks. His thick, hairy thighs, and that beautiful, round ass, are 110% worth the price of his plane ticket from Brazil. His smart ass banter and that knee-bucklingly sexy accent make watching him in a full match for the first time intensely rewarding for me, personally.

Ace is punishing and relentless, and watching him play the part of the beast, seduced by beauty, is both hilarious and provocative. Maybe, I’m just resenting Ace for successfully shoving down his lust and tearing his lips away from Dio’s, because that requires a suspension of disbelief that even my legendarily outrageous imagination struggles to achieve.

Please, please, homoerotic wrestling gods, grace us with more Dio matches. And I beg you, in the name of all that is good and right in this world, pit the Brazilian heartthrob against a mere mortal, more like me, someone who, when faced with Dio’s erotic offense, will see that story through to the only conclusion that could possibly make sense.