Filling Niches

I’m always fishing for opportunities to interview the movers and shakers in front of and behind the cameras of homoerotic wrestling.  A couple of days ago, I enjoyed an extended chat with someone moving and shaking both in front of and behind the camera, Muscle Domination Wrestling’s Muscle Master Kevin.  I found Kevin to be frank, insightful and exceedingly articulate, not to mention a relentless turn-on.  We tackled some of the stickiest of topics in homoerotic wrestling these days, and I’m quite confident that not everyone will agree (with Kevin or me).  However, I appreciate Kevin setting the record straight from the perspective of a bodybeautiful entrepreneur seizing a slice of the homoerotic wrestling market and delivering what his fans are, quite literally, begging for.  As you’ll read, I made my own suggestions of what fans might be craving, so I hope you’ll consider joining my campaign and email your support of my ideas to Kevin at  Kevin also wanted me to pass along that MDW is always looking for wrestlers ready to walk on the MDW side of things, so if you’re in MDW territory, and if you dare, let him know you’re game.
Today’s guest: Muscle Master Kevin, Boss, Sir… Kevin

Bard: I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity to sit down and chat with you about my favorite topic: hot, erotic wrestling! What should I call you? Muscle Master Kevin? Kevin? Boss? Sir?

Kevin: Hey Bard, I appreciate the chance to have this discussion. I certainly have accumulated quite the number of titles since joining the scene, but we can save those for the ring, Kevin works fine.

Bard: Excellent. Kevin it is. I’ve been tracking Muscle Domination Wrestling for a while now, excited to see what you new kids on the block will bring to the wrestling scene. When did you formally launch MDW and what inspired you to venture into the erotic wrestling scene?

The Boss of Muscle Domination Wrestling

Kevin: Muscle Domination Wrestling’s initial launch was around six months ago, though we have come a long way since then, both in terms of content and design, improving the layout drastically several times, the most recent coinciding with the launch of season 3. I always had the desire to launch a sub dom themed wrestling site, but it wasn’t until some of my friends who had gotten involved with the scene told me just how huge it was that I decided to take the plunge and invest in MDW to bring something unique to the table.

Bard: I, for one, want to thank your friends for planting that seed of an idea, then. What would you say is the that “something unique” that MDW brings to the table?

Kevin: MDW is unique in that it touches on every niche while also exploring new territory. Not only do we feature everything from traditional wrestling to hardcore sub dom themes that many have been aching for, but you’ll also find features such as our cinematic blood match “the boss sees red”, as well as supernatural scenes like the fan favorite vampire match between Damien Rush and myself. And this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Immortal Vampire Kevin controls Damien Rush in body and soul for MDW VIP members

Bard: I have to say that your vampire match with Damien is one of the most entertaining, captivating ring moments I’ve seen in a long time. It’s at least as much a piece of compelling performance art as it is seriously sexy wrestling. Before I ask you more about MDW, can you tell me more about your history prior to MDW? I’m sure I saw you on YouTube building a fan base before well before you launched your own site, right?

Kevin documented his bodybuilding progress on YouTube

Kevin: I entered the Youtube scene when I was 15 to document my bodybuilding progress under the name Chaoserver, though it was a year before I got involved with doing webcam shows. After around two years my dominant steak started to show and fans loved it, giving birth to Muscle Master Kevin. It didn’t take long for my attitude to establish me as the number 1 Muscle Master in the sub dom and MastER slave scene. In fact it could be said many viewed me as the Boss of the scene, making that the perfect title to add to my long list when I launched my personal site and MDW.

Happy belated birthday, Kevin.
So happy that you’re legal!

Bard: I hope you don’t mind me asking how old you are now, because you’ve got the body of a timeless god of Olympus but you’ve got that insanely gorgeous, dangerously youthful blue-eyed babyface. Please tell me that I’m not violating any state laws as my imagination wanders into lustful flights of fancy studying your rocking body.

Kevin: If that breached the law I’d know quite a few criminals! I’m freshly 22, my birthday was on the 6th.

Bard: Happy birthday! I shall unleash all of my lustful fantasies from any constraints of guilt or social propriety now. Please tell me that you did something insanely sexy on your birthday. Youth, that body, those eyes, that attitude… please, please tell me that did something worth making that a day to live in infamy!

Kevin: I certainly put this young body to use, but I’ll spare you the details, although I know there are some who would find details of my sex life fascinating!

Bard: Yes. Fascinating is one word for it. I’m glad to hear youth (and beauty) are not wasted on the young, in any case. Going back briefly to your YouTube days, I have a good friend and friend of this blog who recently told me that he remembers following you for a while on YouTube but getting turned off when he heard you throw down the word “fag” a lot. We’ve been having some lively conversations in the homoerotic wrestling blogosphere lately about the role of homophobic slurs in the genre. Is it true that you have (or still do) use the word “fag,” and if so, what’s your take on the backlash that some gay wrestling fans have to it?

Satisfying the niche

Kevin: I’m glad you asked, because I think this is an extremely important topic. Yes I’ve used the word, and still do in certain matches. However it is important to note this is done to satisfy the niche in the scene who crave this, or are at least curious, just as it was done in my Youtube days. The notion that I’m a gaybasher or advocate it couldn’t be more off when I’ve dedicated the last half year of my life to producing homoerotic content to satisfy them. I understand people can be sensitive, but it would be a tragedy for someone to overlook some of our great scenes because of words used in other matches directed at a niche they aren’t interested in.

Bard: I agree with you that this is an important topic, and one that can easily be oversimplified. Can you say more about the “niche” that crave watching you use words like fag? What are you hearing from fans from that niche, and in what context does it come up in your work?

Muscle Master Kevin aims to please hardcore subs.

Kevin: There are a group of people who like seeing content with the use of “fag” because they identify themselves as one, or at least do when they are viewing adult material. I’ve encountered people who find this appealing since I was 15, and the numbers have only grown since I’ve entered the wrestling scene. You’ll notice that I don’t say “Oh you’re gay, that makes you a fag” because the implication isn’t all gay people are fags, just the group who are hardcore subs and identify themselves as one’s are.

Bard: I’ve often suspected this may be the case, that the domination/submission kinksters out there may experience this language very differently from those of us more in the wrestling kink side of things. Your term “niche” here makes a lot of sense to me. I think the friction arises where people have a strong visceral reaction to words like “fag,” and those reactions seriously diverge. As for me, I find it a major turn off to hear “fag.” It carries weight that seems to imply that to be gay is shameful. But I can imagine that there are people whose erotic tastes fill that word with different baggage, for whom it feeds there erotic desire to be dominated, controlled, and humiliated. The same trigger that makes me go limp and irked may very well be exactly the same trigger that makes someone else hard as a board and fully engaged in their sexual fantasy. It makes me wonder if we’re talking about different niches within the same market, or if these are essentially different erotic genres. Woah, that just got deep, didn’t it?

Kevin: The reason I use niche is because even if the vocal triggers, and to the extent the moves used vary from these two types of matches are different, it is still gay oriented wrestling. You could separate them, and I’ve toyed with the idea of having two sections of my site, but then it gets tricky. For example some people love the “sir yes sir” type scenes, but not the “fag” ones, while others aren’t a fan of either and would rather it be kept to making the jobber yell “submit”. Even though it’s usually clear what matches will feature this kind of language I think the best solution is just making it as clear on the surface what someone can expect from a match- Perhaps a “hardcore” label indicating that it has “fags” being dished out, or otherwise extreme sub dom material. MDW is constantly evolving and that seems like it might be the next logical step.

Bard: I like that possibility a lot, being highly descriptive and having some sort of label. I remember an old index of gay wrestling products someone compiled that had different symbols for different types of content (mostly whether and what type of sex was included). That might be a cool format for a site like MDW that really straddles the primarily first-person-shooter sub-dom audience and the homoerotic wrestling audience. I actually think it’s cool that you’re taking your audience so seriously as to try to provide the content that folks are asking for. And I don’t think it’s your responsibility to be the kink-police for the people who seriously love your work. I do worry about the guys out there who can’t get off without being called a fag, because I’m tempted to pathologize them as internalized homphobes. But just because it turns me off doesn’t mean I understand why it turns someone else on, so I’m just hoping that that part of your audience really owns and is empowered by the irony of paying for (and thus “controlling”) a hot-bodied hunk to talk dirty and portray a dominator in that very mutually collaborative way that sub-dom fetish folks build the fantasies that work for them. For one of my readers whose totally into that sub-dom call-me-whore-call-me-fag fetish, what’s an MDW video they should definitely check out?

Kevin: I’m glad you agree the direction we’re heading in terms of labeling is a good one. And yes- our customers completely inform what we produce. Every week I am looking at what matches are hot and basing what we produce off that. The go to hardcore sub dom scenarios are my “cash rape” scenes in season 1/2, though the second one is certainly the more hardcore. My most hardcore, and probably territory I wont explore again is “Eternal Enslavement Imposed”(It unsettled the jobber genuinely, so that says something).

Bard: Good to know! Now on the wrestling side of things, I’d like to say that I’m a big, big fan of the wrestling ring that you introduced in season 2. I felt like that investment really raised MDW’s credibility and polish, and that’s not just because I’ve got a well-known bias for a pro wrestling ring. What would be your top picks for the homoerotic wrestling fanatic to get a good sense of what MDW brings to the scene? We’ve mentioned your vampire match with Damien, which rocked me hard. What’s a good sampling of MDW-style wrestling?

Kevin: I couldn’t agree more, and am glad we got it when we did, the product is much improved by its addition- We’ve had some fantastic matches in the new ring, for sure. Damien Rushes punishment series (Piledriver, and Power Move) is fantastic, with the latter being one of our hottest matches. Morgan Cruise and his match against the Hairy Russian Wrestler in Raw Sweaty Wrestling is a pro style match, featuring some of our best wrestling story telling. And for those looking for something extra hot, Ball Bash Jerk Off edition is as good as it gets, with the organic arousal resulting in an unexpected finish!

Damien Rush digs into his heel side as he delivers Power Move Punishment all over The Justin.

Bard: I haven’t seen them yet, but the teaser of Damien turning heel at MDW is enough to make me swoon. Tell that silver-spooned punk to give me the interview I’ve been begging him for for months! Are there any other examples of new products that you’re flying that came directly from fan feedback?

Kevin: It’s interesting you ask, because Damien Rush turning Heel, as well as the second installment of his punishment series was a direct result of fans wanting to see him dominate, and then loving the way he did it. Likewise my “Cash Rape” sequel was born from fans craving more, wanting it to be even more intense. The same can be said for the Ball Bash series, which we cant make enough of, as much as people love them! Lastly Bryce’s growing following promoted him to heel status, and he’s resolved to hone his technique to an art form in seasons to come!

Bard: Awesome. By any chance, has there been a big fan demand to see a homoerotic wrestling blogger suck your nipples raw while squeezing your peaked biceps?

Kevin: Theres always been a demand for worshipping these perfect nips and veiny bis. After all my slogan is that in time all will serve me. If a certain blogger found himself in the MDW ring, The Boss would find some way to make you do just that, though there might be more pain than pleasure.

“…these perfect nips and veiny bis.”

Bard: Holy fuck, I just shed a little tear right then! Don’t be surprised if you start getting a deluge of appeals for this scenario, because I’m starting a campaign posthaste to make that happen! Where is MDW headquartered, so I know where to show up?

Kevin: The domination happens in the Boston area- So any wrestlers who think they have what it takes to compete in the MDW ring can contact the Boss, and head on in to show what they’ve got!

Bard: Boston! Damn, what do they put in the water up there to turn out such an incredible depth of homoerotic wrestling!? So I’m a little verklempt with the vision of your “perfect nips and veiny bis” dancing in my head. Give me some more details about your insane proportions and assets.

Genetic gifts and hot, hard work.

Kevin: The nips were a genetic gift, but the thick, striated, and often hairy chest I’ll accredit to lots of hours in the gym. I’ve always strived for a nice V shape, a powerful torso cascading down into a thin waist. Muscle worshippers wont miss my shredded tris, or built back either, especially when they’re being used to make someone submit!

Bard: Excuse me while I dab some sweat from my brow…. okay, got it. Tell me some numbers. I’m a numbers nerd, so how tall are you? How thick are those biceps? How ridiculously narrow is that waist? When you’re sitting on my (um, I mean an opponent’s) chest, what kind of weight is bearing down on my (um, your opponent’s) ribs?

180 lbs., 5’10’, 29 inch waist, 17.5″ upper arms.

Kevin: 180 pounds of a 5 foot 10 stud would be bearing down on that jobber, and if they tried to push me off they’d be pushing against abs on a 29 inch waist until I decided to finish them with an RNC, using my 17.5 inch bis to finish them off when I’d heard enough cries of submission.

Bard: Fuck, yes, I love numbers! That image will be keeping me up late tonight, I guarantee. And those eyes of yours… surely those icy baby-blues are photoshopped in these truly stunning photos you sent me to help illustrate this interview. Thanks for these, by the way, but tell me if your eyes are seriously that blue.

Impossibly blue eyes.

Kevin: You’ll just have to watch some of my wrestling clips now wont you? I may be the Boss but I haven’t quite managed the art of photoshopping videos. I’m sure they are compelling you now to go check out some of my matches!

Bard: You’ve pretty much guaranteed that I’m checking out more of your matches now. I get the strong impression that you are far from just a pretty face and granite carved body of steel. What are some facts about you that MMK and MDW fans may not know? What are you passionate about apart from catering to the lusts and cravings of your fans?

Kevin: Probably the most surprising is that one of my primary hobbies is writing. I’m a man who needs a creative outlet, so when if theres not a story to tell in the ring you can bet I’m crafting one elsewhere. One day I suspect you’ll find something from the Master at your local Barnes and Nobles! In the meantime you can expect that creative passion to result in some matches unlike anything else out there.

Bard: I must say I expected there might be a literary side to Muscle Master Kevin. I want a signed copy when your first novel gets published. So I notice that you didn’t respond to my plea to get Damien Rush on the line, so short of that, tell me what’s going through your mind when you’re on top of him (as you have been many, many times), controlling his hot bod, squeezing out another ounce of agony, seeing the hint of panic rising in his eyes…. What does that moment do for you, to own another man like that with the cameras rolling and nearly every inch of your hard-earned body on display for hungry eyes?

Kevin: I’ve been dominating men since I was 16 in one way or another, so its felt natural to me, when dominating him, or anyone and everyone who steps into my ring. Just like it feels natural to make them submit while taping the spectacle for all to see. I’ll have to set you up with an interview with him or Tony Law Pendelton, both of whom have been on the receiving end of that control and domination.

Damien Rush camel clutches Tony Law in MDW Season 2: Ball Spank Abuse

Bard: Dominating looks like it comes naturally to you. thanks for passing along my interest in getting Damien and Tony on the line. I’d love to get some one on one time with either of them. You’ve been charming, provocative, titillating and inspiring, Kevin! Anything else you’d like fans to know before I let you go?

Kevin: I’d like to urge anyone who hasn’t checked us out in awhile to come see all the hot content, and that we are only going to be raising the bar with hardcore sweaty Muscle Domination Wrestling. I’m glad we linked up for this interview, and am sure it wont be the last.

Bard: I look forward to the next time! And when the fans demand that session with a blogger, you know how to reach me.

Muscle Master Kevin suited up to greet a certain blogger in his ring.

9 thoughts on “Filling Niches

  1. I wonder if there's a niche of wrestling fans who like to be called chink, kike, nigger, spic, or wop. If there is, I wonder if there's a promoter willing to step up to the plate to offer those fans what they want. If the answer is no to either of these questions, I would be curious to hear somebody's explanation why not.Me, I'm not opposed to any word. I love words, and I suppose any word can be used to build up or tear down. I'll even admit to having used the word "fag" in play. My concern is with the normalization of certain troglodyte attitudes such as that there's something wrong or unmanly about being a gay, queer, faggoty homo. I won't stand for that bullshit. Not anymore.

  2. I hear you, Joe. As to your questions, I'm far from an insider, but I'm pretty sure the answer is "yes" to both. That doesn't diminish your point in any way, however. My conversation with Kevin brought to mind a recent conversation I had with a friend very much into BDSM, who sat me down to gently, but firmly, tell me I had no idea what I was talking about when I was speculating on self-hatred in that "niche." She argued persuasively that while on the outside, a dominance/submission fetish act may look like a fantasy built on the abuse and exploitation of the subordinate partner, in her experience the real "power" and pace-setter is almost exclusively the sub. The contracting and mutuality of it gets lost on me, but I take her word for it that it can be a liberating, counter-cultural erotic fantasy that can (but I still suspect doesn't necessarily) interrupt the polarity of socially charged words. It would still turn me off in a heartbeat for a sexual partner to tell me he wanted me to call him a fag, but I can imagine that there may be another narrative behind it other than to reify the associations being gay and being damaged, undeserving, or unmanly.

  3. I enjoyed the interview, chatty and informative as usual, and forgot to clearly indicate that I do not think poorly of Muscle Master Kevin. I do realize that the power structures of BDSM and, for that matter, pro wrestling are not what they appear to be on the surface. Also, I would never ask somebody why he or she likes the things he or she likes–especially erotically. We like what we like. For whatever reasons. Nobody else's concern. The uncertain implications of my own erotic fantasies are enough for me to ponder. As I said in my initial comment, my concerns are about attitudes (and insinuations and assumptions–which can't be regulated or even labeled) more than words like "fag" (which can, too easily in fact, be labeled and censored). My concerns include my own attitudes as much as anybody else's. I suppose that what rankles me is that gay is still automatically tagged to the "submissive" side, even in gay men's fantasies. Though there are plenty of exceptions (e.g., rape fantasy), women get to be dominant over men in BDSM scenarios (which, of course, means that it's men who are calling the shots) more often than gay-identified males get to dominate straight-identified males. Maybe all I need is to see more "master-faggots" abusing shamed and cowering "breeder-scum." Now there's a fantasy.

  4. Bard you lucky SOB!!!Love Master Kevin & have been following him since his YT days as Chaoserver.That physique he has built is amazing…those hairy pecs & pits blow my….mind (hee hee)! And his biceps keep getting bigger & better.Have to admit if I was ever around someone like him or Morgan Cruise, I definitely could be labeled as a "submissive fag" and would not have a problem with that label.It is all about fantasy & rolr playing and not malicious…Bard such a great interview excellent questions as always and got a bit steamy any idea if Kevin would wrestle for BG?? would love to see him dominate a jobber!All the best Alex from Jersey

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