Muscle Master Kevin is the boy-genius at Muscle Domination Wrestling who has staked a claim as the newest contender to battle for the homoerotic wrestling audience. MMK stepped right into the potential stink of conflict between the sub-dom kink audience and the homoerotic wrestling audience (which does not overlap in all places, by any means) when I spoke with him in May, and somehow I thought MMK came out of that tricky situation smelling just fine.

Muscle Master Kevin invites you to enjoy the view

When Muscle Master Kevin isn’t busy running his MDW empire, he tosses the muscle worship fanatics occasional bones with his muscle worship/domination-themed website, Muscle Master Kevin. For non-subscribers, you can sort out occasional bones of your own by following MMK on his FaceBook page, where he’ll link to YouTube video updates on his magnificent muscular development.

Muscle Master Kevin knows what you’re looking at

Damn, the vasularity on MMK does wonders for my cardiovascular health! The sweet pump he has in those upper arms and pecs makes my mouth water. What Kevin refers to as “the genetic gifts” of his perfect nips are stunningly hot, and I guarantee the moment I watch a sub-dom-themed MMK video where some lucky blogger bastard gets to lick those headlights for hours will top me off for days on end.

The V from the front.

While Kevin made no claims to merit to explain his luscious nips, he did proudly point out that his “nice V-shape” of a torso is something that he’s earned through serious devotion and hard work, as goes for his “thick, striated, often hairy chest.” On muscle worship cred alone, the only thing missing here for my personal needs is to see baby oil slowly massaged into those hot pecs. And of course, baby oiled lustfully and then wrestling another hardbodied hunk would add up to a serious drop in blood flow to my brain.

Look at those veins grow!

I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart (and a hard spot elsewhere) for these personal cam show youtube uploads like this. There’s the opportunity to suck on eye candy, of course. And MMK knows better than most how to capitalize on the format to yank on the strings of homoerotic muscle fanatics. But there’s also something inadvertently real. We can see that MMK makes his bed. Fuck, I love that in a man. He flexes so intensely that most muscular pose that not only do his veins explode, but he quivers, and quivering muscle is a slice of gold that you just can’t fake in my book. Kevin is all alone, struggling to position himself in the view of the stationary camera just right, squatting a little to get his lovely upper pecs in frame, all adding to this sense of spontaneous intimacy and immediacy. It’s a sweet genre that makes me think of the more intentionally formatted “muscle showcase” products that Can-Am and BG East used to produce, showing essentially muscle worship testimonials of the wrestlers we ache for, sometimes following them home, watching them sleep (naked), observing them eating (naked), delighting in them providing a “private” muscle show just for you. Intimacy and immediacy can suffer if video kink is too controlled and contrived, so taking a break from my main drug of choice (homoerotic wrestling) to take a sweet hit of a poorly lighted “private” cam show from Muscle Master Kevin is a solid compliment and pleasing change of pace.

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