The Great Homoerotic Wrestling Kiss-Off Champions!

Holy crap the championship final match-up was a drubbing at 108 – 33! A humiliating squash! Brutal, 3-to-1 voting blowout leaving Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe and Gabriel Ross ground into the mat, totally destroyed, with just one kiss left standing: Rusty Stevens’ liplock on Kevin Crowes in Can-Am’s Pro Sex Fight 4.

The Winners!

It’s hard not to see why this liplock absolutely plowed through the competition. Muscle, bondage, beauty, domination… so much of a good thing! Of course, I’d pay to watch Rusty Stevens knit a sweater if he’s doing it naked, so I’ve never had to be sold on being completely infatuated. And sweat Jeebus, Kevin Crowes is pure crack cocaine for my homoerotic wrestling fixation! This work of art needs a recurring role in a homoerotic wrestling serial like nobody I know!

Rusty starts to set up the angelic, ripped pornboy rookie for rope torture and exploitation.

All hail to the winners and losers, because with liplocks like these, we’re all winners!  And many thanks to everyone who voted. I’m so pleased that my new blog host has a working poll app! Our google overlords at blogger can suck it, because the new, improved neverland is once again firing on all cylinders!

Rusty digs deep and grows infatuated with watching the pain he’s inflicting contort Kevin’s gorgeous face.

Before all is said and done, angelic Kevin (pushed too far) turns the table and slaps down his own liplock on the now naked veteran pornboy wrestling master!

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