The Great Homoerotic Wrestling Kiss-Off (Finals!)

The final spot in the final round of this “Great Homoerotic Wrestling Kiss-Off” is filled. Gabriel Ross and Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe delivered a crushing 52-22 defeat to Ethan Andrews and Christian Taylor’s liplock, setting up today’s decisive face-off.

Rusty Stevens v Kevin Crowes – Can-Am’s Pro Sex Fight 4

The first homoerotic wrestling kiss from a recent release to crush the competition is from Can-Am’s Pro Sex Fight 4. Veteran pornboy wrestler Rusty Stevens, relatively early in the action, has tied gorgeous rookie pornboy wrestler Kevin Crowes into the ropes, beaten him sadistically with a cocky intensity that Rusty does better than almost anyone, and then suddenly grabs Kevin by the chin and plants a lustful, voracious kiss across the angelic beauty’s gasping mouth. This awesome kiss captures a hit of “innocence” spoiled, the devilish Rusty driving angelic Kevin (he literally has wings!) mad with erotic passion-laced torture.

Gabriel Ross v Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe – BG East’s Wrestle Shack 16

The second homoerotic wrestling kiss to vie for your vote is from BG East’s Wrestle Shack 16, in which curly-haired British cherub Gabriel Ross shocks, awes, and then grabs the back of Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe’s head and plants a taunting, teasingly passionate liplock on LJL’s receptive lips. Gabriel has long owned the homoerotic wrestling universe’s “angelic little devil” territory, and yet more recently hitting the gym with such ferocity that he’s sporting intensely powerful, aesthetically intoxicating, and “nothing little about them” muscles upon which that same curly haired cherubic face sits. Gabriel’s most impressive muscle is center stage in this fantastic wrestling kiss, his phenomenal erection straining the confines of his underwear in anticipation of conquering and claiming LJL’s instantly legendary bubble butt. This shot captures both the eroticism of physical dominance as Gabriel controls a weak-kneed LJL, but also the eroticism of psychological dominance, with Jake leaning in, clearly awed and defenseless under the muscle-beating amorous onslaught of the cruel, muscleboy cherub.

Worthy candidates. A hard choice. I can’t wait to see what you decide!

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