The Great Homoerotic Wrestling Kiss-Off

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from polling neverland readers, it’s never to be too confident in my expectations. For example, I’d fully have expected that semi-final match-ups would be more competitive than quarter-final match-ups. Considering the overall vote-getters from the earlier round, I’d also have thought that Rusty Stevens and Kevin Crowes were the underdogs coming in against Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe and Steven Ponce, who scored the most lopsided quarter-final victory. Not for the first time, and I’m sure not for the last, my expectations were proven wrong. Rusty’s bondage liplock on angelic Kevin  pounded the living hell out of Lorenzo and Steven’s ball-claw/face-suck combo, absolutely squashing them 95-38!  Rusty and Kevin completely bulldoze their way into the finals!  Now to decide who they’ll face there.

Curly haired cherubic beefcake Gabriel takes Lorenzo Lowe under his spell.

It might be understandable that Rusty and Kevin’s potential rivals for the final round could be a little intimidated, but this is professional homoerotic wrestling.  These guys have nothing if not abundant ego-strength. For example, Lorenzo “Jake” Lowe gets a second crack at the final round thanks to his unapologetic second appearance in the semi-finals getting mesmerized by the lips of the beefy pornboy cherub, Gabriel Ross from BG East’s Wrestleshack 16. Gabriel won his own reader’s poll a while back, being voted by neverland readers as sexiest Brit at BGE, so that, along with his humungous erection, bulging muscles, and the definition of baby-face, brings serious credibility to this semi-final appearance. All of that combined with Lorenzo’s bubble butt and look of hypnotic ecstasy as Gabriel grabs his head and goes in for the liplock, makes this kiss a serious contender.

Ethan Andrews makes a play for Christian Taylor to forget about his boyfriend (and you to vote them into the final round)!

But do not count out, never count out, Ethan Andrews and Christian Taylor. Christian, the reigning resident kissing bandit of BG East, got two dips in the well from the quarter-finals, but it was just his barely thonged, flat-on-his back, wrists pinned to the mat oral conquering by lustful Ethan Andrews in Gazebo Grapplers 15  that  earned him this trip to the semis. Cock grinding into cock, luscious, lean bodies, and Ethan explicitly on offense to woo Christian so hard that he forgets about his boyfriend, Skip Vance, back at home, add up to a stunningly hot option to potentially take these boys to the finals.

In my younger, more naive days, I’d have been willing to try to handicap a match like this, but after yesterday’s vicious, lopsided crushing, I’m keeping my mouth shut, because I have no idea who you’re about to vote for!

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