Homoerotic Wrestling Fiction

It’s always a sweet treat for me to read the homoerotic wrestling fiction of another author. There’s just something intensely intimate and inspired about engaging my erotic imagination through the lens of another wrestling fanatic’s eyes. Happily, there are several authors contributing to the growing archives in the Sidelineland fiction site (no shit, 67 stories!), and more imminently on their way!

Meet the Spartan

Prolific and talented contributor Alex has garnered a host of hardcore fans of his homoerotic wrestling fiction, largely encompassing three awesome serials: the AWL 80’s pro wrestling genre, the Cave internet homoerotic wrestling production, and the Route 69 buddy road trip turned erotic wrestling at every turn. Alex’ newest contribution is in the Cave series, this time bringing back a very, very memorable character, Xaq the “Spartan” who we were introduced to in The Cave Undercard 1. Spartan quite literally was forced to kiss his first opponent’s mouthwatering ass in submission, so this teen bodybuilder is absolutely gagging for the chance to redeem himself his second go at The Cave.

Josh Hutcherson
Josh Hutcherson. Drives. Me. Wild. (don’t judge!)

A new contributor, CelebWrestleFan, has been speaking directly to some of my fondest celebrity homoerotic wrestling fantasies by contributing a new series of stories centering around the beautiful young men of Hollywood, vying for roles in the biggest new big screen productions. I’m insanely infatuated with a certain Hunger Game’s studpuppy with the squarest jaw on the planet, and it seems CelebWrestleFan is right there with me, posting not one, but two hardcore homoerotic wrestling battles starring knee-bucklingly beautiful Josh Hutcherson and his on-screen/off-screen rival, hot-bodied Alexander Ludwig (with much more than a cameo by fellow HG castmate and back-on-the-market Aussie beefsteak, Liam Hemsworth.

Alexander Ludwig is having a really, really hard time getting a break in Hollywood!

There’s a new author who just today sent me material I’ll be working on shortly to format for the Sidelineland group, so stay tuned for still another take on our favorite topic: homoerotic wrestling. Sidelineland fiction is open to any fan of homoerotic wrestling interested in reading and contributing to the archives of hot wrestling fantasies. Just to screen out the crazies as best I can, you will need to officially apply to join the group. Membership criteria is pretty basic (don’t be a raging homophobe or tasteless jerk), so if homoerotic wrestling fiction scratches an inch, come join us.  We’ll help you reach the really hard spots to scratch!

4 thoughts on “Homoerotic Wrestling Fiction

  1. There’s nothing hotter to me than well written wrestling stories. Its unfortunate that these groups are the only place to find these kinds of stories. I remember being in high school and the internet was just getting really big – back then there were a whole bunch of really hot websites, not to mention yahoo groups devoted to homoerotic fight fiction. I really wish Sidelined was on Tumblr or something where its easier to access

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