News Break

My heart pumped considerably harder a couple moments as I distracted myself from work by scanning the gayest news I could find today.  First, recurring star of homoerotic wrestling fantasies (and not just mine, anymore!), Josh Hutcherson adeptly discussed his sexuality in terms that both respect LGBT people and clarifies how much he likes women, but holds the door open for feeling the need to kiss a gorgeous guy at some point in the future.  Now, how about wrestle a gorgeous guy to the ground, sit on his face, and make him kiss your ass?  Watch for more wrestling stories starring my drug of choice, Josh Hutcherson, coming soon to Sidelineland from CelebWrestleFan.  Damn, I’m hot for Hutch….

Less than 100% straight.

My other double/triple take was seeing some pics from 2013 Gymnastics World Championships. Shots like this of beefy muscleboy Brandon Wynn gave me intensely arousing flashbacks to homoerotic wrestling fantasies that consumed my imagination during the Olympics last year. In the competition that matters most to me, it was Great Britain’s Louis Smith who pounded out the gymnast wrestling competition by smothering American Danell Leyva between his thighs while the Yank was trapped in the ropes.  I’ve got to say here and now that American Brandon Wynn, who was not on the U.S. Olympic team a year ago, very well could make a serious run at crushing Louis’ luscious body with those insanely huge arms!  Sweet gymnastics gods above!!!  What do you think, does pumped powerhouse Brandon Wynn have what it takes to beat Olympic homoerotic wrestling champ Louis Smith?  What’s the finishing move?

Could 5’7″, 163 lbs  beefcake Brandon Wynn take…
…5’10”, 168 lbs, Louis Smith?
Built to Bearhug!?
I’ve got a really big hunch (massive) that Brandon Wynn could bring gold medal winning homoerotic wrestling gymnast Louis Smith to his knees!

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