My reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler:

Favorite Homoerotic Wrestler
Kid Karisma
December 3, 2013 – December 22, 2015, February 26, 2016 – Present


The Hall of Fame:

Inaugural Unified TItle Holder
Favorite Homoerotic Wrestler:
Lon Dumont
July 7, 2013 – December 3, 2013,  December 22, 2015 – February 26, 2016

About a year after I started blogging about homoerotic wrestling, I decided to crown a reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler to call out the specific athlete that entertains and turns me on hardest. After the crown changed hands a few times, I found myself showing partiality for pornboy wrestlers, those homoerotic wrestling stars who reside in the adult-explicit corner of the internet.  Afraid that I was neglecting the highly talented and immensely qualified “non-pornboy” set, I launched a parallel running title for my favorite homoerotic wrestler who I have never seen cum on camera.  I formally decommissioned my two-tiered categorization of favorites (pornboy division and non-pornboy division) on July 7, 2013, after realizing that I hadn’t updated the pornboy division in ages.  As of now, all the homoerotic wrestlers vying for my/our fanaticism and loyalty are swimming in the same pool.  However, here is the history of both divisions’ title holders, each and every one of them supremely deserving of accolades and my particular appreciation for the countless hours of wrestling fantasy pleasure they have provided me.

Non-Pornboy Division: Hall of Fame

Lon Dumont
February 13, 2013 – July 7, 2013
(Retirement of the Title)
Kid Karisma
February 5, 2012 – February 13, 2013
Lon Dumont
February 13, 2011 – February 5, 2012
Joshua Goodman
December 8, 2010 – February 13, 2011
Inaugural Title Holder (Non-Pornboy): Lon Dumont
July 10, 2010 – December 8, 2010

Pornboy Division Hall of Fame

Trent Diesel
February 1, 2011 – July 7, 2013 (Retirement of the Title)
Rusty Stevens
April 4, 2010 – February 1, 2011
Mitch Colby
December 15, 2009 – April 4, 2010
Derek Da Silva
October 20, 2009 – December 15, 2009
Inaugural Title Holder: Mitch Colby
May 18, 2009 – October 20, 2009

14 thoughts on “Favorites

  1. Check out X-Fights-26 Dino Serra vs. Reed Panozzi for the most homoerotic wrestling match you will ever see

  2. I’d like to buy the video Hunkbash 2 with Wade Cutler vs. Kid Leonard match but I can’t find it on BG East. I’d also like to find the video you have talked about with Kid Leonard vs.WWB. Hope you can help. Thanks,

    1. I recommend contacting the back office hunks at BGE and asking them directly. Sometimes there are specific reasons why they stopped publishing a particular match. Sometimes, though, it’s just an oversight. The boys are always helpful and charming to talk with about what you’re looking for: Info@bgeast.com.

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