Yes, Sir!

I’ve been way out of commission for a while now, but I see that BG East is already uploading preview pics for their next catalog.  So I’m thinking I’d better say what I need to say about #105, because once #106 goes live I’ll be totally infatuated and distracted by the newest shiny thing to catch my eye (and I can already tell that will include Richie Douglas and Ray Naylor).  But there are a couple more matches that I simply must commend to your attention, if somehow you’ve managed to miss them.

Kid Karisma doesn’t have to tell Zion Brown twice.


There are several products at BG East that don’t turn into series of their own.  I thought Military Muscle was one of those, considering the long absence of rock hard, massively armed forces battling for world domination in a might-makes-right genre (damn, that sounds like a natural for homoerotic wrestling!). But apparently ripped rookie Zion Brown showed up on BG East’s doorstep shortly after completing his tour of duty and struggling to figure out how to capitalize on that stunningly trained physique that military service gave him, and there was nowhere to go but Military Muscle 2. I don’t know what branch of service Zion survived, but he certainly embraced the whole chain-of-command, because when my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler comes in barking like a drill sergeant and spitting out orders, you can see the switch flip in Zion’s head. The stunningly built fighting machine practically falls over himself in a knee jerk impulse to obey a superior officer. Kid Karisma pushes every basic training button, and Zion follows orders with a passion.  And speaking of passion, when Kid K orders the stud to remove his superior’s vest, damn it all if Zion isn’t clearly intoxicated by the mass of carved muscle and dominating, domineering attitude demanding to be serviced. The rook leans in close, smelling Kid K’s neck, letting his fingers linger on the gorgeous heel’s tiny, ripped waist and massive, meaty pecs. It’s about time an opponent acknowledged what I’ve been saying for years: Kid Karisma is one stunningly sexy slice of homoerotic wrestling heaven!

Military discipline: the stocks.


Kid Karisma tags and bags rookie Zion long before he every lays a finger on him.  The mind games are delightful to witness, taking what Uncle Sam has molded into obedient putty and transforming a magnificently muscled hunk into a sadist’s plaything (which is pretty much my impression of military service in general).  If you cannot get rocked by a one-sided squash, steer clear, because this is not a narrative built on suspenseful anticipation of who will end up on top.  However, MM2 tells a sweetly, sweaty, provocative story of a physical and mental test of endurance, as earnestly eager Zion struggles to prove that he can take the brutal, intimate demands of competing in the BG East ring. It’s an “I can take everything you can dish out” challenge, and those of us who follow Kid K closely know that this red-headed powerhouse can dish out boatloads. Kid K has convinced him that Zion must prove himself to Kid K, he must demonstrate he’s tough enough, strong enough, and passionate enough to deliver what BG East fans hunger for.  It isn’t precisely that Zion doesn’t put up a fight, but the drama here is the internal battle Zion fights to endure the brutal torture that his sneering, muscle clad initiator delivers.

Everyone’s a winner!


Does Kid Karisma actually possess the actual authority to grant the rookie this rite of passage into the ranks of BG East battlers?  I don’t know, but I wouldn’t put it past the Karismatic one to overstate his influence. Then again, this is yet one more in a long, long line of matches in which Kid K sports a direct homage to The Boss himself, this time wearing extremely tantalizing undergear with “Leopard” stitched across the waistband. Is this just another mind game from the ginger heel, or does he actually have Kid Leopard’s papal seal of approval to grant (or refuse) the wishes of a randy young hopeful? As a longstanding Kid K devotee, I’m simply believing what the marble muscle man says, and so does Zion. And, just like me, Zion is hardly unenthusiastic about the straights Kid K places him in.  Seriously, there are many rookies who, their first time out of the gates, keep the homoerotic subtext to a low simmer, I’m assuming out of self-consciousness. Even hunks who return to steam up the screen with explicit sexual content often start relatively subdued.  If this is subdued for Zion, however, I’m pre-ordering every subsequent release the kid puts out.  He cannot keep his hands off of Karisma’s multi-award winning ass, again building incredibly moving empathy between me and the rook. When Kid K grinds his crotch into Zion’s face, doing push-ups over him and slowly swiveling his hips, pressing his package seductively across the rookie’s lips, you can hear nothing but grunts of pleasure from the enthusiastically puckered up newbie. Holy fuck, how these two hunks compliment one another!

A work of art: Kid Karisma crushes Zion, body and soul.


Kid Karisma is pretty much every moment of this match an awesome work of art.  Physically, he’s unbelievably stunning. I’m officially promoting my appeal for you to vote for Kid K for best body in BG East’s year end polls (due out soon, I’m expecting!), and if you need evidence, put MM2 on slo-mo and watch those gorgeous muscles flex and glisten.  Look for an ounce of body fat. I dare you.  Study the road map that is Kid K’s incredible vascularity pulsing visibly beneath the surface of his skin, shoved stunningly to the surface by nothing but steel muscles bulging underneath. I think my next campaign is going to be to beg and plead for a Kid K Wrestle Worship release. Watching lucky Zion sneak strokes and squeezes of those gargantuan thighs, glorious glutes, powerful pecs, and peaked biceps is so fucking tantalizing! Can you imagine if this was a more competitive, but no less enthusiastically muscle-worshipping scenario!?

Kid Karisma deeply appreciates Zion’s meaty pecs.


My infatuation with Kid Karisma should not discount in any way the absolutely fantastic physique of his trainee, Zion. The proportions on this kid are mind boggling. His upper body is more massive and defined than his legs, but perhaps experiencing the full on Kid K treatment may inspire him to double down on leg days.  His torso, however, is like a comic book superhero, incredibly tiny waist, ripped abs, awesome V-back swelling to massive shoulders. Kid K clearly appreciates the rook’s form, but of course he shows it by digging his fingers deep into the kid’s beefy pecs. But again, there’s a genius to Zion that belies his subordination: his groans of agony sound identical to groans of ecstasy. The master’s muscle torture transports Zion to both hell and heaven simultaneously, if I’m reading that look of anguished pleasure on his face right. He holds out forever, sucking down Kid K’s torturous ways, binging on the heel’s psychological brutality, getting absolutely drunk off of his own devastated humiliation. I hope and pray to the homoerotic wrestling gods that we see this incredibly handsome specimen’s offense someday soon, because there’s just so much fucking potential in seeing this hunk’s trajectory from match to match.

Pucker up!


Clearly, I’m certainly impressed with Zion Brown. Kid K is none-too-quick to admit it, but even he acknowledges some well-earned respect for the way, way outmatched rookie by the time Kid K is done doing absolutely everything he can think of to crush the will to stay in the ring out of him.  And for the record, Zion’s lips enthusiastically visit a whole lot of geography that I believe needs to be much more thoroughly, orally explored in future Kid K wrestling matches, because the insanely sexy body of my reigning favorite needs to receive this type of appreciation from many more opponents. I know for a fact there are BG East wrestlers who would love to deliver exactly that. From the look on the Karismatic one’s face, I feel confident that he’s certainly not opposed. And I can name one particular blogger-fan who is already whipped into a lather just anticipating it.

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