Wasted Wednesday

I’m trying out new hashtags for the rebooted blog. Today, I’m giving #wastedWednesday a trial run. It’s an homage to that spectacularly sweet moment in wrestling when a once bold, brash, cocky competitor is out-hustled and outmuscled. In straight-up pro wrestling, a hard-bodied hunk laid waste is probably just denouement. The camera centers on the pumped victor. The story is his story. But in wrestling for gay eyes, the camera frequently zooms back in on the vanquished, savoring the sight of his humiliation. It’s as much a story about his heartbreak as it is about the winner’s celebration. I think for many homoerotic wrestling fans, seeing a muscle hunk demolished can be pretty fucking climactic (at least it is in my pants). Bulging muscles left impotent. A swollen, cock-sure ego smashed to bits. Power and promise and danger pounded into a puddle of helplessness. For my tastes, the prettier, the stronger, the cockier the waste-ee, the better. So this is my little love letter to the hot, homoerotic wrestling hunks who gave it their all and, in the end, were left unable to lift a finger to defend themselves. Let me know if you think @wastedWedensday should be a thing.

Crushed Gabriel Cross

Gabriel Cross is left upended (literally) by Van Ryder in their Muscleboy Wrestling match. Gabriel’s journey from twink to muscle hunk is one of the most dramatic transformations in homoerotic wrestling history. Seeing his spectacular physique laid waste and his cherubic face out cold is so, so sweet.

Shattered Pet Sharp

Pete Sharp took BG East by storm there for a couple of years. Pete’s gargantuan package earned him an instant Best Bulge award 3 seconds after he arrived, but damn, was there even on inch of that 6’2″ blond, blue-eyed beefcake that wasn’t perfection? Show up looking like that, built like that, and you’ve got to expect some respect. But fuck, no. Not only did his one-time buddy Lon Dumont mercilessly maul the cocky hunk, but Braden Charron completed his titanic heel turn by dragging Pete’s gorgeous ass all over the ring. His tenure in homoerotic wrestling was far too brief, but damn Pete left a big impression!

drago colt.png

W4H’s Colt vs. Drago match is the paradigmatic #wastedWednesday story. Adorable Colt uses chloroform and one sleeper after another to repeatedly make Drago’s divine muscles go slack. All 6’4″ and 240 lbs of Drago are putty in Colt’s hands. Drago rouses, struggles, starts to fight back, but Colt clamps on another sleeper, wringing the tautness out of huge, flexing muscles. Rouse, ring, repeat.

scrappy rhino.png

During my hiatus from blogging, Scrappy evolved from a naughty, pretty boy into a franchise player with the body of a god. It does not surprise me at all that he is wracking up one of the most extensive homoerotic wrestling resumes in history, across multiple companies. He’s such a fan pleaser. It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that opponents all want a piece of him. The sight of Scrappy’s powerfully sculpted muscles gone slack and his little boy face out cold, like when Rhino makes a name for himself posing over top of him, is such a turn on.

Ruined Gus Rowe – Bearhug Beatings 1

I was an instant Alex Oliver fan from the moment I laid eyes on him wrestling as Gus Rowe for BG East. He has a perennial look of a smirking frat boy accustomed to being the hottest and handsomest, which I assume the the very vibe that makes him such a target for getting absolutely thrashed over, and over, and over again. The method of his destruction varies, as do his opponents, but the match ain’t over until Alex is out cold and ass-up. Seriously, it’s his signature finishing move. This perennial jobber just can’t lose when it comes to turning me on, with his wasted, prone body, crushed, humiliated, and helpless.

Overturned Alex Oliver – Alex Oliver vs. Joey Angel & Alvin James (double-teamed)
Obliterated Alex Oliver – Alex Oliver vs. Sargent Stiff

So what do you think? What wrestlers never look better than when they’re worn out, rung dry, and laid out wasted? #wastedWednesday

And the Nominees Are…

Time’s a wasting, so if anyone is going to still benefit from seeing side by side (or top to bottom) comparisons of the nominees for BG East Bestie awards before polls close at midnight tomorrow night, I’d better get on it.

The Best Body category is an enigmatic one for me. Taking in the whole of a wrestler’s physique speaks to different tastes and attention. How the academy narrowed the field down to these six specimens, I can’t imagine, but it’s a very, very hot field to choose from.

Kid Karisma (my pic)
Van Skyler
Z-Man (2013 Best Body Winner)
Lon Dumont
Chace LaChance
Logan Vaughn (those legs!!!)

Competition for Best Bulge is probably equally as subjective, but when we zoom in on the crotch, I have to think that size matters. In this case, these are the boys with the heft and volume to get nominations from the academy.

Pete Sharp (defending Best Bulge 2014 winner)
Kayden Keller
Jobe Zander
Jonny Firestorm
Gold Shaft

Nominees for Top Heel somehow seems like one of the clearest categories in the poll. The pro wrestling heel is an iconic role, and at BG East, it’s inhabited by some of the hottest, most merciless and vicious bad asses on the planet. Defending Top Heel of 2014, Kid Karisma, didn’t even make the cut this year, but this year’s field is incredibly competitive.

Joe Mazetti (my pick)
Guido Genatto
Flash LaCash (Drake’s pick)
Lane Hartley
Jonny Firestorm
Kayden Keller

So who do you like, and who do you think got snubbed by the academy this year? Remember to vote by midnight tomorrow night, Friday, January 22.

And the Nominees Are…

As anticipated, BG East has posted their poll for the Bestie awards, recognizing the fan favorites for their wrestlers and matches featured in 2015. Drake and I did our pre-scout report last week, but now that we have the actual nominees in hand, I wanted to do a quick comparison in the interest of aiding voters in making the best choices. I’ll just stick to the individual categories because you only have until midnight this Friday to submit your votes.  First up, lets take a look at the faces of the nominees for Top Babyface.

Biff Farrell (my pick)
Richie Douglas
Chet Chastain (Drake’s pick)
Jake Jenkins – Defending Top Babyface 3 years in a row!
Pete Sharp

Next up, let’s compare the awesome abs nominated for Best Abs of 2015.

Lon Dumont (my pick)
Cal Bennett
Chet Chastain
Pete Sharp
Z-Man (Defending Best Abs of 2014)
Kip Sorell

I’m not the first person to note that a prominent 2-time champion of the Best Abs Bestie was not nominated this year, despite appearing on the mats in 2015 for BG East. I don’t know if the academy intentionally snubbed Eli Black, or if there was a calculated judgment that Eli’s killer abs were truly out distanced by the 6 lovely, lean hunks above.  In any case, just a look at the abs that are not in contention this year…

Eli Black – shut out of the nominations for 2015 Best Abs

I’ll take a look at the field for Best Body and Best Bulge tomorrow…

Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

I’m still making amends for neglecting the top shelf homoerotic wrestlers who worked their muscled asses off so far this year while I neglected to award anyone the title of Homoerotic Wrestler of the Months.  April saw the BGE release of catalog 108, so it’s little wonder its another BG East boy taking the crown for that month. What a mouthwatering selection to pick from in that catalog!  After an unconventional pick for the month of March, I know I’m back to my predictable self when I turn my full on, slack jawed, weak kneed, fawning adoration on April’s HWOTM winner…


Lon Dumont.

Lon breaks big buff Biff with brains, brawn, and awesome attitude!

A Lon Dumont wrestler spotlight DVD was long overdue, and perhaps it was my breathless anticipation of a full course meal of my favorite wrestler turned bodybuilder turned wrestler that accentuated how prominently he was featured in my fondest moments of enjoying wrestling in April. But honestly, from start to finish, that spotlight DVD is fantastically all about Lon Dumont doing everything he does best, which includes looking phenomenal, talking trash like the champ he is, and executing an expertly told, technically superior pro wrestling story not just once, not just twice, but three spine tingly times on one DVD!

Lon makes my spine (among other things) tingle as he rides the rookie into the ground.

To start the first match, he takes a seat to enjoy the gun show as his pumped, powerful rookie opponent poses. Lon knows how to serve up rookie beef perfectly, tenderizing big, bulging Biff Farrell and forcing the humbled hunk to flex for Lon’s (and our) pleasures.

Pretty Pete Sharp gets a major spinal readjustment.

He tames the beast that is the Best Bulge winner for 2015, schooling a surprisingly competitive upstart, pretty Pete Sharp, and settling a simmering score between them.

Like a champion power bottom, Lon dominates and puts Charlie Panther out cold while flat on his back.

And he overcomes bodybuilding contest prep carb starving to defend his honor and retrieve his stolen bodybuilding trophy from clearly jealous Charlie Panther.  Lon is such a compelling, engaging, and provocative character, he’s always going to contend for awards I’m handing out.  Claiming the crown a second time after last being awarded HWOTM in November 2011, and of course possessing the title as my favorite homoerotic wrestler for extended periods of time, Lon Dumont is hands down winner of the title of Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month for April, 2015 here at neverland.

Lon Dumont – Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month – April 2015

Two Great Tastes – Part 2

Pretty Pete Sharp

I always feel like I need to apologize to pretty Pete Sharp’s baby blue eyes, his full lips, his sculpted torso, and his gorgeous ass. Because I struggle to tear my eyes away from, much less write much about anything other than that magnificent, mountainous, mouthwatering, award-winning Best Bulge of 2014.

Best Bulge of 2014

His ring gear in his match again Lon Dumont (same he wore against Braden in Jobberpaloozer 13) does not accentuate his gargantuan package as much as his mat gear does. However, I have a hard time imagining what gear could manage to disguise that massive ballast he’s stowing in the front of his trunks.

Check out that ass!

Pete is wild card, it seems to me.  He’s been bested more than he’s come out on top in his young career with BG East, but at no point has he ever failed to earn respect. His natural habitat seems to me to be on the mats. He seems more settled inside that flawless skin of his when he’s barefoot. There’s a shade more uprightness about his bearing in boots and inside the ring.  Lon seems to be certain that he’s got the bronzed god’s number, alluding to some tag team collaboration they’ve had somewhere that went terribly awry (read: they lost, and Lon is convinced it was the rookie’s fault). Lon promises to take the dazzlingly beautiful hunk back to first grade, reviewing the basics of professional wrestling for the aspiring grappler. He promises to exact just a little retribution for the humiliation of being yoked to Pete’s rookie mistakes in some indy pro tag team match I’m guessing we will never see. But best of all, Lon promises that nothing short of total submission will count in this match. In other words, these two shining, gorgeous specimens of muscle are in a forced-to-flex match!

Pretty Pete turns fucking fierce!

All of that beauty, the dreamy eyes, the tasteful ink, the pumped and glistening muscles seem to inevitably make opponents discount pretty Pete Sharp from the start. And it’s true, looking that pretty is frequently a one-way ticket to an ass-kicking in these parts. But Lon discovers instantly that the ass kicking is a two way street on this fine day, and big, powerful, blindly beautiful Pete goes full throttle all over the lightweight bodybuilder.

Thank you, Lon Dumont!

Lon is incensed.  I love that moment when an opponent nudges Lon over the edge of calm, rational calculation. He morphs from pedantic college professor into vile, heartless heel in the blink of an eye. And holy fuck, does he go to town on pretty Pete. I think Lon has his BG East fans in mind as he manages to twist and rip and pry apart Pete’s phenomenal physique at all the right angles. He bends him over backward, threatening to rip the rookie’s head off, and not accidentally showing off that fan favorite huge package along the way.  He repeatedly ties the golden hunk up in the ropes, torturing the beautiful kid like a vision of St. Sebastian.

Right where Lon wants him.

And Pete sells the suffering sweetly.  I could almost feel sorry for the battered hunk… if I weren’t so damned turned on by the sight of him so bashed and controlled so completely. True to his word, Lon manages to zero out the advantages that pretty Pete has in sheer size and raw strength. I confess to having a warm and moist spot for a smaller opponent totally dominating a big, ripped, superhero-looking stud like Pete.

Pete slaps the veteran heel down hard!

Thing is, Pete’s a fighter. There’s no point at which you should count him out until the camera turns off, because he keeps coming back. He keeps upending the veteran heel. He keeps defying him, refusing to be crushed.  And out of nowhere, he puts my long-time infatuation on his shoulders and pounds out a stunning 3-count.

So much muscle locked in such an intimate embrace!

Pete’s bronzed muscles soaked in sweat are dizzying. His astonishing refusal to play the cowed rookie is breathtaking. And while, sure, watching Lon ride him like a bronco is at the top of my list of favorite things, I’m loving the suspense that these two weave, earning begrudging respect from one another and total, slack jawed adoration from me.

Muscle Lovers’ Paradise

Now let’s put Pete back into his mat gear!

Unleash that beast!

Two Great Tastes – Part 1Out

The second match on Lon Dumont’s Wrestler Spotlight features two of my favorite things in the world: Lon Dumont and Pete Sharp’s award winning package.

Lon Dumont: Built to Inspire

First, let me just reiterate why I find Lon so compelling: aesthetics and attitude. His body is phenomenal.  As a competitive bodybuilder, Lon brings a rare level of muscle quality and leanness to the ring. There are plenty of guys bigger, of course.  But as Lon points out to his opponents often, there’s a difference between size and functional strength.  And as I’m often reminded, lost in reverie admiring his body, there’s a difference between muscle mass and muscle beauty.  Lon is one fantastically beautiful muscle man.

Lon typically controls his opponents and owns every corner of the ring.

There’s nothing wasted about Lon’s physicality.  There’s no ounce of weight or inch of topography that isn’t devoted single-mindedly to the construction of a gorgeously proportioned physique. The manner in which he deploys all of that beautiful muscle is similarly efficient. His attacks are quick and incapacitating. Every hold is strategically timed to climax into maximal brutality. He’s decisive, calculating, and with both hands in control of the momentum in the ring, I don’t think there’s anyone else that holds my attention or takes my breath away quite as commandingly.

Lon exploits the small things, like raking pretty Pete’s baby blues with his taped wrists.

Then there’s that attitude. I’ve had the immense pleasure of meeting Mr. Dumont in person, and I’m delighted to report that his larger than life personality, his command of the room, his emotional presence is as powerful in real life as it is in the ring. Intellectually, Lon is always on the move from one place to another, and in the ring that translates to an awesome capacity to weave a narrative, to build suspense, to convey character and plot structure that turn the passion play of homoerotic wrestling into captivating melodrama. There’s a start, middle and finish to Lon’s matches, carried through by a fantastic skill in possessing character motivation and embodying a back story.  Throughout his long awaited (by me) Wrestler Spotlight, Lon is at the top of his game from every angle.

Lon Dumont treats us to the best angle in the house, showing off pretty Pete’s Best Bulge of 2014.

Like manna from heaven, Lon announces that his battle with pretty Pete is going to be a forced-to-flex match. I’m not sure there’s ever been a more perfect pair to exploit forced-to-flex better. Lon is absolutely dwarfed by his big, stunning, bronze opponent, but that attitude of Lon’s seems to even the odds.  And then some. I tend to believe the words that come of Lon’s mouth as gospel, so when he promises to take Pete to school like a naughty truant, I’m just praying there’s some big, pendulous ball claws involved in the coming discipline.

When Lon attempts an Irish whip, he discovers that moving this mountain of muscle is going to be a lot harder than it looks.

According to Lon, pretty Pete is a weak link.  Lon’s given the gorgeous stunner a shot at glory, apparently even tag teaming with Lon in an indy match. But all that promise and muscle on Pete weren’t sufficient to hold up his end of the bargain.  Lon berates the bronze beauty. He goes probably a step too far in pronouncing Pete an ugly brute (show me an inch of ugly on Pete, anywhere!!!). He predicts that his ring savvy and superior intellect will enable the veteran to not just punish pretty Pete for his disappointment as a tag team partner, not just teach the blue eyed bombshell some much needed lessons in pro wrestling technique, but Lon assures the dazzling hottie that he will possess him, body and soul, and transform the very essence of Pete’s power into the vehicle of his utter humiliation.

Outmuscling Lon is child’s play for big, beautiful Pete Sharp!

They start to tangle, and Pete completely overpowers the lightweight bodybuilder.  Lon charges again and again, only to be swatted away like a gnat. Suddenly, Pete snatches him up in the air, calmly marches across the ring and plants the veteran on his ass atop the top turnbuckle.  With a sly, cocky grin, Pete musses Lon’s long locks like playfully chastising a child.  Holy fuck, I love this drama!

Tomorrow, I’ll muse a little longer on the most prominent bulge in wrestling, and exactly why I love these two stunningly hot wrestlers going pec to pec.

And the winner is…

The BG East Besties have been announced! I’m about 20 times more excited for this than I am the Oscars. Though if a rip ‘n’ strip tuxedo wrestling match breaks out between Bradley Cooper and Ethan Hawke, I may change my mind.  I made my ballot abundantly clear a couple of weeks ago, so let’s look at who the majority of voters picked for the Best at BG East in 2015.


Best Babyface for a 3rd year in a row goes to Jake Jenkins.  Little surprise, and there’s nothing to argue with, because JJ is such a sexy, stunning babyface beauty.  My vote went into Denny Cartier’s column, but all hail the undefeated best babyface winner, JJ!


In the absence of two time winner Jonny Firestorm, this year’s Best Heel award goes to Kid Karisma. Is it bittersweet for KK that he didn’t get to actually defeat Jonny for the title this year?  I’ll never quibble with KK getting lauded, though I am curious that the majority that voted for him didn’t award any of his matches honors this year.  My pick, Guido Genatto, scored two matches in the top awards. Of course, no one says any of us are required to maintain any internal consistency in our favorites.



Ripping the title of Best Abs away from 2-time winner Eli Black was Z-Man this year. What a phenomenal field all around, though my adoration will always be for Lon Dumont’s midsection. I will, however, stare for days on end at every inch of Z-Man and marvel at his perpetually phenomenal fitness.


What has to be considered an upset is oh-so-pretty Pete Sharp crowding out 2-time winner Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!) for Best Bulge this year.  Pete was my pick, but still, I have to think of this as an upset for the man who’s made his massive bulge such a feature of every match.  Perhaps the very fact that Pete is so understated about the massive mountain in his pouch is what sells him hardest as Best Bulge of 2015.


Best Butt of 2015 sees the title change hands from 2-time winner Kid Karisma to always butt-beautiful Cameron Matthews. What an incredibly accomplished, top shelf field to choose from, and I have to think Cameron and Kid are always going to be battling back and forth for fan favorite butt. I think this really requires a butt-naked wrestling match between the two of them to help us make the call for 2015.


Best Body this year broke for Austin Cooper.  Z-Man has got to be seething to lose his title from last year! Personally, I think this all merely proves that Kid Karisma (my pick) is the most underrated physique in homoerotic wrestling. However I have no trouble at all seeing what the majority of voters saw when the tapped goldenboy Austin for the honors.


Jobber of the Year goes to last year’s Debut of the Year, Kip Sorell.  Rio Garza wasn’t even under consideration to defend the title after owning it the past 2 years. It was a seriously tight competition, and Kip was on the receiving end of some of the hottest beatdowns of 2014, without a doubt (even though NONE of them make an appearance in the best match awards!).  I still say Drake Marcos is my top jobber pick, mostly because it irritates him so much to be called jobber, which I think is a supremely awesome quality in a jobber.


Debut of the Year saw the rest of you agreeing with me that Ty Alexander burned up the scene his rookie year. Clearly, one can’t “defend” his best debut title, but just for context, Ty joins the likes of Eli Black (Class of 2012) and Kip Sorell (Class of 2013). I expect to see some amazing things from the sophomore year of adorable Ty.

Don’t forget that all of the nominated matches this year are on sale for 25% off through the end of the month. I’ll take a look at the best match winners next…

Winning Assets

Reigning Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month & overall Favorite Homoerotic Wrestler Kid Karisma.

When the stars align and my homoerotic wrestler of the month is also my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestling overall, it’s time to sit back and appreciate what makes a particular hunk so dominant in my affections. There are a lot of stunning attributes to Kid Karisma, many of which I don’t mention nearly enough.  Those glacial blue eyes are riveting. There are not nearly enough hot, hunky gingers populating homoerotic wrestling, so again, Kid K fills a necessary role in what turns me on.  And he suggested in my interview with him a while back that he’s actually particularly proud of his mammoth horseshoe triceps. But let’s face it, there will never be enough said, nor enough photographic studies done to exhaust the wonder that is his stunning ass.  So, again I say, let’s face it…

Stunningly sexy and sweaty in a perfectly fit jock strap in Gear Wars 1.
Skip Vance enthusiastically studies the front end as we get a breathtaking shot of that award winning backend, flexed and fantastic in Matmen 23.
Functional strength is one of the lesser appreciated aspects of these incredibly built glutes, but Kid Karisma made full use of that power in his Spotlight match against Pete Sharp.
He inaugurated the Forced to Flex series by doing exactly that to Brad Barnes, but check out the flex of those glutes as he hangs the sweaty bodybuilder out to dry in a bearhug.
Another double pleasure shot, treating Blaine Janus to a close up inspection of his crotch while giving the rest of us another long, lingering look at that perfectly shaped derriere in Gazebo Grapplers 16.
Perhaps those muscles are never so blindingly hot as when Kid K is writhing in a pool of his own sweat in the middle of the ring, which is exactly where massive mountain Dev Michaels left him in Kid K’s Wrestler Spotlight match.
The Undagear 22 match that earned him this month’s HWOTM title, Kid K definitely bared it all in the end, but every step along the way was a feast for butt lovers. Ray Naylor not only got his hands on those two slices of heaven, he managed to momentarily turn that moneymaker into a couple of quivering, vulnerable mounds of exquisite beauty and power tamed… briefly.

Thursday Thighs

Those thighs!

I’ve long argued that there’s a bias against the lower body among homoerotic wrestling photographers. Now, I love a hot torso, of course. I swoon over big, peaked biceps and veiny, thick forearms.  But come on, the photographic neglect given to thick, luscious legs is appalling!  We don’t even have a “BG East Best of” category for legs!  Of course, the homoerotic wrestling thighs that jump to the top of my list of most under appreciated by the camera belong to my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler: Kid Karisma.

Pretty Pete Sharp dares compare quads with the master!

When I interviewed the karismatic one a while back, he acknowledged that his lower body is simply phenomenal, and credited years of competitive rugby (because what other kind is there?) for sculpting his lower body into the powerful work of art it is today.  It’s hard to argue with success.

Pete doesn’t look quite so pretty with his neck trapped good and tight between Kid Karisma’s mammoth thighs.

Which was one reason that BuzzFeed’s top 40 hottest rugby thighs caught my attention.  Here are a few other rugby hunks who ought to follow Kid Karisma’s lead and break into homoerotic wrestling. I want to see some babyface beauties screaming like trapped minks between the bear traps these boys call their quads!

#1 in Buzzfeed’s ranking is #1 for me as well. Look at those telephone poles on James Short!
I’ve noted David Pocock’s hotness on this blog before.
Jonathan Joseph’s legs make my mouth water.
I’m pretty sure I’ve swooned over Sonny Bill Williams before, but that never gets old!
Talk about a babyface! Holy shit can you picture adorable Patrick Lambie crunching skulls with those quads?
First, Ignacio Meires needs to dominate aforementioned Patrick Lambie (above) and then the two need to be a thundering thighs tag team.
Edoardo Gori would clearly be a high flyer in the ring.
Daniel Barrett looks devastatingly pretty.
The girth on Brian O’Driscoll’s upper legs makes me thank my lucky charms.
The meat on Ben Botica’s upper legs hangs like beef at the butcher shop. Damn, damn, damn, rugby does a body good.
Clearly rugby thighs also do a homoerotic wrestler good, as well!

Friday Fashion

Pete Sharp wore it best.

No one should try to out-pretty Pretty Pete Sharp without expecting a serious fight. Pete was the overwhelming victor in last week’s Friday Fashion poll, earning 100 votes to Darius‘ 36 votes, decisively owning having worn those baby blue Adidas trunks best. Pete may have had an unfair advantage for having chosen trunks the precise shade of his eyes. And then there’s the gargantuan bulge he’s smuggling down the front of them that’s so very persuasive as well.  I still say this probably should have been the year that Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!) had to turn over his best bulge title to  the beast writhing underneath don’t-call-me-pretty Pretty Pete Sharp’s pouch. His consolation, I suppose, is that he wore it best.

Even Kid Karisma had to take a moment to appreciate how well Pete wore those trunks!

This week’s Friday Fashion poll was spotted by long-time friend of neverland, Jose. Jose noticed that both pre- and post- drenched in sweat, both porn star Rusty Stevens and award winning babyface, Jake Jenkins wore the identical 2xist jock straps. Rusty wore it first in his one and only appearance for BG East, the Breaking Point, making my fondest fantasy come true by giving Mitch Colby everything he’s got, including mountains of trash talk, gallons of sweat, and at least 1/2 a pint of cum. Jake showed up several catalogs later in the same fashion choice, revealed once stunningly beautiful Marco Carlow peeled Jake out of his shorts in Undagear 20. These are two very, very different wrestlers, different looks, different attitudes, different bodies, but they both wore the same gorgeous-ass-framing designer jock. But who wore it best? Vote below.

Porn star god turned hardcore homoerotic wrestler, Rusty Stevens has never failed to look good in anything and, especially, nothing. But when he still had this grey 2xist jock strap on, did he wear it best?
There’s a reason this vision of beauty has won the title of top babyface two years running at BG East. But in this fashion contest, he’s up against his stiffest competition yet. He could be the most handsome stud in the stable, but did he wear it best?