Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

I’m still making amends for neglecting the top shelf homoerotic wrestlers who worked their muscled asses off so far this year while I neglected to award anyone the title of Homoerotic Wrestler of the Months.  April saw the BGE release of catalog 108, so it’s little wonder its another BG East boy taking the crown for that month. What a mouthwatering selection to pick from in that catalog!  After an unconventional pick for the month of March, I know I’m back to my predictable self when I turn my full on, slack jawed, weak kneed, fawning adoration on April’s HWOTM winner…


Lon Dumont.

Lon breaks big buff Biff with brains, brawn, and awesome attitude!

A Lon Dumont wrestler spotlight DVD was long overdue, and perhaps it was my breathless anticipation of a full course meal of my favorite wrestler turned bodybuilder turned wrestler that accentuated how prominently he was featured in my fondest moments of enjoying wrestling in April. But honestly, from start to finish, that spotlight DVD is fantastically all about Lon Dumont doing everything he does best, which includes looking phenomenal, talking trash like the champ he is, and executing an expertly told, technically superior pro wrestling story not just once, not just twice, but three spine tingly times on one DVD!

Lon makes my spine (among other things) tingle as he rides the rookie into the ground.

To start the first match, he takes a seat to enjoy the gun show as his pumped, powerful rookie opponent poses. Lon knows how to serve up rookie beef perfectly, tenderizing big, bulging Biff Farrell and forcing the humbled hunk to flex for Lon’s (and our) pleasures.

Pretty Pete Sharp gets a major spinal readjustment.

He tames the beast that is the Best Bulge winner for 2015, schooling a surprisingly competitive upstart, pretty Pete Sharp, and settling a simmering score between them.

Like a champion power bottom, Lon dominates and puts Charlie Panther out cold while flat on his back.

And he overcomes bodybuilding contest prep carb starving to defend his honor and retrieve his stolen bodybuilding trophy from clearly jealous Charlie Panther.  Lon is such a compelling, engaging, and provocative character, he’s always going to contend for awards I’m handing out.  Claiming the crown a second time after last being awarded HWOTM in November 2011, and of course possessing the title as my favorite homoerotic wrestler for extended periods of time, Lon Dumont is hands down winner of the title of Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month for April, 2015 here at neverland.

Lon Dumont – Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month – April 2015

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