Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

As of today, I’m finally catching up with the HWOTM titles.  New releases in May were plentiful and exceedingly hot.  Any number of wrestlers could own the title, making it that much harder to pick just one.  But there’s a particularly handsome, hunky, smart and sexy as hell stud who worked me hardest and stays with me longest…


… Thunder’s Arena’s Marco.

Marco gets a light workout in while maintaining total control over his pup.

It’s been a while since I sampled from Thunder’s Arena. I’m always wishing that Thunder’s was a little (not necessarily a lot, but at least a little) gayer. But I’d already developed a fan crush on smoking hot Marco from reading Joe’s interview with him at Ringside.  I tend to agree with Joe in direction and degree about 97% of the time, so it should come as little wonder that spending about 25 minutes with luscious Marco in Mat Wars 47 was an extremely pleasant interlude in an otherwise totally fucked-up month of May (for me).

TAK refuses to give up easily, showing off Marco’s hot bod to perfection in the process.

I operate under the working assumption that the way a man treats a dog says everything I need to know about his character. This is the reason I’m always suspicious of people who say that they aren’t “dog people.”  So when TAK (“The All-American Kid”) opens this scene cuddling with Thunder’s Arena’s new mascot, French Bulldog Thunder, I’m intrigued.  TAK plies the pup with treats, babying and cuddling him, talking in that sing-songy voice we reserve for infants, the elderly, and the enemies we know are morons. Marco arrives on scene and says exactly what I’m thinking. “Stop babying my dog!”

Look at the look of delight on Marco’s face!

Philosophies of dog training collide as the boys vie for Thunder’s affection. Pushes, shoves. Marco snags one of TAK’s legs and astonishingly props it on top of his shoulder as the All-American Kid dances on one foot (impressive flexibility, TAK!). It all has that playfulness, that coyness about it that sometimes sets my teeth on edge when watching Thunder’s Arena matches. Then suddenly Marco sweeps that remaining foot, and TAK’s last shred of dignity, out from underneath him, and the blond twink hits the deck seriously hard.  I mean, fuck, I can see the cartoon birds suddenly tweeting as they circle the poor kid’s head. This got relatively serious, seriously fast.

“I’ll give you a treat!”

Marco sets about putting TAK in his place like the alpha dog the owner of a stubborn pup needs to be. “Get on all fours like Thunder!” Marco demands as TAK peels himself off the mat and climbs to his hands and knees.  I have a long running simmer for TAK, mind you.  His ass in those breathtakingly tight teal trunks is a work of edible art, and I, for one, am ready to chew on those glutes (not hard… unless he likes it that way). But then again, watching TAK get out hustled, out muscled, and out wrestled by beautiful Marco is just plain crazy hot. “You want a treat?” Marco coos, offering equal parts carrot and stick to his recalcitrant trainee. “I’ll give you a treat.” In a schoolboy pin, Marco shifts his hips forward, dangling his hefty, red clad package in TAK’s face. Holy fuck, that would be enough to make me sit up and beg!

Marco appreciates TAK’s Happy Trail leading the way to one gorgeous, tightly packed cock!

There’s one pivotal point where TAK almost steals the show. Well, his cock almost steals the show.  Marco drops the writhing twink across his leg in a beautiful OTK backbreaker.  He beats the shit out of his abs.  But, although Marco never actually says it, his eyes are doing exactly what mine are: watching that beautiful bulge of TAK’s quiver.  Those trunks are so tight, you can see every mouthwatering inch in detail. Marco gets distracted from battering the kid’s gut.  He even comments on the light blond “Happy Trail” leading like the yellow brick road to the mountainous bulge hanging between the kid’s legs.  There’s a moment there that I’m thinking, “Now, there’s the star of the show!”


But time and time again, it’s Marco who manages to make me peel my eyes away from TAK’s quivering bulge. With speed and strength Marco manages to make the hot young pup sit, lie down, and roll over before the training session is over. I remember in his interview with Joe that there was mention of how effortlessly sexy and erotically charged he is in action.  Truer words never spoken.  A reverse bearhug provides Marco the context for reaching up and appreciating his opponent’s lean pecs. “Puppy pecs,” he calls them, promising that under his tutelage, skinny young TAK would put on muscle mass. With total sell, he suddenly commands the stubborn young pup to flex his bicep.  And here’s the key: submissively, under the physical and psychological domination of his opponent, TAK instantly obeys. Marco trashes the kid’s upper arms as little more than twigs, but there’s this underlying note of appreciation, like a connoisseur sampling a wine before it’s time, swirling it around, savoring it, and recognizing the delightful promise of what is yet to come in it’s maturation.

Marco wants to wrestle naked. You can tell, he wants it bad!

Behavioral extinction is fucking hard to achieve, so little wonder that defiantly stubborn TAK rallies a few times, usually coming from behind with cheap shots. There’s something slightly unbelievable about his offense. I’m just about to roll my eyes when he’s backed Marco against the wall and is delivering a long series of punches to his rock hard gut.  Then Marco suddenly demands, “HARDER!” He demonstrates an awesome feel for this moment, the stretch required for suspending disbelief, and connects it intuitively to the dog training motif the boys established earlier. And even here, the thing that grabs me by the balls is that TAK obeys. Instantly. He punches harder with a mixture of panic that his “offense” is bouncing off his opponent and a Pavlovian conditioned response to the sound of his new master’s voice.

Having just tapped out, TAK is bent over catching his breath and Marco is barely restraining himself from ripping off his own trunks.

The more he exercises control over his charge, the more Marco seems to reflexively tug at the sides of his tight red trunks. Applying an awesomely hot headscissor submission, he flexes his beautiful biceps and does stomach crunches as TAK whimpers, struggling against tapping out. Those big, beautiful thighs will not be denied, however, and as TAK taps, Marco hooks his thumb in the side of his trunks and slides them down, provocatively. If this were anywhere other than Thunder’s I’d say Marco was just about to ride the thrill of victory into a full-monty nude wrestling finale.  No such luck, naked wrestling fans, but it’s not the last time you’ll see Marco show off his gorgeous lower abs and side ass cheek.


So yeah, I’m a heart-pounding, sweaty-browed fan of Marco’s bedroom eyes, incredible body, and intense mastery of both TAK and the art of erotic subtext.  He is ALL OVER the All-American Kid in the closing moments of this match, demonstrating that despite TAK’s blustering denial, Marco can pin that munchable ass of his at will, pretty much any time, any place, preferably with me on hand licking my lips in anticipation. In the fun and games world of Thunder’s Arena, TAK is one of the funnest and gamest, of course. But in owning the moment and narrating erotically charged g-rated wrestling like a master, the winner of May’s Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month title is smolderingly hot Marco.

Marco – Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month – May 2015

5 thoughts on “Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

  1. It’s about dang time!! LOL

    Marco has been on the scene for over 6 months and he has earned this title at least 2-3 times over by now. He drips sexiness (rent either of his live oil matches!). He has a great body and he loves to humiliate his opponents in his signature schoolboy pins and head scissors as he flexes and preens as they lay helpless and struggling. To top it all off he rarely loses which seems odd as he isn’t the biggest on the roster, but somehow he pulls it off time and time again.

    He’s Thunder’s resident cocky prince and he demands and commands your respect whether you want to or not! 🙂

  2. I think TAK, just by virtue of his smoking hot ass; his insanely hot package and his cocky personality, should be well within striking range of being HWOTM one month soon. The All-American Kid never fails to entertain, watch his match verses both Frey and Viggo together. If u wanna see the Kid’s wrestling skill, watch his match versus Lupe. If u wanna see the Kid dominate like he was born to it, watch his match versus Mogley.

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