Treasure Below the Waist

Summer ushers in many things I enjoy. Warm, sunny skies, outdoor events, fireflies, long awaited SCOTUS decisions. But the one thing I anticipate with the most eagerness each thaw is that tipping point when hunks drop trou and start showing off their legs. Too little attention is paid to thick, powerful, beautiful legs on men. Even in homoerotic wrestling photography, the convention of cropping wrestler images off at the waist or mid-thigh is such a waste! So here are a few luscious wrestlers showing off most of their best angles below the waist.

Mike Columbo’s gargantuan quads about to crush Derek D’Amore in Fantasymen 21.
A secret obsession of mine, Troy Milan showing off his stripper hunk bod before getting wasted by gorgeous Corey Young in BG East’s Fantasymen 18.
Johnny Modesto’s monster quads and Brad Rochelle’s sculpted calves are just 2 outstanding reasons to enjoy Matmen 16.
Mouthwatering legs for days when Chad Weston took on Troy Baker in Undagear 8.
That is clearly Brian Baxter’s hot, sexy legs on the right, but who is the beefcake on the left?
Two of the most beautiful bodies on a collision course when Rio Garza and Kid Karisma compared quads in Undagear 15.
Although it’s true I left the Cheshire Cat stripped and stunned last fall, I am the first in line to adore his gorgeous, long legs. And trust me, those puppies are fucking powerful!
Goldenboy Austin Cooper shows off his thickly muscled legs in this promo shot for his upcoming Muscle Rookies release at BG East.
The Black Muscle God, Darius, is ready to crush bones between those massive thighs in his upcoming release in Muscle Rookies.

Getting Stronger, Lasting Longer

I’ve been trying to coordinate schedules with Jayden Mayne for nearly a year now in order to get some time with this young stud for an interview. He’s got leading man good looks, a ripped young body, and a dangerousness about him that made me take notice of him from the very beginning. We finally pulled it together for what I hope will be just the first of many interviews as this ambitious giant-killer advances further in his wrestling career.  As you’ll see, Jayden’s got plans.

Jayden Mayne – 5’8″, 147 pounds

Bard: I’m so excited to get the chance to talk with you, Jayden.  I have documented proof that I’ve been a big fan of yours from the first time I laid eyes on you in Ringwars 19. What experience did you have when you first showed up wrestling at BG East?

Jayden: I didn’t have very much experience before I started with BGE, other than wrestling my kid brother and friends grown up.  I learned a lot from watching TV. It was something I’ve always wanted to do.  I feel like a superstar when I step into the ring.

6’1″, 195 lb Trent Blayze can’t quite believe how far handsome lightweight Jayden pushes him in Ringwars 19.

Bard: You look like a superstar, too, stud! That face, that body, that attitude… you grabbed my attention instantly. Speaking of attitude and being a superstar, what’s it like from the inside being that ripped young stud climbing through the ropes to do battle? Who are you channeling and how would describe the persona you take with you into the ring?

Jayden: I would describe my character as a professional wrestler as being ready anytime to take on whoever dares to step into the ring with me, no matter how big he may be.  I think people underestimate the smaller guys in this line of work.  I’ve always been portrayed as the “underdog,” but I’ll tell you, I always put up a hell of a fight.

Bard: Damn straight, you do!  I love that edginess that you have when you wrestle.  I’m stunned that you didn’t have much prior experience because I always read you as seriously dangerous, even going against much bigger guys.

Jayden loves the feel of a flipping big man across the ring!

Jayden: I live for that challenge! There is nothing better than flipping a 220+ pound beast over my head and seeing the look on their face as they fly overhead. I like taking on bigger opponents because I like that challenge. I’m working hard right now to get my weight up and hope to be around 160 pounds in my next bout. Then maybe me and Joe Robbins can meet again, except I’ll be doing the bulldozing!!!

Big Joe Robbins is a giant Jayden couldn’t conquer… yet!

Bard: I’m a little breathless right now just hearing you call out 240 pound Joe Robbins for a rematch.  Save me a front seat for that show!  I’ve got a major soft spot for a smaller guy who puts major hurt on the big boys.  Therefore, clearly, it should come as no surprise that I love watching your matches.  So you’ve wrestled in the ring, the BG East gazebo, the backyard. Where do you feel you wrestle best?

Jayden: I feel like the ring best suits my fighting style. I like to throw some punches, as you saw in Gloved Gladiators. The ring allows me to do that and use my quickness and agility to my advantage.

Bard: Another thing I feel like I pick up from your ring persona is that you’re likely to say shit like it really is.  So I’m just going to throw this out there and see where it goes: who’s the most annoying opponent you’ve faced so far?

Attila Dynasty was quite a dick.

Jayden: Attila.  He talked a big game but seemed like he couldn’t handle the heat when I put the beat to him with the gloves. So he had to resort to a low blow to gain the edge on me.

Bard: See, that’s what I mean!  I just knew you’d wouldn’t be one of these wrestlers who tries to avoid saying the honest shit about opponents.  And I love that you mention that match with Attila.  You owned that acrobatic son of a bitch when it was a boxing match. I thought you were going to knock him out before the gloves came off, despite knowing full well that this is BG East wrestling we’re talking about. But then holy crap, he exploits the low blows and rides you relentlessly. What a dick.  And I mean that both literally and figuratively.  Is there anybody you’ve met at BG East who you’d call out for being all talk?

Jayden executes the upset of the century on the “unstoppable” Jake Jenkins in Gazebo Grapplers 13.

Jayden: Jake Jenkins was a big talker, but I wrapped that boy up! (laughing)

Bard: Hell yes you did!  I did not see that coming either.  And knowing now that you had very little wrestling background makes that match that much more astonishing, since Jake is constantly billing himself as the total package, high school state wrestling champ, MMA fighter, fitness model, etc. etc..  The look of shock on his face getting owned by you is priceless!  Who have you met at BG East who seems like someone you could hang out with, go drinking with and enjoy?

Jayden: I would like to party with Jonny Firestorm. He’s been in the game a while and seems “real” to me. I’d definitely toss a few cold ones down with Jonny.

Bard: Solid choice, I think.  Jonny seems like he has a lot of friends who speak highly of him. My mind keeps going back to your Catchweight match against gargantuan Joe Robbins. When you’re walking into a match so overwhelmingly the underdog, when you know you’re very likely to take a major league beating, what keeps you focused?  What do you do to face down the odds and the fear?

Jayden just gets stronger and lasts longer when he gets bulldozed by the big boys.

Jayden: I have taken a few beatings, yes, but each one makes me stronger and last longer. I was not raised as a “pansy” or a quitter. It makes me train even harder. Soon, I will be a force to reckon with!  Mark my words!!

Bard: My money is on you! What does it mean to you to be a wrestler, to be someone fans rally around and want to see more of?

Jayden: Wrestling keeps me in shape and allows me to experience something that people all over the globe only dream about! I’m very fortunate to have as many fans as I do.  I’m hoping to expand in the next year, and maybe offer some private matches or specialty videos. Is there anything Jayden Mayne fans would like to see?  Ideas?

Bard: I’m always, at all times, full of ideas for seeing hot studs like you wrestling!  I’ll start cataloging my Jayden Mayne fantasy match ideas for you now, and perhaps we’ll see some more inspiration from other fans who know you’re open to suggestions.  You mentioned that wrestling keeps you in shape. I for one, love the shape you’re in.  Is there a particular body part that you’re most proud of?

Total package.

Jayden: I’m not proud of any certain body part, because Jayden Mayne is the total package! Do any of my fans disagree?!

Bard: I’m going to go out on a limb and say, no, there are no Jayden Mayne fans who would dare quibble with the truth that you possess an incredibly hot look, head-to-toe, including lots of great parts right in the middle.  I’m fascinated to see what you look like with an additional 10 to 15 pounds of muscle on you, once you reach that goal you mentioned.  Is there anything else you’d like to tell (or ask) fans who look forward to more wrestling from you?

Jayden: I’d like to thank all of my fans, and I plan on coming back stronger than ever. Hopefully expanding my career, doing some work for some other companies or venues as opportunities arise. I’m always open to suggestions. In fact, I’m looking forward to hearing what the fans would like to see from me next!

Bodybuilder Darius learned the hard way not to underestimate the giant-killer Jayden Mayne.

Bard: Awesome attitude that will do nothing but earn you more fans, Jayden! And I’d just like to add that I’m just a little infatuated with your role as giant-killer, so I hope we see more of you shocking and awing the big boys who overlook an “underdog” like you. Just ask Darius or J.J. what’s at stake in not taking Jayden Mayne seriously enough! Keep us updated on what’s cooking in your world, and if you get some inspiration from fans about new career moves or custom matches, I hope you’ll feed all of our imaginations by letting us know about it.  Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me, Jayden. I’ve got nothing but respect and high hopes for where wrestling takes you next.

Open for suggestions, Jayden Mayne is just getting bigger, better, and hotter by the moment!


The erotic art of an OTK backbreaker. Dirk Shannon and Peter Genelli are stunningly poised in this moment of total control from Canadian Musclehunks 8.

I recently commented that I’d trade most gay porn sex scenes for a mouthwatering over the knee backbreaker any day. This isn’t indicative of how I feel about sex, per se. I was pointing out that it’s the typical woodenness (not the good kind) and scriptedness of hardcore porn that I find less than fulfilling. However, it is indeed indicative of how I react to homoerotic wrestling, even when it’s sold with a pretty transparent script, and truth be told, the OTK backbreaker in particular works me every time. Even a poorly sold OTK makes my heart beat faster. But a truly exquisite OTK is a work of art that captures the essence of eroticism, domination, and combat that jerk my libido hard.  When I think of the OTK backbreakers that have stuck with me, seared into my memory and making my pulse pound even in retrospect, here are few of the G-rated (well, let’s say PG-rated just for the extra prudish out there) examples that I’ve filed away for safe keeping and frequent consulting.

From my first BG East crush, Fantasymen 18, Brad Rochelle bends like a gymnast and Jeff Phoenix exploits that flexibility beautifully.
Kid Vicious never fails to make the most of an OTK, bringing gorgeously aroused Derek Da Silva to the edge of ecstasy and agony at the very same moment in Ball Bash 1.
Darius is the classic muscleman laid bare as Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!) digs deep in Ringwars 16.
Vile Morgan Cruise uses Skip Vance’s lower leg to torture his boyfriend in a leg lock while simultaneously breaking Skip across his thigh in Tag Team Torture 16: Boyfriend Beatdown.
To of the finest bodies locked together in a beautiful display of muscle, balance, and flexibility as Tyrell Tomsen brutalizes Z-Man in Wrestle Revenge.
Simply gorgeous. Massively muscled Ted Shipp takes exquisitely sexy Beau Hopkins and stretches lays him out like a Thanksgiving feast in Canadian Musclehunks 6.

Should the Opportunity Arise

There’s been a pretty insane rush to marry around my neck of the woods this weekend.  Another judge determines that blatant discrimination enshrined at any level of state law is bullshit, and the flood gates bust open. Despite my long-standing skepticism about the impact of same-sex marriage on liberty, and the screwed up priorities of aggressively pushing for marriage rights while we have no universal fair employment or housing rights, I must admit it’s quite an adrenaline rush to see moes lined up to marry.  I can almost literally feel domesticity creep over me.  The taming of same-sex partnerships, shoe-horning the vast diversity of them into the constraints of acceptable heterosexual expectations threatens even my more radical commitments to the need for revolution rather than reform.  With negotiated fidelity on the line, in the face of closeting the all-male menage a trios, the couples that date thirds, the contractual anything-goes-out-of-town loving relationships, I can just feel the gravitational pull of whitebread hetero monogamy built on centuries of religious strictures consuming us alive.  As a personal commitment to keep the “alternative” in gay, let me just affirm for me and my special someone (who reads these pages, even though we never really talk about them) a few of the wrestling hunks for whom a legally “libertarian” inclusion into the structure of one-man-one-man loving would be instantly out the window, should the opportunity arise for some extracurricular (or, hell, three-way) activities.  I’m sure absolute monogamy is great for many, but here’s a sample of who could climb into my/our bed anytime.

Mitch Colby… he’s all mine!
Darius… I’d share him with my partner.
Landon Conrad… I think I’d have to have him all to myself, or possibly with another one of his gorgeous pornboy stud buddies.
Trey Dixon and Skrapper… I’d be the filling in that sandwich anytime!
Cameron Matthews… I’d have zero inhibitions faced with him!
Kid Karisma… all mine.
Marcus Ruhl… more than enough to share with this massive hunk of muscle.
Logan Vaughn… I’d need some private time with those gargantuan thighs.
Chris Xaos… me, my partner, and ever Britboy wrestling hunk we can find can pile on!

Friday Fashion

I have finally completed my assigned work for a major deadline (for which I was threatened with having big, juicy heels hunt me down if I didn’t get it done… yes, I was torn). So back to blogging. I had a few Friday Fashion suggestions come in from my last appeal for competitors. Today’s couture combat was spotted by reader Dan, who would like to see a runway battle between two hot muscle hunks who sported the same baby blue Adidas trunks. First to wear them was longtime friend of neverland Darius, who drove his opponent, Trent Blayze, insane by working every inch of that fabric with his gorgeous, meaty muscled ass in Muscle Madness 1. Then just 5 BG East catalogs later, blond, blue-eyed bombshell pretty Pete Sharp stuffed his massive package down those same trunks in Kid Karisma’s Wrestler Spotlight.  From the front, from the back, both muscle boys scored a win as far as I was concerned with regard to sporting the ideal, classic muscleman wrestling gear. But Dan and I want to know, in this contest of contrasts, which stunning side of beef wore it best?  Check out the options and vote below.

Muscle stud Darius wore them first, accessorizing with matching wristbands and boots and hypnotically bouncing pecs in Muscle Madness 1. A gorgeous homage to a classic 80’s pro wrestling muscle jobber, by all means. But did he wear it best?
Devastatingly handsome pretty Pete Sharp had the audacity to try to fill Darius’ trunks in Kid Karisma’s Wrestler Spotlight. And undeniably, those trunks are seriously filled to overflowing! He reminds me of a late-90’s, homoerotic wrestling barefoot beauty pulled fresh off a stripper pole. But did he wear it best?

Get Literate!

“Ben” co-stars in Alex’ series, Route 69

You may not realize it, but 2013 was the year of homoerotic wrestling fiction. About a year ago, I backed off of my hobby of writing homoerotic wrestling fiction, primarily to devote more time to this blog. But far from signaling the demise of the homoerotic wrestling fiction groups I run, we ended up posting more than 30 new, incredibly hot stories!  How does this math add up, you ask? It adds up with the help accomplished authors with a keen sense of wrestling kink willing to share their work for the pleasure of the community.

The other co-star of Route 69, Jeff.

I can’t thank author Alex enough for the incredible quality, not to mention quantity of new pieces of homoerotic wrestling fiction he has contributed. Alex has authored 3 barn-burner, crowd pleasing series in the Sidelineland group, including one set in the world of 80’s indy pro wrestling (AWL), another set in a very contemporary online superhero themed gay wrestling site (The Cave), and a third set, well, all over the place, as an homage to the 1960’s buddy adventure television series, Route 66, only the stars of Alex’ Route 69 are stunningly chiseled homoerotic wrestlers. Alex alone accounts for more than 20 of the new pieces of homoerotic wrestling fiction posted in 2013!

CelebWrestleFan’s (and my) muse, Josh Hutcherson is pumped and primed.

Alex has not only inspired countless homoerotic wrestling fans to read, but he’s also been a catalyst for new authors to come on board last year. CelebWrestleFan has contributed now 3 Hollywood hunk battles starring my personal infatuation, Josh Hutcherson. Another Alex, Alex R. has begun a series of postmodern, brutal gladiator-for-hire elimination tournament matches called Muscle Feast. And Axel has contributed the start of a new series, Celebrity Wrestling Federation. JobberinNYC also posted an achingly sweet match entitled, The Bartender.

Darius “the Black Muscle God” inspires my homoerotic wrestling fantasies.

Today, I’ve also posted my first new piece in many, many months, entitled The Champ. It was inspired by the most flattering request I’ve ever had: Darius “the Black Muscle God” asking me to write him into one of my stories. I was honored and nearly paralyzed by the pressure not to disappoint a stunningly hot wrestling hunk like Darius!

Mason Brooks is the Champ!

I went fishing for a suitable opponent for this match-up, and my first choice, Mason Brooks, was ready, willing, and able. Both Darius and Mason provided me boatloads of incredibly hot photos to illustrate the match. In fact, truth be told, I found myself repeatedly distracted by the mountain of sexy pics they provided. I’m not complaining, mind you! Just pointing out that these two studs are not just sexy as hell, but also incredibly generous, and they’re damn good sports for allowing me to fictionalize them.

I don’t know what 2014 holds for homoerotic wrestling fiction, but I’m bullish. I’ve already got a cue in my inbox of new contributions! If you aren’t a member of the Sidelineland or Producer’s Ring homoerotic wrestling fiction groups, get literate!

Seventh Day of Christmas






A long-time friend of neverland dropped off a new year-end greeting card with eye candy, some plans for 2014, and well wishes for his many fans. Incredibly hot Darius is one of the paradoxes of pro wrestling. He’s got the body of a god (a “black muscle god” to be exact), with the obvious raw power to crush most opponents like grapes; however, his win-loss record in the homoerotic wrestling products I’ve seen bears witness to the fact that this mountain of mouthwatering muscle has an achilles heel. 2013, however, ended on a groundbreaking note for the Black Muscle God, featuring Darius wringing the sweet sounds of submission and victory out of undisputed babyface jobber, hunky farmboy Tony Law, for Muscle Domination Wrestling. That notable end to 2013 and the plans Darius mentions in his year-end greeting make me think that 2014 could be a major breakout year for him. I’ve got my eyes on him, and he’s clearly got his eyes on more victories to come.

First, I would like to thank all my fans for all their support this past year. I do get many emails, and I do read and respond to every one of them, whether they are good or bad comments. I know many have asked to see more of me, and I do believe they mean less by way of trunks, so I hope to bring that to them in the New Year. Many request for me to do custom videos, and that is now a reality as I have done a few within the last month. In 2014 I will be looking to get into some bodybuilding competitions, travel down to Atlanta to do some videos for BWN, and continue to do videos for BG East and Muscle Domination Wrestling, and lastly get my own website up so my fans can follow me. All of this would not be possible without the support of my fans, and again I thank you so much. So I wish everyone out there a very safe and happy New Year. – Darius

Can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for you, Darius, and I for one will follow you anywhere. So keep us updated on the launch of your website!

Fucked by an Elephant

MDW’s Tidus must have lost a bet.  That’s the only thing I can figure, because I can think of no other explanation for the skin tight mesh-top onsie outfit he’s wearing when he climbs in the ring to face Darius in BDSM Ball Bash 6. Darius, the consummate gentleman, doesn’t mention the questionable gear choice. He just flexes all of those fantastic, intimidating, gorgeous muscles and ignores Tidus’ taunts.

Power and beauty

Tidus could easily become a growing obsession for me. He has a hot thug accent (to my untrained, non-Bostonian, biased ear) combined with what I can only describe as a beautifully handsome face and shockingly sexy, lean body. The whole “delicately beautiful thug” presentation keeps me off balance, as perhaps it does Darius as well. Tidus sucker punches Darius mid-flex, pounding into the Black Muscle God’s flexed pec and peaked bicep. “Delicate and beautiful” my ass. Tidus is one sexy thug!

Darius puts all of those divine muscles to use!
Darius puts all of those divine muscles to use!

A punch into the wall of flexed muscle that is Darius’ physique is like swatting a brick wall. No shit, Darius is actually tickled. He chuckles, rolls his eyes, and then starts beating the living shit out of his blue-eyed opponent. Darius has proven himself as dangerous and powerful in the world of homoerotic wrestling, and he lifts and tosses and slams Tidus as if the lean stud was filled with helium. Tidus fights right back, face-to-face, irritated and not about to back down from overwhelming odds. He holds his own, putting the gentleman bodybuilder on the mat… with A LOT of effort! Darius pounds Tidus with the barest of effort. Tidus pounds Darius back and almost instantly is puffing like a train engine, sweat breaking out across his brow.

Tidus trapped
Tidus trapped

“Okay, you got a little feisty in ya, huh?” Tidus concedes as he takes stock of the losing side the argument he’s on. At this rate, he’s going to be out of fuel before Darius has managed an elevated heart rate. The calculating thug trips the Black Muscle God, dropping that power packed physique to the mat to see if he can work an advantage on his opponent off his feet. Seconds later, Darius snaps those gargantuan thighs around Tidus’ head, burying that pretty face under mountains of crushing muscle. Tidus’ sexy, lean body writhes and wriggles frantically. He suffers sweetly as Darius takes a breather that he doesn’t even need yet. Finally the beautiful thug punches his way free.

Tidus struggles to turn the tables on the gentleman bodybuilder.
Tidus struggles to turn the tables on the gentleman bodybuilder.

“Okay, so you got a little muscle,” Tidus states the obvious. “But this is still my ring!” he snarls defiantly. “And if you want to flex in my ring, you got to earn it!” Darius is determined to be well up on that challenge. He’s a battering ram, pounding every ounce of his mouthwatering, concentrated muscle mass into Tidus’ mesh-encased, long and lean abdomen. The thug is finally starting to feel out his competition, though. He’s rolling with Darius’ offense and then using the gentleman bodybuilder’s own momentum against him. The back and forth starts to even out a bit, but there’s still an air of inevitability about Darius’ dominating ways.

The Tidus Twist!
The Tidus Twist!

“Not bad, not bad at all,” Tidus concedes the painfully obvious truth once again. “But you fight too fair!” And with that the delicately beautiful thug opens up an assault on Darius’ balls that is quite literally breathtaking. A delicately beautiful thug who’s unafraid of digging in deep and wrenching the crap out of the testicles of a Black Muscle God is a truly beautiful thing to behold!

“Now you know!”

“Now you know! You need balls to be in my ring!” Tidus snarls, going to town on crushing, bashing, and in anyway possible abusing Darius’ package.  The gentleman bodybuilder endures an ocean of pain, withstanding the ball torture for days in order to take advantage of every moment that Tidus lets up for even an instant on holding the big man down by his balls. He battles back and tosses the stud around again, but again and again he’s dropped like a sack of potatoes by another vicious assault on his testicles.

“The Gas Pedal”

Even a gentleman like Darius can be pushed only so far. With the nonstop assault on his balls sucking the life out of the massive powerhouse, Darius steps, tentatively at first, toward the dark side of the force, beginning to dish out precisely the underhanded, vile, sadistic, unfair treatment that he’s been served.

Two can play at that game!

Turns out that Tidus doesn’t enjoy a ball claw anymore than Darius does! His legs ripped open wide and Darius twisting brutally at the boy’s sac, Tidus screams like a wounded animal. Can you imagine what damage Darius could do if he wasn’t such a gentleman to start with!? All that muscle, all that power, AND a blatant disregard for decorum or fair play!? But Darius is, after all, a heroic figure in white. He doesn’t have nearly the tenacity of viciousness that Tidus has, and the delicately beautiful thug soon enough counters Darius’ below-the-belt offense with another full-on, highly accomplished assault on the gentleman bodybuilder’s balls. It’s Darius that reaches then limits of endurance first, and nasty, beautiful Tidus holds on with a vice grip until the Black Muscle God is crushed and helpless.

Darius is just so much tortured muscle once he's been milked dry.
Darius is just so much tortured muscle once he’s been milked dry.

“You ever wonder what it’s like to get fucked by an elephant!?” Tidus screams at Darius as the tortured bodybuilder writhes in agony. Yeah, that quote got my attention, too.  Tidus needs to demonstrate what that’s like, and I for one, suspect he’s got what it takes. But he does not, sadly, actually shoe Darius what it’s like to get fucked by an elephant in a literal sense.  He just fucks him over metaphorically, turning the mountain of muscles into a quivering mass of helplessness, wide open for any nasty device of torture and humiliation that lovely Tidus wants to try out on him.

Darius' ass is phenomenal!
Darius’ ass is phenomenal!

“Any balls that step into this ring that aren’t mine leave badly damaged,” Tidus explains, brutalizing the gentleman bodybuilder until (and just a little beyond the point that) Darius literally has nothing left to defend himself.  Darius venture into MDW territory lends the operation a definite class that I’m thrilled to see. He’s every bit as stunningly hot and sculpted as ever, and his carefully contained and controlled approach to the ring makes for such an explosive mix with the balls-out free-for-all that MDW so frequently devolves into. And as for Tidus… fuck. Yes. Get this stud out of the mesh girdle and into my dreams, preferably slathered in baby oil and ready to celebrate a no-holds-barred victory by showing some lucky, lucky bastard exactly what it feels like to get fucked by an elephant!

The News that Counts

I feel like I should have something to say about the Supreme Court rulings on marriage, but I just don’t.  Every time I start to try to compose something thoughtful about the federal recognition of same-sex marriages, I get stuck on the Supreme Court’s simultaneous roll-back on voter’s rights protections and the tightening of restrictions against promoting diversity in higher education.  Hell, just when it comes to the citizenship of gays, I’m hard pressed to get up a head of steam about a marriage license when we have no federal protection against simply being fired from a job or refused housing or lodging just because we’re gay.  So marriage.  Yeah.  That’s cool, but…  Then again, my political comments are always guaranteed to raise a rant, which I have little energy for today, so I should stick with what I know and love best.  On that note, let me just do a quick round up of things I should have posted about in the last couple of weeks, but I’ve been just too damned slammed with work to make it happen.

First, Alex recently guest posted (thanks again, Alex… you rock!) about the theme of the bad assed, low down, dirty rotten cheat of a jobber (or, the heel/jobber).  I loved his analysis, and was provoked by his suggestion of how this variation on the jobber motif might stir the pot in homoerotic wrestling.  Readers had a couple of examples of wrestlers who might be considered to make this angle their own.  One reader who was mentioned in the post, Darius, also was inspired to send a private comment to me along with some juicy, non-photoshopped evidence of precisely what he looks like ready to wrestle in black gear.

The gear to accompany a bad ass attitude!

Mmmmmm….  Da-a-a-a-ammn.  I’m on board to watch Darius fill whatever role he wants in the wrestling ring.  And I can think of no more ideal heel/jobber move than for Darius to not only show up in bulge-sucking black gear, but also to have said gear used to choke a babyface hero viciously as we finally get a look at every massive muscle that this beautiful man packs into his trunks.

No need to imagine Darius dressed to wrestle down and dirty in black gear… 

Darius is a truly outstanding friend of neverland, and I continue to hope to see much, much more of him in the ring. Promoters and private aficionados of high quality muscleman wrestling need to hit this hunk of stunning beef up… hard.

Then again, even in black, Darius is such a babyface beauty!

My next writing project to publish is a special match dedicated to two of my favorite friends of neverland, one of whom is none other than stunning Darius.  As soon as I get my boss off my back, I’m polishing that puppy off and getting it posted.

You think the body is hot?  Check out what goes on in that homoerotic wrestling kinked head of Ben Monaco!

In other news from the homoerotic wrestling friends of neverland, Ben Monaco has been updating his blog, Monaco Off the Mats, answering the question of which of the BG East battlers would he be “all over” given the opportunity to wrestle them.  He’s doing a fantasy top 10 countdown that’s become seriously distracting from my aforementioned perfect storm at work.  We have numbers 10 through 8 so far, and Ben’s description of what about these gorgeous studs speaks to him most makes for incredibly hot reading.  This is exactly why I think the world needs more homoerotic wrestlers blogging.  Ben Monaco on the mats is guaranteed to make me explode (particularly when lips are involved), but Monaco Off the Mats takes us into that interior monologue, sorting through the tastes and kinks, lusts and longings that we might never catch wind of watching the bruising Canadian smothering some lucky bastard with his pecs.  I love the titillating glimpse inside Ben’s head, having spent hours enjoying lingering looks at his delightfully hot body soaked in sweat.

The Cheshire Cat of Homoerotic Wrestling

And one last item in friend-of-neverland news, Drake Fucking Marcos has been updating his new blog, Drake Marcos: The Cheshire Cat of Homoerotic Wrestling as well, demonstrating one of the most delightful side-effects I’ve enjoyed from chatting with on-screen wrestlers over the past 4 years: learning that these guys are complex and passionate about all sorts of things on and off the wrestling mats.  Personally, I’m hoping we get to read more of the internal smack down between Drake and his mild-mannered alter ego, D2.  When they start arguing with one another in print, there’s something incredibly sexy (in a twisted, probably diagnosable way) about it all that gives me a strong hit of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton pounding the living shit out of each other (well, Brad pounding the living shit out of Edward) in Fight Club.  Which suddenly makes me think what an insanely hot idea for a homoerotic wrestling fiction piece: Brad and Edward facing off again to settle just a bit of all that confusing, fucking hot, dissociative, violence-inspired self-love/hate sexual tension.  Yes, that’s what I’m picturing when I read Drake interrupting and slapping down D2.

Drake Marcos wrestles with himself.

I can’t promise more frequent posts for the near future, sadly, but I’ll do my best.  In the mean time, I’m thrilled that the homoerotic wrestling blogosphere is increasingly populated by more tasty treats for us all to enjoy.

One final news-ish note, I got an alert from Blogger (corporately owned and barely run by google) that they will be “cracking down” on blogs that “monetize adult content.”  Since I don’t get paid penny one from this blog, I’m assuming this does not refer to me.  I have been sorely tempted, but in the end declined several requests to post actual ads on the pages of this blog, even for the producers and companies that I talk about incessantly in my posts.  Are homoerotic wrestling sellers “adult websites?”  Is my rave, uncompensated review of a product an ad?  Are our google overlords so ridiculously underworked that they are seriously going to spend time trying to whitewash their empire as other than fueled by guys getting off on online content?  If someone else has a better platform to suggest, let me know.  I’ve been wanting to buy back my soul from google for a while now, and perhaps this “threat” about adult content is just the thing I need to jump ship.