Seventh Day of Christmas






A long-time friend of neverland dropped off a new year-end greeting card with eye candy, some plans for 2014, and well wishes for his many fans. Incredibly hot Darius is one of the paradoxes of pro wrestling. He’s got the body of a god (a “black muscle god” to be exact), with the obvious raw power to crush most opponents like grapes; however, his win-loss record in the homoerotic wrestling products I’ve seen bears witness to the fact that this mountain of mouthwatering muscle has an achilles heel. 2013, however, ended on a groundbreaking note for the Black Muscle God, featuring Darius wringing the sweet sounds of submission and victory out of undisputed babyface jobber, hunky farmboy Tony Law, for Muscle Domination Wrestling. That notable end to 2013 and the plans Darius mentions in his year-end greeting make me think that 2014 could be a major breakout year for him. I’ve got my eyes on him, and he’s clearly got his eyes on more victories to come.

First, I would like to thank all my fans for all their support this past year. I do get many emails, and I do read and respond to every one of them, whether they are good or bad comments. I know many have asked to see more of me, and I do believe they mean less by way of trunks, so I hope to bring that to them in the New Year. Many request for me to do custom videos, and that is now a reality as I have done a few within the last month. In 2014 I will be looking to get into some bodybuilding competitions, travel down to Atlanta to do some videos for BWN, and continue to do videos for BG East and Muscle Domination Wrestling, and lastly get my own website up so my fans can follow me. All of this would not be possible without the support of my fans, and again I thank you so much. So I wish everyone out there a very safe and happy New Year. – Darius

Can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for you, Darius, and I for one will follow you anywhere. So keep us updated on the launch of your website!

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