Sixth Day of Christmas

So far I’ve heard from hot heels, a never-say-die jobber, and a handsome, hunky babyface (at least by the way I count them), and this liminal time between the old year and the new year just keeps getting hotter by the day. And then today arrives something entirely new.  I’m mean, really, really new! So new, in fact, that we don’t know yet what character this yet-to-be-released pretty, pretty twink may embody when we finally get to see him in action, hopefully early in 2014. The smuggled contraband I published from a Florida BG East taping recently provided the first glimpse I’ve seen of these doe-eyed, bronzed beauty who I was told goes by the name Ty.  Well, Ty apparently took note of his newfound notoriety on neverland and sent me this adorable holiday greeting card. Ty looks like he’d melt in your mouth, but looks can be deceiving. Knowing BG East, Ty could easily be a sadistic viper in twink’s clothing. But the sincerity and, yes, I’ll say it again, adorability about this earnest holiday greeting makes me see dark clouds of doom rising over this cherub’s suddenly vulnerable bronzed body. I hope lovely Ty has either an inner vicious heel or a big, bad big brother to take him under his wing, because I have to think this pretty boy has got an irresistible target tattooed to his (deceptively?) innocent, newbie ass.

Have a great holiday, and thanks for the support. Never thought I would be BG material or sidelineland worthy! It’s truly an honor. I want wrestling fans to know that I worked my ass off to be ready for my BG East debut (well, not really, it’s still sexy, and it’s still there!). And as you wait to see me in action, I want folks to know that I’m BG East’s new gear lover. I collect all types, all kinds! -Ty



Ohmygod, I’ll say it again. This kid melts in your mouth!  Ty, it’s truly a pleasure to meet you, and the honor is all mine! I can’t wait to see the BG East boys get their hands on you and every single item of gear you’ve got.  I hope they don’t beat the adorable right out of you too soon, buddy!

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