Fifth Day of Christmas

The year-end holiday greetings from my favorite homoerotic wrestlers and friends of neverland have been intense so far! So much attitude! Three epic heels and a studly jobber clearly trying to get his ass kicked… again… make today’s greeting card from a hunky babyface beauty seem like a breath of fresh air! Ben Monaco has been a longtime friend of neverland and living the dream of countless homoerotic wrestling fans everywhere, successfully making the pivot from fan to star. Ben (and his hairy pecs and hungry lips) is as sincere, earnest, and competitive a babyface as I’ve ever virtually met. So his year-end greeting is a whole lot less dark and ominous than my first four.

2013-08-01 15.31.50
I’m cooking up new matches for fans in the new year, and there are LOTS of things coming up for me very, very soon! Hope your end-of-the-year has been fun despite the hectic holiday season! -Ben Monaco

Keep us updated, Ben! Keep fighting the good fight, and if I may, let me request more lip lock finishers for you in the coming year.

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