The erotic art of an OTK backbreaker. Dirk Shannon and Peter Genelli are stunningly poised in this moment of total control from Canadian Musclehunks 8.

I recently commented that I’d trade most gay porn sex scenes for a mouthwatering over the knee backbreaker any day. This isn’t indicative of how I feel about sex, per se. I was pointing out that it’s the typical woodenness (not the good kind) and scriptedness of hardcore porn that I find less than fulfilling. However, it is indeed indicative of how I react to homoerotic wrestling, even when it’s sold with a pretty transparent script, and truth be told, the OTK backbreaker in particular works me every time. Even a poorly sold OTK makes my heart beat faster. But a truly exquisite OTK is a work of art that captures the essence of eroticism, domination, and combat that jerk my libido hard.  When I think of the OTK backbreakers that have stuck with me, seared into my memory and making my pulse pound even in retrospect, here are few of the G-rated (well, let’s say PG-rated just for the extra prudish out there) examples that I’ve filed away for safe keeping and frequent consulting.

From my first BG East crush, Fantasymen 18, Brad Rochelle bends like a gymnast and Jeff Phoenix exploits that flexibility beautifully.
Kid Vicious never fails to make the most of an OTK, bringing gorgeously aroused Derek Da Silva to the edge of ecstasy and agony at the very same moment in Ball Bash 1.
Darius is the classic muscleman laid bare as Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!) digs deep in Ringwars 16.
Vile Morgan Cruise uses Skip Vance’s lower leg to torture his boyfriend in a leg lock while simultaneously breaking Skip across his thigh in Tag Team Torture 16: Boyfriend Beatdown.
To of the finest bodies locked together in a beautiful display of muscle, balance, and flexibility as Tyrell Tomsen brutalizes Z-Man in Wrestle Revenge.
Simply gorgeous. Massively muscled Ted Shipp takes exquisitely sexy Beau Hopkins and stretches lays him out like a Thanksgiving feast in Canadian Musclehunks 6.

Monday, Monday…

Mr. Joshua Goodman in such anguish he’s momentarily forgotten about his immense self-satisfaction with the massive muscle in the front of his trunks.


I woke up this morning and my first conscious thought was, what the fuck did I do to deserve this?  I mean, seriously, what the fuck just happened here?! I was coasting along on such an awesome weekend, feeling no worries, and then suddenly it hits me. It’s Monday morning, and I’ve got so much shit to do!  With the dawn of a new work week knocking me way back on my heels, I’m feeling a little spiritual commiseration with these fine specimens of homoerotic wrestling angst pictured here, captured in the moment of trying to shake the cobwebs from their rattled brains and take mental stock of just how fucked up they feel after being manhandled by an opponent.

Eli Black puts palm to face in disbelieving horror at the humiliation this usually devastating young hunk has just suffered!
Rusty Stevens hurts too much to pry open his eyelids as he checks the root cause of his agony.


Thiago Diaz tries to see through the stars circling his head, attempting to piece together the sequence of events that put this stunning muscle stud flat on his gorgeous back.



Sweaty, sexy Derek Da Silva hangs from the ropes, struggling to decide whether to scream, weep, or vomit from the vicious assault on his gut.
Tyler Reeves’ eyes are open, but the shocked agony gripping his hot body still has him blinded as the slack-jawed, hardbodied hunk attempts to take up the slack in his jaw.