Monday, Monday…

Mr. Joshua Goodman in such anguish he’s momentarily forgotten about his immense self-satisfaction with the massive muscle in the front of his trunks.


I woke up this morning and my first conscious thought was, what the fuck did I do to deserve this?  I mean, seriously, what the fuck just happened here?! I was coasting along on such an awesome weekend, feeling no worries, and then suddenly it hits me. It’s Monday morning, and I’ve got so much shit to do!  With the dawn of a new work week knocking me way back on my heels, I’m feeling a little spiritual commiseration with these fine specimens of homoerotic wrestling angst pictured here, captured in the moment of trying to shake the cobwebs from their rattled brains and take mental stock of just how fucked up they feel after being manhandled by an opponent.

Eli Black puts palm to face in disbelieving horror at the humiliation this usually devastating young hunk has just suffered!
Rusty Stevens hurts too much to pry open his eyelids as he checks the root cause of his agony.


Thiago Diaz tries to see through the stars circling his head, attempting to piece together the sequence of events that put this stunning muscle stud flat on his gorgeous back.



Sweaty, sexy Derek Da Silva hangs from the ropes, struggling to decide whether to scream, weep, or vomit from the vicious assault on his gut.
Tyler Reeves’ eyes are open, but the shocked agony gripping his hot body still has him blinded as the slack-jawed, hardbodied hunk attempts to take up the slack in his jaw.


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