More Jonny


There are some neverland readers, and you know full well who you are, who frequently pepper me with questions about Jonny Firestorm. “Did you get to feel his bicep when you met him at BG East?”  “Was he as electrifyingly sexy in person as he is on camera?” “Is he ever going to film a match in which he wrestles naked?”


For the record, the answers are no (though next time…!), most definitely, and I have no idea. What all the questions drive home for me is that Jonny has got an intensely infatuated hardcore base of fans who are ready to live, breath, and (most of all) eat Jonny non-stop. Especially for them, though I think of interest to many homoerotic wrestling fans, Jonny has launched a professional website to satisfy more of your prurient interests in all things Firestorm.


Jonny now blogs, tweets, and takes orders for custom made matches, as well as makes himself available for private matches with eager challengers. I’ve put in an order for a custom match already, so get in line.


Considering Jonny’s embarrassing indictment at the end of Contract 10, just out in BG East’s catalog 100, this all makes me wonder whether Jonny’s hedging his bets should there be serious hell to pay for his literally turning his back on The Boss and, by extension, costing Kid Leopard the exclusive use and abuse of Brad Rochelle. More likely, I suspect, Jonny simply knows that there are a cadre of fanatics aching for more-access-Jonny.


If you’ve had a private match with Jonny, or with any other homoerotic wrestler out there, I’d love to hear about it. If you’ve ordered a custom match from him (or from Cameron Mathews, the only other wrestler on our scene that I’m aware of that offers this service), tell me how the creative process unfolded and how you feel about your final product. As for me, I love an entrepreneur with a hard body and a fetish for wrestling, so I encourage everyone to visit Jonny’s site, and all of the personal and professional sites of our homoerotic wrestling favorites, often!

Jonny Firestorm wants to give you more.

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