Muscle Domination Wrestling’s Tidus

I’ve got a significant crush on Muscle Domination Wrestling’s Tidus. I’m not precisely sure why the stud grabs me so, so hard, but he does. He’s not the biggest or hardest. He sells okay, not outstanding, just okay. His gear lately has been annoying the hell out of me. But damn, he turns holds my attention with a vice grip! I hope he gets his fine ass back in the ring, preferably in a thong.  Short of that, I’ll take what I can get, which is Tidus in a brutal squash, smart mouthing and trash talking to the bitter, tragic end in the Super Men season 2 episode 2. I’m getting wildly confused by the backstory to the Super Men series at this point, but Tidus’ scene involves him forgetting his sword and getting trounced by the prince of the planet, portrayed by Morgan Cruise. I’d love a plot I can sink my teeth into a bit more, but I won’t complain about getting to see more of my inexplicable infatuation: Tidus.

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Fucked by an Elephant

MDW’s Tidus must have lost a bet.  That’s the only thing I can figure, because I can think of no other explanation for the skin tight mesh-top onsie outfit he’s wearing when he climbs in the ring to face Darius in BDSM Ball Bash 6. Darius, the consummate gentleman, doesn’t mention the questionable gear choice. He just flexes all of those fantastic, intimidating, gorgeous muscles and ignores Tidus’ taunts.

Power and beauty

Tidus could easily become a growing obsession for me. He has a hot thug accent (to my untrained, non-Bostonian, biased ear) combined with what I can only describe as a beautifully handsome face and shockingly sexy, lean body. The whole “delicately beautiful thug” presentation keeps me off balance, as perhaps it does Darius as well. Tidus sucker punches Darius mid-flex, pounding into the Black Muscle God’s flexed pec and peaked bicep. “Delicate and beautiful” my ass. Tidus is one sexy thug!

Darius puts all of those divine muscles to use!
Darius puts all of those divine muscles to use!

A punch into the wall of flexed muscle that is Darius’ physique is like swatting a brick wall. No shit, Darius is actually tickled. He chuckles, rolls his eyes, and then starts beating the living shit out of his blue-eyed opponent. Darius has proven himself as dangerous and powerful in the world of homoerotic wrestling, and he lifts and tosses and slams Tidus as if the lean stud was filled with helium. Tidus fights right back, face-to-face, irritated and not about to back down from overwhelming odds. He holds his own, putting the gentleman bodybuilder on the mat… with A LOT of effort! Darius pounds Tidus with the barest of effort. Tidus pounds Darius back and almost instantly is puffing like a train engine, sweat breaking out across his brow.

Tidus trapped
Tidus trapped

“Okay, you got a little feisty in ya, huh?” Tidus concedes as he takes stock of the losing side the argument he’s on. At this rate, he’s going to be out of fuel before Darius has managed an elevated heart rate. The calculating thug trips the Black Muscle God, dropping that power packed physique to the mat to see if he can work an advantage on his opponent off his feet. Seconds later, Darius snaps those gargantuan thighs around Tidus’ head, burying that pretty face under mountains of crushing muscle. Tidus’ sexy, lean body writhes and wriggles frantically. He suffers sweetly as Darius takes a breather that he doesn’t even need yet. Finally the beautiful thug punches his way free.

Tidus struggles to turn the tables on the gentleman bodybuilder.
Tidus struggles to turn the tables on the gentleman bodybuilder.

“Okay, so you got a little muscle,” Tidus states the obvious. “But this is still my ring!” he snarls defiantly. “And if you want to flex in my ring, you got to earn it!” Darius is determined to be well up on that challenge. He’s a battering ram, pounding every ounce of his mouthwatering, concentrated muscle mass into Tidus’ mesh-encased, long and lean abdomen. The thug is finally starting to feel out his competition, though. He’s rolling with Darius’ offense and then using the gentleman bodybuilder’s own momentum against him. The back and forth starts to even out a bit, but there’s still an air of inevitability about Darius’ dominating ways.

The Tidus Twist!
The Tidus Twist!

“Not bad, not bad at all,” Tidus concedes the painfully obvious truth once again. “But you fight too fair!” And with that the delicately beautiful thug opens up an assault on Darius’ balls that is quite literally breathtaking. A delicately beautiful thug who’s unafraid of digging in deep and wrenching the crap out of the testicles of a Black Muscle God is a truly beautiful thing to behold!

“Now you know!”

“Now you know! You need balls to be in my ring!” Tidus snarls, going to town on crushing, bashing, and in anyway possible abusing Darius’ package.  The gentleman bodybuilder endures an ocean of pain, withstanding the ball torture for days in order to take advantage of every moment that Tidus lets up for even an instant on holding the big man down by his balls. He battles back and tosses the stud around again, but again and again he’s dropped like a sack of potatoes by another vicious assault on his testicles.

“The Gas Pedal”

Even a gentleman like Darius can be pushed only so far. With the nonstop assault on his balls sucking the life out of the massive powerhouse, Darius steps, tentatively at first, toward the dark side of the force, beginning to dish out precisely the underhanded, vile, sadistic, unfair treatment that he’s been served.

Two can play at that game!

Turns out that Tidus doesn’t enjoy a ball claw anymore than Darius does! His legs ripped open wide and Darius twisting brutally at the boy’s sac, Tidus screams like a wounded animal. Can you imagine what damage Darius could do if he wasn’t such a gentleman to start with!? All that muscle, all that power, AND a blatant disregard for decorum or fair play!? But Darius is, after all, a heroic figure in white. He doesn’t have nearly the tenacity of viciousness that Tidus has, and the delicately beautiful thug soon enough counters Darius’ below-the-belt offense with another full-on, highly accomplished assault on the gentleman bodybuilder’s balls. It’s Darius that reaches then limits of endurance first, and nasty, beautiful Tidus holds on with a vice grip until the Black Muscle God is crushed and helpless.

Darius is just so much tortured muscle once he's been milked dry.
Darius is just so much tortured muscle once he’s been milked dry.

“You ever wonder what it’s like to get fucked by an elephant!?” Tidus screams at Darius as the tortured bodybuilder writhes in agony. Yeah, that quote got my attention, too.  Tidus needs to demonstrate what that’s like, and I for one, suspect he’s got what it takes. But he does not, sadly, actually shoe Darius what it’s like to get fucked by an elephant in a literal sense.  He just fucks him over metaphorically, turning the mountain of muscles into a quivering mass of helplessness, wide open for any nasty device of torture and humiliation that lovely Tidus wants to try out on him.

Darius' ass is phenomenal!
Darius’ ass is phenomenal!

“Any balls that step into this ring that aren’t mine leave badly damaged,” Tidus explains, brutalizing the gentleman bodybuilder until (and just a little beyond the point that) Darius literally has nothing left to defend himself.  Darius venture into MDW territory lends the operation a definite class that I’m thrilled to see. He’s every bit as stunningly hot and sculpted as ever, and his carefully contained and controlled approach to the ring makes for such an explosive mix with the balls-out free-for-all that MDW so frequently devolves into. And as for Tidus… fuck. Yes. Get this stud out of the mesh girdle and into my dreams, preferably slathered in baby oil and ready to celebrate a no-holds-barred victory by showing some lucky, lucky bastard exactly what it feels like to get fucked by an elephant!