The Point

Derek da Silva points left

Every so often I find myself in a conversation with another wrestling fan about what makes homoerotic wrestling “gay.” I’m not in the camp that would argue that all wrestling is particularly homoerotic. I’ve seen some wrestling that I would classify as thoroughly and tragically straight. An occasional wrestling match explicitly marketed toward us gay fans of wrestling will even strike me as not gay in the least. Which, of course, raises this persistent and recurring question of what makes some wrestling “gay.”  I’ve said in the past that I think it’s the queer eye watching a match that ultimately qualifies (or disqualifies) a wrestling match as homoerotic. Thus, a wrestling match doesn’t have to climax in fellatio or anal penetration for me to find it outstandingly homoerotic. For that matter, I’ve enjoyed watching two wrestlers who I’m pretty damn sure are, on their own time, straight as rulers, engage in entirely non-explicit, classic pro wrestling, and peg my homoerotic meter hard. Then, of course, there’s the distinction between a wrestling match that’s explicitly gay as opposed to a wrestling match that’s homoerotic.

Walking hard on, BG East classic Dino Serra in Wrestle Shack 7

There are a lot of moving parts to deconstructing what makes a particular wrestling match gay (or straight, for that matter). But I recently found myself arguing that one component that transforms wrestling into homoeroticism (and not just being gay), is that iconic barometer of male erotic attention: the erection.  I’ll add it to my swelling collection of homoerotic wrestling if I get hard watching it. Even faster, I’ll drop it in the “homoerotic” side of the equation the moment I see one of the wrestlers sprout wood.

Lance Jeffers crotch monster stole the show in Wrestle Shack 6

I’ve had a few conversations with experienced, gay professional wrestlers from BG East about the topic of erections in the ring (or on the mats). Clearly, the heat of competition, the conspicuousness of a camera crew, or perhaps the camera itself can be a cold shower to gay wrestlers who happily report getting hugely turned on by wrestling on their own time, but don’t quickly rise to the occasion when the cameras are rolling. But thankfully, the pro wrestling erection is not all that hard to find at all, and I send up a little cheer and prayer of gratitude to the homoerotic gods every time I spot one.

Wade Cutler added impressive bulge to his already bulging body in his Hard Pros matches.

I’m definitely not a size queen, but it is true that more massively endowed members are more readily spotted, particularly when the trunks are still on. And I really love what a big, growing, stretching, swelling cock looks like straining at the seams of beautifully snug wrestling gear. It’s often (not always) value added for me when a raging erection is openly acknowledged and a full-on plot device in a wrestling match. That said, there’s something poignantly, intensely erotic about the unmentioned special guest that shows up unannounced, obviously born of an unspoken, deep down, honest to the wrestling gods erotic enthusiasm for muscle pounding wrestling.

It’s all about the magnificent, massive, pounding cocks in Cockfight 2

So, sure, I could conceive of wrestling that’s gay and yet not all that homoerotic (though just knowing that wrestlers are gay likely tips the scales on my side of the screen). And I treasure many wrestling matches between ostensibly straight wrestlers who, nevertheless, crank my erotic fantasies with both (all four) hands hard. But a surefire element that never fails to make me claim a wrestling match as my kind is a hard, bulging, visibly swelling erection (preferably two or more) that stands as a living, weeping embodiment of what has made wrestling an erotic obsession of mine all my life: it’s a fucking fantastic turn on.

Lucky rookie Frank Daly found out what effect wrestling Kid Vicious can have on him!


Rick Hunter discovered how excited Kid Vicious was to wrestle him in Wrestle X
Brian Baxter points right.

Treasure Below the Waist

Summer ushers in many things I enjoy. Warm, sunny skies, outdoor events, fireflies, long awaited SCOTUS decisions. But the one thing I anticipate with the most eagerness each thaw is that tipping point when hunks drop trou and start showing off their legs. Too little attention is paid to thick, powerful, beautiful legs on men. Even in homoerotic wrestling photography, the convention of cropping wrestler images off at the waist or mid-thigh is such a waste! So here are a few luscious wrestlers showing off most of their best angles below the waist.

Mike Columbo’s gargantuan quads about to crush Derek D’Amore in Fantasymen 21.
A secret obsession of mine, Troy Milan showing off his stripper hunk bod before getting wasted by gorgeous Corey Young in BG East’s Fantasymen 18.
Johnny Modesto’s monster quads and Brad Rochelle’s sculpted calves are just 2 outstanding reasons to enjoy Matmen 16.
Mouthwatering legs for days when Chad Weston took on Troy Baker in Undagear 8.
That is clearly Brian Baxter’s hot, sexy legs on the right, but who is the beefcake on the left?
Two of the most beautiful bodies on a collision course when Rio Garza and Kid Karisma compared quads in Undagear 15.
Although it’s true I left the Cheshire Cat stripped and stunned last fall, I am the first in line to adore his gorgeous, long legs. And trust me, those puppies are fucking powerful!
Goldenboy Austin Cooper shows off his thickly muscled legs in this promo shot for his upcoming Muscle Rookies release at BG East.
The Black Muscle God, Darius, is ready to crush bones between those massive thighs in his upcoming release in Muscle Rookies.


I had a birthday a couple of days ago.  One more year older, one more year closer to perfection. Someone who knows of my infatuation with BG East classics and glimpses behind the scenes gifted me with a few pics I’ve never seen before featuring homoerotic wrestling hunks who have populated my erotic fantasies for nearly 2 decades.  Now that’s a birthday present! Knowing the perfect surprise gift to give is surely the sign of a true friend.  So climb into your way-back machine and vicariously enjoy my thrill when I received these hot, mostly candid pics of sizzlingly sexy wrestling titans of yesterday (and a couple, still of today!).

Scan 11
Ian Nesbitt, Sean Patrick, Kid Vicious and Kid Leopard look for wimps to bully at the beach.

This shot of Ian, Sean, KV and KL sunning in the sand is instantly one of my most treasured possessions. Each of these hunks surely owns his own corner in the homoerotic wrestling hall of fame.  I’m still torn as to whether Sean “the Kisser” Patrick or Christian Taylor deserves the lifetime achievement award for sexiest liplock. And gorgeous heel master Kid Vicious can pull my trigger absolutely any time. What’s with the Boss being the only one fully clothed here?

get-attachment-47 copy
Andy Bailey, Thom Katt, (?) and Brian Baxter make male grooming a sexy, full contact sport.

I need help identifying the bright-eyed babyface flexing his bicep under Brian Baxter’s chin. Seeing these classic hunks so obviously having fun together is so awesome. Brian Baxter’s marathon ring match with Kid Leopard, with fellow wrestlers off camera flinging taunts and catcalls, is one of the rawest, sexiest, personality-forward homoerotic wrestling matches ever.

IMG_3509 (1)
Back row: (?), (?), Shane McCall, Cage Thunder. Front row: Tommy Lopez, Kid Leopard, Sailor Rob

Holy crap look at this reunion of pioneers of homoerotic wrestling hotness! The two silver foxes on the left in the back defy me, though I feel like I ought to be able to identify them. Shane McCall and an unmasked Cage Thunder are both classics and ongoing forces to be wrestled with in BG East new releases. Tommy Lopez!  Tommy Lopez!!! Just a few months ago I was waxing nostalgic about this babyface wrestling rock star.  And if you want to be brought to your knees hard, check out Tommy and Sailor Rob’s photo collection from their full frontal, pedal to the metal  homoerotic wrestling match in BGE’s Arena Vintage section. And it’s great to see KL and Sailor Rob are still close after their cut throat, brutally humiliating title match documented in the Arena’s Vintage Photo Story.

Happy birthday, indeed!

Tuesday Trunk Pulls

I’m huddled under a blanket and on the phone with my contractor to improve the insulation in my house before another polar vortex hits. So before my fingers freeze, let’s just admire the fine art that is the homoerotic wrestling trunk pull…

Kid Leopard drags Sailor Rob’s battered body off the mat, one hand prying upward on the trunks, the other with his fingers wrapped around those irresistible, curly locks. The complete photo story of KL v Sailor Rob available in BG East’s Arena.
Kid Vicious “helps” Joe Driver up with a promising tug on those achingly valiant red-white-and-blue trunks in Ringwars 8.
Dennis the Menace gives the audience at Paradise their money’s worth in his oil match with hunk Jay Austin, making sure that minuscule thong doesn’t get in the way of the view of that phenomenal ass!
In their Private Bout, Scott Rogers wasn’t shy about using Brian Baxter’s singlet for leverage in order to get that stunning ass into position.
In another Private Bout, Scott lifts Chase’s beautiful body completely off the mat by nothing but those struggling trunks and a fistful of hair.

Ken-dred Spirits

I’ve hardly been subtle when it comes to my keen interest in interviewing homoerotic wrestlers. Reading Joe’s awesome interviews has given me a powerful craving to sit down with the athletes that have inspired so many of my fondest erotic fantasies and find out what it’s like being on their side of the camera. My interview with reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month and favorite homoerotic wrestler (non-pornboy division), Lon Dumont, pretty much gave me a natural high for about three months earlier this year. So it’s no wonder that I was ecstatic to receive an email from classic BG East jobber and hot, hairy, über-proudly Canadian, Ken Canada.

Turns out, Ken reads neverland! He had some interesting insights to share about some of our favorite current BG East wrestlers that we might like to double-team together (watch your back, Mr. Joshua!). Ever the intrepid pseudo-journalist and homoerotic wrestling fanatic, I followed up by asking Ken if he’d be willing to give me an interview. I tried to be all cool and non-chalant about it (while silently pleading to Gaelic gods of my ancestors, who I don’t actually believe in, for him to say yes). His enthusiastic agreement gave me a shot of adrenaline that’s still pumping through my veins.

Here’s the first half of our extensive conversation about Ken Canada’s journey of self-discovery through the world of homoerotic wrestling. I’m including links to the wrestling videos that he mentions (you’re going to want to re-discover these gems!), and I’ll post the second half of the interview tomorrow. So sit back, enjoy, and if you’re at all like me, you’ll be delighted to find that Ken Canada will charm the pants off you!


BG East’s Ken Canada

Bard: Let me just say again, for the record, how thrilled and humbled I am to get to interview The Ken Canada! How did you first get involved in wrestling?

Ken: Well… I clearly recall being “turned on” to pro wrestling since the age of about twelve or thirteen. Once the matches had begun, I was mesmerized by them! Back then, the different wrestling programs had new faces (and bodies) almost every week. Mostly, the “fresh meat” came in the form of jobbers. Each week I’d be frozen in front of the tube absorbing all the images of hunky guys being tossed around, spladled, Boston Crabbed, sleepered, etc. into screaming submission. I’d loved it then…and I still love it now…even more!

Bard: Sounds like the jobbers really grabbed your attention early on.

Ken: Actually, the big, bad, muscular heels, who were occasionally “masked” (bonus!) were always my secretly erotic favorites. I loved when they’d throw handsome, muscular jobbers around the ring, suspend them over their knees and then sadistically smile, as they’d hold the poor muscle boys in sadistically agonizing “back breakers”; a hold which best displayed the jobbers’ invitingly bulging packages to the ever-voyeuristic camera and, vicariously, to the overly-horny young guys (just like me) watching from their homes.
Bard: I’m with you 100% on the perfection of a backbreaker for showing off a suffering hunk! Who were your favorites?

Ken: Among the hunk jobbers – and there’ve been so many over the years to “ogle” – Tom Zenk has always been closest to my heart…and to my more “southerly” body parts as well! Tommy Zenk’s still my all time favorite jobber. Aside from being drop dead gorgeous and having formerly held the very prestigious bodybuilding title of Mr. Minnesota, Tommy has always maintained his extraordinary body, keeping it in prime condition. Ever the consummate jobber, he also knew well which body positions he should adopt when being beaten down within the ring. While he’d be sprawled out upon on the ring floor, Z-Man excelled at “selling” feigned jobber agony by writhing about in a myriad of delightfully arousing contorted body positions – offering his audience a wide variety of sexually stimulating images, which (and thank God for VCR’s…and for the even more recent, and much better, PVR’s) they’d often tirelessly “scrotum-ize” over in private later. And so, it was via the pausing and then slow-mo forwarding of sexually arousing images of such wrestlers as Z-Man, Brad Armstrong, Steve Strong, Alex Wright, Rene Dupree, Romeo Roselli, etc. that I’d mitigated what would have otherwise been a somewhat traumatic, kicking-and-screaming eventual acceptance of my own homosexuality. These televised wrestlers became my brothers…my “Ken-dred” spirits!

Bard: I can totally identify. There’s a reason Tom Zenk in mid-dropkick is the banner image for my blog. What a fantasy man! So when did you get tuned into explicitly homoerotic wrestling?

BG East Classic: Brian Baxter

Ken: When I was about twenty-eight, I was living in downtown Toronto, Ontario. I’d become friends with a couple of gay guys who shared my obsessive passion for pro-wrestling and for how I’d naturally eroticize the family-friendly ring choreography in the televised matches. One afternoon, one of my buddies had invited me over to his place to watch a new video that he’d recently received in the mail from an erotic wrestling company out of Pembroke, Massachusetts, called, BG East Wrestling. I sat next to him transfixed upon the screen. I couldn’t believe that what had been going on inside my mind over the past twelve or more years, had actually been captured on film! It seemed surreal! This life altering match, which had effectively served to throw open my morally locked flood gates and to subsequently release the long, backed-up flood waters within me, featured Brian Baxter and the head of the BG East empire himself…Mr. Kid Leopard. It was, and still is, a wildly hot, sexually explosive match.

Bard: Superbouts 1! I’ve got that on DVD, and it’s fantastic! Baxter drips cocky, smart-ass sexuality and KL pushes every single button I’ve got. I can completely understand how that match could catalyze a burgeoning wrestling kink!

Ken: It’s awesome!!! I ‘d bought one on video years ago, but I think it’s time that I order the upgraded, DVD version myself! Before leaving my friend’s apartment, I’d written down the BG East mailing address, which appeared at the end of the video. The next evening, I wrote a short note to Kid Leopard, in which I’d asked him if he ever welcomed Canadian guys to have a shot at becoming a BG East wrestler, and I’d mailed it off to him that next morning. I guess it was about maybe ten days or two weeks later; I was home making dinner and the phone rang. It was Kid Leopard himself! I couldn’t believe it! I felt just like a “gob-smacked”, word-challenged groupie!

Bard: Holy crap! Just like that? You see your first homoerotic wrestling match and two weeks later you’re talking to The Boss of BG East?! That’s incredible! When was this?

Ken hanging out in Pembroke

Ken: I think the call came sometime in the spring of 1996. I’m pretty sure it was then, because, by the end of our conversation – which lasted over half an hour – Kid Leopard had invited me down to Pembroke, Massachusetts for the coming July Fourth weekend. He’d also invited maybe twelve or fifteen veteran BG East wrestlers from his wrestlers’ stable in order to film some hot wrestling matches in between the partying times. I’d arrived late on the Friday afternoon. I remember that my heart was racing wildly as I walked up to the front door. Now, here I was, on the doorstep of Kid Leopard’s lair and of the home of BG East. As the door opened, Kid Leopard greeted me with a big, grinning smile and a strong, wrestler’s handshake.

Bard: I know what you mean! I was there this summer, and my heart was racing when I stood there on the doorstep and KL opened the door. The BG East compound is amazing, isn’t it?

Ken: The house was magnificent. Everywhere I looked, the place dripped with tasteful elegance tempered by touches of cozy comfort. It felt like how home should feel. Within moments, I was downstairs in the Mat Room. There I was…actually standing on the BG East, black wrestling mats with their signature logo, where many young, muscular wrestling studs had lost their match, their dignity and puddles of hard- earned sweat, among other precious bodily fluids. Oh! If only those mats could talk! And then we headed back upstairs..all the way up to the uppermost floor to the BG East Ring Room! As the door to the room swung open and the ring became visible, I suddenly felt a small lump form in my throat. Wow! This is it! The mother lode! I felt just like Richard Dreyfus’ character must’ve felt in Speilberg’s, “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind”…awestruck, mesmerized, and not wanting to be anywhere else! This was it; my raison d’être. I wanted to climb up and enter that mothership of spaces and to be instantly transported up, up and away from this humdrum world. I just needed someone to pinch me in order to truly know that it was really real, and that I wasn’t just in the middle of some wonderful, but short-lived dream!

Bard: You were living a fantasy thousands of us have dreamed of!

BG East’s Sal Bruno

Ken: That next day, Saturday, I received more than a mere pinch. I was punched, slapped, stretched, spread-eagled, and had my eagerly churning baby-makers punched and squeezed repeatedly by none other than big, bulging, sexy, sadistic heel, Sal Bruno. My inaugural BG East match was up against this hunky, muscular, goatee-sporting, monster heel of a man.

Bard: Looks like that was the only BG East match Sal Bruno wrestled. He looks like he was quite a hunk! What was it like to stand there in the ring with him?

Ken: He’d just keep coming at me in the ring relentlessly! Sure. I’d asked…O.K., begged for everything that was about to be handed me. And, as the old adage goes and as I would all too soon come to learn (…and painfully so): “Be careful what you ask for!” Sal Bruno pulled no punches. He did pull my hair, though. Reciprocating proved pretty challenging though. He was/is still pretty much bald, but I have to say that bald was, and shall always most definitely be, a very sexy look on Sal!

Ken Canada’s introduction to BG East wrestling 

Bard: Some of my favorite wrestlers are bald. What was your game plan against him?

Ken: So, failing at any attempts to strike back at the big lug by means of hair pulling, I was forced to resort to a more accessible target: the big, blue elephant in the room… Sal’s massive bulge. That was to be my intended target… prominent, hard to miss, and it appeared to grow even larger with every passing moment of our match! It was kinda’ exciting being trapped beneath Sal’s massive, sweaty bulge, though. OK, I have to admit that most of my protests to the contrary were merely weak attempts at acting like I was feeling humiliated or abused. Truth be known, I loved every moment that this big, hunky heel’s swollen, blue basket was pressed into/onto my face; covering and smothering my nose and mouth so that all I could breath and taste was Sal’s intoxicating man scent! (Ohhh, YEAHHHHHH! )

Bard: Oh my God. I may have to take a break here. This is turning me on! Oh, fuck it. I want to hear more…

Ken: The next night, I was to experience yet another unbelievably wonderful wrestling dream: BG East’s first ever oil-wrestling orgy in which every body part of every BG East wrestler who’d been there that weekend had been slathered up with oil and then thrown into the hot, writhing fray. Kid Leopard had called it, “Wrestlefest 1,” and all I can remember about having been part of it, is how I’ve never experienced anything even remotely close to the raunchy thrills I was experiencing in the BG East ring on that magical evening.

Ken Canada right where he belongs: the the middle of BG East’s Battle R’Oil 

Bard: The Wrestlefest Battle R’Oil!!! What an insanely hot scenario! That match was a veritable who’s who of classic BG East fantasymen. Dark Rogers, Ian Nesbitt, DW, Shane McCall… if I’m not mistaken, it looks like you were having an insanely good time slathered in oil. Was it even half as over-the-top sexy as it looks?

Ken and his brothers-in-wrestling

Ken: On DVD, it looks hot, but believe me…actually being a part of it was ten times hotter! The arousing feeling of all those hot, slippery muscular bodies making full contact with each other, with many strong, curious hands eagerly reaching into each other’s bulging, oil-dripping spandex is unlike anything you’ve ever even dreamed of experiencing! And to add to the raunchiness, Kid Leopard had chosen to dim the room lights. Ahhhhhhh…Ohhhhh! Yeahhhhh! On my final night there, the film, “Independence Day” had just opened in the theaters, and I’d asked if we could all go as a group to see it. The film was a lot of fun, but what I’d most enjoyed that evening in that darkened theater was the feeling of being nestled next to my wrestling idols and newfound “brothers;” sharing something which went far beyond a movie – it felt almost as if I’d found a place in a second family which, up until that weekend, I didn’t even know I’d had. From a small group of like-minded, beautiful men who had, on that weekend, assembled in Pembroke, Massachusetts from all over the world, I’d made wonderful new friends, with whom I’ll be forever brothers in wrestling!

Bard: What a heart-warming image, picturing you all hanging out together and taking in a movie.

Ken: Yeah, I felt like I was sitting around the dinner table at the Walton’s house. “Good night, John Boy!”

Wanting More

You know time must be tight for me when I don’t even have a Name That quiz to post on a Sunday. True enough, major work on the way to major professional achievements are sucking up every spare minute lately. There is an end in sight, which will be greatly celebrated, but in the mean time, I thought I’d mull a over a couple of well-worn thoughts about what I’d like to see more of in homoerotic wrestling.

While I haven’t had time to keep up with posts, I’ve still had time to sit down with some favorite homoerotic wrestling tapes (somehow, I always seem to find time for that!). I was soaking in some BG East Superbout Classics, namely #1 of that name, in which Kid Leopard faces body-beautiful loudmouth, Brian Baxter.

Holy hell. I love this wrestling! 1) It’s in the ring. Give me the same wrestlers, the same holds, the same dialogue, one match delivered in a wrestling ring and the other anywhere else, and I’ll always get a much, much bigger kink-hit off of the ring action. 2) There’s a snarling, shouting, jeering crowd off camera slinging insults and advice and exhortation toward the wrestlers. I’m enjoying the fact that Naked Kombat is dabbling in a live audience again after swearing they’d never do it again (new insurance carrier?), and I long for the day when BG East schedules some action in front of an audience again. Homoerotic kink wrestling as public spectacle is out… of… this… world fantasy-sexy. 3) This is really, really delightful wrestling. Both KL and Baxter work each other’s bodies with commanding, long-held, agonizing holds and awesomely painful manipulation of joints and physical tolerances. There’s just no fumbling, no “um, what do I do now” looks on anyone’s face. One seamless, sexy, confident, all-in wrestling story. And 4), it’s explicitly homoerotic.

I’m not above implied homoeroticism, of course. I’ll take trunks-on, aggressive domination with a gay wrestling kink “sensibility,” and I’ll run with it happily. But I do deeply appreciate some explicit homoeroticism, whether that be in trunks off action, in body worship/hands on delight, in loser-gets-fucked (or forced to suck) finales, or simply woven into the story through dialogue and backstory development. Case in point: Brian folds KL up, ankles over his head with his shoulders pinned to the mat. Brian holds him in place with his hips pressing down on KL’s ass. Always the smart-mouthed clown, Brian begins to hump KL’s ass, leaning forward and growling, “I’ve always wanted to do this Kid Leopard!” Then, with a chuckle, he adds in reference to another KL match, “I heard you had this done to you by Buddy Justice!”

KL has a tone of desperation in his voice (also under the strain of Baxter’s body pressing him in half), as he snarls, “Fuck you, and fuck him, too!”

As if he’s gotten what he wanted, Brian hops up, letting KL go. Sharp as a whip, a half a beat later, Brian snaps, “I will, and I have.” The crowd outside the ring goes wild, egging on the sexual under (and over!) tones of this match, in which Brian crows about his past sexual conquests and promises to have KL’s ass as well before the day is out (might have worked out for him, if he’d been a little more careful about where KL’s hand was when Brian sat down across his back).

Homo. Erotic. Wrestling. My kink. Always wanting more.

Checking it Twice

A comment by Joe made me start thinking about my wish-list. This is the time of year when kids start asking themselves what their fondest desires are, isn’t it? The promise of gifts to come, the magic of dreams appearing from out of nowhere underneath a Christmas tree made me start thinking of what Santa might send me. Most pertinent to this blog is my list of gay wrestling products that I don’t yet own but probably will, sooner or later. Note, this isn’t a plea for anyone to fill my wish-list. Rather, this is just a rhetorical device to do more of what I enjoy doing most around here: discussing what works for me in homoerotic wrestling.

Starting with a few newer items from the catalog, I’ve got my eye on Ball Bash 2. I’ve been delighted by the pics in BG East’s Arena for quite some time. I’ve also been tracking Reese Wells’ (aka Brody Hancock) career across promotions over the past year or so. Reese tells a sweet tale. He’s (sort of) a skinny kid with a respectable arsenal of pro moves and attitude to transform him in the ring into a bully-killer. And though I say he’s “sort of skinny,” truth is, his body is quite the meat market, packed with long, lean, clearly hard-worked muscles, including rock hard abs, solid round pecs, and surprisingly bulging biceps. What particularly attracts me to Ball Bash 2 is that it seems to stick out in Reese’s portfolio as the only thing (at least that I can find) featuring him naked with all attention centered explicitly on his impressive cock and balls. In case Reese never returns to the darker, naked, sadomasochistic side of homoerotic wrestling, I’d like to own this little piece of history and enjoy it at my leisure.

Mat Hunks 8 is another recent release that I haven’t snapped up yet, but probably will. Every mat hunk in this line up has starred in a satisfying wrestling fantasy for me (Chris Bruce, Alexi Adamov, Mikey Vee and Denny Cartier). Truth be told, it’s Denny that’s making me long for Mat Hunks 8 more than anything. Frankly, I think that Denny is still looking for who he “is” in homoerotic wrestling. He’s sometimes a little green, sometimes a little sadistic/savvy, sometimes walks in with a dose of humility, sometimes walks in with an “I can fuck up anybody” attitude. As he works on character development, in any case, I never fail to be intoxicated by his body, and even more, by his body in motion. He’s clearly an accomplished, veteran amateur wrestler with speed, balance, and body savvy to bring authentic wrestling cred to his work. I just love watching him work, and the promise of watching him work and get worked over by Mikey Vee is pure fantasy come to life.

Masked Mayhem 6 is my third recent release to show up on my wish list. It all looks good, of course. Muscle Mask jobbing, Jonny in fighting trim, Cage Thunder in the ring. But you know as well as I do that it’s Rafe (mmmmm… Rafe) that’s calling to me. Rafe in the ring against a veteran heel is just too delicious to pass up. Sooner or later, this will be mine.

I also maintain a laundry list of “classics” from farther back in the library. I frequently pick up something from way back to add onto an order for a new release, to try to catch up with all the fantastic stuff that happened before I was actively collecting. Hard Pros 2 is a case in point. The line-up looks like a barnburner from A-Z, including fantasymen Jay Austin, Wade Cutler and Steve Sherman, along with hard heels with astonishing attributes like Max Dare and Jose.

Sadly, some of the classics that look mindboggling fantastic don’t appear to be still on the market (yet?). For example, all of the Bratpack series look fantastic, but I can only find them in the Arena and on some previews from my “older” BGE products, not for sale from the BGE website. Bratpack 12 would be where I’d start, I think. The trailer for this one caught my eye, and the line up (including TNT, Animal Ayben, Jumpin Joe Jaksyn, both Romano twins and Syddo Riley) all look like fantastic characters I’d love to see in the basement/underground genre.

I’m still waiting/hoping for some of the classic Private Bouts series to be converted to DVD. From that treasure trove, I’d start with Private Bouts 32-36, primarily to see a painfully young DW in action against Chase and Brian Baxter against Scott “Dark” Rogers.

The anticipation is frequently almost as sweet as the consummation of the moment when what I’ve dreamed of is at last in hand. But I promise, Santa, I will not grow tired of these toys. I will not break them. And I will, most definitely, continue to play with them over and over and over again, for years to come.

Collapsing the Metaphor

A little while back a reader interrogated me offline about my deprecating straight-up wrestling and fixating, instead, on more explicitly homoerotic fare. If it’s just about “grab-ass,” as he put it, doesn’t it lose the aggro, the potential ferocity? In short, he wondered, in my fixation on the homoerotic, don’t I lose some of what’s essential to an authentic wrestling kink?

First, I want to say that the occasional, seemingly inadvertant (yet literal) grab-ass in a match has quite an allure, even in the context of a match that’s light on the homo or the explicitly erotic. Dom the Dominator and the seventh wonder of the world known as his physique are profoundly arousing for me in most any context. But when he scoops up a young, eager Brad Rochelle to drop him across his knee, digging his fingertips into the gorgeous, round, hard ass of boy wonder… well, I know I’m not alone in wearing out the VCR tape at that precise moment to catch that delightful moment of grab-ass in freeze frame (and later, slow motion). I like to think even the more straight-up performers throw in some gratuitous moments like this. And I adore them for it.
But back to my original point… there are plenty of moments when watching two beautiful men pound the hell out of each other and sell some convincing aggression will be all I need to completely exhaust myself. But there are some periods, such as the one I’m in now, where I absolutely crave the homoerotic component of my homoerotic wrestling. A literal, lingering grab of the ass can catapult me into a deeply satisfying, body-affirming, gay-affirming, passionate place that without it, can leave me feeling a little desperate. The BGE classic, Tommy Lopez, in a mutual, tender ass grab in the midst of a sweaty, snarling smack down is the value-added that I’ve got a major lust for these days.
It’s not just the literal grab-ass I’m talking about, of course. Grab most anything and hold on appreciatively, and it can definitely count in my book. Of course, a cock-grab or a ball-grab (or for those with large enough hands, a cock-and-ball-grab) connects all the dots for the elements that I’m talking about. But frankly, a commanding, appraising hold on your opponent’s chin can leap-frog well you beyond a play-it-straight tussle. An appreciative squeeze of a meaty pec (I’m not talking a claw here, but a grab), sends my brain firing on all cylinders in moods like I’m in right now.
But I love a collapsed metaphor, and a commanding, solid handful of glute seals the deal for me whenever I’m treated to the sight. Another BGE classic, Brian Baxter, had an ass for days himself, so his thumping of Tim Anderson’s juicy melons is just asking for it, begging for it, making me start talking at the screen pleading for a return of that awesome, satisfying favor on Brian. Grab that ass! I’m looking for the element of grab-ass in my wrestling right at the moment.
You know me. You know I can go on and on about the role of imagination, and you know I can fill in the gaps in just about any story to make it suit my particular kinky tastes. But even I, sometimes, find myself feeling like a literalist. So to the reader who complained that I’m too much into the “grab-ass” scene, I do, truly, get your point. And sometimes, nothing else but some grab-ass will do.

Message Received

I got the message. I’ve been told in no uncertain terms lately that I should buckle down, get my work done, and finally finish the next match for the Secretarial Pool auditions.

Everyone has been genuinely respectful, not to mention patient, but there’s a little bit of a “tone” in the messages I’m getting lately.
A little less time on the blog, someone has suggested, in order to make time to finish my work and get back to the fiction. Time management… buckle downnose to the grindstone, Bard.
My take away is that it’s great that people are anxious to see the next chapter in the auditions. When I started sharing my fiction about a year ago, I wasn’t sure anyone would be all that interested. So having people smack me around a little and remind me that they’ve been patiently waiting for the next match is a good news/bad news sort of scenario.

The good news is that you’re getting a kick out of my writing. The bad news is that when I’m swamped at work, you’re left waiting. But do understand: I get
the message. I’m working my ass off, and looking forward to the much more enjoyable work of exercising my homoerotic wrestling kink imagination (and looking forward to more of your contributions to Sidelineland!).