Wanting More

You know time must be tight for me when I don’t even have a Name That quiz to post on a Sunday. True enough, major work on the way to major professional achievements are sucking up every spare minute lately. There is an end in sight, which will be greatly celebrated, but in the mean time, I thought I’d mull a over a couple of well-worn thoughts about what I’d like to see more of in homoerotic wrestling.

While I haven’t had time to keep up with posts, I’ve still had time to sit down with some favorite homoerotic wrestling tapes (somehow, I always seem to find time for that!). I was soaking in some BG East Superbout Classics, namely #1 of that name, in which Kid Leopard faces body-beautiful loudmouth, Brian Baxter.

Holy hell. I love this wrestling! 1) It’s in the ring. Give me the same wrestlers, the same holds, the same dialogue, one match delivered in a wrestling ring and the other anywhere else, and I’ll always get a much, much bigger kink-hit off of the ring action. 2) There’s a snarling, shouting, jeering crowd off camera slinging insults and advice and exhortation toward the wrestlers. I’m enjoying the fact that Naked Kombat is dabbling in a live audience again after swearing they’d never do it again (new insurance carrier?), and I long for the day when BG East schedules some action in front of an audience again. Homoerotic kink wrestling as public spectacle is out… of… this… world fantasy-sexy. 3) This is really, really delightful wrestling. Both KL and Baxter work each other’s bodies with commanding, long-held, agonizing holds and awesomely painful manipulation of joints and physical tolerances. There’s just no fumbling, no “um, what do I do now” looks on anyone’s face. One seamless, sexy, confident, all-in wrestling story. And 4), it’s explicitly homoerotic.

I’m not above implied homoeroticism, of course. I’ll take trunks-on, aggressive domination with a gay wrestling kink “sensibility,” and I’ll run with it happily. But I do deeply appreciate some explicit homoeroticism, whether that be in trunks off action, in body worship/hands on delight, in loser-gets-fucked (or forced to suck) finales, or simply woven into the story through dialogue and backstory development. Case in point: Brian folds KL up, ankles over his head with his shoulders pinned to the mat. Brian holds him in place with his hips pressing down on KL’s ass. Always the smart-mouthed clown, Brian begins to hump KL’s ass, leaning forward and growling, “I’ve always wanted to do this Kid Leopard!” Then, with a chuckle, he adds in reference to another KL match, “I heard you had this done to you by Buddy Justice!”

KL has a tone of desperation in his voice (also under the strain of Baxter’s body pressing him in half), as he snarls, “Fuck you, and fuck him, too!”

As if he’s gotten what he wanted, Brian hops up, letting KL go. Sharp as a whip, a half a beat later, Brian snaps, “I will, and I have.” The crowd outside the ring goes wild, egging on the sexual under (and over!) tones of this match, in which Brian crows about his past sexual conquests and promises to have KL’s ass as well before the day is out (might have worked out for him, if he’d been a little more careful about where KL’s hand was when Brian sat down across his back).

Homo. Erotic. Wrestling. My kink. Always wanting more.

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