Have You Heard?

I received a DM late last night asking me if knew some point of contact with the classic BG East wrestler Nick Archer. Quick answer: no, sadly. I’d love to know what Nick is up to, and if he still puts his incredible arsenal of submission holds to good use. So damn handsome. So fucking hot!

Nick Archer

It’s not uncommon that I get this type of question. I assume it’s because you all know that I’m a self-avowed low-impact stalker. I’ve spent an unreasonable amount of time in my life obsessively combing the internet for updates and clues to know more about the gorgeous hunks I lust over. I’ve also enjoyed the privilege of conducting interviews with wrestlers over the years, and it’s also true that I’ve had the amazing privilege to get to meet in-person several of the wrestling studs who step into the ring for our pleasure. I’m honored to even call a few of them friends! So, you’d be forgiven if you overestimate my behind-the-scenes, insider access to information about homoerotic wrestling stars.

Friend of the blog and the blogger, Drake Marcos

However, sometimes current and former wrestlers read these pages, and even respond in the comments or reach out to follow up by email. In case Nick Archer’s eyes ever fall on these words, I hope he knows that there’s an army of homoerotic wrestling fans who wish him well, and we’d all be delighted if he’d drop a comment to let us know he’s well.

Sal Bruno has found memories of Ken Canada!

Sal Bruno reached out to be my email a couple of weeks ago, after he recently read my interview from several years ago with Ken Canada. Sal says reading Ken’s reminisces brought back good memories for him, mostly of pounding the perkiness out of adorably sexy jobbers like Ken. I’ve lost my direct connection to Ken, but in case he’s reading this, drop me a note, buddy, and I’ll be happy to get you back in touch with Sal!

Troy Baker haunts our homoerotic wresting dreams!

There are recurring subjects of “have you heard from” messages I receive. I get hit up at least 2 or 3 times a year with questions about Troy Baker. Trust me, I get it! Troy’s monster quads show up often in my fondest wrestling fantasies. The only intel I have on Troy came from the Boss, who once told me that Troy left the world of homoerotic wrestling on good terms, but an old hockey injury knocked him out of competition. In case Troy ever reads these words, I’d like to suggest that he consider sending up a flag to a whole lot of us fierce fans, and I’d bet he’d rake in some cash with a OF glimpse of himself!

Text Me, Sexy Alexi!

Some other common questions I field focus on babyface heroes like Brad Rochelle, Alexi Adamov, Chris Bruce, Mr. Joshua Goodman… I don’t have any lines of communications with those guys, either, but just listing their names here leaves me with all sorts of feels. I will always, ALWAYS be thrilled to hear from any of them, and pass along the passionate appreciation their fans have for them still!

Need a kidney?

Of course, I have my own personal wish list of wrestlers I’d love to have a direct line to. Kid Vicious has teased me cruelly over the years (because… he’s Kid Vicious!) about the possibility of an actual sit-down, full-on interview. Sadly, that’s never happened, and he hasn’t even teased me with the possibility of it in a couple of years. I’ve heard various rumors that he’s retired from active wrestling, or not… that he now lives full-time in the UK, or not… that he actively trains new BG East recruits, or not…. He’s been edging me ruthlessly for years, so I can only imagine how hard I’d pop if I ever actually landed that interview. I’ve got SO many questions. And I’d donate a kidney to get to see one of those training sessions!

Feel free to send me your “where are they now” questions, though I don’t promise to have the answers. But I’ll be happy to put out the call to the ether, and hope that our favorite homoerotic wrestling hunks might just read, and respond, to the passionate appreciation of their fans!


I’ve got a little crush on whoever is charting the social media course for BG East lately. I have bitched and complained mercilessly for a while about the need for homoerotic wrestling companies to up their social media game. It feels like the industry is solidly migrated to almost entirely a virtual existence online (DVD’s seeming to be going the way of the dinosaur, e.g.), so relying on eyes to reach company home pages on their own seems risky these days. And any failure to engage and titillate and evoke and provoke a virtually networked audience in between catalog releases feels downright old fashioned. So I’ve noticed with pleasure BG East’s increasing social media presence, including the excellent designation of this month as #JobberJune.

Wade Cutler

I’ve been accused in the past of hating on jobbers. I deny it vehemently, of course. Jobbers are an essential ingredient to the pro wrestling universe, and they populate plenty of my fondest homoerotic wrestling fantasies. I admit to being provoked hardest by heels and babyface heroes, but the doomed jobber is always a strongly compelling character as well. We can, and I’m sure will, debate the essence and the margins of what it means to be a jobber. I think of them as those wrestlers who routinely get their asses kicked, for whom a victory would seem an honest surprise. I don’t think of them as merely squash bait. A jobber can put up a fight, and personally I prefer it that way. But considering the sum total of their careers, when a wrestler seems fated again and again to end up beaten and humiliated, he meets my criteria for jobberhood.

Casey Cutler

The BG East social media maven has been celebrating #JobberJune with sensational call outs to classic jobbers. Casey Cutler, Wade Cutler, and Tony Consenti completely deserve this walk of shame, and seeing their photos  suck me right back to lush, key moments in which watching them wrestle had me rock hard for the potent melodrama of seeing them earnestly throwing their hot bodies into the breach again and again, only to get trashed and tossed to the curb. My nostalgia button is punched hard with seeing this retrospective of hot, doomed hunks from across the decades.

O, Ken Canada!

Adorably upright Ken Canada got a richly deserved spot in the #JobberJune rotation. A long-standing friend of this blog, Ken was that upstanding, earnest babyface brand of jobber. His lean muscles, lightly hairy pecs, and button nose were the sensational framework for a jobber. Especially after interviewing him, I think of Ken as this supremely earnest, eager, fully game hunk who had sensational raw material for competitive wrestling, which made his lamb-to-slaughter narrative that much more compelling.

Reese Wells

So I’m putting #JobberJune on my recurring calendar notifications for years to come. And I’m excited to see who the social media maven at BGE comes up with next for the #JobberJune walk of shame. I’d most definitely nominate gorgeous little firecracker Reese Wells, who always seemed right on the edge of wrestling glory, only to be literally upended before the final fall.

Ricky Martinez

Then there’s Ricky Martinez. Everything about him in still frame screamed sensationally equipped competitor, but over and over his pristine beauty was ruined by viciousness, cunning, and extravagant dirty tricks.

Rio Garza

Surely top contender for the most popular jobber in BGE history has to be Rio Garza. I always longed to see Rio mobilize that fantasy man body to do better in competition. In retrospect, Rio’s capacity to make me call him out as a doormat has been, of course, testimony to what a compelling jobber he’s been. Being literally a winner of fan polls for best body AND possessing one of the most lopsided win-loss records on the books points to some of the most potent elements to why jobbers inhabit our wrestling fantasies. Beauty spoiled. Hot bodies broken down and laid bare. Ambition and promise crushed by an opponent more than willing to go darker, deeper, and nastier. Jobbers tell a story that turns us on.

Tommy Tara

Tommy Tara, Christopher Bruce, Mr. E, Muscle Mask… we keep watching not because we actually expect to see them pull out a victory. Personally, I want to be held in suspense, even if I know that fates are aligned against a particular hunk in the long run. But we watch because there’s something provocative about watching a man charge into the fray courageously, without a shred of realistic hope of coming out on top. It’s less about how a wrestler stacks up against any particular opponent, but more about a psychic flaw within him that makes the tick in the loser column inevitable, despite his most valiant efforts and magnificent potential. Somebody’s got to lose, and I think it’s a relatively rare wrestler who can do it so compellingly that we’re eager again and again to watch him do it, to see what inadequacy an opponent will discover amid a hot, powerful hunk’s blatantly obvious assets for kicking ass.

Mister E

Who’s your favorite jobber?  Post a #JobberJune reply to BG East’s Facebook page and give the jobbers some well deserved love.

Muscle Mask

So a summer sangria toast to the jobbers, this #JobberJune. And to the BG East social media maven, the first round is on me.

Christopher Bruce, where all jobbers end up

Dinner Date Chosen

Cam’s the dinner date of choice!
The commanding winner in the reader’s choice poll to determine which homoerotic wrestler readers would most want to have visit their homes for dinner was none other than wrestling hunk extraordinaire Cameron Mathews.  He crossed the finish line with 36% of the vote, which is a decisive testimony to the loyal fans he’s earned from working that gorgeous bubble butt of his off from coast to coast and production to production over the past decade.  He held steady at or around 50% of the vote through most of the two days that the poll was open, in fact, looking like he was going to blow away his next closest competition by more than double.  However, just this morning, with mere hours left to vote, shit got interesting!
Skip convinces Christian that he’ll show up for dinner with a fan too!
That’s when fierce little scrapper Skip Vance put out a message on Facebook lobbying his fans to mount a come from behind maneuver on Cam (and who among us haven’t fantasized about a come from behind maneuver on Cam!?).  Skip offered one fan selected at random to be treated to a dinner made by his own hands if he ends up on top of the polls once all is said and done.  He instantly got a bump, pulling ahead of Kid Karisma for second place.  When Skip added that both he and former homoerotic wrestler of the month and Skip’s lover, Christian Taylor, would sit down to said dinner with the randomly selected fan, the sprint to the finish line was on! He began to close the distance with Cam at such a pace that I was seriously beginning to suspect a photo finish.  While Cam limped across the line with the decisive victory, nobody was stronger around the last turn than hot and eager Skip! As to whether he’ll still auction off a dinner date, we’ll have to wait and see.

Kid Karisma can’t believe you left him in 3rd place!
Third place winner and party-boy muscle stud Kid Karisma has got to be scratching his head right about now wondering how he not only got outpaced by Cam but blown-by flat footed by late bloomer Skip! Somehow, I’m guessing with his life-of-the-party karisma and astonishingly sexy body (look… at… that… ASS!!!), Kid K has never been short of dinner invitations. If he’s ever in need of a hot meal and adoring company, he’s got a place at my table anytime.  As for restraining myself from putting my hands on those glutes, no promises, Kid K.
Dinner? Steel Muscle God Dan may be too busy being worshipped!
Not surprisingly, Steel Muscle God Dan had a very solid showing in the poll. It’s not surprising because if you spend any time at all at steelmusclegod.com, you pick up on the fact very quickly that Dan’s got a worldwide following of extremely rabid fans who are very, very loyal to SMG.  If he’d put out the call to his worshippers to really mobilize the vote, I strongly suspect he’d have put some hurt on even Cam.  I’m not too worried that SMG’s ego will take a hit for not winning the reader’s choice poll here. He’s got muscles of steel, for god’s sake, and the self-confidence to strip naked and demand to be worshipped.  However, if he’s ever in the neighborhood and feeling peckish, he can take solace in the fact that I’ll be more than happy to set another place at the table.
“A Fabulous Dinner Date!”
Through back channels I was delighted to hear that Lon Dumont had an opinion on the matter.  His opinion was, of course, that he’d make a “fabulous dinner date!”  He also mentioned that since he’s been dieting like a fiend in preparation for the bodybuilding season about to commence any minute, he could seriously put 2nds and 3rds away right now, so plan ahead if you invite him to dinner. Lon knows that he has a standing invitation to my table, and I’m also ever ready to apply his instant tan all over every inch of his body before any and every competition (which wasn’t up for consideration in the poll, but I just wanted to make that point clear).
Not everyone could handle an evening with Eli Black
I’m guessing Eli Black knows full well why he didn’t win.  You were too fucking scared of him! Truth be told, despite his expansive ego and fiercely competitive spirit when it comes to absolutely everything, I just bet that the Shutdown would completely charm the pants off you if you had him over for dinner.  Of course, the poll wasn’t about who you’re ready to take your pants off for, but even keeping my pants on, I’d be delighted and honored to pass Eli the mashed potatoes.
Darius “BMG” is looking for a taste of SMG!
Darius had a solid showing in the poll, reflecting what I happen to know is a loyal base of fans who’ve been wanting to see more of this Black Muscle God – more screen time and more skin! Darius let it be known that he doled out his vote for Steel Muscle God, because despite SMG being a no-show to face Darius stateside, Darius still has his sights set on an epic showdown between the Steel Muscle God and the Black Muscle God. Fuck the poll! I’ll push my furniture to the walls to watch that battle of the gods live!
Is that Chris Isaak? No, it’s hot jobber Ken Canada!
Long-time friend and contributor to this blog, Stay Puft, let it be known that he simply had to register his vote for energizer bunny and possessor of endless hotness and stories of hotness, Ken Canada. He never picked up traction in the polling, but I have to agree with S.P. when he points out that Ken’s sense of humor and enthusiastic understanding of the eroticism of wrestling would make him a truly entertaining dinner date!
Cage Thunder is busy serving up some meat of his own
I happen to know that Cage Thunder registered his vote in the poll for Lon. Get those two bull dozers on the same page and I can’t imagine what tag team would dare step foot in the ring with them.  But around the dinner table, I can’t help but figure that meal would go into the wee hours of the morning as these two profoundly reflective men trade wit and wisdom from never-ending reserves.  Personally, I’m a little astonished Cage Thunder didn’t show better in the polling, and I have to chalk it up to Eli’s theory that there were just a whole lot of you too damn frightened to sit across the table from him.  Not me.  He’s got a standing invitation at chez Bard.

Don’t bother Ben with dinner invitations.  He’s building a wrestling career, people!
The rookie sensation with magical lips, Ben Monaco never managed to build a head of steam in voting.   Big Ben is brand spanking new to the industry, of course, so pitting him against absolute fixtures in homoerotic wrestling like Cameron Mathews was always going to be an uphill battle for him.  My educated guess is that Ben isn’t surprised at all that he wasn’t the top vote-getter, and if anything he’s just that much more eager to plant his hot ass on another opponent’s face and absolutely make you forget all about the rest for a moment and marvel at him as he tests what he’s got against the best at BGE.  Ben knows he’s just at the beginning of an incredibly sexy, demanding journey into our hearts, but as for me I’ve got a casserole and a bottle of wine just waiting for him.

Reader’s Choice Poll – Dinner Date

When asked which presidential candidate they would prefer to visit their home for dinner, 52% of respondents named President Obama, compared with just 33% of them selecting $omney.  Personally, I think this is the most useless polling question to be asked every four years, but sadly the American electorate seems to consistently prioritize this kind of popularity contest over actual qualifications for leading this country (foreign policy experience? a grasp of the legislative process? the capacity to make life-and-death decisions with regard to the use of military power and weapons of mass destruction?  no, we’re more likely to vote based on who we’d prefer to have dinner with… oy).  That’s enough of my political analysis for today, other than to alert my Swedish readers once again that if Tax-Dodger $omney is elected in November, I expect one of you to sponsor me as a political refugee.
I say let’s save such weighty questions like who we’d prefer to visit our homes for dinner for really important matters, like considering our favorite homoerotic wrestlers.  Sure, dinner table repartee isn’t exactly all that relevant to what compels us most in picking our homoerotic wrestling fare, but I still say it’s more relevant to wrestlers than politicians.  So this reader’s choice poll asks you to consider who you’d most prefer to have over for dinner.  I’m limiting the field to those who’ve demonstrated at least a little of their communication skills by being interviewed on the pages of this blog.  You can nominate someone else in the comments below, but the names on the poll are strictly drawn from the “friends of the blog” on record. This is about the dinner table, mind you.  Don’t base your choice on who’d you prefer to make you suffer in a head scissors in the living room after dinner.  We’re talking about an evening absent of actual wrestling (though of course the dinner conversation is entirely available to muse on the topic).  We’re also not talking about who you want to fuck.  This is an evening in which no semblance of sexual contact is going to happen.  You can decide how to instruct your dinner guests with regard to attire, so you can eye-fuck them across the table all night long, but physical contact is limited to handshakes and, let’s just say, a lingering, full-body hug to say goodnight (no ass squeeze!).  The real question is who would you like sitting across the table from you to talk with, to ask for their insights, to tell them what’s on your mind, to wax philosophical about wrestling or politics or religion or whatever topic the two of you want to talk about.  So that’s the background.  Here are your choices of dinner guests:

Lon Dumont: the first wrestler to grant me an interview a year and a half ago, Lon’s body and wrestling skills have earned him a permanent spot at or very near the top of my favorites ever since I first set eyes on him.  His ring banter was one of the most entertaining and arousing aspects of his work that captured my attention and keeps me coming back for more.  But his interview was a revelation into the diverse passions and thoughtful, open-minded outlook on life that make me think Lon would make an absolutely delightful dinner guest. Topics you would most likely find yourself discussing: bodybuilding, pets, indy wrestling, homoerotic wresting, hairstyles, freedom from religion, and Rocky.

Ken Canda: this classic from the early days of BG East has his picture next to the definition of the phrase: hot jobber.  His wrestling is foundational watching for those with any interest in seeing the evolution of the pro wrestling babyface jobber into an entirely unique and incredibly arousing fixture tailored to the tastes of the gay wrestling kink audience.  No, you DON’T get to pound him in an OTK backbreaker and claw his balls, though under different circumstances, I suspect he may very well be open to it (so save it for your second date).  But as evidenced in his extensive interview on the pages of this blog, Ken is happy to stroll down memory lane and tell you absolutely intoxicating tales of behind the cameras shenanigans from the early days at BGE, including delightful descriptions of every wrestler he faced and just how incredibly arousing it was to be brutalized over and over again.  You will hear about the esprit de corps that forged bonds of brotherhood and homoerotic beauty among the men who truly enjoyed each other’s company on and off camera, as well as the insights of a fellow wrestling kinkster who continues to live and love the eroticism of wrestling whenever he gets the chance.

Kid Karisma: As he explained in our interview last January, there’s a reason the Boss gave him the moniker Kid Karisma! While you won’t have the chance to get your hands on that legendary muscle ass of his over dinner, you can get lost gazing into those baby blues and have your feet swept right out from underneath you (metaphorically) by that sly, sideways grin and a wink from the man who is as charismatic as they come! He’ll entertain you with the extremely hot candid photos he takes with his phone, and just between the two of you, he’s likely to spill all the dirt on the best, baddest, horniest and hottest action to go on behind the scenes at BG East. I recommend not serving your best china, because I’m guessing this insatiable party boy could be dancing on the table before dessert!

Eli Black: a wrestling match with this hot young phenom would put you on your back in a heartbeat, but a no-holds dinner date with the boy wonder would, no doubt, just as surely keep you on your toes.  As I learned first hand in our interview last February, he’s got an in-your-face charm that I personally find completely disarming, but don’t let your defenses down too quickly.  Eli is not a man to be trifled with, and polite chit chat about the weather or the price of tea in China will earn you a withering insult and sneer of contempt.  But if you’re up for a dinner guest who loves a debate, who wants nothing more than to meet the man who’ll give as hard as he gets, and who never, ever tires of talking about the most important topic of all: himself; then Eli may be your man. I’m also guessing he’ll have his shirt and pants off in a heartbeat if you show a little interest in his ink (but remember, you don’t get to touch, just admire hands-free).

Steel Muscle God “Dan”: SMG rocked my world when he agreed to chat with me about the life of an online bodyworship phenom with an innate understanding of wrestling kink.  While you are not allowed to lick his steel muscles from head to toe during this dinner date, I guarantee you that you’ll feel a stirring deep down in your pants the moment he opens his luscious lips and growls out his erotically charged baritone.  Seriously, this man oozes sexiness. He could make me cum by reading the phonebook, and I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t come back for more of the same as soon as I reloaded.  Although you can’t touch it, SMG is an unapologetic exhibitionist, so whatever attire you specified, plan on seeing him take it off before the meal is over.  Be prepared to laugh a lot, because he’s got an entrancing sense of humor, and he’s the only hot bodied hunk I know with both the balls to take our money to worship his naked body AND poke fun at himself.  Conversation is likely to revolve around friends, working out, and censorship on the net, but seriously… just shut the fuck up, watch his gorgeous lips move, and let that voice transport you to your fondest fantasies.
Skip Vance: although I haven’t enjoyed a full-length interview with him yet, Skip did considerately take  the time to give me some on-the-record feedback on my take on his real life lover and rumored-to-be tag team partner, former homoerotic wrestler of the month Christian Taylor.  An unapologetic jobber with a crazy lust for getting his hot bod bashed mercilessly, he’s off limits for you to dish out any of your own corporal punishment you’ve been inspired to fantasize about after watching Skip at work! But I can guarantee you that you’ll definitely hear him gush about his life of domestic bliss with Christian (including their private wrestling routines), his fierce lust for wrestling, and the catalog of crushing humiliation he’s suffered at the hands of… well, everyone!  Don’t be surprised to also get a strong dose of workers’ rights and musings on healthy cooking, because he’s one well-rounded babyface masochist!

Ben Monaco: in our interview in June, Ben gave neverland readers a glimpse into what it’s like for a new kid on the block to get “discovered” by the star-makers at BG East.  His hungry lips are completely off limits to you this night, mind you, but perhaps you’ll decide to serve popsicles for desert so you can watch him wrap those baby’s around something long and suck it hard.  He’s a new face in the homoerotic wrestling universe, but I can assure you that you’ll enjoy plenty of delightful insights into erotic wrestling from him.  Ask him about the gallons of sweat he drenches his opponents with… go ahead, I dare you, because after listening to him describe his body slipping and sliding across his opponent’s drenched muscles, you’ll be politely excusing yourself to take care of a pressing need that’s arisen in your crotch.  If you can convince him that you can keep a secret, he’ll tell you straight up who’s doing what on camera and off, and he’ll give you his unvarnished opinion on the ranks he’s still working to rise within.

Cage Thunder: my interview in July was just the tip of the iceberg about knowing the man beneath the mask.  You know you want him to knee you in the balls and crush your face into his crotch as you grovel in front of him, but none of that is allowed on this dinner date! So take a cold shower and pick out your finest mask to wear, because Cage Thunder is a class act who’ll demand the best.  Points of discussion to prepare for: wrestling, gear, New Orleans, erotica, boys he’s bashed, boys he’s still waiting to bash, the existential implications of all of the above… If you’re daring, though, you’ll just mention the name “Mitch Colby,” and then sit back and watch the sparks fly for hours on end!

Darius: also granting me an interview in July, bodybeautiful private wrestling hunk turned BG East muscle beast, Darius would be a charming dinner date, I’m certain.  There’s just something about him that makes me think of the word “gentlemanly.”  If it’s the custom in your house, I expect he wouldn’t think twice about taking his shoes off when entering.  Hell, tell him it’s the custom in your house and I bet the beautiful hunk of muscle would take all his clothes off to show you your proper respect, because he’s not shy for an instant about showing skin! Working out, the underground wrestling circuit, his plans to destroy SMG in body and soul… all these are likely topics you’ll cover over the course of the evening, but the only thing you’ll remember when the napkins are put down and the last of the wine gone is falling into those gorgeous eyes and watching his knee-buckling sexy lips move as he talks to you.  Go ahead and tell him it’s the custom in your house that dinner guests flex for their dessert. Darius is not a man to neglect the niceties! 

Cameron Mathews: just last month I interviewed your final option for a dinner date with a homoerotic wrestler.  I know you want Cam and Lon to show up together, preferably to reprise their indy wrestling days and wrestle one another in your living room, but it’s not going to happen this time! If it’s Cam who strikes your fancy, just remember you can look at that legendary bubble butt, but you can’t touch! He’s pretty much the epitome of a babyface, but don’t think for an instant that you’ll have some naive kid tucking his napkin in his shirt and asking you to pass the ketchup for his filet mignon.  This veteran of nearly every production company across homoerotic and straight-up independent wrestling known to man has seen it all, and if you’re ready to show him his proper respect, I bet he’ll keep the conversation lively with stories from the long road of making a living with a passionate love of wrestling, a hot body, and boyish good looks. If you’re looking for reflections on post-Marxist critical philosophers, Cam may not be your man, because he lives, breathes, eats and drinks nothing but wrestling, my friends.  But if it’s every aspect of wrestling from coast to coast, hardbody to doughboy, ring to mat, jobber to heel that will delight you, then you can’t go wrong with picking Cam.

Register your vote at the right. Only one vote per person (this is highly scientific!). Polls close in 2 days. Lobbying for your choice in the comments below is strongly encouraged.

Year in Review – 2nd Favorite Moment of 2011

I knew with complete certainty back in February what one of my most favorite moments of this year would be. Lon Dumont contacted me right around the New Year, thanking me for my “kind words” about him here at neverland. Barely daring to hope, I broached the topic of possibly granting me an interview. I was ecstatic when he said that he’d be happy to do so!

Lon Dumont – A Fan Favorite

It took us a while to arrange the details. Two busy schedules. Two different time zones. But when I finally sat down to chat with my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler (non-pornboy division) and current homoerotic wrestler of the month, it was like reconnecting with an old friend. Lon was playful and charming. He took my star struck praise in stride. He offered some keen insights into the secrets of his wrestling success, born out of a prior career in indy pro and a flat out superior intellect. Lon was self-effacing in a way that sucked me in, and then cocky as hell in just that way that blows me away every time I see him climb into the ring and weave his mind games on his outmatched opponents.

In the ring, Lon is all business.

When I raised the topic of being an object of passionate lust from a cadre of homoerotic wrestling kink fans, Lon’s libertarian spirit shined through endearingly. “I’m just glad I can make somebody happy,” he concluded, summing up his attitude about being adored as a hardbodied homoerotic wrestler. Needless to say, my interview with Lon Dumont, like every second I’ve seen him in the ring, made me wildly happy and cemented itself as one of my most favorite moments of the year while there were still 10 months worth of moments yet to experience.

Lon Dumont is making somebody (me!) very happy.

I enjoyed a string of personal contacts with several homoerotic wrestlers this year, each one of them sending my heart racing with excitement. Frankly, most of them happened in back channels, and the wrestlers in question, while gracious and engaging, preferred not to have our exchanges quoted on the pages of this blog. While I won’t violate anyone’s confidence (and this is a MAJOR priority throughout all aspects of my life), I will divulge the undeniable fact that I have yet to communicate with a homoerotic wrestler who is anything other than gracious, appreciative of this fans, and that much sexier for it in my book.

Rugged Action

In September I enjoyed the opportunity to pick the brain of yet another wrestling kink artist, the creator of the Rugged Action homoerotic wrestling comic, Dan. Just like with Lon, Dan was downright gracious and delightful to interview. Chatting with Dan was like opening Christmas presents: I didn’t know exactly what to expect with each question I asked, but as he unwrapped his responses and reflections, each one was more delightful than the last. I curse the gods that I have absolutely no talent with visual arts, but this absence of talent on my part makes me only that much more grateful and inspired by Dan’s art. His translation of homoerotic wrestling into comic art is entirely sufficient to get me off any day of the week. It speaks to exactly my wrestling kink, and discovering several places where the development of Dan’s passion for wrestling overlaps with my own biography explains a lot, I think. Our creative talents may lie in different arenas, but we share plenty of inspiration in what fires up our erotic imaginations.

Ken Canada day dreams about climbing into the ring with
hot, hard hunks.

This year was capped off with a completely unexpected and hot interview with the handsome BG East classic jobber, Ken Canada. Out of the blue, Ken dropped me a few notes to let me know that my infatuation with Joshua Goodman’s package (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!) is something that we share in common.  I quickly followed up with an interview request, and not only was Ken up for it, he was eloquent, eager even, in sharing both his memories of his jobber days at BG East as well as his ongoing lust for homoerotic wrestling. And just like with Dan, I found myself finding all sorts of unexpected overlap between my personal history and Ken’s account of discovering the joys of homoerotic wrestling.

I know that not all homoerotic wrestlers care to go “on the record” for a fan interview. The declines I’ve received have been gracious but firm. But I hope to snag more interviews in 2012, getting to know more of the homoerotic wrestlers that inspire, provoke, and drive us to heights of ecstasy!

Ken-dred Spirits, Continued

Chatting with Ken Canada, one of BG East’s classic, handsome jobbers, was truly a delight! I hope that Ken’s enthusiasm and damn sweet earnestness come through, because they’re awfully charming. My conversation with Ken continued from where I left off in yesterday’s post, with me asking about Ken’s other BG East matches after he wrestled Sal Bruno and in Wrestlefest 1’s Battle R’Oil.


BG East’s Ken Canada and his strategically placed Maple Leaf
[…interview continued from yesterday...]

Bard: And, needless to say, the image of you sliding around in the middle of the Battle R’Oil is warming a different part of my body. Any other BG East wrestling memories that stick out for you?

Ken: On that first visit in the summer of 1996, on the same weekend as I’d wrestled in the Battle R’Oil, I’d also wrestled Jett Larson and Ian Nesbitt in two separate matches. Jett is a handsome, nicely put together lad and one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. Ian is a real sweetheart too; witty, clever, and…while wrestling in a skimpy speedo…he’s raunchy as hell!

Ian Nesbitt sets the pace in his match with Ken from Wrestlefest 1

Bard: Ian is another classic favorite of mine, and in no small part due to his being “raunchy as hell!” The Scottish accent also makes me weak in the knees. If I’m not mistaken, you wrestled a couple of the other early BG East icons as well, right?

Ken: On my second visit to the BG East estate, around 1997, it was while the comet, Hale-bop was slicing its way through the heavens above, a welcomed harbinger of victory in the ring or an ominous omen of disaster for me? Hmmmm. Time would tell. That weekend, I tangled with Kid Vicious in a hot ring match, and then, the next afternoon, with TNT Horrigan down in the BG East basement on the cool, black mats in the Mat Room. Kid Vicious is a veteran wrestler who knows all the right moves, and all the dirty illegal ones, too. TNT Horrigan is another veteran BG East rassler who knows how to get his opponent into a hold which soon has him screaming like a little girl. I’m not saying that that was the case in our mat match, but I can’t deny that he had me in agony with a couple of his expertly applied submission holds.

KV makes Ken hurt so good in Ringwars 4

Bard: You’ve simply got an incredible wrestling pedigree! I haven’t seen a few of your matches, but that will soon be rectified. I imagine that, years later, some people might second-guess being immortalized as a homoerotic wrestling gladiator. As you look back, do you have any regrets?

Ken: Both times I went to Pembroke to wrestle, I boldly went where few men have gone before: into the BG East ring or onto the BG East mats up against bigger, stronger, more skilled wrestlers. But I can honestly say that I’ve absolutely no regrets for having done so. I’ve always held onto the belief that you just gotta’ grab life by the balls and yank life around until it gives! I apply this same philosophy to wrestling. Whenever I’d find myself trapped in a hold of which I could see no immediate escape, I’d always go for the ever-vulnerable bulge. Hell! If it didn’t do the trick, at least I’d have had the pleasure of having squeezed the other guy’s man-jewels in my horny hand and of seeing that hot, sudden look of utter agony splash over his cocky face. YEAHHHH! Now that’s what does it for me! Dirty moves or not, whatever it takes to get the other guy to say, “I give! I give!”… I’m right there!

Bard: You are an inspiration to me, Ken. I hope to embrace life, wrestle it to the mat, and crank on it by the short hairs with as much abandon as you have! Do you stay in touch with any of your brothers-in-wrestling?

“Raunchy as hell” Scottish grappler,
Ian Nesbitt

Ken: I do still stay in touch with Kid Leopard and Ian Nesbitt. Even before our Wrestlefest 1 wrestling match on that 1996, July fourth weekend, Ian and I had established an instant connection, as soon as we’d met each other on that Friday afternoon. Behind his rough ‘n tough, alter ego of Ian Nesbitt – Glasgow’s infamous street gang leader – Ian’s a very funny, intelligent, articulate man who also happens to be a great writer too! Kid Leopard and I have a different sort of connection; spiritual, yet still centered upon man-to-man, erotic wrestling. We’d come to terms with our own individual wrestling obsessions via very similar routes. I look upon wrestling as being a key part of the very core of who I am. When puberty decided to kick in, I’d imprinted wrestling upon it to such a degree that for me, sex and wrestling had become synonymous… an inexplicable and inextricable morphing of the two dissimilar entities. Kid Leopard and I are also connected by birthdays too; his falls exactly one week after mine. I write him every March 15th just to make him smile or (hopefully) laugh. He’s invited me down to his place in Florida several times, and with the colder weather now starting to creep in, I may soon take him up on his kind offer.

Bard: Did you keep wrestling after your stint on camera with BG East?

TNT demonstrates his expertise in his match
with Ken in Submission 6

Ken: Oh yeah! I’d joined a gay wrestling group in Toronto who met up weekly for arranged matches in a free space replete with wrestling mats and even showers! There was no sexual activity allowed in these matches (damn it!) , but it was a fantastic opportunity to meet other guys of like mind and body, with whom any manner of relationship would be totally free to blossom later on. My friend -“Mike” – who’d introduced me to BG East by way of his videos, had invited me over to his apartment one summer evening to be tossed around by a big, lean, handsome, closeted, wannabe heel wrestler named “Paul.” Paul had been looking to wrestle against a local smaller jobber who’d be up to being lifted, carried, tossed, pinned, stretched, groin-grabbed…well…you know…all the really good stuff! Was I up for his exquisite abuse? Hell ya!!! I’d nicknamed him, “Paul Bun-yon.” And although he was indeed a very ruggedly handsome, broad-shouldered, towering giant of a man, it was his squeezable, bitable, tight, rock hard buns which really did it for me! I wanted to get totally lost in between those magnificent glutes of his, but had to settle for being trapped in endless body and head scissors holds between those massive, muscular gams of his! I’d ended up wrestling Paul only twice more after that first wonderful night. He had a partner who didn’t care much for wrestling. A couple weeks later, Paul had actually said to me that were it to happen that I should run into the two of them walking the streets of Toronto, to walk right past he and his partner and to not acknowledge him!

Bard: Damn. That’s cold.

Ken: Painful though it was to do, after he’d said this to me, I declined his request to meet up and wrestle with him again. I’ll always have those great memories of being scooped up by this 6’3″ giant, being body slammed to the mat and then slowly climbing up his gym-sculpted body, and lingering at his invitingly growing basket. Yeah…being a big heel wrestler and male nurse’s secret jobber call boy was a wonderful, though short-lived experience…and one which I’ll never forget.

Bard: Has being a BG East wrestler affected your personal relationships?

Inside and outside the ring, sometimes
we all need to take a good beating.

Ken: My partner has known all about my ties with BG East since the beginning of our relationship. He’s watched all five of my matches and is totally great with the fact that wrestling turns me on. He’s not into erotic wrestling himself, and I fully respect that; just as he respects my interest in it. We’re not together solely based upon our similarities. Our interesting differences help to bind us as well. Nobody wants to partner off with an ass-kissing, yes-man. I really believe that deep down, we all want and need an honest counterpart, someone who’ll awaken our conscience and bring us to our senses by figuratively slapping the stupidity out of us whenever we’ve stubbornly dug our heels into the ground, just to avoid bruising our ego! I’ve been “slapped” many times…and I’m a better man for it!

Bard: Sounds like you’ve found a real keeper there! Congratulations! Even though your partner isn’t into erotic wrestling, there’s something awfully hot about him sitting down and watching Ken Canada’s greatest hits. And it sounds like you’ve definitely remained immersed in wrestling.

Ken: I’d also wrestled at Hillside Campground in The Endless Mountains, Pennsylvania. I’d only gone there one time, and I believe that it was only the third anniversary of the gay wrestlers’ campground having been established. Since then, Hillside has grown incredibly larger, welcoming many more wrestlers than in the year when I had gone. It was amazing! I highly recommend camping there. I guarantee that you’ll be “pitching a tent” – if not overhead, well then most certainly in your wrestling trunks/speedo. The campground also offers all campers access to their great in-ground swimming pool. The guys are really, really friendly…and really, really hot, too! Go! Enjoy yourself! While there, I’d met a wonderful bearded lawyer/wrestler named “John” from Washington D.C.. I regret having lost touch with him over these past years.
Bard: You’ve really lived it, Ken! Again, I say, you are truly an inspiration. What are you up to these days?

Ken: As I mentioned, I’m very happily partnered off now and living in Ontario, Canada. I still maintain regular contact with Kid Leopard, and Scottish bad boy – Ian Nesbitt. I love visiting the BG East website to keep up with the latest news, faces, and tanned, muscular bodies of the wrestlers. I wonder if they know how truly lucky they are to be welcomed through the gates of the BG East wrestling home.

Bard: Any of the BG East boys that have come along after you that you’d like to get your hands on?

Ken and I have some plans to pick up where
Blaze left off, with Mr. Joshua captured
in the corner

Ken: Hmmm. That’s a tough one! Well, I sure wouldn’t mind goin’ one-on-one with Mr. Joshua Goodman, Jobe Zander, or Brook Stetson… or, better yet, having all three of them take turns ripping me apart piece by piece! That’d be fun! Hey! What if, by some miracle, (and it’d have to be some kind of miracle), Ken Canada were to take ’em all by surprise and manage to bind all three wrestlers in the ring corners, with their legs spread wide apart, their trunks pulled down, and their bountiful junk hanging free? I’d float from big guy to big guy, squeezing, fondling, groping, licking these giants’ tantalizing packages! Now that’d be a blockbuster DVD, for sure! Then again, that’d be a lot of balls for just one guy to juggle!

Bard: I’m pulling out my wallet as we speak! And if you need a hand with all those balls, you have to call me up. I’ll take personal responsibility for working on Mr. Joshua. Any other BG East hunks that you’d like to face off against?

Ken: Come to think of it, it’d also be loads of fun playing, “What’s inside your trunks?” with The Enforcer, Magnus, Surge, Cage Thunder, and Muscle Mask. Do you see any kind of theme going on here? Masks sorta’ turn me on… big time!
Bard: You and me both, brother! Any other Ken Canada updates for your fans?

Ken: Just like the eager, underdog jobber in the BG East ring, I’m a man with great ambition! For the past year or so, I’ve been working on a novel – an exciting, suspenseful thriller about the discovery of a cancer cure. I’m also trying to finish up my first feature film script – a romantic dramedy about two brothers. I guess you can call it a “bro-mantic” dramedy”. There aren’t enough brother-bonding films out there. If I were to ask you for one right now, could you name one?

Bard: One that isn’t a homophobic mess? Hmmm… nope!

Ken: I can think of “Fred Claus”, starring Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti. I’m stuck for another, though. Whether by blood or by choice, brother-bonds are important. I have one brother by blood already, but I’ve come to realize that life has come to bless me with a small handful of other brothers, with whom I share a deep-set passion for man-to-man wrestling and more!

Bard: Well this conversation certainly gives me a feeling of strong “Ken-ship” with you! I’ve said it at least twice already, but I have to say it again before we’re done here: you are an inspiration! You’ve been incredibly generous to share your time with me and agree to let me post our interview. I can guarantee that I won’t be alone in being both entertained and inspired by your fantastic journeys in homoerotic wrestling!

Ken: Thanks again, Bard. You’re a proficient, prolific, and talented writer. I’m honored to have been asked for this interview. BG East has been an important part of my adult life. You can’t spell BG East without an “A”…or as I like to say, “an eh!” I love your blog, and I’ll remain a loyal reader/follower for as long as you write it.

Ken Canada – A Classic

Ken-dred Spirits

I’ve hardly been subtle when it comes to my keen interest in interviewing homoerotic wrestlers. Reading Joe’s awesome interviews has given me a powerful craving to sit down with the athletes that have inspired so many of my fondest erotic fantasies and find out what it’s like being on their side of the camera. My interview with reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month and favorite homoerotic wrestler (non-pornboy division), Lon Dumont, pretty much gave me a natural high for about three months earlier this year. So it’s no wonder that I was ecstatic to receive an email from classic BG East jobber and hot, hairy, über-proudly Canadian, Ken Canada.

Turns out, Ken reads neverland! He had some interesting insights to share about some of our favorite current BG East wrestlers that we might like to double-team together (watch your back, Mr. Joshua!). Ever the intrepid pseudo-journalist and homoerotic wrestling fanatic, I followed up by asking Ken if he’d be willing to give me an interview. I tried to be all cool and non-chalant about it (while silently pleading to Gaelic gods of my ancestors, who I don’t actually believe in, for him to say yes). His enthusiastic agreement gave me a shot of adrenaline that’s still pumping through my veins.

Here’s the first half of our extensive conversation about Ken Canada’s journey of self-discovery through the world of homoerotic wrestling. I’m including links to the wrestling videos that he mentions (you’re going to want to re-discover these gems!), and I’ll post the second half of the interview tomorrow. So sit back, enjoy, and if you’re at all like me, you’ll be delighted to find that Ken Canada will charm the pants off you!


BG East’s Ken Canada

Bard: Let me just say again, for the record, how thrilled and humbled I am to get to interview The Ken Canada! How did you first get involved in wrestling?

Ken: Well… I clearly recall being “turned on” to pro wrestling since the age of about twelve or thirteen. Once the matches had begun, I was mesmerized by them! Back then, the different wrestling programs had new faces (and bodies) almost every week. Mostly, the “fresh meat” came in the form of jobbers. Each week I’d be frozen in front of the tube absorbing all the images of hunky guys being tossed around, spladled, Boston Crabbed, sleepered, etc. into screaming submission. I’d loved it then…and I still love it now…even more!

Bard: Sounds like the jobbers really grabbed your attention early on.

Ken: Actually, the big, bad, muscular heels, who were occasionally “masked” (bonus!) were always my secretly erotic favorites. I loved when they’d throw handsome, muscular jobbers around the ring, suspend them over their knees and then sadistically smile, as they’d hold the poor muscle boys in sadistically agonizing “back breakers”; a hold which best displayed the jobbers’ invitingly bulging packages to the ever-voyeuristic camera and, vicariously, to the overly-horny young guys (just like me) watching from their homes.
Bard: I’m with you 100% on the perfection of a backbreaker for showing off a suffering hunk! Who were your favorites?

Ken: Among the hunk jobbers – and there’ve been so many over the years to “ogle” – Tom Zenk has always been closest to my heart…and to my more “southerly” body parts as well! Tommy Zenk’s still my all time favorite jobber. Aside from being drop dead gorgeous and having formerly held the very prestigious bodybuilding title of Mr. Minnesota, Tommy has always maintained his extraordinary body, keeping it in prime condition. Ever the consummate jobber, he also knew well which body positions he should adopt when being beaten down within the ring. While he’d be sprawled out upon on the ring floor, Z-Man excelled at “selling” feigned jobber agony by writhing about in a myriad of delightfully arousing contorted body positions – offering his audience a wide variety of sexually stimulating images, which (and thank God for VCR’s…and for the even more recent, and much better, PVR’s) they’d often tirelessly “scrotum-ize” over in private later. And so, it was via the pausing and then slow-mo forwarding of sexually arousing images of such wrestlers as Z-Man, Brad Armstrong, Steve Strong, Alex Wright, Rene Dupree, Romeo Roselli, etc. that I’d mitigated what would have otherwise been a somewhat traumatic, kicking-and-screaming eventual acceptance of my own homosexuality. These televised wrestlers became my brothers…my “Ken-dred” spirits!

Bard: I can totally identify. There’s a reason Tom Zenk in mid-dropkick is the banner image for my blog. What a fantasy man! So when did you get tuned into explicitly homoerotic wrestling?

BG East Classic: Brian Baxter

Ken: When I was about twenty-eight, I was living in downtown Toronto, Ontario. I’d become friends with a couple of gay guys who shared my obsessive passion for pro-wrestling and for how I’d naturally eroticize the family-friendly ring choreography in the televised matches. One afternoon, one of my buddies had invited me over to his place to watch a new video that he’d recently received in the mail from an erotic wrestling company out of Pembroke, Massachusetts, called, BG East Wrestling. I sat next to him transfixed upon the screen. I couldn’t believe that what had been going on inside my mind over the past twelve or more years, had actually been captured on film! It seemed surreal! This life altering match, which had effectively served to throw open my morally locked flood gates and to subsequently release the long, backed-up flood waters within me, featured Brian Baxter and the head of the BG East empire himself…Mr. Kid Leopard. It was, and still is, a wildly hot, sexually explosive match.

Bard: Superbouts 1! I’ve got that on DVD, and it’s fantastic! Baxter drips cocky, smart-ass sexuality and KL pushes every single button I’ve got. I can completely understand how that match could catalyze a burgeoning wrestling kink!

Ken: It’s awesome!!! I ‘d bought one on video years ago, but I think it’s time that I order the upgraded, DVD version myself! Before leaving my friend’s apartment, I’d written down the BG East mailing address, which appeared at the end of the video. The next evening, I wrote a short note to Kid Leopard, in which I’d asked him if he ever welcomed Canadian guys to have a shot at becoming a BG East wrestler, and I’d mailed it off to him that next morning. I guess it was about maybe ten days or two weeks later; I was home making dinner and the phone rang. It was Kid Leopard himself! I couldn’t believe it! I felt just like a “gob-smacked”, word-challenged groupie!

Bard: Holy crap! Just like that? You see your first homoerotic wrestling match and two weeks later you’re talking to The Boss of BG East?! That’s incredible! When was this?

Ken hanging out in Pembroke

Ken: I think the call came sometime in the spring of 1996. I’m pretty sure it was then, because, by the end of our conversation – which lasted over half an hour – Kid Leopard had invited me down to Pembroke, Massachusetts for the coming July Fourth weekend. He’d also invited maybe twelve or fifteen veteran BG East wrestlers from his wrestlers’ stable in order to film some hot wrestling matches in between the partying times. I’d arrived late on the Friday afternoon. I remember that my heart was racing wildly as I walked up to the front door. Now, here I was, on the doorstep of Kid Leopard’s lair and of the home of BG East. As the door opened, Kid Leopard greeted me with a big, grinning smile and a strong, wrestler’s handshake.

Bard: I know what you mean! I was there this summer, and my heart was racing when I stood there on the doorstep and KL opened the door. The BG East compound is amazing, isn’t it?

Ken: The house was magnificent. Everywhere I looked, the place dripped with tasteful elegance tempered by touches of cozy comfort. It felt like how home should feel. Within moments, I was downstairs in the Mat Room. There I was…actually standing on the BG East, black wrestling mats with their signature logo, where many young, muscular wrestling studs had lost their match, their dignity and puddles of hard- earned sweat, among other precious bodily fluids. Oh! If only those mats could talk! And then we headed back upstairs..all the way up to the uppermost floor to the BG East Ring Room! As the door to the room swung open and the ring became visible, I suddenly felt a small lump form in my throat. Wow! This is it! The mother lode! I felt just like Richard Dreyfus’ character must’ve felt in Speilberg’s, “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind”…awestruck, mesmerized, and not wanting to be anywhere else! This was it; my raison d’être. I wanted to climb up and enter that mothership of spaces and to be instantly transported up, up and away from this humdrum world. I just needed someone to pinch me in order to truly know that it was really real, and that I wasn’t just in the middle of some wonderful, but short-lived dream!

Bard: You were living a fantasy thousands of us have dreamed of!

BG East’s Sal Bruno

Ken: That next day, Saturday, I received more than a mere pinch. I was punched, slapped, stretched, spread-eagled, and had my eagerly churning baby-makers punched and squeezed repeatedly by none other than big, bulging, sexy, sadistic heel, Sal Bruno. My inaugural BG East match was up against this hunky, muscular, goatee-sporting, monster heel of a man.

Bard: Looks like that was the only BG East match Sal Bruno wrestled. He looks like he was quite a hunk! What was it like to stand there in the ring with him?

Ken: He’d just keep coming at me in the ring relentlessly! Sure. I’d asked…O.K., begged for everything that was about to be handed me. And, as the old adage goes and as I would all too soon come to learn (…and painfully so): “Be careful what you ask for!” Sal Bruno pulled no punches. He did pull my hair, though. Reciprocating proved pretty challenging though. He was/is still pretty much bald, but I have to say that bald was, and shall always most definitely be, a very sexy look on Sal!

Ken Canada’s introduction to BG East wrestling 

Bard: Some of my favorite wrestlers are bald. What was your game plan against him?

Ken: So, failing at any attempts to strike back at the big lug by means of hair pulling, I was forced to resort to a more accessible target: the big, blue elephant in the room… Sal’s massive bulge. That was to be my intended target… prominent, hard to miss, and it appeared to grow even larger with every passing moment of our match! It was kinda’ exciting being trapped beneath Sal’s massive, sweaty bulge, though. OK, I have to admit that most of my protests to the contrary were merely weak attempts at acting like I was feeling humiliated or abused. Truth be known, I loved every moment that this big, hunky heel’s swollen, blue basket was pressed into/onto my face; covering and smothering my nose and mouth so that all I could breath and taste was Sal’s intoxicating man scent! (Ohhh, YEAHHHHHH! )

Bard: Oh my God. I may have to take a break here. This is turning me on! Oh, fuck it. I want to hear more…

Ken: The next night, I was to experience yet another unbelievably wonderful wrestling dream: BG East’s first ever oil-wrestling orgy in which every body part of every BG East wrestler who’d been there that weekend had been slathered up with oil and then thrown into the hot, writhing fray. Kid Leopard had called it, “Wrestlefest 1,” and all I can remember about having been part of it, is how I’ve never experienced anything even remotely close to the raunchy thrills I was experiencing in the BG East ring on that magical evening.

Ken Canada right where he belongs: the the middle of BG East’s Battle R’Oil 

Bard: The Wrestlefest Battle R’Oil!!! What an insanely hot scenario! That match was a veritable who’s who of classic BG East fantasymen. Dark Rogers, Ian Nesbitt, DW, Shane McCall… if I’m not mistaken, it looks like you were having an insanely good time slathered in oil. Was it even half as over-the-top sexy as it looks?

Ken and his brothers-in-wrestling

Ken: On DVD, it looks hot, but believe me…actually being a part of it was ten times hotter! The arousing feeling of all those hot, slippery muscular bodies making full contact with each other, with many strong, curious hands eagerly reaching into each other’s bulging, oil-dripping spandex is unlike anything you’ve ever even dreamed of experiencing! And to add to the raunchiness, Kid Leopard had chosen to dim the room lights. Ahhhhhhh…Ohhhhh! Yeahhhhh! On my final night there, the film, “Independence Day” had just opened in the theaters, and I’d asked if we could all go as a group to see it. The film was a lot of fun, but what I’d most enjoyed that evening in that darkened theater was the feeling of being nestled next to my wrestling idols and newfound “brothers;” sharing something which went far beyond a movie – it felt almost as if I’d found a place in a second family which, up until that weekend, I didn’t even know I’d had. From a small group of like-minded, beautiful men who had, on that weekend, assembled in Pembroke, Massachusetts from all over the world, I’d made wonderful new friends, with whom I’ll be forever brothers in wrestling!

Bard: What a heart-warming image, picturing you all hanging out together and taking in a movie.

Ken: Yeah, I felt like I was sitting around the dinner table at the Walton’s house. “Good night, John Boy!”