Year in Review – 2nd Favorite Moment of 2011

I knew with complete certainty back in February what one of my most favorite moments of this year would be. Lon Dumont contacted me right around the New Year, thanking me for my “kind words” about him here at neverland. Barely daring to hope, I broached the topic of possibly granting me an interview. I was ecstatic when he said that he’d be happy to do so!

Lon Dumont – A Fan Favorite

It took us a while to arrange the details. Two busy schedules. Two different time zones. But when I finally sat down to chat with my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler (non-pornboy division) and current homoerotic wrestler of the month, it was like reconnecting with an old friend. Lon was playful and charming. He took my star struck praise in stride. He offered some keen insights into the secrets of his wrestling success, born out of a prior career in indy pro and a flat out superior intellect. Lon was self-effacing in a way that sucked me in, and then cocky as hell in just that way that blows me away every time I see him climb into the ring and weave his mind games on his outmatched opponents.

In the ring, Lon is all business.

When I raised the topic of being an object of passionate lust from a cadre of homoerotic wrestling kink fans, Lon’s libertarian spirit shined through endearingly. “I’m just glad I can make somebody happy,” he concluded, summing up his attitude about being adored as a hardbodied homoerotic wrestler. Needless to say, my interview with Lon Dumont, like every second I’ve seen him in the ring, made me wildly happy and cemented itself as one of my most favorite moments of the year while there were still 10 months worth of moments yet to experience.

Lon Dumont is making somebody (me!) very happy.

I enjoyed a string of personal contacts with several homoerotic wrestlers this year, each one of them sending my heart racing with excitement. Frankly, most of them happened in back channels, and the wrestlers in question, while gracious and engaging, preferred not to have our exchanges quoted on the pages of this blog. While I won’t violate anyone’s confidence (and this is a MAJOR priority throughout all aspects of my life), I will divulge the undeniable fact that I have yet to communicate with a homoerotic wrestler who is anything other than gracious, appreciative of this fans, and that much sexier for it in my book.

Rugged Action

In September I enjoyed the opportunity to pick the brain of yet another wrestling kink artist, the creator of the Rugged Action homoerotic wrestling comic, Dan. Just like with Lon, Dan was downright gracious and delightful to interview. Chatting with Dan was like opening Christmas presents: I didn’t know exactly what to expect with each question I asked, but as he unwrapped his responses and reflections, each one was more delightful than the last. I curse the gods that I have absolutely no talent with visual arts, but this absence of talent on my part makes me only that much more grateful and inspired by Dan’s art. His translation of homoerotic wrestling into comic art is entirely sufficient to get me off any day of the week. It speaks to exactly my wrestling kink, and discovering several places where the development of Dan’s passion for wrestling overlaps with my own biography explains a lot, I think. Our creative talents may lie in different arenas, but we share plenty of inspiration in what fires up our erotic imaginations.

Ken Canada day dreams about climbing into the ring with
hot, hard hunks.

This year was capped off with a completely unexpected and hot interview with the handsome BG East classic jobber, Ken Canada. Out of the blue, Ken dropped me a few notes to let me know that my infatuation with Joshua Goodman’s package (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!) is something that we share in common.  I quickly followed up with an interview request, and not only was Ken up for it, he was eloquent, eager even, in sharing both his memories of his jobber days at BG East as well as his ongoing lust for homoerotic wrestling. And just like with Dan, I found myself finding all sorts of unexpected overlap between my personal history and Ken’s account of discovering the joys of homoerotic wrestling.

I know that not all homoerotic wrestlers care to go “on the record” for a fan interview. The declines I’ve received have been gracious but firm. But I hope to snag more interviews in 2012, getting to know more of the homoerotic wrestlers that inspire, provoke, and drive us to heights of ecstasy!

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