Year in Review – Favorite Moment of 2011

It’ll come as no surprise to regular readers that my favorite moment of this year was my pilgrimage to BG East.  Work sent me to Boston for several weeks in the hottest, nastiest part of the summer. Despite the weather, I enjoyed the opportunity to visit a couple of the holy sites, including Club Paradise where classic BG East oil matches were taped, and the old spot across the street from Fenway Park where Live at Metro was taped.

Club Paradise hosted some seriously sexy oil wrestling back in the day.

As exciting as it was tracking down sites of homoerotic wrestling significance in Boston, nothing came close to the thrill of spending an afternoon at BG East headquarters just outside of Boston with The Boss, Kid Leopard himself, and the boys of BG East.

The Boss was a generous host.

I was in awe as I was treated to a tour of the facilities that I recognized from years of watching BG East wrestling. The Wrestle Shack, the Gazebo, the Backyard… strolling the grounds had me seeing visions of some of the classic scenes of outdoor wrestling that I cherish in my homoerotic wrestling library.

Homage to the minds and bodies that make wrestling erotic.

The tour indoors was even more titillating. The Boss walked me down to the gym and the Mat Room. My heart pounded to set foot on the mats where so much sexy, sweaty action had taken place. Awestruck, I studied every inch of the place to try to cement this moment in my memory.

The BG East Ring Room left me speechless!

Climbing up to the top floor of the BG East headquarters, my heart pumped hardest when Jonny Firestorm and Kid Vicious joined the tour as The Boss welcomed me to the Ring Room.  Seeing the wrestling ring where so much homoerotic wrestling that I’ve enjoyed so passionately has taken place was nearly an out of body experience for me.

The brains and brawn that is BG East

What stays with me most profoundly as I look back on a remarkable, thrilling year in homoerotic wrestling fanaticism is the pleasure of sharing time with people who share this passion for wrestling.  The boys at BG East were delightful, hospitable and generous. They cracked me up with their sharp witted senses of humor. These guys live and eat homoerotic wrestling. The walls are literally covered with wrestling inspiration. They eagerly debated with me the state of the industry and the impact of evolving technology. They described the challenge of supplying homoerotic wrestling entertainment for such diverse, opinionated, eagerly engaged fans of wrestling kink. I got the scoop that we’ll be seeing more of homoerotic wrestling icon Brad Rochelle. I sat down right next to Kid Leopard himself to scroll through hundreds of photos of, at that point, unreleased wrestling matches, studying the hot images and discussing wrestlers, venues and gear.

It’s wrestling everywhere you look at BG East!

As I think about it, all of my most favorite moments this year were all about people.  This was a fantastic year for me to be a homoerotic wrestling fan because of so many opportunities to enjoy getting to know a little more personally some headliner wrestlers, producers and artists. It was an awesome year to collaborate with co-authors and compare tastes with fellow fans and bloggers. 2011 was full of fun and games of the hottest variety, and I hope for nothing but more of the same for all fans of homoerotic wrestling in the year to come. See you in 2012, my friends!

3 thoughts on “Year in Review – Favorite Moment of 2011

  1. Happy New Year, Bard! I hate to gush in public, but I don't think you realize how important this blog's being here has been for me this past year. Thank you.

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