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Joshua Goodman up close and personal with Troy Baker’s bulges in Mat Hunks 4

Taking a brief break from the heavy diet of reviews I’ve been dishing out, today I’m lingering a bit on that supremely homoerotic wrestling hold, face-to-crotch headscissors.

Chip Slater has a love/hate relationship with his face in Patrick Donovan’s crotch in Undagear 5

I’m sure I’ve mused about this hold before, but I’m too lazy to look it up.  So I’ll probably repeat myself when I say that my heart pumps harder in my chest when a straight forward pro wrestling story suddenly introduces face-to-crotch scissors. If you buy that all of pro wrestling can easily be read as an extended homoerotic innuendo, face-to-crotch sort of slaps down the implied erotic subtext and steps at least one toe over the line into straight up homoerotic text.

Mitch Colby is about to pop with Cole Cassidy trapped between his thighs in Ringwars 15

How wrestlers carry it off, of course, can significantly add to eroticism. I suppose it’s possible to snap your thighs around another man’s head with that up close look at your balls in his face and it be solely about punishment and wrestling victory. But I love watching a wrestler snap shut that bear trap and then enjoy it, openly, luxuriantly, expansively. When someone on the delivery side of this hold pumps his glutes and shoves his hips forward with a little enthusiasm, when he milks the moment with pulsing flexed muscles beating out a morse code of agony from the gasping grunts of his opponent, when he stares down his own hot body and smiles at the sight of his opponent owned and getting primed for sucking cock, when he closes his eyes and leans his head way, way back and that look of an impending orgasm washes across his face, there’s nothing coded about this. This is hot, homoerotic wrestling gold.

Rick the Prick looks like he’s struck gold with Joshua Goodman’s legendary bulge in his face in Ringwars 12

The catcher can certainly connect the dots as well. Regardless of who ends up on top after all is said and done, I love it when a captured hunk’s eyes roam hungrily up and down his captors body above him. He doesn’t need to, but if he stretches his hands up and strokes those crushing thighs, the rippling abs, stretching so far as to palm the bulging pecs of his tormentor, it conveys what I’m silently thinking deep inside at that moment. A smothered grappler doesn’t have to, but if he’s man enough to nuzzle the balls bearing down on his face, fuck, maybe even open wide and give the trickster’s treats a hearty lick, it just puts the exclamation point on what this hold conveys from the start: wrestling persistently implies homoerotic intimacy.

Charlie Evans makes the most of the rare standing face-to-crotch headscissors at the mercy of Steel Muscle God in Oil Hunks 8 (MDW)

When the camera angles and storytelling are just right, face-to-crotch headscissors shine a spotlight on one man’s bulging package, bringing his entire, tasty physique into the mix, making even that swelling muscle of passion a part of the corporal domination of another man.  For me, it isn’t even so much about the oral sexual implications, as much as it signals that every magnificent inch of a wrestler’s hot body is engaged in dominating his opponent. Hell, when wrestling companies choose to transition from explicit wrestling to explicit sex, I typically push rewind. Because what’s getting me off is the homoeroticism of the wrestling, not the wrestling as foreplay for sex.

Rio Garza cannot handle Aryx Quinn in BG’s Bad Boys

I suppose it isn’t such a far distance between why I’m such a fan of face-to-crotch headscissors as I am a fanatic for my favorite pro wrestling hold, the over-the-knee backbreaker. Both draw my eye to one wrestler’s bulging package. Both center the frame on the outline of a bulging cock and the ballast of balls. Both seem ripe with the erotic potential marrying gay sensibilities and a pro wrestling kink. Both make my pulse pound in anticipation of what happens next to, or with, or on behalf of one wrestler’s swollen pipe.

So much erotic passion led up to this moment of Mitch Colby smothered by Brook Stetson’s sweaty pouch in Sunshine Shooters 4.

I sometimes find it ironic that this blog attracts so many visitors thanks to the still frames I include, because it’s the story in and around any one captured slice of time in a wrestling match that tantalizes and titillates me. It’s not any one frozen image that becomes the perfect muse to my erotic imagination, but the drama played out in motion, the slow contraction of muscles, the arching agony in a lower back, the quivering pouch, the writhing feet futilely kicking the mat. I’ve lately talked in terms of “the moneyshot,” meaning that moment in a match at which point I’m likely to climax, but that moment is about the 1,600 seconds before that led up to that moment, the deepening jeopardy of one man, the swelling confidence of another, the bodies growing wet with sweat over time, the veins swelling and pumping harder with blood from the effort and the adrenaline of competition. I get off plenty to face-to-crotch headscissors, but I’m never just getting off to face-to-crotch headscissors.

Kid Brock’s face swallowed whole between Blazes gargantuan thighs in Rainbow Restlers 2

If there is one valuable analog of face-to-crotch headscissors,  I think its the comfort a wrestling company has with the homoerotic eye of their gay audience. In scanning for face-to-crotch headscissors images across several platforms for this post, I found them concentrated in just a couple producers’ catalogs. And I think they play a part in direct proportion to how explicitly companies market to those of us in the audience tuning in and ponying up because we are sexually turned on by wrestling. Of course, face-to-crotch headscissors aren’t the only way of crossing the line from homoerotic subtext to homoerotic text. Hell, they probably aren’t even the best way. But from a strictly correlational perspective, I think they show up in proportion to how much I (at least) perceive of a producer as appreciative of and comfortable with me, as a gay man, watching their wrestling products as a means of sexual gratification.

So much sexual gratification when Logan Vaughn milks Trey Dixon into whimpering obedience in Florida Fights 5

So probably a close second as my favorite wrestling hold is face-to-crotch headscissors, because when they’re done wrong, they can reveal a whole host of troubled self-hatred bubbling beneath a veneer of nohomo bravado, but when they’re done right, I feel respected as a gay wrestling fan, drawn into the intimacy of homoerotic combat, and turned on hard.

Kid Vicious puts his swelling cock where Niku Samir’s face is in Motel Madness UK 5

Thursday Thighs

I am a vegetarian, but that doesn’t stop me from loving big, juicy, meaty thighs. For no other reason than a absolute adoration of alliteration, here are a sample of some of the juiciest homoerotic wrestler quads that come to my mind in order to celebrate Thursday Thighs.

BG East’s Tyrell Tomsen
Can-Am’s Steve Sterling




BG East (and Thunder’s Arena’s) Braden Charron
Naked Kombat’s Race Cooper
BG East’s Mike Columbo
Can-Am’s Jungle Stud



BG East’s Cole Cassidy
Can-Am’s Johnny Olson
BG East’s Jeff Phoenix
Can-Am’s Troy Lucas
BG East’s Blaze
Can-Am’s Philippe Nicolas

Ken-dred Spirits, Continued

Chatting with Ken Canada, one of BG East’s classic, handsome jobbers, was truly a delight! I hope that Ken’s enthusiasm and damn sweet earnestness come through, because they’re awfully charming. My conversation with Ken continued from where I left off in yesterday’s post, with me asking about Ken’s other BG East matches after he wrestled Sal Bruno and in Wrestlefest 1’s Battle R’Oil.


BG East’s Ken Canada and his strategically placed Maple Leaf
[…interview continued from yesterday...]

Bard: And, needless to say, the image of you sliding around in the middle of the Battle R’Oil is warming a different part of my body. Any other BG East wrestling memories that stick out for you?

Ken: On that first visit in the summer of 1996, on the same weekend as I’d wrestled in the Battle R’Oil, I’d also wrestled Jett Larson and Ian Nesbitt in two separate matches. Jett is a handsome, nicely put together lad and one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. Ian is a real sweetheart too; witty, clever, and…while wrestling in a skimpy speedo…he’s raunchy as hell!

Ian Nesbitt sets the pace in his match with Ken from Wrestlefest 1

Bard: Ian is another classic favorite of mine, and in no small part due to his being “raunchy as hell!” The Scottish accent also makes me weak in the knees. If I’m not mistaken, you wrestled a couple of the other early BG East icons as well, right?

Ken: On my second visit to the BG East estate, around 1997, it was while the comet, Hale-bop was slicing its way through the heavens above, a welcomed harbinger of victory in the ring or an ominous omen of disaster for me? Hmmmm. Time would tell. That weekend, I tangled with Kid Vicious in a hot ring match, and then, the next afternoon, with TNT Horrigan down in the BG East basement on the cool, black mats in the Mat Room. Kid Vicious is a veteran wrestler who knows all the right moves, and all the dirty illegal ones, too. TNT Horrigan is another veteran BG East rassler who knows how to get his opponent into a hold which soon has him screaming like a little girl. I’m not saying that that was the case in our mat match, but I can’t deny that he had me in agony with a couple of his expertly applied submission holds.

KV makes Ken hurt so good in Ringwars 4

Bard: You’ve simply got an incredible wrestling pedigree! I haven’t seen a few of your matches, but that will soon be rectified. I imagine that, years later, some people might second-guess being immortalized as a homoerotic wrestling gladiator. As you look back, do you have any regrets?

Ken: Both times I went to Pembroke to wrestle, I boldly went where few men have gone before: into the BG East ring or onto the BG East mats up against bigger, stronger, more skilled wrestlers. But I can honestly say that I’ve absolutely no regrets for having done so. I’ve always held onto the belief that you just gotta’ grab life by the balls and yank life around until it gives! I apply this same philosophy to wrestling. Whenever I’d find myself trapped in a hold of which I could see no immediate escape, I’d always go for the ever-vulnerable bulge. Hell! If it didn’t do the trick, at least I’d have had the pleasure of having squeezed the other guy’s man-jewels in my horny hand and of seeing that hot, sudden look of utter agony splash over his cocky face. YEAHHHH! Now that’s what does it for me! Dirty moves or not, whatever it takes to get the other guy to say, “I give! I give!”… I’m right there!

Bard: You are an inspiration to me, Ken. I hope to embrace life, wrestle it to the mat, and crank on it by the short hairs with as much abandon as you have! Do you stay in touch with any of your brothers-in-wrestling?

“Raunchy as hell” Scottish grappler,
Ian Nesbitt

Ken: I do still stay in touch with Kid Leopard and Ian Nesbitt. Even before our Wrestlefest 1 wrestling match on that 1996, July fourth weekend, Ian and I had established an instant connection, as soon as we’d met each other on that Friday afternoon. Behind his rough ‘n tough, alter ego of Ian Nesbitt – Glasgow’s infamous street gang leader – Ian’s a very funny, intelligent, articulate man who also happens to be a great writer too! Kid Leopard and I have a different sort of connection; spiritual, yet still centered upon man-to-man, erotic wrestling. We’d come to terms with our own individual wrestling obsessions via very similar routes. I look upon wrestling as being a key part of the very core of who I am. When puberty decided to kick in, I’d imprinted wrestling upon it to such a degree that for me, sex and wrestling had become synonymous… an inexplicable and inextricable morphing of the two dissimilar entities. Kid Leopard and I are also connected by birthdays too; his falls exactly one week after mine. I write him every March 15th just to make him smile or (hopefully) laugh. He’s invited me down to his place in Florida several times, and with the colder weather now starting to creep in, I may soon take him up on his kind offer.

Bard: Did you keep wrestling after your stint on camera with BG East?

TNT demonstrates his expertise in his match
with Ken in Submission 6

Ken: Oh yeah! I’d joined a gay wrestling group in Toronto who met up weekly for arranged matches in a free space replete with wrestling mats and even showers! There was no sexual activity allowed in these matches (damn it!) , but it was a fantastic opportunity to meet other guys of like mind and body, with whom any manner of relationship would be totally free to blossom later on. My friend -“Mike” – who’d introduced me to BG East by way of his videos, had invited me over to his apartment one summer evening to be tossed around by a big, lean, handsome, closeted, wannabe heel wrestler named “Paul.” Paul had been looking to wrestle against a local smaller jobber who’d be up to being lifted, carried, tossed, pinned, stretched, groin-grabbed…well…you know…all the really good stuff! Was I up for his exquisite abuse? Hell ya!!! I’d nicknamed him, “Paul Bun-yon.” And although he was indeed a very ruggedly handsome, broad-shouldered, towering giant of a man, it was his squeezable, bitable, tight, rock hard buns which really did it for me! I wanted to get totally lost in between those magnificent glutes of his, but had to settle for being trapped in endless body and head scissors holds between those massive, muscular gams of his! I’d ended up wrestling Paul only twice more after that first wonderful night. He had a partner who didn’t care much for wrestling. A couple weeks later, Paul had actually said to me that were it to happen that I should run into the two of them walking the streets of Toronto, to walk right past he and his partner and to not acknowledge him!

Bard: Damn. That’s cold.

Ken: Painful though it was to do, after he’d said this to me, I declined his request to meet up and wrestle with him again. I’ll always have those great memories of being scooped up by this 6’3″ giant, being body slammed to the mat and then slowly climbing up his gym-sculpted body, and lingering at his invitingly growing basket. Yeah…being a big heel wrestler and male nurse’s secret jobber call boy was a wonderful, though short-lived experience…and one which I’ll never forget.

Bard: Has being a BG East wrestler affected your personal relationships?

Inside and outside the ring, sometimes
we all need to take a good beating.

Ken: My partner has known all about my ties with BG East since the beginning of our relationship. He’s watched all five of my matches and is totally great with the fact that wrestling turns me on. He’s not into erotic wrestling himself, and I fully respect that; just as he respects my interest in it. We’re not together solely based upon our similarities. Our interesting differences help to bind us as well. Nobody wants to partner off with an ass-kissing, yes-man. I really believe that deep down, we all want and need an honest counterpart, someone who’ll awaken our conscience and bring us to our senses by figuratively slapping the stupidity out of us whenever we’ve stubbornly dug our heels into the ground, just to avoid bruising our ego! I’ve been “slapped” many times…and I’m a better man for it!

Bard: Sounds like you’ve found a real keeper there! Congratulations! Even though your partner isn’t into erotic wrestling, there’s something awfully hot about him sitting down and watching Ken Canada’s greatest hits. And it sounds like you’ve definitely remained immersed in wrestling.

Ken: I’d also wrestled at Hillside Campground in The Endless Mountains, Pennsylvania. I’d only gone there one time, and I believe that it was only the third anniversary of the gay wrestlers’ campground having been established. Since then, Hillside has grown incredibly larger, welcoming many more wrestlers than in the year when I had gone. It was amazing! I highly recommend camping there. I guarantee that you’ll be “pitching a tent” – if not overhead, well then most certainly in your wrestling trunks/speedo. The campground also offers all campers access to their great in-ground swimming pool. The guys are really, really friendly…and really, really hot, too! Go! Enjoy yourself! While there, I’d met a wonderful bearded lawyer/wrestler named “John” from Washington D.C.. I regret having lost touch with him over these past years.
Bard: You’ve really lived it, Ken! Again, I say, you are truly an inspiration. What are you up to these days?

Ken: As I mentioned, I’m very happily partnered off now and living in Ontario, Canada. I still maintain regular contact with Kid Leopard, and Scottish bad boy – Ian Nesbitt. I love visiting the BG East website to keep up with the latest news, faces, and tanned, muscular bodies of the wrestlers. I wonder if they know how truly lucky they are to be welcomed through the gates of the BG East wrestling home.

Bard: Any of the BG East boys that have come along after you that you’d like to get your hands on?

Ken and I have some plans to pick up where
Blaze left off, with Mr. Joshua captured
in the corner

Ken: Hmmm. That’s a tough one! Well, I sure wouldn’t mind goin’ one-on-one with Mr. Joshua Goodman, Jobe Zander, or Brook Stetson… or, better yet, having all three of them take turns ripping me apart piece by piece! That’d be fun! Hey! What if, by some miracle, (and it’d have to be some kind of miracle), Ken Canada were to take ’em all by surprise and manage to bind all three wrestlers in the ring corners, with their legs spread wide apart, their trunks pulled down, and their bountiful junk hanging free? I’d float from big guy to big guy, squeezing, fondling, groping, licking these giants’ tantalizing packages! Now that’d be a blockbuster DVD, for sure! Then again, that’d be a lot of balls for just one guy to juggle!

Bard: I’m pulling out my wallet as we speak! And if you need a hand with all those balls, you have to call me up. I’ll take personal responsibility for working on Mr. Joshua. Any other BG East hunks that you’d like to face off against?

Ken: Come to think of it, it’d also be loads of fun playing, “What’s inside your trunks?” with The Enforcer, Magnus, Surge, Cage Thunder, and Muscle Mask. Do you see any kind of theme going on here? Masks sorta’ turn me on… big time!
Bard: You and me both, brother! Any other Ken Canada updates for your fans?

Ken: Just like the eager, underdog jobber in the BG East ring, I’m a man with great ambition! For the past year or so, I’ve been working on a novel – an exciting, suspenseful thriller about the discovery of a cancer cure. I’m also trying to finish up my first feature film script – a romantic dramedy about two brothers. I guess you can call it a “bro-mantic” dramedy”. There aren’t enough brother-bonding films out there. If I were to ask you for one right now, could you name one?

Bard: One that isn’t a homophobic mess? Hmmm… nope!

Ken: I can think of “Fred Claus”, starring Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti. I’m stuck for another, though. Whether by blood or by choice, brother-bonds are important. I have one brother by blood already, but I’ve come to realize that life has come to bless me with a small handful of other brothers, with whom I share a deep-set passion for man-to-man wrestling and more!

Bard: Well this conversation certainly gives me a feeling of strong “Ken-ship” with you! I’ve said it at least twice already, but I have to say it again before we’re done here: you are an inspiration! You’ve been incredibly generous to share your time with me and agree to let me post our interview. I can guarantee that I won’t be alone in being both entertained and inspired by your fantastic journeys in homoerotic wrestling!

Ken: Thanks again, Bard. You’re a proficient, prolific, and talented writer. I’m honored to have been asked for this interview. BG East has been an important part of my adult life. You can’t spell BG East without an “A”…or as I like to say, “an eh!” I love your blog, and I’ll remain a loyal reader/follower for as long as you write it.

Ken Canada – A Classic