Paris.  Sigh.

In the face of gross inhumanity, and particularly in the face of religious hyper morality imposed on everyone else, I’m reminded that being gay, adoring homoerotic wrestling, putting all that out there and letting others in the world know that we’re not alone… all of that is a political expression of liberty. In the spirit of loving on the French, let me just acknowledge a few of the Frenchmen I’ve adored.

One of the most wonderful one-hit wonder in homoerotic wrestling history, Philippe Nicolas.
Not a wrestler, but Francis Benfatto almost certainly deserves his own chapter in my “What Turned Me Gay” chronicles. Most handsome, beautifully proportioned bodybuilder ever.
Golden beauty Damiano is one of my top favorite from the French wrestling producer Wrestlers & Lutteurs.
Damien & Fabrice swear at each other in French and I cum.

Speaking of cum, French beefcake Luc Bonay seems to milk everyone he wrestles.
Another one-hit wonder that I truly enjoyed was Deni Dupuis’ playful, hotly amorous motel romp against Ty Garrison.
And what ever happened to smoking hot Nic Letellier after big Iain Scott got a hold of him?

Thursday Thighs

I am a vegetarian, but that doesn’t stop me from loving big, juicy, meaty thighs. For no other reason than a absolute adoration of alliteration, here are a sample of some of the juiciest homoerotic wrestler quads that come to my mind in order to celebrate Thursday Thighs.

BG East’s Tyrell Tomsen
Can-Am’s Steve Sterling




BG East (and Thunder’s Arena’s) Braden Charron
Naked Kombat’s Race Cooper
BG East’s Mike Columbo
Can-Am’s Jungle Stud



BG East’s Cole Cassidy
Can-Am’s Johnny Olson
BG East’s Jeff Phoenix
Can-Am’s Troy Lucas
BG East’s Blaze
Can-Am’s Philippe Nicolas

Where My Mind Is

The insanity in my life continues, so I’ll keep the text brief around here for a while. What’s on my mind right now, however, is inspired by the rising mercury and the sun worshippers crawling onto the grass at the local parks in my normally sun-starved corner of the world. Yes, it’s all about legs, my friends. Bit, tasty, bulging, thick, defined, powerful legs are turning me on at every turn these days.
So here are just a few of the most notable legs firing up my homoerotic wrestling imagination. First, start with this mouthwatering image from BG East’s Wrestle Revenge.  Typically, I think of Z-Man’s opponents as the luckiest sons of bitches on the planet. The opportunity to pound and squeeze his painfully pretty muscle body, beating the living shit out of him and bringing the grinning prettyboy to his knees has fantasy material written all over it. But in this case, it’s a humiliated, suffering, completely helpless Z-Man who I’m thinking is the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet. Because if you’re going to get nearly suffocated, trapped high between an opponent’s thighs and choking on the monster cock and balls shoved in your face, there’s just nobody I think I’d rather take that ride with than chiseled, gorgeous Tyrell Tomsen and his sculpted tree trunks.  But there are some runner ups who might give my fantasy a run for its money.  I’d love to see Z-Man lined up and shoved in a deeply intimate face-to-crotch head scissors just like this from a lovely receiving line of massively muscled legs, just so I could make a direct comparison.

For example, Can-Am’s recent rookie Tyler Saint James. From what I’ve seen of him so far, he can’t wrestle for shit. But I’d pay an added surcharge to watch him lean back against a corner turnbuckle with Z-Man’s head pretty much disappearing between those mountainous thighs of Tyler’s.

Give me a time machine and an extra bottle of baby oil, and I’d hand over a testicle to watch iconic babyface muscle boy Johnny Olson clamp those bodybuilder legs of his around Z-Man’s head and yank on Z’s hair until he’s slid the playgirl model’s nose right between his balls.
Again, it’d take a time machine (unless he’s still lifting those weights and swinging that pipe), but one-hit fantasyman who inspired countless explosive climaxes in me, Philippe Nicolas, would threaten my grip on sanity to squeeze those picture-perfect heads of his quads with Z’s face trapped between them. Just a couple minutes of dick whipping and I’d be hopelessly certifiable.

Underwear and swimwear models are populating my typical surf sites these days. Male models, even fitness boys, can tend to have relatively skinny legs. While there’s nothing wrong with lean, powerful, slender legs, I’ve got a hard spot for thick, powerful, beefy thighs. Happily, there are a few fitness models selling minuscule quantities of highly stretchable fabric who also show of gorgeous, bulging legs.  Slide Z’s face between these quads and lets hear this Brazilian fitness boy muffle the playgirl model’s screams with his sweetly bulging crotch.

Again, better yet, let’s see Matt Schiermeier (who could’ve competed for a shot at the Producer’s Ring Secretarial Pool a couple of years ago) with his veiny, granite carved tree trunks locked around Z’s head with Matt’s uncovered cock resting across Z’s forehead!

This shot of Todd Sanfield inspires in me the image of Z’s noggin’ trapped between Todd’s shiny, naked hamstrings, with Todd driving Z’s forehead into the floor, repeatedly, poundingly, until the Z-Man goes limp.  Follow that up with Todd pinning Z-Man’s face with Todd’s mouthful of a cock, and I’m driven insane once again.

Finally, I don’t know who the hell this Greek god actually is, but this pretty much sums up my attitude about the arrival of warmth and sunshine these days. This is what Z-Man should be seeing, as he rouses from getting choked out cold with this superhuman’s cock stuffed down his throat and his thighs crushing Z’s temples. Fantasies ignited by late spring sunshine… carry on.

Asses Named

So how did you do with yesterday’s installment of “Name That Ass?” These are 4 of the very top tier favorite asses in homoerotic wrestling, for my tastes. Wait. Did I say 4!? Yes, yes indeed. I’m am the sort of teacher that throws in trick questions.
Ass #1:
You got that one, right? This was from relatively early in Brad’s homoerotic wrestling career, with his body majorly chiseled and tanned, and with glutes of steel. His opponent here in Ultra Fight 2 is hottie Scottie Williams, who is also a major daddy turn-on for me. My favorite part of Scott’s body: that fantastically hot, hard, hairy chest.
Ass #2:
As so often happens, I’d pulled up Brett’s ass moments before I saw that Joe had posted an homage to Brett Mycles over at Ringside at Skull Island. I swear, my subconscious and Joe’s have got to have a time-share together somewhere. These particular shots of Brett’s incomparable muscle ass come from his Wrestler for Hire match against Tony Z.
Ass #4… (this was the tricky one):

True enough, this was a trick question, with Brad showing up twice in this week’s game. But there’s so much Brad goodness to go around, and there are just never too many angles to admire on his legendary homoerotic wrestling physique. The shot  of his bare glutes, aided by KL giving beaten Brad a nasty wedgie, come from Brad’s Contract 3 match-up with then teacher’s pet, Aryx Quinn.
Ass #4:
For admirers of Chris’ shapely, round glutes (like me), you’ve got to own his big “comeback” match against the pit bull that is Cole Cassidy in Demolition 10. Cole obliterates the laws of physics with his torturous assault on the fabric of Chris’ trunks. Chris’ ass is wedgied so high I think you can catch a glimpse of those red trunks if you look closely down his throat when he’s screaming in pain. My last clue, that this hunk can speak Spanish, was a little naughty of me. You probably don’t think of Chris, first and foremost, as a Spanish-speaker. But I love the reveal of this trivial little detail in Chris’ mat match over at Can-Am against Mexican male model, Rio Garza for Hollywood Mat Battle 1. At one point, Chris unleashes some Spanish on Rio’s ass in between falls. Rio looks confused, like he’s not sure whether he should answer back in Spanish. Chris taunts him, and I’m in love with this bilingual homoerotic wrestling hunk veteran that much more!
And speaking of bilingual… Ass #5:
… was apparently not bilingual at all: Philippe Nicolas.
This hard bodybuilder appeared in exactly one match for Can-Am, Wolff’s World, and that’s exactly what it took to make me a desperate fanatic. Good God, that man’s body is unbelievably gorgeous. Handsome as hell. Muscles for days. Full-on naked wrestling in his one and only homoerotic wrestling outing. He dishes out some intensity as well as he takes it from another icon, Mark Wolff. It’s a tragedy of epic proportions that Philippe was a one-hit-wonder. Ah, but still, what a mind-numbing, sexy wonder he was.
No one played on line, but I hope you were playing along at home. Still, no one gets any gold stars or smiley faces, because you forgot to show your work. Keep studying. There will be more quizzes for you to show your stuff.