Paris.  Sigh.

In the face of gross inhumanity, and particularly in the face of religious hyper morality imposed on everyone else, I’m reminded that being gay, adoring homoerotic wrestling, putting all that out there and letting others in the world know that we’re not alone… all of that is a political expression of liberty. In the spirit of loving on the French, let me just acknowledge a few of the Frenchmen I’ve adored.

One of the most wonderful one-hit wonder in homoerotic wrestling history, Philippe Nicolas.
Not a wrestler, but Francis Benfatto almost certainly deserves his own chapter in my “What Turned Me Gay” chronicles. Most handsome, beautifully proportioned bodybuilder ever.
Golden beauty Damiano is one of my top favorite from the French wrestling producer Wrestlers & Lutteurs.
Damien & Fabrice swear at each other in French and I cum.

Speaking of cum, French beefcake Luc Bonay seems to milk everyone he wrestles.
Another one-hit wonder that I truly enjoyed was Deni Dupuis’ playful, hotly amorous motel romp against Ty Garrison.
And what ever happened to smoking hot Nic Letellier after big Iain Scott got a hold of him?

Reader’s Choice – Gabriel Ross

John and I had an interesting sidebar conversation about the results of this month’s reader’s choice poll to pick the sexiest Brit on the BG East roster. Hands down, sexy, smoldering, cherubic sex fighter Gabriel Ross came out on top. It’s not as if it’s difficult to see the appeal.

Reader’s Choice – Sexiest British BG East wrestler: Gabriel Ross

Gabriel is physically breathtaking. Particularly fans into the barely legal side of the spectrum (typically not me, but I get it) would obviously be drawn to petite Gabriel. At a slender 5’4″ tall, he looks painfully young and immaculately innocent. A few seconds into a Gabriel Ross match and you’re likely to be filled with the anticipation of a corrupted youth storyline. A short time later, around the time that cherubic Gabriel has dropped his opponent with a knee to the crotch and dragged him across the room by his hair, you can’t help but quickly recalibrate your expectations. He may look like an angel, but he’s a vicious little devil with a seriously sadistic lust for taking an unsuspecting opponent completely by surprise and crushing any schoolboy bashing fantasies that he may have had.

Gabriel shows Mike Martin that he’s huge where it counts.

Appropriately enough, sweet-faced Gabriel’s first BG East opponent was the second highest vote-getter in our poll, hot ‘n horny grappler Mike Martin. At 5’7″ and 150 pounds, the opportunity to outweigh and outmuscle an opponent doesn’t drop in Mike’s eager lap often. Seeing the doe-eyed, babyfaced Gabriel smiling up at him must have inspired quite the boarding school bully fantasy for notoriously nasty Mr. Martin. What a revelation for Mike to find himself with an up close look at Gabriel’s massively bulging package as the cherubic newbie cranks out a face-to-crotch head scissors.

Mike is too distracted to realize Gabriel
has backed him into a corner!

Mike’s superior skill, experience and size were more than enough to handle lovely Gabriel. But then again, handling Gabriel can be quite a distraction in and of itself. Mike is only the first of many opponents who would find themselves compromised by the mouthwatering beauty and erotic offense of the perpetually innocent-looking hottie with the supremely squeezable ass.

The more vulnerable Gabriel becomes, the harder it is to stay focused on wrestling.

Remember, this was about the sexiest Britboy in the BG East roster, and from Gabriel’s first appearance (an X-Fight!), it was clear that the word “little” would not be on anyone’s mind once the babyfaced Lancelot unsheathed that truly astonishing sword. Some homoerotic wrestlers seem to need to warm up to the genre a bit before they lose their kit entirely. They often seem to need to work up to the point of not only going naked but showing their physical arousal on camera. Blushing beauty Gabriel has never, for a moment, appeared to have any problem in that department whatsoever.

Gabriel and Chris Xaos look like they decided well before the match began
that this would be an X-Fight.

And again, appropriately enough, Gabriel has shown his stuff against the 3rd place finisher in the poll as well. His X-Fight with tender punk Chris Xaos was a visual feast for someone with a catchweight fantasy, which I’m often nursing. Chris stands 9 inches taller and about 35 pounds heavier than beautiful Gabriel, and the pairing makes for some stunningly gorgeous homoerotic wrestling sculpture.

Chris Xaos sizes up his not-so-little opponent after all.

The contrast is striking and hot! Chris controls and contorts his petite opponent like an upperclassmen showing the ropes to a tasty little morsel from a few years behind. I find it incredibly erotic to see Chris taking it to Gabriel and enjoying the spoils by lustfully stroking and studying Gabriel’s angelic body. Chris loves this assignment, and damn it all if Gabriel doesn’t seem to get worked harder and harder the more he suffers in the bigger man’s grip.


Homoerotic wrestling, of course, is not at all only about wrestling prowess and physical strength. Gabriel has a whole arsenal of high powered assets that never fail to serve him very, very well, even against opponents as big and brutal as Chris Xaos. Just that luscious bubble butt alone throws Chris off script, as the big man pauses to plant a juicy kiss on Gabriel’s barely thonged ass.

Even when he’s totally helpless,
Gabriel is more than a handful.

Chris wants to kiss it all, in fact, and the more he tortures the cherub, the harder Gabriel’s over-abundantly blessed tool becomes. Even mitts the size of Chris’ are filled to overcapacity wrapped around Gabriel’s not-so-secret-anymore weapon. The two of them sum up the most direct translation of homoerotic wrestling, wrapped tightly in an erotic ensemble of domination, pain, arousal and lust.

Gabriel’s all-man cock brings muscleboy Luc Bonay to his knees.

Gabriel is beautifully fit, but he’s no muscleboy. He’s paradigmatically babyfaced, but he’s also not a boytoy jobber. When opponents come face to face with Gabriel, they tend to look confident and just a little hungry. When they come face-to-crotch with his primetime porn-ready cock, they look more awestruck, a tad intimidated, and absolutely famished.

Gabriel’s got Jared Curzon right where he wants him.

So John and I were discussing what the votes in this poll might reveal, not just about the gorgeous Britboys who wrestle for BG East, but about neverland readers as well.  We wondered what the cross tabulation would look like if we could have parsed out the votes based on the geographical location of the voters. Does “sexy” draw our eyes to different assets depending on the culture within which we reside?

Gabriel’s boyish good looks and monster cock are a recipe
to make many fans’ mouths water.

An American homoerotic wrestling company producing British wrestlers to grapple for what we assume to be primarily an American audience, but surely with some appeal to British homoerotic wrestling fans… it seems like an incredibly complex cross-cultural concoction. What’s sexy almost certainly does have cultural reference points and relativity. On average, about 80% of neverland readers sign on from the U.S.  If the neverland constituency were reversed, would Gabriel (and Mike and Chris) have done as well?

Gabriel Ross makes hearts melt and cocks rage.

Britboy bodies, American eyes, British eyes, dollars, cents, pound and pence… happily, all of the nominees garnered some support (though I’m floored that ggggorgeous Rob Chandler got only 1 vote!). “Foreign” accents, cross-cultural concepts of male beauty, and the socially constructed perception of gay male eroticism aside, like so many of Gabriel Ross’ opponents, we’re just lucky to get to enjoy all of the hot, horny wrestling that he and his countrymen share with us from the archives of BG East. Congratulations to Gabriel, and I for one am looking forward to more of the beautiful boys from Britannia at BG East!