And the Nominees Are…

Tonight. Midnight. Submit your votes for the Best of BG East in 2016. I realize that I’m atypical when it comes to how many BG East matches I watch over the year, so this little voter’s guide is intended to help fill in any blanks some of you may have for lack of exposure to some of the nominees. If 2016 teaches us nothing else, it proves that nothing requires us to be educated and informed voters. However, if you prefer to vote based on something other than your cock’s reaction to one still photo, but you don’t have time to see the whole ballot of matches, feel free to consider my opinions for what they’re worth (which is relatively little, but a little more than voting with no basis whatsoever).

Let’s power through the remaining categories to finish off your ballot.

Best Mat Battle

Babyface Brawl 4 – Cameron Matthews vs. Jonah Richards

It’s a little surprising to consider this match “from the vaults” for a 2016 award. Both Jonah and especially Cameron were so young in this match. It’s hard not to superimpose what we know about how Cameron grew up, muscled up, and launched his own production company since this match was taped. I loved this match immensely. It’s rough and raw. The boys clearly hate the fuck out of each other. Lovely, lickable twinks who may look like babies but wrestle like nasty back alley brawlers.

Gazebo Grapplers 18 – Kid Karisma vs. Mason Brooks

It’s a close call for me, but my vote goes to Kid K and Mason. Both of these beautiful boys are perennial favorites of mine, so I had very high hopes for this match going in. They didn’t disappoint, and in fact the intensity is even hotter, the bodies even more beautiful, and the mat wrestling drama even more compelling than I’d expected. It also helps that these hunks so enjoy each other’s bodies. It’s cocky and playful and reads like the hottest foreplay in history.

Undagear 25 – Jake Jenkins vs. Attila Dynasty

Similarly, I’ve never seen a match that includes JJ or Attila that fails to get me off. It’s a match up of an amateur mat champ and a ripped, acrobatic brawler. These are both thoroughbred athletes with massive egos, so the action is brutal and vicious. Not nearly as much erotic heat as Gazebo 18, but magnificent mat wrestling nonetheless.

Wrestler Spotlight 3 Austin Cooper vs. Jake Ryder

The narrative behind Coop and Ryder’s mat tussle is great. Coop’s competitive amateur wrestling days seem so far behind him, since he’s been showing up as Dr. Cooper and dissecting opponents like a heart surgeon (aka, mercilessly) in the ring. So Jake seems to be unaware that Coop kicks ass on the mats as well. Ryder lies and cheats his way into putting the doctor into serious jeopardy, but in a lush mash up of babyface Austin and his Dr. Cooper heel alter ego, this mat battle turns nasty pro.

Undagear 26 – Van Skyler vs. Payton Meadows

I’ve written a small novel about what this match does for me, so I’ll try not to repeat myself. What grabs me by the balls most is how both of these dazzlingly pretty boys show us something completely new. They’re gorgeous. The wrestling is completely ego driven. They’re gorgeous. The dialogue is sensationally sexy. They’re gorgeous. And the all in, vicous submissions are way more intense and work than I expect to see from supremely pretty boys like this. Oh, yeah, and they’re gorgeous.

Undagear 25 – Drake Marcos vs. Ethan Andrews

Speaking intensity born of dislike, Drake and Ethan rip into each other with a passion that can’t quite be described with words. They’re mean to each other. They’re vicious and brutal. It turns sensationally sexy as the gear gets stripped, but not so much because they turn each other on, but because you get the impression that the final victory lap (after the pony ride) could very well be a domineering, taunting, sneering, contemptuous fuck. Buckets of sweat. A couple pints of tears. Lush bodies. This is a very close second choice for me.


Hottest Liplock

We almost certainly all know what we like about liplocks. I like sweat, palpable passion, a tablespoon of aggression, and authentic lust. Here are your options.

Dark Knights 13 – Kayden Keller vs Beauxregard

I’m in an ethical dilemma when it comes to giving you a look at the first nominee for Hottest Liplock. BG East has an embargo on me sharing any of their pics that contain full frontal, and yet the only shots of this liplock include both wrestlers with their full-mast cocks in hand. So I’m hoping that I’ll be forgiven for cropping out the bottom of this shot, to stay within the strictly PG requirements I’ve agreed to, despite having to drop the BG East copyright at the bottom of the photo. If this photo suddenly disappears and is replaced by a puppy, you’ll know that I have been asked, and as always I’ve agreed, to a request from the copyright holder to remove the image. All that fine print aside, this is a hot liplock, right?

Wet & Wild 8 – Christian Taylor vs. Calvin Haynes

Sensationally sexy liplock between Christian and Calvin. The authenticity is well-established long ahead of time, as they both telegraph all along that they are turning each other on. If you still doubt it, their rock hard cocks straining the pouches of their trunks should prove the point.

Sexy Showdown 7 – Drake Marcos vs. Nino Leone

My vote goes to Drake’s kiss-‘n’-pin of gorgeous newbie Nino “Babyboy” Leone. It ticks off all of my boxes, including sweat, passion, simmering aggression, and what is quite obviously open lust. This is one of the most brutal matches this year, which makes the incredibly tender ending that much more dizzying. Squarely in the homoerotic sweet spot.

The Great Outdoors 2 – Charlie Evans vs. Blaine Janus

When it comes to quantity, Charlie and Blaine very well may have locked lips the most in their ginger-off in the backyard. I believe Blaine gets the award for popping Charlie’s (kissing) cherry first in his homoerotic wrestling career, but Charlie is quite clearly abundantly skilled in sucking face and using it as a defensive maneuver on the mats. For kissing as chess match move, I give this liplock a close second place on my ballot.

Motel Madness UK: Chris Xaos vs. Mike Martin

I get the impression that I am as big a fan of Chris Xaos as most of the rest of you are of Mike Martin. So between the two of us (you, me), we should be crazy for their scorching hot mat match this year. The liplock is more teasing than passionate, for my tastes. That said, I’d change my vote for a chance to stick my tongue down Chris Xaos’ throat (well, if he’s naked).

Undagear 26: Christian Taylor vs. Jeremy Burk

There’s nothing teasing about Christian and Jeremy’s passion at the end of their hot and rough mat match. This is a full on make out session, and it’s lathered in sweat, and it’s got a half a cup of aggression still playing out, and I fully believe these boys are into each other. Christian is the reigning kissing master at BG East, which may work against him this time around for the potential vote splitting with his liplock on Calvin.


Best Wrestler Spotlight

It seems like a testimony to a wrestler’s marketability to get an entire DVD release devoted to one person. So the three nominees this year for Best Wrestler Spotlight represent some major fan favorites.

Wrestler Spotlight: Biff Farrell

Biff follows up with his victory as Debut of the Year last year with multiple nominations across the ballot, including for his Wrestler Spotlight. He’s compelling and gorgeous. I actually think the strength of this collection is in the quality of his opponents, though. You get the impression everyone wants a shot at this ridiculously hot beefcake. This is a very close second place for me.

Wrestler Spotlight: Austin Cooper (3)

Has anyone ever starred in 3 Wrestler Spotlight DVDs before? Although this collection tends toward showing off Coop’s work as a gorgeously bashable babyface, his mat match with Jake Ryder gives some awesome flashes of Dr. Cooper hanging out his shingle. The quality of his opponents is less consistent than the other two Wrestling Spotlights, but Coop has emerged as such a fantastic, complex, competitive, multifaceted character, that I’m persuaded (just) to cast my vote for him.

Wrestler Spotlight: Chace LaChance

Chace’s spotlight is sort of a retrospective of his career, featuring him as the go-go boy, the beefsteak, and the fitness model that he has been at different phases of his wrestling. His end of the bargain is less consistent than the other two Wrestling Spotlight stars, which is to be expected considering these matches come from such drastically different parts of his career. Still, although there’s nothing to complain about, I enjoyed Coop’s cubed spotlight the best.


Best 2016 Overall Match

Now the free for all starts.  I know well that fans are fierce about their favorites, and when comparing apples to oranges, there’s no pretense of objectivity or even a measurable standard to point to. Seven times out of 10, I’m biased toward ring matches. I tend to favor big personalities and hot bodies in equal measure. I like to be surprised. I like to be made to laugh. And it is essential that I get hard.  With all those biases in mind, I’ll tell you how I see the field for Best of 2016.

Tag Team Torture 19 – Addams & Alexander vs. Evans & Taylor

First on the ballot is my pick for the Best Overall Match at BG East in 2016. It’s an instant classic. It’s sexy as hell. Two incredible debuts. Drama, drama, drama. Very high quality pro wrestling. Intramural rivalries. And dick pic selfies. It’s everything I could want in a match (except for a copy of those dick pics).

Matmen 26: Drake Marcos vs. Skrapper

A very close second place for me is this masterpiece on the mats between Drake and Skrapper. If I’d had the option, I very well might have picked this over Mason and Kid Karisma for the Best Mat Battle, but alas, the nominating committee didn’t see fit to give me the chance.  The wrestling is outstanding. The erotic tension is thick and juicy. And the boys are real and beautiful. The only edge TTT19 has on this for me is the full throttle pro ring vibe.

Ring Releases 4: Drake Marcos vs. Kayden Keller

So put Drake in the ring with Kayden Keller, and you might think I’d be unable to resist. I resist, though. It swings hard for a slasher vibe, but doesn’t quite connect. TTT19 and Drake’s work in Matmen 26 hit the bullseye better. And then there’s Drake’s gear to consider (smh).

Demolition 20: Austin Cooper vs. Kirk Donahue

Watching cocky indy pro Kirk Donahue get trampled by a “mere” underground phenom like Dr. Cooper is guaranteed to tickle my funny bone and get me hard. This is a magnificent beatdown and totally worthy of a shot at the title, but it just didn’t get my vote.

Undagear 25: Drake Marcos vs. Ethan Andrews

That’s right, haters, Drake Marcos anchors a full half of the Best Match nominees this year! I recently referred to 2016 as the year of the rookie, but it may have to be rebranded as the year of Drake. The heat is scorching in his match with Ethan. And I do love seeing bully-Ethan face off against someone who gives it right back to him. But the raw rage and bitterness don’t quite put this match over Drake’s match with Skrapper for me, and neither quite persuade me to tip them over Tag Team Torture 19.

Gazebo Grapplers 18: Kid Karisma vs. Mason Brooks

See all my comments above about why I voted for this as Best Mat Battle, and then remind yourself that this does not take place in a wrestling ring. It’s immensely satisfying, funny, fierce and brutal, and it gets extra points in my book for Mason’s perfect (perfect) choice in undergarments. But I’m still throwing my one, lone vote to the fierce foursome in TTT19.

The real winner is you and me, of course. Such a rich, entertaining, arousing body of work from BG East in 2016 is why BG East is the first place I go for that particular mix of homoerotic wrestling that keeps me satisfied. Congratulations to all of the nominees (except for Kirk). You are, every last one of you, gorgeous to watch mix it up in the ring, on the mats, and everywhere else that the Boss’ imagination takes us. Thanks for all of the distractions in 2016 that kept me from the abyss of absolute despair over current events

Make Me Feel It!

Another fine year has passed for me, and a new one is beginning today.  Birthday’s rock.  Love them, and not just because of the corporal punishment aspect of getting a swat on the ass for each year.  I’m treating myself to a day of doing absolutely nothing, so I’ll make this post brief.  Thanks for the well-wishes and offers to slap down a spank or two (or 42) or even the occasional offer of some birthday headscissors or an OTK backbreaker.  You all are damn sweet, and I wouldn’t trade you for anything… except possibly one of these guys below wailing away at my ass.
My pick last year for Spanker-in-Chief, Kid Karisma, gets his award winning ass tanned by Mike Martin in Sunshine Shooters 5
Missing my wrestling pornboys lately, so I’m back to enjoy watching swoonworthy Vance “The Vice’ Crawford slap down the spoils of victory on a bent-over Cameron Kincade.
Classic tormentor Dino Phillips relishes the sweaty slap of his hand on Peter Bishop’s trapped ass in X-Fights 11

Jeremy Stevens sets up shop all over Jessie Coulter’s muscle ass in Naked Kombat’s recent Muscle Match.

Possibly the sexiest pairing of asses includes Big Sexy smiling down at Cameron Mathews’ angry red ass as he wails away in Rough and Ready 21.

Give Me All You’ve Got!

After nearly mounting a come from behind victory over Cameron Mathews in this week’s reader’s choice poll (and given another couple of hours, I think he’d have done it!), I asked Skip Vance if he’d chat with me in more detail about what makes such a hot jobber like him tick.  He was more than happy to give a fascinating and provocative glimpse into the life of a jobber and his tall stud of a wrestling kink lover.  Skip went surprisingly deep in this interview – touching on family, chronic health concerns, and his unvarnished opinions about the people behind the scenes in homoerotic wrestling. For his honesty, his hard, hot bod, and his life lived with so many inspiring passions, I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to get to know him better. You will be, too!
Skip Vance – 5’6″, 135 lbs.

Bard: First of all, I love your wrestling resume! How long have you been wrestling?

Skip: I’ve been wrestling around 6 years now. Thanks for being a fan!

Bard: Truly my pleasure! When did you get connected with BG East?

Christian shows Skip the erotic wrestling ropes.

Skip: After about a year dating Christian, one night when we were playing pool at a bar. I could tell he was scared and wanted to tell me something. It took him about an hour to tell me that he did wrestling. I was confused about why it was a big deal. So we went back to his place and he showed me a BG East VHS. Oh my God! I fell in love with wrestling that moment. We went into his then tiny bedroom were I let him beat the hell out of me in my first wrestling match I had ever done. My school had nothing of the sort.

Bard: Holy shit that’s the sexiest dating story I’ve heard EVER! Do you remember who it was that you saw him wrestling that first time?

Skip: I can’t remember at the moment but the video is in our collection. I can answer that for you in a bit after he is home from work. I’m almost certain it was TJ Tanner.

So your boyfriend takes you home, pops in a video, and shows you this…!

Bard: Hot, hot, hot! So you’ve also done some work with Rock Hard Wrestling. How did you get connected with them?

Skip: We were contacted by Rock Hard and thought we would give them a shot. Neither of us left happy. I thought the matches were too scripted and it just seemed so fake. The owner did not want it to be obviously gay. That confused the hell out of me. Since then we have learned that BG East is the place our heart is when it comes to wrestling.

Christian’s watches with concern as Tyler Reeves tortures
Skip over at RHW

Bard: Fair enough. So what’s Christian’s major wrestling weakness? What’s your best bet and making him submit?

Skip: As soon as our matches become nude it’s pretty much over with. We move on to the next best thing. I always get him in a body scissor of some sort and start taking it off.

Bard: Yes, yes, yes! What’s he do to you that you can’t resist?

Skip: For me it’s seeing his face as he gets to throw me around our wrestling room. It takes our relationship to the next level. The forceful kissing when he knows he has me and I can’t move really turns me on.

“…forceful kissing when he knows he has me and I can’t move really turns me on.”

Bard: Damn… damn, damn, damn that sounds like a match made in heaven on every level. It struck me when I was watching your Sexy Showdown 6 match for the 100th time that the two of you make quite a visually striking pair. You’re quite a bit shorter than Christian, yes?

Skip: Yes I am a lot shorter (laughing). But that does not stop me from being the one that takes control in every aspect of our relationship, if you know what I mean. Like my mother says, Christian has the brains and I have the common sense.

Bard: Mom sounds cool! Does she know what you get up to in Pembroke?

Skip: Yes my mother does know I wrestle and is a huge supporter of me no matter what I do in life, as long as I’m happy. She got picture after picture during the past weekend at BG East.

Staying fit inside and out!

Bard: That’s adorable. And damn you are one lean anatomy chart of a little stud! I’m guessing your physical conditioning is a key to your capacity to soak up the amount of punishment that you have over the years. What part of your physique are you proudest of?

Skip: I am very blessed when it comes to my body. Both my mom and dad always have been in great shape. I guess I’m the proudest of what you can’t see. I was diagnosed with Chron’s disease a few years ago. I keep to a strict diet to keep from having flare-ups. It was a very hard battle to stop all my bad habits when it came to food. I was always the one that would eat what I want when I want and lucky for me my body didn’t notice (laughing). I will say my hair is one of the most important things. I have had this hair style for about 15 years… way longer than Justin Bieber.

Bard: And you’d so kick Bieber’s ass! In fact, I’d pay to see that. A lot. Is your Chron’s under control these days? Since you were just at BGE throwing down, I’m guessing your still doing pretty well.

Skip: Yes my health is back to 100%. Flare-ups can happen at any point in time, so a healthy diet is a must.

Bard: Glad to hear it’s under control. What part of your physique does Christian like most?

It’s Skip’s ass that does it for Christian

Skip: Christian says its my ass that has always done it for him. I’m so little and it’s just.. there… he said.

Bard: I went on the record months ago calling for, nay, pleading to see you and Christian turn tag team partners with a nod to the fact that you’re lovers out of the ring as well. So when I recently saw your Facebook update reporting that you were climbing into the ring last weekend to wrestle a tag team match with him, I was dizzy with excitement. Tell me every last detail you can tell me without having Kid Leopard hunt us both down and kick our asses!

Skip: I really can’t go into any details on the match besides its very hot. With BG East it might be a while until it comes out.

Bard: I want to give you a ton of credit for being at the forefront of reaching out to your fans. I realize that not all homoerotic wrestlers want to interact with their fan base, and of course that’s cool, but you have been absolutely wonderful about acknowledging your fans, being available to us through your Facebook page and your new fan page, and really demonstrating genuine appreciation and respect for the guys who can’t get enough of you! Is there anything you’d like your fans to know about you, about your work, or about the business?

 I want my fans to know that I am the most chill person behind the boy that likes his ass beat (laughing). I love my job. I am a union steward. Politics is my life, I want to help change this country for the better on LGBT rights. Being with my partner for 7 years and not being able to have the same rights as a married couple hurts me. My hobbies are remodeling our home, working outside, running and playing with my three dogs.

Bard: Coincidentally, I used to have a shop steward who should’ve been a homoerotic wrestler! And all of the sexiest men have dogs… that’s my working theory at least. Speaking of getting your ass beast, you seem to be awfully proud of the fact that your lean ass has been bashed by the best. What’s it like for you when you’re in the middle of a match being dominated by some bigger guy?

Skip: Oh, it’s great. Just when you think you can’t take anymore, the beating gets worse. At least in mine and Jonny’s match it did. I tell the guys before we start to wrestle that just because I am in pain does not mean I’m asking you to stop or to go easier. Outside of wrestling you would never think I love a good beating. It’s wrestling that gets that part out of me. And thank god because other wise I would be in a lot if street fights.

Skip’s “Boston boyfriend” knows what Skip likes

Bard: Speaking of your match with Jonny Firestorm, wowza! Damn he OWNED you, and I hope you don’t mind me saying that the way you suffered in his hands was a masterpiece! I mean, sometimes we see guys “suffer,” as in grimace and grunt a little and squirm (not to name any names), but holy hell! The out and out anguish wracking your entire, smoking hot bod was absolutely incredible to watch. I saw on your FB page a shot of you, Jonny and Christian from this weekend. Looks like after all that brutality, you’re good friends.

Skip: Yes, even after the brutality we are great friends. We stay in touch between wrestling weekends at BG East. Jonny is a very chill guy that nobody should have a problem getting along with. I always kid and say he is my Boston boyfriend. I honestly thought he was going to slam me through the wall in our match. He was surprised that I was able to walk after all the wrestling holds he got me in. All in all I would say our match is my favorite to this day.

Bard: Is Jonny the opponent who made you hurt the worst?

Skip: Absolutely, and I want another match with him. It’s awesome when you know you have wrestled the best. But at the same time I want my other opponents to come with the same energy and strength.

Bard: So name some names, Skip! Other than Christian, who’s turned you on the hardest?

Bounce, bounce, bounce!”

Skip: I would say my top three being Jonny, Kid Karisma and Mike Martin.

Bard: That’s a beautiful, beautiful list! Seriously, Kid Karisma’s ass… as mind-blowing in person as it is on camera?

Skip: Absolutely. I love it when he makes it shake (laughing). Just imagine going to the club with him. Bounce, bounce, bounce.

Bard: Oh my, I’ll have to mull that image over in my mind for a while. But in the mean time, the Boss mentioned in a comment on the blog that this past weekend in addition to you and Christian and a bunch of other wrestlers who make me insanely aroused, there were at least a couple of newbies. What do you think a brand spanking new rookie needs to show in a BG East debut to establish himself as a returning fan favorite?

Skip: I would say personality is key during the match. Of course as wrestlers we are getting to live out our fantasies, but we have to make sure we’re doing everything we can so they viewer watching at home is living out his as he watches. This is the reason I feel so strongly in reaching out to my fans and getting to know them. It helps in my match to know I’m making someone else as happy as I’m making myself.

Bard: I love that attitude! And it totally shows in your wrestling. Who haven’t you faced yet at BGE that you’d like to get your hands on (and vice versa)?

Cameron Mathews could give Skip a welcome beating

Skip: I got to watch a match live with Cameron Matthews this past weekend. I would love to take a good beating from him.

Bard: It’s no wonder that he managed to hold off your late advance in the reader’s choice poll, is it? He’s one hot wrestler with a fantastic ability to sell and an amazing body to watch! Anybody else, current or past at BGE, that you’d like to get worked on by? Because I’ve got suggestions… Like how is it possible Kid Vicious hasn’t got his hands on you? I’d also make a case for Denny Cartier… Denny always seems to me to be teetering on the edge of turning really, really dark, and a punishment sponge like you could be just the thing to awaken Denny’s inner beast! Just suggesting.

Skip: I’m very open for suggestions. I honestly am willing to take on anyone. I kind of get a thrill out of going into the matches not knowing who I’m up against. Majority of the time I’m very pleased with the wrestler. I always let them know in my pre-match up that I don’t want them to take it easy on me. If you’re not giving me all you have then you’re wasting my time.

Bard: Speaking of giving your all, your offer to go on a dinner date with one lucky fan if you won the “Dinner Date” reader’s choice poll at neverland this week was absolutely brilliant! I was tempted to try to stuff the ballot box on your behalf, but frankly I’m not technologically savvy enough to know how to do that. Next time I’m in your hometown, will you let me treat you dinner?

Skip’s happy all over to wrestle Mike Martin!

Skip: Absolutely. I love cooking and having guests over. The first thing I did after returning from Boston was to finish my collection of china. I aim to please in everything I do. It would be an honor to have you over for dinner. In the past year I could count on two hands the times me and Christian have gone out to eat. I make lunch for him on Sundays that will last the week. I cook dinner fresh every night. I am huge in buying local and staying away from corporate bullshit stores. I even go to a place called the strip district to buy local meats and veggies. If I can’t find out we’re it’s from I do not buy it.

Bard: I’m getting a clear picture of why Christian has been with you for 7 years!!!

Skip: I also do grow my own garden every year. I was raised in Arkansas. My nearest neighbor being 4 miles away. My family lived off the land. My grandfather was a commercial fisherman so fresh is the only way for me.

Bard: Sounds fantastic! What did you mean when you said you finished your collection of china?

Skip: (laughing) I’ve been collecting and buying it piece by piece because, let’s just be frank, I don’t buy anything cheap. If I do not have the cash up front then I do not get it. So for the past two years I’ve been slowly buying it. Now it’s complete and I NEED a guest to serve! (laughing)

Bard: (laughing) I’m your man, then! Fresh, organic, and homemade… on expensive china? I’m tempted to book a flight today! I hope you’re okay with hosting a vegetarian. Am I correct in remembering from your Facebook post recently that you’re available to wrestle for hire? What’s it like being hired to fulfill somebody’s personal wrestling fantasy like that?

Skip stays in shape to face his next opponent… you?

Skip: We’ll that is something new I’m trying to get into. With Christian being out of grad school we want to get our debt paid off ASAP so we can one day adopt a child. I am certain I will love it. I keep an open mind with everything. I want my fans to enjoy more than just a video. I want to please my fans in my videos and give them the chance to meet me and get to do what Jonny Firestorm did to me – to get their hands on me!

Bard: Awe-some! Reading the comments on your Facebook page and fan page, it’s clear that there are plenty guys who want just that. With the extremely hot action that you and Christian have both been part of at BGE, has there ever been any jealousy? Mike Martin’s tongue down Christian’s throat ever give you a twinge? Your lips around Billy Lodi’s cock make Christian a little green?

Skip: Not that I’m aware of. We both know that we’re made for each other. Of course at home and for BG East we’re very honest and open in our relationship. If he or I find a guy to be very hot and want to wrestle and get a little wild we let each other know. Keeping open conversation with each other is key. Christian can sometimes wear me out with all his energy, and it’s good to just sit back and watch.

Bard: I know from experience that it can be very good to sit back and watch either of you take on someone new! Is there anything else you’d like fans to know about what makes an unabashed hot jobber like you tick?

Skip: I’m drawing a blank (laughing). Just being yourself is key for me. I am not in to people making themselves out to be someone they’re not. If you’re honest we will work well together.

I know you get a ton of praise from your fans through watching the comments on your Facebook page, but it bears repeating: you’re one awesome, sexy as hell wrestler and a true delight to both watch wrestle and talk with! Thanks for doing this!

Skip: Hey, no problem. If you ever have any questions or want to talk just hit me up. Thanks again. It’s been a pleasure.

Bieber’s got nothing on BG East’s resident hot jobber!

Reader’s Choice – Gabriel Ross

John and I had an interesting sidebar conversation about the results of this month’s reader’s choice poll to pick the sexiest Brit on the BG East roster. Hands down, sexy, smoldering, cherubic sex fighter Gabriel Ross came out on top. It’s not as if it’s difficult to see the appeal.

Reader’s Choice – Sexiest British BG East wrestler: Gabriel Ross

Gabriel is physically breathtaking. Particularly fans into the barely legal side of the spectrum (typically not me, but I get it) would obviously be drawn to petite Gabriel. At a slender 5’4″ tall, he looks painfully young and immaculately innocent. A few seconds into a Gabriel Ross match and you’re likely to be filled with the anticipation of a corrupted youth storyline. A short time later, around the time that cherubic Gabriel has dropped his opponent with a knee to the crotch and dragged him across the room by his hair, you can’t help but quickly recalibrate your expectations. He may look like an angel, but he’s a vicious little devil with a seriously sadistic lust for taking an unsuspecting opponent completely by surprise and crushing any schoolboy bashing fantasies that he may have had.

Gabriel shows Mike Martin that he’s huge where it counts.

Appropriately enough, sweet-faced Gabriel’s first BG East opponent was the second highest vote-getter in our poll, hot ‘n horny grappler Mike Martin. At 5’7″ and 150 pounds, the opportunity to outweigh and outmuscle an opponent doesn’t drop in Mike’s eager lap often. Seeing the doe-eyed, babyfaced Gabriel smiling up at him must have inspired quite the boarding school bully fantasy for notoriously nasty Mr. Martin. What a revelation for Mike to find himself with an up close look at Gabriel’s massively bulging package as the cherubic newbie cranks out a face-to-crotch head scissors.

Mike is too distracted to realize Gabriel
has backed him into a corner!

Mike’s superior skill, experience and size were more than enough to handle lovely Gabriel. But then again, handling Gabriel can be quite a distraction in and of itself. Mike is only the first of many opponents who would find themselves compromised by the mouthwatering beauty and erotic offense of the perpetually innocent-looking hottie with the supremely squeezable ass.

The more vulnerable Gabriel becomes, the harder it is to stay focused on wrestling.

Remember, this was about the sexiest Britboy in the BG East roster, and from Gabriel’s first appearance (an X-Fight!), it was clear that the word “little” would not be on anyone’s mind once the babyfaced Lancelot unsheathed that truly astonishing sword. Some homoerotic wrestlers seem to need to warm up to the genre a bit before they lose their kit entirely. They often seem to need to work up to the point of not only going naked but showing their physical arousal on camera. Blushing beauty Gabriel has never, for a moment, appeared to have any problem in that department whatsoever.

Gabriel and Chris Xaos look like they decided well before the match began
that this would be an X-Fight.

And again, appropriately enough, Gabriel has shown his stuff against the 3rd place finisher in the poll as well. His X-Fight with tender punk Chris Xaos was a visual feast for someone with a catchweight fantasy, which I’m often nursing. Chris stands 9 inches taller and about 35 pounds heavier than beautiful Gabriel, and the pairing makes for some stunningly gorgeous homoerotic wrestling sculpture.

Chris Xaos sizes up his not-so-little opponent after all.

The contrast is striking and hot! Chris controls and contorts his petite opponent like an upperclassmen showing the ropes to a tasty little morsel from a few years behind. I find it incredibly erotic to see Chris taking it to Gabriel and enjoying the spoils by lustfully stroking and studying Gabriel’s angelic body. Chris loves this assignment, and damn it all if Gabriel doesn’t seem to get worked harder and harder the more he suffers in the bigger man’s grip.


Homoerotic wrestling, of course, is not at all only about wrestling prowess and physical strength. Gabriel has a whole arsenal of high powered assets that never fail to serve him very, very well, even against opponents as big and brutal as Chris Xaos. Just that luscious bubble butt alone throws Chris off script, as the big man pauses to plant a juicy kiss on Gabriel’s barely thonged ass.

Even when he’s totally helpless,
Gabriel is more than a handful.

Chris wants to kiss it all, in fact, and the more he tortures the cherub, the harder Gabriel’s over-abundantly blessed tool becomes. Even mitts the size of Chris’ are filled to overcapacity wrapped around Gabriel’s not-so-secret-anymore weapon. The two of them sum up the most direct translation of homoerotic wrestling, wrapped tightly in an erotic ensemble of domination, pain, arousal and lust.

Gabriel’s all-man cock brings muscleboy Luc Bonay to his knees.

Gabriel is beautifully fit, but he’s no muscleboy. He’s paradigmatically babyfaced, but he’s also not a boytoy jobber. When opponents come face to face with Gabriel, they tend to look confident and just a little hungry. When they come face-to-crotch with his primetime porn-ready cock, they look more awestruck, a tad intimidated, and absolutely famished.

Gabriel’s got Jared Curzon right where he wants him.

So John and I were discussing what the votes in this poll might reveal, not just about the gorgeous Britboys who wrestle for BG East, but about neverland readers as well.  We wondered what the cross tabulation would look like if we could have parsed out the votes based on the geographical location of the voters. Does “sexy” draw our eyes to different assets depending on the culture within which we reside?

Gabriel’s boyish good looks and monster cock are a recipe
to make many fans’ mouths water.

An American homoerotic wrestling company producing British wrestlers to grapple for what we assume to be primarily an American audience, but surely with some appeal to British homoerotic wrestling fans… it seems like an incredibly complex cross-cultural concoction. What’s sexy almost certainly does have cultural reference points and relativity. On average, about 80% of neverland readers sign on from the U.S.  If the neverland constituency were reversed, would Gabriel (and Mike and Chris) have done as well?

Gabriel Ross makes hearts melt and cocks rage.

Britboy bodies, American eyes, British eyes, dollars, cents, pound and pence… happily, all of the nominees garnered some support (though I’m floored that ggggorgeous Rob Chandler got only 1 vote!). “Foreign” accents, cross-cultural concepts of male beauty, and the socially constructed perception of gay male eroticism aside, like so many of Gabriel Ross’ opponents, we’re just lucky to get to enjoy all of the hot, horny wrestling that he and his countrymen share with us from the archives of BG East. Congratulations to Gabriel, and I for one am looking forward to more of the beautiful boys from Britannia at BG East!

Reader’s Choice Poll – Sexy Brits

Neverland reader John let me know that he’s a big BG East fan, and he asked me an excellent question: “How about a competition for the sexiest Brit?” My answer: that’s an excellent suggestion!  Coming up with a short list of my nominations for the sexiest homoerotic wrestling Brit was a surprisingly difficult task.  I asked John to give me his top 5 sexy BG East Brit battlers, and then I painfully limited myself to add only 5 more to the short list.  I’m confident that voters will want to add some worthy hunks we’ve left off of our lists, so when you register your vote to the right, you have the option to select “other” and then name your pick in the comment section to this post.  So many mouthwatering Britboys to choose from… but which one do you think is sexiest?

In alphabetical order, here are the nominations for this month’s Reader’s Poll:

Chris Burnley – 5’7″, 165 lbs.

Chris Burnley is nothing short of striking. Of course, he can punch the shit out of an opponent’s abs, but I also mean visually striking, wrestling with his essentially hairless, milky pale, fantastically sexy body. He turned up the heat in 4 BG East matches, and with each appearance, he packed more muscle onto his bulging, pale body, always starkly contrasted by that adorable little boy face. Sexy Britboy wrestler without a doubt. Sexiest?

Rob Chandler – 5’5″, 143 lbs.

Rob Chandler has made a massive impression in his 4 BG East outings. In his first appearance, BG East described him as looking like “the bastard love child” of Aryx Quinn and Cole Cassidy. That was pretty much all I needed to know to be entranced, but catch that rock hard physique, the gorgeous ink, and the jaw dropping beer can hanging between his legs, and you’ll know why he’s on this list. As with all things around these parts, it’s far more than just the visuals, and Rob is as erotically intense a wrestler as just about any.  Just about?

Ty Garrison – 5’10”, 168 lbs.

This list would clearly not be complete without a push for Ty Garrison. He’s burned up the mats in 11 BG East matches. His body is lucious, his game face is fierce, and his wrestling is merciless. The heat he generates motivates some of the most explicitly sexual homoerotic wrestling in the BG East archives.

Neil Hewitt – 6′, 168 lbs.
Neil Hewitt has battled in 3 BG East matches, soaking up the pain like a sponge and clearly loving every moment of it. He can talk trash, he’s ready to exploit any weakness, and he’s got a pros in private attitude to turn a motel room into a high stakes pro arena. Hot bod, gorgeous blue eyes, and ready to throw down at a moments notice… that’s sexy!

Mike Martin – 5’7″, 150 lbs.

16 matches loaded with buckets of Mike Martin’s sweat are more than enough to qualify this workhorse as a contender in this poll. He’s another star of an amazingly hot collection of X and XXX fights, and even when he keeps his kit on, he’s bringing sexy to every venue BG East owns on both sides of the Atlantic. He’s got a body built for grappling, and a fight face that should make any opponent think twice. But I think it’s that heart melting, adorable smile that’s his best weapon at disarming and distracting.

Ethan Pryor – 5’9″, 170 lbs.
Regular readers know my infatuation with imagining mainstream newsmen as stars in homoerotic wrestling matches. So no wonder Matt Lauer’s little brother, Ethan Pryor, made it onto both John and my short lists to include in today’s poll. Horny, hairy, and a face meant for primetime, Ethan’s 4 appearances for BG East prove that he’s ready to add as many X’s as you like, and damn if he shouldn’t show up as a Hollywood leading man! When Daniel Craig hangs up his gig as 007, I’m lobbying for Ethan to take his place!
Steve Ranger – 5’8″, 172 lbs.

Wowsers! Talk about buckets and buckets of sexy sweat! Steve Ranger has caused a tidal wave with his lickable, powerhouse body and prove-it attitude in all 4 of his BG East matches. A shaved head always inspires a double-take from me, and giving Simon Forrester (who I’m kicking myself for not being able to squeeze onto this list) everything he’s got both on the motel mattress and in the shower, Steve is a seriously sexy contender.

Mickey Rollins – 170 lbs.

Mickey Rollins caught my attention wrestling against Belgian sexpot, Dane Tarsen (at least John and I think Dane’s Belgian). Mickey is dripping with sexiness at all times. His ripped, lean body looks like classic sculpture, and his evolving facial hair in the 3 matches he wrestled for BG East is playful and just a little sinister. If Mickey had ever failed to get stripped naked in a wrestling match, it would have been a national shame.  Bounce a quarter off those tight abs and tell me if Mickey is the sexiest Brit in the bunch.

Gabriel Ross – 5’4″, 135 lbs.
It’s a good thing that BG East has proof of age on record, because otherwise I’d struggle with whether I’m a lecher for being so fantastically turned on by this definition-of-a babyface known as Gabriel Ross. He’s petite, with a bouncy bubble butt and fit, not overly muscled physique. He smiles a lot at his opponents. And right about the time that they can’t help but grin back at him, he drops them flat on their asses and slaps on a humiliating face-to-crotch headscissors that makes even the big boys whimper. And no stranger to the X’s, Gabriel clearly cannot wait to unleash the disproportionately long, lovely length of pipe that he’s swinging. The face of a cherub and the cock of a porn star make for one astonishingly sexy homoerotic wrestling Brit!

Iain Scott – 5’10”, 168 lbs.

Scottish muscleman and wrestling fetish evangelist, Iain Scott, quickly came to mind for both John and me when we were working on this list. Iain’s body is powerful and powerfully arousing. His chest is astonishingly broad. And, as John put it, it’s hard not to be in awe of Iain’s “lovely dick and wonderful arse!” Iain’s 9 matches for BG East are some of the foundational texts in the history of homoerotic wrestling, and all reports are that he’s continued to promote homoerotic wrestling independently in the UK. Pucker up and get ready to plant a wet one on that mammoth crotch of his if you fail to acknowledge the founder of Ruff N’ Raunchy as sexiest Brit in the bunch.

Chris Xaos – 6’1″, 170 lbs.
Our last suggestion for sexiest homoerotic wrestling Brit is Chris Xaos. There’s just no pretense with Chris. He’s here to wrestle you to submission in order to fuck you morning, noon and night. Chris is so turned on by his work, he’s apt to distract himself just when he’s on top by indulging in a long, lusty lip lock. His BG East career so far spans 5 matches, and his story arc is getting sexier and sexier by the minute. He tends to tower over his opponents, at that long, fit frame is sporting one of the prettiest asses in the business. He looks like he could be a punk, but Chris is prone to self-sabotaging moments of tender lust, and for my tastes, that’s one sexy combination!

Both John and I are instantly reconsidering our choices, but I’ve called a halt to tinkering with it any longer. Don’t count our “top 10” choices too carefully, because I’m not willing to check my math and eliminate anyone else from contention. You know the contenders as well as we do, so if your Britboy isn’t here, register your vote as “other” and put him in the comments below.

Bodies Over Time – Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month Edition

Reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month: Christian Taylor
(aka Chris Cox)
Christian Taylor rocks. He’s stunning in still frame. Long, perpetually lean, gorgeously handsome square jaw, aquiline nose, piercing, long-lashed eyes, and a big, toothy, melting smile. I haven’t chatted with him in real time (though I’d love to!), but the hit I get off of his wrestling matches and his available photo sets is that he’s doesn’t quite believe just how sexy he is. A 6’2″, 175 lbs athlete with cover boy good looks who harbors some insecurity about his own attractiveness is one of the sexiest things on earth, I think.
Christian over time: (l) Undagear 15, (c) Sexy Showdown 6, and (r) Wet and Wild 6
This is a “bodies over time” post officially, but honestly, over the course of about 7 years appearing in homoerotic wrestling, his body has remained astonishingly hot. If anything, he’s getting more ripped, more handsome, and more confident with age. His pecs are a little fuller. He’s whittled his abs and obliques down to first-rate washboard condition. He looks like he’s lived into the long, sultry lines of his genetically blessed physique with more and more grace as he’s shown up over and over to put that beautiful body on the line in homoerotic wrestling.
Max Powers stretches out Chris’ hot, long body and highlights that bulging package
Christian earned his title as reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month on the strength of his ring match (wrestling as “Chris Cox“) against muscle bully Max Powers for Rock Hard Wrestling. As powerful and stimulating a sight as Max’s muscled body is, it’s Christian’s wrestling, suffering, and bulging package that make this straight-up wrestling match so freakin’ homoerotically hot!
(l) Christian Taylor and (r) Sean Patrick
As far as I can tell, Christian made his homoerotic wrestling debut, and has appeared most, wrestling for BG East. BG East has also featured some of his sexiest and most overtly homoerotic work, which is clearly a strong suit of BG East. Particularly in the physical shape Christian has been in for his most recent wrestling products, I can’t help but think of him as a new edition of classic BG East tall, cool drink of water, Sean Patrick. According to their published stats, Christian is just about an inch taller and a little heavier than Sean, but they’re both built similarly. I’d expect to see the looks of Christian on the cover of a magazine sooner than I’d expect to see (albeit handsome) Sean, but they have similar genetics.  And both of these lovely lean wrestlers have/had a similar not-so-secret weapon in their matches: opponents seem to melt when either of these handsome hotties lock their lips on them.
Austin Raines welcomes Christian to the world of
homoerotic wrestling in BG East’s Undagear 13

The wrestling “lip lock” is a move that I relish in homoerotic wrestling. I know that not everyone is with me on this, but unconditionally, when hard, hot, sweaty wrestling morphs into aggressive kissing and passionate groping, it sends my kink firing on all cylinders! And reviewing Christian’s resume (at BG East) makes it quite obvious that one opponent after another has tasted his lovely lips sooner or later in match after match.

Christian sucks the fight out of Blaine Janus in Undagear 15

Like Sean Patrick, when Christian’s mouth makes contact with an opponent, it seems to sap the battle right out of them. Who can stay focused on a fight when a hunk like Christian distracts you with a lingering lip lock? On top, on the bottom, in the heat of battle or as post-match foreplay, the beauty of battlers aroused by their wrestling and sucking face hot and heavy is an essential analogy to what turns me on at my core.

In Wrestleshack 12, Tim Sheridan seems unconcerned about being
put to his back once Christian starts to toy with his nipples and kiss him.

Of course, if it were just making out, I’d be entertained, but it wouldn’t exactly feed my kink. I enjoy seeing guys with their tongues down each other’s throats, but what arouses me most powerfully is watching hunks face off, throw down, crush and slam one another, and within that context, wrestlers driven to distraction by their own lustful lips tasting one another makes my ears whistle with the dramatic redistribution of blood flow in my body.

Christian neutralizes Tim’s bearhug in an instant

Christian’s wrestling gives me the impression that he “gets it” intuitively. I’m certain that there are plenty of wrestlers who punch the clock in homoerotic wrestling, earning the cash but not owning the kink.  That isn’t a problem, in and of itself, for me. As long as they can sell what I’m buying, my imagination and discerning eye can take from homoerotic wrestling all that I need, whether or not the antagonists walk away owning it for themselves. But Christian is one of the hotties that sells so well, either from the inside out or outside in, that I can’t help but think that he’s in “our” camp both on screen and off.

Kid Karisma conquers Christian, knocks him out cold, and then can’t resist
employing some mouth-to-mouth “resuscitation” 

And as someone I like to think of as “one of us,” what a delight it is to identify with Christian for all of the crazy, enviable positions he’s had the opportunity to find himself in on the mat and in the ring.

In Wet & Wild 5, Kid K buries Christian’s face
in his crotch long and hard.

Getting called out and absolutely owned by the likes of my reigning undisputed favorite homoerotic wrestler (non-pornboy), Kid Karisma, is enviable enough. But the sight of Christian’s face shoved in Kid’s K’s crotch, squeezed between the charismatic one’s pumped, muscled thighs, and then lip-locked in post-match foreplay is like jolts of electricity shooting through my body (the good kind).  And then, as Kid K lets his opponent lean his half-a-foot taller frame on him as they head into the sunroom, Christian stretches his mile long arm and platter-sized hand down and squeezes that epic muscle ass of Kid K’s! Holy shit! I’m so envious that I could start to hate my homoerotic wrestler of the month just a little.

Christian makes drop-dead gorgeous fantasyman Alexi Adamov
scream like his bitch in “Who’s Next?”

And what’s not to be insanely jealous of when you see Christian straddling sexy Alexi Adamov’s tanned, toned muscle body, nearly ripping the Russian’s shoulders out of their sockets, and sitting back on Alexi’s bodacious bubble butt to listen to the babyface scream!?  So he didn’t get a liplock on the Russian, but hot damn, a fellow wrestling kinkster putting it all on the line in the BG East backyard against the likes of pristine prettyboy fantasyman Alexi makes me absolutely ache with lust!

Jake Jenkins makes every inch of Christian suffer in
Wet & Wild 6
And it’s no wonder Christian keeps hanging out by the pool, when the likes of Kid Karisma and then Jake Jenkins show up for a wet and wild bully showdown!  Then contrast of sizes and body types between Christian and Jake makes my jaw drop. Jake’s 5’7″ muscle packed mat body tying up and twisting the infinitely long, graceful, powerful lines of Christian’s 6’2″ physique is a visual masterpiece. Someone like Christian with a proven track record of getting off on the eroticism of wrestling, paired with the intensely sincere amateur-come-pro likes of straight-up dominator Jake, is guaranteed to transport me from this side of the screen onto that very match, feeling it ache every ounce as much as Christian suffers.

Christian and real-life lover Skip are passionately merciless with one another
in Sexy Showdown 6

And damn, what could be hotter than to get paired with your very own real life lover, showing up in the BG East mat room to wrestle in a product that’s destined to be entitled “Sexy Showdown 6?” The torque that these two work up on each other’s joints, the humiliating domination that they exchange, paired with a genuine romance and physical lust for one another that spills over off the mat is like a homoerotic wrestling kinkster’s anthem. Taking Skip Vance, making him hurt, taking some punishment from him and then squeezing out a final fall, once-and-for-all (until they get home) victory over the man he’ll wake up in the morning next to in bed is fucking awesome!

And an adorably sweet smile!? My homoerotic wrestler of the month
has it ALL going on!

I’m entirely ready to admit that I could be completely wrong about the backstory that I’ve convinced myself to fill in for hot hunk Christian Taylor (aka Chris Cox). He could totally be punching the clock. He could be an asshole narcissist with an ego that can barely squeeze it’s way into the BG East matroom. He could be a body facist, condescending, frigid bastard who knows precisely the worth of his every asset and how to exploit a homoerotic wrestling audience like a maestro waving a baton. But I don’t think so. And more importantly, I don’t believe so. Because Christian has sold me, lock, stock and barrel, on a fully formed, deeply arousing, fantastically entertaining through-story, and whatever he gets up to off camera, when he’s on camera I’m entranced and fully engaged.  So it’s no wonder at all that he’s joined the ranks of those who’ve so completely captured and controlled my lusts on their way to earning the title of homoerotic wrestler of the month.
Mike Martin is instantly under Christian’s spell in
incredibly sexy Undagear 18 

Nicely played, Christian. Nicely played.

Make Me Feel It!

Rolando delivers the whacks on Mike Paris in BG East’s Ringwars 7
I know somebody who needs a spanking today… and that somebody is me!
Bruce Hill and Trenton Comeaux bend over and take it
like men from Eduardo in Can-Am’s All American Oil Trio Muscle Bash
It’s my birthday! I love my birthdays. I have friends who dread them, but I’ve never had a birthday that I didn’t look forward to. You know what they say about the alternative. Another year older is another year not being dead yet, and I love life. So bring on spanking!
It must have been Peter Bishop’s birthday when he wrestled Dino Phillips
in BG East’s X-Fights 11
Normally, spanking isn’t exactly my thing. I mean, physical domination and humiliation works for me (like I need to tell a neverland reader that!), but spanking for the sake of spanking isn’t at the top of my list of what I need. But a birthday isn’t a typical day, and particularly after searching for some hot photos of homoerotic wrestlers leaving a handprint on some shiny, bare assess, I know what I’m wishing for as I blow out my birthday cake candles. 
Brad Rochelle leaves a mark on Billyboy’s vulnerable cheeks in BG East’s Demolition 2
I had decided to come up with a list (because I seem to be all about lists and awards lately) of the homoerotic wrestlers I’d most prefer to deliver my whacks. The image of Brad Rochelle’s fingerprints outlined in angry red across Billyboy’s lucky ass in BG East’s Demolition 2 quickly popped into my mind. I’d lie about it being my birthday once a month if it meant I’d be forced to assume the position across Brad’s thigh!
Cameron Mathews won’t soon forget to call him
Mr. Joshua after his Wrestler Spotlight encounter

My perpetual crush on BG East’s Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!) makes me strongly identify with the lucky, lovely bubble butt of Cameron Mathews getting wedgied and swatted a hot red under the complete control of Mr. Joshua’s gorgeous body for Cameron’s Wrestler Spotlight.  I’d refuse to call him “Mr. Joshua” for at least 42 whacks (or so), just to soak in the sublime ecstasy of suffering a Joshua Goodman humiliation!

Love hurts in BG East’s Sexy Showdown 6

The image of ripped, studly twink Skip Vance landing a cracking open palm across his lover’s naked ass in BG East’s Sexy Showdown 6 works for me as well, with extra credit for the fact that the lanky lover getting spanked here is none other than reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month, Christian Taylor (aka Chris Cox).  The sweetest birthday present of all would probably be joining in on this intensely erotic homo wrestling fun, trading places with each of these gorgeous boys giving and taking my butt clenching smacks!

Skip gets it back from Mike Martin in BG East’s Wet & Wild 4 

Of course, Skip taking his whacks is also an inspiring sight, with handsome hottie Mike Martin sitting on his face and yanking down his trunks. Yep, this would be my choice of the preferred position for me to be forced to assume for my birthday spanking.

Kid Karisma leaves Z-Man’s glutes quivering in Summer Sizzlers 2
But all right, if I have to pick the one homoerotic wrestling hunk to make celebrating hurt so good… if I’m backed into a corner and required to pick just one out of the lineup of my favorite wrestlers to star in my own personal spanking birthday fantasy, truth be told, I’d pick my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler (non-pornboy), Kid Karisma. The reasons are many, but first and foremost, Kid K clearly enjoys the task… a lot!  His evil laughter at yanking Z-Man’s trunks up his crack and making the playboy model spasm in shock at the hard swat sends chills down my spine while warming my crotch delightfully.

Headscissors-as-excuse for an ass slapping.
Kid Karisma absolutely tenderized the twinky ass of fierce little Len Harder for boatloads of Florida Fun. From just about every angle, Kid K beat on Len’s skinny ass relentlessly.
Fold-over face-pin underneath Kid K’s crotch? Just another opportunity to slap ass!
And as Kid Karisma himself made quite clear, he’s nothing if not the life of the party. So definitely, to celebrate my day I’m thinking of a certain red-headed, musclebound, freckle faced, bubble-butted beauty to pin me down, sit on my face, and pound out slow, nothing-held-back whacks across my bare ass, raising a perfectly harmonized chorus of my cries of pain and Kid K’s rumbles of sadistic laughter.

Then let’s turn down the lights, turn up the house music, and dance until I drop on my bright red, aching, happy ass in exhaustion! Life is good!

Getting Turned On

Angelo Blanco

I really like Angelo Blanco. While he isn’t the biggest or hardest muscle hunk in homoerotic wrestling, and he doesn’t bring the deepest arsenal of wrestling holds to the mat (yet), he does possess several qualities that I find fantastically stirring.

When I saw him debut against bad boy Skull, I felt an instant erotic connection with A.B. His body is tantalizingly tasty. My earlier comments about his physique notwithstanding, he’s got fantastic proportions, beautiful olive skin, and legs that look astonishingly strong on his 5’7″, 150 pound frame. Watching that match from Masked Mayhem 7, it felt like I was watching an eager rookie, green around the gills and still working out how to feel comfortable in a speedo and a wrestling mask. But the operative word for me is “eager.” Angelo looks like he’s ready to fuck someone from the start, and the wrestling only stokes his lustful fire more with each twist and turn of the match. His cock takes up more and more room in his tight white trunks, as he’s forced to dial up the down-n-dirty tactics to keep pace with that little devil, Skull. Each passing moment of the sweaty mat action makes him (and me) harder. His opponent, wrestling here under a pseudonym, clearly has more experience. He has more mat savvy. But there’s something irrepressible about Angelo’s determination to rub his throbbing cock against his opponent that makes me deeply satisfied by the atypical rookie victory.

A.B. is back in Masked Mayhem 8. It seems as if he’s soaked up by osmosis some of the darkness of his first opponent, continuing his transformation as a fallen angel. This time he’s sporting incredibly hot fantasy-wear mesh tights that leave plenty of room for that irrepressible cock of his to grow. He’s aroused from the start, though, as he eyes and engages in mutual stroking of his shredded twink opponent, Aqua, also better known under another name when not wrestling masked. Aqua seems to have the same reaction to A.B. that I do. The twink’s gaze roams over Angelo’s hot body slowly. His hands rise lustfully to feel A.B.’s torso. And the first words out of Aqua’s mouth are acknowledgment that he likes what he sees.

A.B. seems more at home on the mat this outing. He takes the initiative, just like he takes Aqua’s crotch in hand over and over again. A.B. rubs his cock in the twink’s face every chance he gets (and he gets many). He works up a quick sheen of sweat, which always dials up the homoeroticism in my book.

It’s that erection that just captivates me, though. A.B. enjoys this work. It’s not the sort of enjoyment that comes with lots of humor and playfulness and camp (not that there’s anything wrong with that). It’s not  even the sort of enjoyment that comes from being tested in competitive physical combat (again, not a thing wrong with that, either). But it’s the sort of enjoyment that a man wearing nothing but a mesh thong with an expandable banana hammock built-in just can’t hide.

A.B. is physically aroused by wrestling Aqua. It’s unmistakable. There’s an authenticity to it that’s more than just evidenced by the erection. He doesn’t smile.  There’s no hint of self-conciousness. It’s as if he’s completely oblivious to the fact that there’s a cameraman dancing around the room catching every provocative angle. This is what I mean when I talk about “all-in” wrestling. Everything is happening on the mat. There’s nothing spilling over to shatter the illusion that these two are completely focused on nothing other than each other and the battle for physical and sexual (and, dare I say, spiritual) domination. There’s all sorts of mystery about a masked man that leaves me guessing about Angelo Blanco. But one thing that I have no uncertainty about at all is the fact that he gets off on wrestling every ounce as much as I do. He isn’t just going through the motions of giving a homoerotic wrestling kink audience a show. He’s got to be one of us. And especially for that (in addition to his fucking sexy body and his paralyzing kiss and his beautiful cock that figures prominently in the culmination of this match and catapults him into my criteria for joining the pornboy ranks), I really, really like Angelo Blanco.

Bard’s Ass Gets Kicked (again)

At this very moment, I am once again getting my ass kicked.

Sadly, so sadly, it’s not the hot, erotic kind of ass-kicking. It’s the suffocate you with paperwork ass-kicking. It’s the kind of ass-kicking that comes from doing the same, tedious task over and over until you’re so limp you worry that you’ll never be able to get hard again. It’s the cold-ice down your pants kind of ass-kicking that leaves your testicles shrunken and your eyes watering.
I can think of many, many more ass-kickings I’d much rather be enduring right now.

Welcoming the Surprise Guest

I’m still a little flush from the muscle competition at yesterday. The image in my mind of James bent over Eightpak’s knee, his trunks wedged high up his crack, and Eightpak spanking his athlete’s cheeks is still seared into my brain. What an image like that does to me brings me to today’s musings: uses for a wrestling hard-on.

For me, the hard-on opens up a whole smorgasbord of opportunities. A sweet, hard fought battle is arousing enough to witness, but the appearance of hard-ons indicates that observer and observed are on the same page in recognizing that wrestling is about sexual domination. Competing companies handle the hard-on differently (so to speak) it seems to me, so for today I want to just consider BG East’s treatment of the wrestler’s erection.
What to do with the hard-on once it graces us with its presence… Jarrett Cole and Jake Omega take time to simply welcome each other’s hard-ons with gentle, appreciative awe. They take turns stroking each other’s hard-ons from outside their trunks. Jarrett’s index finger tracing the heft of Jake’s hard-on suggests a literal, comparative measuring of one another’s manhood. I also have to imagine Jarrett’s mind is already ticking off the things he’s planning on doing with Jake’s impressive tool.
I’m not sure who this cheerful stud is from BG East’s roster, but he shows another approach to the appearance of his opponent’s sizeable erection. He simply grabs the thick shaft and gives it a tug. Frankly, clawing his balls would probably inflict considerably more pain, but when hard-ons arrive on the scene, wrestling isn’t entirely just about strategic advantage. The hard-on begs for being touched, grabbed, held and squeezed, letting your opponent know that his arousal is noted and will be dealt with directly.
Here we see Gabriel’s defensive grab of Mike Martin’s cock. Stripped, hammerlocked and choked, Gabriel feels Mike’s hard-on knocking at the door of Gabriel’s naked ass. With remarkable presence of mind, Gabriel uses his free hand to squeeze inside Mike’s trunks and grab hold of his knocker. Knowing Gabriel’s work, we must wonder whether this is actually defensive, though. He very well may have in mind enhancing Mike’s pleasure in order to better facilitate showing him the hospitality of welcoming him across the threshold.
Jarret Cole’s approach here deserves a second look. He has his opponent beaten down on his stomach in the center of the ring. This pleases Jarret, obviously. Unpacking his own hard-on, Jarret slides it inside the back of his opponent’s trunks, capitalizing on both the friction of the fabric and the frottage to feed his hungry python.
And speaking of feeding, for those of us orally fixated, the erection demands special attention. Here, Dark Rogers, one of the princes of the aroused altercation, cracks his light-headed opponent backward across his knee. Seeing the kid’s pleasure inches away from Dark’s mouth, Dark applies some mutually gratifying mouth and teeth action. Now this is the proper way to capitalize on an over the knee backbreaker!
Perhaps the most common scenario is illustrated here by one of the men of my dreams, Rafe Sanchez. Rafe’s own hard-on is screaming out at him for servicing. His command of Sebastian Rios has engorged Rafe’s insatiable member. Conveniently enough, he finds Sebastian’s face trapped, inches away from his throbbing cock. Grabbing a handful of hair in his right hand and cupping the back of Sebastian’s head in his left, Rafe rubs his opponent’s head humiliatingly into his erection. The force feed, both inside and outside of trunks, epitomizes the rewards of victory.
What’s still missing? In the interest of modesty, I’ve left out the pics of hard-ons put to good use in pec frottage. Most of the rest are variations on the theme: hand to cock, cock to face, cock to ass… One technique that I wasn’t able to put my hands on was the bodyscissors transition to capturing the suffering man’s erection between your feet. Christian Taylor is in prime position for this move here, if he just unlaced his ankles, bent his knees up further, and captured Jonah’s cock in the arches of his feet. I’m not entirely sure why that makes me see stars, but I’m a huge fan of this move on tape and in real life, both giving and receiving the joy. Of course there’s the dick slap, the figure-four force feed, the anal probe standing, seated, spooning, etc., etc., etc.
This is what makes mainstream pro inevitably inadequate, at least on its own. Straight grapplers who can’t manage to get themselves worked up are always at least a little disappointing to me. The generous welcome of the raging erection is a joy of infinite variety, to be welcomed like an esteemed guest, honored with lavish attention, and satisfied with relentless hospitality.