Letter from the Trenches

Neverland has been getting some interesting comments lately. Take a couple of weeks ago when I posted about my ongoing infatuation with Brit beauty Chris Xaos.  It wasn’t that fellow Brit wrestler and BG East alum Neil Hewitt felt like I’d make any particular errors of commission, just errors of omission, as in I’d omitted to mention more British homoerotic wrestlers. I challenged Neil to give me glimpse of homoerotic wrestling life on the other side of the Atlantic to round out my taste for British fare, and the handsome stud promptly responded.  I’m hoping to nail Neil to a full-on strip-stakes interview (well, at least an interview) sometime soon, but in the mean time, Neil gave me permission to share these updates in his own words. Americans, put on your British accent filter that invariably makes us feel a little outclassed, and enjoy these eloquent words of a hardworking hunk.


Hi there Wrestlebard!

Following-up your request to get you some more detail on other UK wrestlers for your Neverland site can I kick off with myself maybe to get you up to speed with at least one other UK wrestler!

I have added a few pics of myself from BG East and other pro-wrestling occasions and events so at least you know what I look like.
I’ve been wrestling since university and started in freestyle/amateur style moving on to submission wrestling and then into MMA and BJJ grappling. I always loved Pro-Wrestling and wanted to live the dream and become one but too late into life and after building my career I was able to get back into pro-style wrestling through wrestling in clubs and private matches with guys off contact websites like Meetfighters and Recon. I was discovered by a pro-wrestler at one of the shows who asked if I would train with them which I did and was lucky enough to get asked to do public shows with this promotion. I have now done about 14 shows so still in my early days for an ‘old guy’ like me who is very much of the ‘Old School’ type of pro wrestling; however it seems to go down well and for a guy over 50 I do OK I’m told!

I’ve now been asked to team-up with a Tag partner from the North East of the UK and we are going to be doing some shows during this year under our name: Team BadBoys (Billy and Robbie). We are training under Robbie Brookside-trained Steve Sim in Coventry and are looking forward to a successful season this year.

My career with BGEast is quite well known with my having done about 5 dvd’s now with Kid Leopard and the team there when he comes over to the UK annually. I still want to go over to his Boston and Florida bases to work there but he has so much choice now it must be difficult to squeeze me in. My BGE name is Neil Hewitt so you can look me up to see all the titles I have on the catalogs. My matches against Paul Christian and Grant and most recently Trevor Kingsley are covered well in the Forum of the BGE site and each of those wrestlers are all great in their own right. Paul is now a personal friend and we meet privately to practise our Pro technique as he and I both love the ring situation (he from a Heel perspective and me as the Blue-Eye jobber!).
Anyway enough for now but please feel free to look me up on Facebook too, where I am Robbie Neill, to see my career in photos as both a pro and private wrestler/grappler and my modelling career which continues apace here in London.

Look forward to hearing from you with any questions and requests and hope I get the opportunity of meeting you in person at some point in the States or here in London.

Take care and keep wrestling!!


I think it’s ADORABLE that Neil thinks he has to send me pictures for me to know who he is. I’ve spilled plenty of bodily fluids on him (figuratively). Between you and me, I think the world would be a significantly brighter place were Neil and Mitch Colby to tag team all over some wet-behind-the-ears babyface rookies who haven’t yet managed to drink in public legally (in the US). And I’m determined to take him up on that face-to-face meeting at some point.  In the mean time, here are those photos Neil promised.

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Reader’s Choice Poll – Sexy Brits

Neverland reader John let me know that he’s a big BG East fan, and he asked me an excellent question: “How about a competition for the sexiest Brit?” My answer: that’s an excellent suggestion!  Coming up with a short list of my nominations for the sexiest homoerotic wrestling Brit was a surprisingly difficult task.  I asked John to give me his top 5 sexy BG East Brit battlers, and then I painfully limited myself to add only 5 more to the short list.  I’m confident that voters will want to add some worthy hunks we’ve left off of our lists, so when you register your vote to the right, you have the option to select “other” and then name your pick in the comment section to this post.  So many mouthwatering Britboys to choose from… but which one do you think is sexiest?

In alphabetical order, here are the nominations for this month’s Reader’s Poll:

Chris Burnley – 5’7″, 165 lbs.

Chris Burnley is nothing short of striking. Of course, he can punch the shit out of an opponent’s abs, but I also mean visually striking, wrestling with his essentially hairless, milky pale, fantastically sexy body. He turned up the heat in 4 BG East matches, and with each appearance, he packed more muscle onto his bulging, pale body, always starkly contrasted by that adorable little boy face. Sexy Britboy wrestler without a doubt. Sexiest?

Rob Chandler – 5’5″, 143 lbs.

Rob Chandler has made a massive impression in his 4 BG East outings. In his first appearance, BG East described him as looking like “the bastard love child” of Aryx Quinn and Cole Cassidy. That was pretty much all I needed to know to be entranced, but catch that rock hard physique, the gorgeous ink, and the jaw dropping beer can hanging between his legs, and you’ll know why he’s on this list. As with all things around these parts, it’s far more than just the visuals, and Rob is as erotically intense a wrestler as just about any.  Just about?

Ty Garrison – 5’10”, 168 lbs.

This list would clearly not be complete without a push for Ty Garrison. He’s burned up the mats in 11 BG East matches. His body is lucious, his game face is fierce, and his wrestling is merciless. The heat he generates motivates some of the most explicitly sexual homoerotic wrestling in the BG East archives.

Neil Hewitt – 6′, 168 lbs.
Neil Hewitt has battled in 3 BG East matches, soaking up the pain like a sponge and clearly loving every moment of it. He can talk trash, he’s ready to exploit any weakness, and he’s got a pros in private attitude to turn a motel room into a high stakes pro arena. Hot bod, gorgeous blue eyes, and ready to throw down at a moments notice… that’s sexy!

Mike Martin – 5’7″, 150 lbs.

16 matches loaded with buckets of Mike Martin’s sweat are more than enough to qualify this workhorse as a contender in this poll. He’s another star of an amazingly hot collection of X and XXX fights, and even when he keeps his kit on, he’s bringing sexy to every venue BG East owns on both sides of the Atlantic. He’s got a body built for grappling, and a fight face that should make any opponent think twice. But I think it’s that heart melting, adorable smile that’s his best weapon at disarming and distracting.

Ethan Pryor – 5’9″, 170 lbs.
Regular readers know my infatuation with imagining mainstream newsmen as stars in homoerotic wrestling matches. So no wonder Matt Lauer’s little brother, Ethan Pryor, made it onto both John and my short lists to include in today’s poll. Horny, hairy, and a face meant for primetime, Ethan’s 4 appearances for BG East prove that he’s ready to add as many X’s as you like, and damn if he shouldn’t show up as a Hollywood leading man! When Daniel Craig hangs up his gig as 007, I’m lobbying for Ethan to take his place!
Steve Ranger – 5’8″, 172 lbs.

Wowsers! Talk about buckets and buckets of sexy sweat! Steve Ranger has caused a tidal wave with his lickable, powerhouse body and prove-it attitude in all 4 of his BG East matches. A shaved head always inspires a double-take from me, and giving Simon Forrester (who I’m kicking myself for not being able to squeeze onto this list) everything he’s got both on the motel mattress and in the shower, Steve is a seriously sexy contender.

Mickey Rollins – 170 lbs.

Mickey Rollins caught my attention wrestling against Belgian sexpot, Dane Tarsen (at least John and I think Dane’s Belgian). Mickey is dripping with sexiness at all times. His ripped, lean body looks like classic sculpture, and his evolving facial hair in the 3 matches he wrestled for BG East is playful and just a little sinister. If Mickey had ever failed to get stripped naked in a wrestling match, it would have been a national shame.  Bounce a quarter off those tight abs and tell me if Mickey is the sexiest Brit in the bunch.

Gabriel Ross – 5’4″, 135 lbs.
It’s a good thing that BG East has proof of age on record, because otherwise I’d struggle with whether I’m a lecher for being so fantastically turned on by this definition-of-a babyface known as Gabriel Ross. He’s petite, with a bouncy bubble butt and fit, not overly muscled physique. He smiles a lot at his opponents. And right about the time that they can’t help but grin back at him, he drops them flat on their asses and slaps on a humiliating face-to-crotch headscissors that makes even the big boys whimper. And no stranger to the X’s, Gabriel clearly cannot wait to unleash the disproportionately long, lovely length of pipe that he’s swinging. The face of a cherub and the cock of a porn star make for one astonishingly sexy homoerotic wrestling Brit!

Iain Scott – 5’10”, 168 lbs.

Scottish muscleman and wrestling fetish evangelist, Iain Scott, quickly came to mind for both John and me when we were working on this list. Iain’s body is powerful and powerfully arousing. His chest is astonishingly broad. And, as John put it, it’s hard not to be in awe of Iain’s “lovely dick and wonderful arse!” Iain’s 9 matches for BG East are some of the foundational texts in the history of homoerotic wrestling, and all reports are that he’s continued to promote homoerotic wrestling independently in the UK. Pucker up and get ready to plant a wet one on that mammoth crotch of his if you fail to acknowledge the founder of Ruff N’ Raunchy as sexiest Brit in the bunch.

Chris Xaos – 6’1″, 170 lbs.
Our last suggestion for sexiest homoerotic wrestling Brit is Chris Xaos. There’s just no pretense with Chris. He’s here to wrestle you to submission in order to fuck you morning, noon and night. Chris is so turned on by his work, he’s apt to distract himself just when he’s on top by indulging in a long, lusty lip lock. His BG East career so far spans 5 matches, and his story arc is getting sexier and sexier by the minute. He tends to tower over his opponents, at that long, fit frame is sporting one of the prettiest asses in the business. He looks like he could be a punk, but Chris is prone to self-sabotaging moments of tender lust, and for my tastes, that’s one sexy combination!

Both John and I are instantly reconsidering our choices, but I’ve called a halt to tinkering with it any longer. Don’t count our “top 10” choices too carefully, because I’m not willing to check my math and eliminate anyone else from contention. You know the contenders as well as we do, so if your Britboy isn’t here, register your vote as “other” and put him in the comments below.