Letter from the Trenches

Neverland has been getting some interesting comments lately. Take a couple of weeks ago when I posted about my ongoing infatuation with Brit beauty Chris Xaos.  It wasn’t that fellow Brit wrestler and BG East alum Neil Hewitt felt like I’d make any particular errors of commission, just errors of omission, as in I’d omitted to mention more British homoerotic wrestlers. I challenged Neil to give me glimpse of homoerotic wrestling life on the other side of the Atlantic to round out my taste for British fare, and the handsome stud promptly responded.  I’m hoping to nail Neil to a full-on strip-stakes interview (well, at least an interview) sometime soon, but in the mean time, Neil gave me permission to share these updates in his own words. Americans, put on your British accent filter that invariably makes us feel a little outclassed, and enjoy these eloquent words of a hardworking hunk.


Hi there Wrestlebard!

Following-up your request to get you some more detail on other UK wrestlers for your Neverland site can I kick off with myself maybe to get you up to speed with at least one other UK wrestler!

I have added a few pics of myself from BG East and other pro-wrestling occasions and events so at least you know what I look like.
I’ve been wrestling since university and started in freestyle/amateur style moving on to submission wrestling and then into MMA and BJJ grappling. I always loved Pro-Wrestling and wanted to live the dream and become one but too late into life and after building my career I was able to get back into pro-style wrestling through wrestling in clubs and private matches with guys off contact websites like Meetfighters and Recon. I was discovered by a pro-wrestler at one of the shows who asked if I would train with them which I did and was lucky enough to get asked to do public shows with this promotion. I have now done about 14 shows so still in my early days for an ‘old guy’ like me who is very much of the ‘Old School’ type of pro wrestling; however it seems to go down well and for a guy over 50 I do OK I’m told!

I’ve now been asked to team-up with a Tag partner from the North East of the UK and we are going to be doing some shows during this year under our name: Team BadBoys (Billy and Robbie). We are training under Robbie Brookside-trained Steve Sim in Coventry and are looking forward to a successful season this year.

My career with BGEast is quite well known with my having done about 5 dvd’s now with Kid Leopard and the team there when he comes over to the UK annually. I still want to go over to his Boston and Florida bases to work there but he has so much choice now it must be difficult to squeeze me in. My BGE name is Neil Hewitt so you can look me up to see all the titles I have on the catalogs. My matches against Paul Christian and Grant and most recently Trevor Kingsley are covered well in the Forum of the BGE site and each of those wrestlers are all great in their own right. Paul is now a personal friend and we meet privately to practise our Pro technique as he and I both love the ring situation (he from a Heel perspective and me as the Blue-Eye jobber!).
Anyway enough for now but please feel free to look me up on Facebook too, where I am Robbie Neill, to see my career in photos as both a pro and private wrestler/grappler and my modelling career which continues apace here in London.

Look forward to hearing from you with any questions and requests and hope I get the opportunity of meeting you in person at some point in the States or here in London.

Take care and keep wrestling!!


I think it’s ADORABLE that Neil thinks he has to send me pictures for me to know who he is. I’ve spilled plenty of bodily fluids on him (figuratively). Between you and me, I think the world would be a significantly brighter place were Neil and Mitch Colby to tag team all over some wet-behind-the-ears babyface rookies who haven’t yet managed to drink in public legally (in the US). And I’m determined to take him up on that face-to-face meeting at some point.  In the mean time, here are those photos Neil promised.

0705_lg 247908_502501573113023_1701011966_n 562322_701757949854050_126208792_n 1458650_711127632250415_1118887862_n 1495540_802723889757455_2012959554258725414_n 1897802_778081688888342_111589623_n 1898158_803459006350610_2390443168846711367_n 10153183_802723859757458_4951187682584156426_n IMG_1172 P1000248 (600x800) tumblr_lwiaifsrFF1r7wxqoo1_500

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