Xaos Theory

I love the fact that BG East makes periodic excursions to the United Kingdom to scout out the hot wresting meat on that side of the Atlantic. The extended reach of BG East vicariously extends my appreciation for the breadth and depth of homoerotic wrestling, pulling me, at least occasionally, out of my provincial assumptions that have been pounded into me my entire life that the United States is the center of the universe.  There are many of the Brit-finds from BG East that spark my imagination and generate a conditioned response in my crotch to an English accent growling, “Like that?”  Yes, yes indeed. I like that.


Chris Xaos is one of the homoerotic wrestlers from across the pond who has squeezed his hot body into my homoerotic wrestling fantasies and put down permanent roots in my imagination. Early in his career, there was a brash, tatted, pierced street punk hit that I got off of him that was tasty. The official story is that he was discovered in a pub by Brit veteran wrestler Ty Garrison, or, rather, Chris “discovered” that he recognized Garrison and immediately let him know that he’d always wanted to have a go at him.


In other words, Chris Xaos was one of us long before BG East fans first got a look at the 6’1″, 170 lbs grappler. There was instantly something magnetic about him the first time I saw him wrestle.  Despite his chaotic name, there’s a passionate, fierce methodology about him. He wrestles straightforward, always with a playful edge, and always paired with a dangerousness that is unmistakable. The stud is big and strong enough, and he delights in dominating enough, to do serious damage to any opponent not ready to match him throw for throw.


In his more recent releases, Chris has appeared more mature and with a goatee, both factors that exponentiate his magnetism for me. He officially graduated from boy to man when he showed up against fellow British fantasyman and favorite of mine, Rob Chandler in Motel Madness UK. That match is one of the most intimate, hottest motel matches ever produced. Chandler’s hard-on straining the fabric of his trunks alone signals exactly what the action is doing to me. The only thing missing is a bottle of baby oil and me!


There’s a rawness and ferocity about BG East’s British collection that is incredible, particularly as it’s paired with the variety of Brit and European accents that I, like so many Americans, find entrancing. Chris Xaos is all of those adjectives: raw, fierce, and entrancing. I only wish we could get him a green card to work more regularly on this side of the pond.


5 thoughts on “Xaos Theory

  1. These guys are not the only Brits who have worked for bge…. Some of us have done more dvd’s yet rarely get a mention…..can I suggest a Brit feature on guys like Paul Christian, Simon Forrester and Neil Hewitt (me!) and how some of us have gone on to bigger things in the pro-ring!

    1. I hope I didn’t imply that I thought these guys were the only Brits worth noticing! Set me up, Robbie! I need a UK correspondent to guest post here at neverland. Let’s shine a light on more hot wrestling Brits.

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