Friday Fashion

Today’s focus on fashion is a bit of a departure from the typical neverland Friday Fashion polls. I couldn’t help but notice on Facebook that Ty Alexander has quite a “thing” about selfies in an astonishingly diverse variety of wrestling gear. Through back channels, the BG East newbie stud confirmed that he goes crazy for gear and has an incredibly extensive collection of gear and even more extensive collection of self-portraits showing off the gear. So for today’s Friday Fashion installment, I sat down with the “Christian Lacroix of homoerotic wrestling” to get a little fashion advice from a studied aficionado.


Ty Alexander (5’7″, 150 lbs) is feeling, and looking,  healthy.

Bard: Damn boy, you’re looking tastier by the minute. Is it my imagination, or are you pounding that pretty body into better and better shape?

Ty: Yep I have been working hard at the gym every day. Trying to stay healthy. And thanks, by the way. Appreciate the compliment.

Plenty to compliment.

Bard: Healthy looks really great on you! So how many items of wrestling gear do you own?

“Not even half” of Ty’s collection of wrestling gear!

Ty: Hmmm. Honestly, if I could give you a number I would. Best guess would have to be over 150. [laughing] I literally have all kinds of gear. Pro trunks, singlets, briefs, jocks, thongs even. You name it , I probably have it.

Bard: When and how did this fascination begin?

Gear makes Ty feels liberated.

Ty: When I was in high school. I always liked being in the speedos  [laughing]. Felt liberating. And it just kind of grew from there.  Also, all my favorite pro and indy wrestlers wear briefs [laughing]. I think the right fit can make anyone look hot. So I started wrestling privately and had to find interesting places to hide my gear. Weird thing is, with all my love of pro and pro gear, I have yet to get myself some dang boots!

Bard: I’ve never purchased wrestling boots, but I would imagine they’re expensive. What is your favorite gear to wear, and, conversely, what do you most like to see an opponent wearing?

Ty: I would have to say my favorite gear has got to be my pro trunks. I’m picky. I like my stuff to be loud and bright and showy. Usually something to make my awesome tan look even better. As for my opponents I like them in as little as possible [laughing]. But let’s face it , they won’t be looking as good as me. They can try, though it’s just not going to happen.

Working on that sexy tan in his “Ty-Dye” speedos.

Bard: You do have quite the sexy tan. So I hope this isn’t indelicate of me to ask, but does gear itself (wearing it, seeing it on an opponent) turn you on?  Does gear itself have a fetish aspect to it for you, or are you more a collector for the sake of collecting?

Ty: It’s a fetish to me. That’s why I have so much! [laughing] I love the feel of it against my body in a match, and if my opponent is lucky enough to get the upper hand on me, I don’t mind feeling that either. Also I like to parade around and show off a bit. [laughing] Sort of a selfie addict. When I try on gear, gotta take a pic from every angle to make sure it looks perfect. Kinda hard not to on me though.

Self-described selfie addict.

Bard: Awesome. You’re most definitely not alone in nursing a gear fetish, I’m sure you know.  You mention that you like your gear showy. Favorite colors, patterns, fabrics, themes?

Ty: [Laughing] Anything bright. Lime green, hot pink, purple, even some blues. Brighter the color the more I stand out. Patterns? It depends. Picked up this awesome “Ty-dye” mix the other day and really like it. I love the tribal look a lot, though. Gotta be one of my all time favorite looks.  And you can’t go wrong by making it flash with some awesome shades. [laughing] I wanna make sure all the focus is on me, not my opponent in my matches, so the brighter the better.

Bard: Aha! Some strategy plays a part, as well as the turn-on of hot gear all by itself. So clearly this doesn’t apply to your fabulousness, but if you were doing a fashion consult with a homoerotic wrestler who had issues with aspects of their body, would you recommend particular gear choices for particular bodies?

Rook rocks a singlet.

Ty: I would have to say, honestly, wear what makes you feel good about yourself. I mean, obviously make sure it fits right. But who is to judge you? You are your own harshest critic. Though I would say I think a guy in briefs and brief pro gear gets my vote every time.  Though I will say if you have bigger thighs go for briefs or long tights.  You won’t have to worry about them squeezing the thighs as much and making them look funky. If you have pecs, I think a singlet works. Super hot to see the straps lifted away from the body because you have a pair of rock hard pecs!

Bard: Wise advice that’s also turning me on. Of the photos you’ve shared with me, what are the top 2 or 3 favorite looks you’re liking right now?

Purple and blue “tribal” trunks.

Ty: Hmm. I would have to say my blue star wrestling trunks and the purple and blue tribal. They look and fit awseome. And let’s face it, they make my butt look even more awesome. [laughing]  Also my purple short side mesh briefs and my “ty-dye” brief swim suit.


Bard: Well I’m not nearly the studied expert you are, but even I can tell those trunks all look stunning on you and your fine ass. I’m particularly a fan of the “Ty-Dye” suit.  That gear definitely should appear in a backyard brawl sometime, preferbly first on your hot, tanned bod, and later stuffed down the throat of your opponent. Speaking of hypothetical future matches, is there anything you can tell us about what the future holds for you on the publicly available wrestling scene? Have you had the call from the boys at BGE to make your follow-up appearance to your Raunchy Rookies debut?


Ty showed “a small taste” of what he can do against Kayden Keller in Raunchy Rookies 7.

Ty: Ah, Bard, if I was to give away anything I think that the punishment would be pretty rough (though most likely I wouldn’t mind it that way). I can say that I can’t wait to show more in my matches as I grow. I think you got a small taste of what I can do against Kayden, and that the other stuff may surprise you even more. There are a lot of guys I hope to get in the ring and even maybe hit the mat with soon. I don’t wanna end up in the river with cement shoes like that poor guy who leaked those behind the scenes photos now, do I? [laughing] I can’t wait to get back, though. All the BGE guys are awesome.

Bard: I have a hunch we’ll be seeing the “Christian Lacroix of homoerotic wrestling” again soon. Thanks for the fashion tutorial, and especially for the graphic illustrations. Can’t wait to see you in action again soon!

Ty is a one-man homoerotic wrestling fashion show!

Ty: Thanks for your time, Bard. I love the site. Keep up the awesome work. It’s always a pleasure talking with you and sharing my stuff with your awesome readers.

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