All About Ty

Ty Alexander

Have you seen the Bette Davis movie All About Eve?  If not, do so immediately or else your gay card may be revoked.  If so, you’ll understand when I say that I think there’s a hit of Eve Harrington about young BG East rookie Ty Alexander.  The doe-eyed young babyface has been at BG East what, half a day or so, but somehow he seems to have aw-shucked his way into a going concern at the company.  In my interview with Ty, and in subsequent chats off the record since, he’s been unfailingly adorable, eager, giving off a perpetual air of being just honored to be a subject of conversation.  The babyfaced tiger is perpetually self-deprecating, always first to bring up his inexperience.  But if you know the Eve Harrington reference, you know that I’m suspecting there’s a lot more not quite right under the surface with young Ty.  Did you see the flurry of high flying, high impact pro moves he pulled out of his ass in the opening moments of his debut in Raunchy Rookies 7!? For just a few seconds there’s a look on that dimple cheeked babyface as he’s making a stunned Kayden Keller wail in shock, when Ty smirks, gives just a barely perceptible lift of his chin in a cocky, I-love-it-when-a-plan-comes-together nod of satisfaction.  On the surface, the kid is all about how he’s toning his body to raise his game.  He’s all about how he’s learning from the upperclassmen and just thanking his lucky stars that The Boss is giving him a chance.  He’s all about humility and insecurity and open-hearted ambition.  But just beneath the surface, I’m starting to suspect he’s All About Ty.

Drake Marcos

So if you know All About Eve, then you know that I’m suspecting young Ty has a Margo Channing set in his crosshairs.  If his babyface sincerity is, indeed, a masterfully executed veneer overtop of an ice-cold scheme to ascend to fortune and fame with his boot heel planted squarely across the shoulder blades of a headliner in front of him, then I’m suspecting that said Margo Channing is Drake Marcos.  Regular readers of this blog know that I’ve had my eye on pretty young Drake since even before he made his BG East debut. That irrepressible grin made me be the first to dub him the Cheshire Cat of homoerotic wrestling.  There’s no mystery at all about the fact that Drake instantly also had The Boss’ eye, earning the handsome stud a whole lot of leading roles under what is rumored to be the private and personal tutelage of Kid Leopard himself.  He was a Debut of the Year nominee in 2012, and through quite literally a bucket full of blood, sweat, and mostly tears, Drake captured his share of the coveted title of Best Squash of 2013 (of course, being the one squashed by the masterful muscles of Jonny Firestorm).  Drake has earned his way into the business, getting his ass handed to him over and over and over (and over) again, by what is now a long string of smirking, self-congratulatory victors.  Honestly, I thought that referring to Drake as a jobber-rising was a compliment, because in less than 2 years the stud has settled into the role of one of the most sweetly suffering slices of meat being served by BG East.  I thought I was offering some well-deserved flattery when I said that ingenue Drake was unquestionably an accomplished jobber who sells anguish like few others currently in competition.  However, Drake seems to have taken my assertion that he’s a world class “loser” the wrong way, and not only has the Cheshire Cat promised me that he’s learning the lessons he needs to learn to eventually actually beat an opponent, he’s even promised that he’s got a little “present” for a certain blogger-critic who’s been too quick to relegate him to the ranks of starlet jobbers and deserving of an ass kicking.

Drake takes total command of the larcenous rookie.

Enough about me. This post is actually about Drake and Ty.  If you haven’t seen Babyface Brawl X, I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy.  It goes much farther down the path of homoerotic wrestling fantasies than 95% of products out there.  The plot is thick with intrigue and a touch of melodrama from the opening credits.  Dimpled, adorable Ty is captured on camera sneaking into the mat room early to rifle through Drake’s gym bag.  The larcenous little cherub fishes out a particular pair of fetching, designer underwear and slips out again with the loot.  What we quickly discover, right around the time that Drake is discovering his been robbed, is that Drake has been crowing about these fluorescent lime green trunks to Ty for weeks as they’ve been planning this match.  Drake’s been so excited to show off his hot ass in these square cuts, that his jaw just about drops to the floor when young Ty saunters back in, halo in place, and peels down to the very same pair of trunks he just stole from Drake.  The balls on this kid!  “Aw-shucks I’m just happy to be here” my ass!!!

Ty tied up and locked down with authority!

Drake slips into a pink pair of almost as flattering trunks and promptly opens up a can of revenge-whoop-ass on a stunned Eve Ty.  There’s just no question that young Drake, despite his abysmal win-loss record thus far, has been learning a thing or two since his debut.  Honestly, he swarms all over Ty, leaving the kid simply unclear as to which end is up.  Despite Drake’s certainty that I’ve unfairly persecuted him in the past, I’m happy to admit that he is incredible to watch as he patiently, with complete mastery, ties Ty up in knots before the rookie has any idea what just hit him.  The intensity in this action is palpable.  There’s a throbbing, sweating heat to the tumbles and slams that’s captivating to watch.  There’s a moment there where I’m thinking young Ty may not actually be scheming, but rather perhaps he’s just plain stupid, because the upperclassman solidly humiliates the pretty newbie like there’s no tomorrow.

There’s the Drake Marcos we know and love!

But when Drake moves in to reclaim his property, you can just about see the switch get thrown inside of Ty.  I swear to god, you can watch his face change from awed and shocked and overwhelmed into a vicious little viper in a heartbeat.  All of that commanding domination from Drake dissipates as the upperclassman starts to melt, like he has so many times before, under the rage and ruin raining down from another surprisingly accomplished opponent. With the lime green square cuts still halfway down his ass where he interrupted Drake’s attempt to rip them off, Ty folds the stunned stud up and plants his bodacious bubble butt right across Drake’s face. The more the newbie crushes and squeezes, the more we get to enjoy watching that familiar look of despair and agony contort the Cheshire Cat’s handsome face.  Only this time, the humiliation is being doled out by one of the babiest-faced newbies on the planet! Oh, the humanity!

Aw hell, he actually did it!? Drake… won!?!

Again, credit where due, after assuming his accustomed position and making me think Drake is going to remain the undisputed jobber king, the Cheshire Cat stems the tide, turns the tables and assembles a beautiful succession of debilitating submission holds that make the domineering schemer melt away from Ty’s dimpled cheeks.  Unquestionably, decisively, this is the moment Drake promised me months ago.  Believe it or not, Drake Marcos genuinely and convincingly beats someone!

Combat into passion

I’m sure you’re as shocked as I.  Trunks are forcibly traded, then stripped again as the two young bucks are worked into a genuine lather of lust by all of that heat and intensity.  The wrong righted, Drake drags his naked prey out of the mat room. Scene fades to black.

Careening down the path every homoerotic wrestling match should.

How many homoerotic wrestling matches leave us hanging right at that point?  Billions?  The real shocker (satisfyingly so) is scene 2. The camera opens on a television where Sunshine Shooters 5 is playing. You know the one, where Kid Vicious and Skrapper are beating the hell out of one another, cock slapping each other’s faces, absolutely brutalizing each other’s naked bodies.  The camera turns to the nearby bed, where Drake and Ty have now retired to cap off their wrestling with full on amorous lust.  The boys are fully aroused. The bed play is aggressive.  Drake clearly has a fetish for getting off to being choked, and young Ty has no problem sliding the upperclassman’s throat inside his arms and toying with Drake’s carotid flow.  The boys give the impression that they haven’t gotten off for weeks and haven’t eaten for days, as they consume one another with fantastic ferocity.  In one of several cock-inspiring chokeholds, Drake explodes with a grunt of ecstasy that sounds almost like agony.  There’s a subtle return of the smirk across Ty’s face as he settles in, finally blowing his own load.

Babyface ecstasy

Passionate kissing, stroking.  It all ends on such a sweet note… until Ty points out that although Drake won in the mat room, when it comes to homoerotic wrestling, the last to cum gets bragging rights as well.  Was that the scheme all along?! Ty both rises in his jobber-on-the-rise stock by losing brutally to the formerly can’t-win jobber-on-top, then slaps down a little ding to Drake’s ego by making sure the upperclassmen was the first to cum!? Drake goes into a rage, scooping up Ty’s wad from across his tanned torso and cum-slaps the climber with an audible, vicious, wet slap across the face.

Ty works the plan

So, yes. Drake finally… finally scored a legitimate victory over an opponent.  He “won,” as he’s been promising for ages that he would, sooner or later.  But if the rookie’s plan was in fact, all along, to unseat the jobberiest jobber in competition and add a little erotic insult to injury to boot, Babyface X was never about whether Drake could pull of a victory.  It was never about those lime green trunks.  It was never about revenge or passion or getting off.  Perhaps, just maybe, all along it was All About Ty.

All About Ty!?

9 thoughts on “All About Ty

  1. There are i mean I’m not.super skinny myself. I’m just get healthy not trim my body down and be skinny. It’s all about the goal.

    1. There’s actually a huge diversity of body types currently wrestling in new releases. Fortunately,my tastes span a wide range, so there are a lot more matches that turn me on than someone who only works off a particular look. Ty and Drake easily fall within my wheelhouse, and they wrestle like wildcats, which is even more important toward turning me on.

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