Fantasy Come True

A few weeks ago I took note of the fine art of the homoerotic wrestling tease, particularly spotlighting Muscle Domination Wrestling’s promotional sneak preview of their newest acquisition, Mutant.  As I mentioned in that post, teasing is a delicate operation.  Veer too far one way, it can just sort of piss off your audience and leave them bitter.  Too far another way, and it can make the cow moot for all the milk you serve.  I liked MDW’s Mutant tease, however, and I pointed out that it did to me what I think an accomplished tease is intended to do.  It inspired my imagination to hungrily compose scenarios of what muscle beast Mutant might get up to once the MDW hunks get their hands all over that massive stud.  Honest to God, I had absolutely no forewarning or insider trading scoop when I wrote on June 11, “Please, oh please tell me that Mutant is about to meet hairy he-man Chace LaChance in a rip, strip, and oil barnburner.”  Seriously, I was just voicing what I thought was the optimal pairing of rookie meat with sophomore fine wine.  Imagine my surprise when none other than MDW’s badboy boss Muscle Master Kevin commented on that post, saying, “The epic strength contest and winner-gets-oiled match between Mutant and Chase is 100% confirmed for season 11. Mutant has answered Chase’s challenge and next wednesday you can expect his VIP response to Lachance, showing off how he looks in the very same gear.”

“Mutant, I don’t think, looks like this or wants any part of this!”


Riding the tease-wave to near perfection, the 20 minute Chace LaChance, members-only testimonial video in the MDW VIP Lounge promises and delivers sculpted muscle god Chace in, out, in and out again of gear.  “Mutant, I don’t think, looks like this or wants any part of this!” Chace crows, staring down at his incredibly hot body, feeling his hairy muscles with a deeply satisfied groan and smirk of pleasure.  You’ll only see Chace’s least seen muscle by joining the MDW VIP membership area, and the same goes for Mutant’s tit-for-tat fashion show video, though be warned that Mutant does his wardrobe changes all off camera. The MDW VIP nook isn’t updated nearly often enough for me, and the interface is a blunt newsfeed-style (no galleries, searchable content, etc., though you can find many massive zip-files of photos and some members-only video content like Chace and Mutant’s testimonials).  But I’ve got a major thing for cocky wrestling testimonials and intimate for-my-eyes-only wrestler chatter that shows off a hunk’s voice, wit, and the precise measure of his ego.  Chace’s testimonial, like his full-frontal, is pretty damn eye-opening for me.  This hot muscle monster needs to have that swelling ego and self-love featured a lot more! Mutant is more subdued, less demonstrative, but that muscled ass is a masterpiece!

Obligatory arm wrestling contest to get some ego bruising going.


Ripped directly from my fantasies, Chace and Mutant’s 26 minute confrontation catches me by surprise time and time again, and these are the kind of surprises I love.  The unspoken agenda in Oil Hunks 3 is satiating the gear fetishists among us.  Someone seems to have had a blast dressing up both mouthwatering musclemen like his own personal pair of Ken dolls.  I lose count of the number of gear changes that happen (off camera) during this match, and I completely lose sight of the internal logic as to why they change gear over and over again.  But who the fuck cares, particularly when you get a look at the crystal smooth, granite carved glutes on Mutant as he works out to start the video, wearing a bewildering unitard-ish black and blue… thing.  I have no idea how to describe this.  There’s no way it was designed for a body like Mutant’s.  It looks equally odd on Chace when he squeezes his massive muscles into it later on in the match.  But the one thing it does with epic success is give unobstructed views of these boys’ incredible asses.  The plot is simple. Hot muscle boys working out in the same gym have to decide whose cock bicep is bigger.  I crave them both equally, so I claim objectivity when I say Mutant’s muscles are simply more massive, but Chace’s physique is unquestionably more aesthetically beautiful.  Simple visual comparison will not settle this, of course, so the boys arm wrestle.  Simple arm wrestling will never settle this, so this muscle feast is heading nowhere else but the wrestling ring.

Plenty of mouthwatering muscle asses in ever changing gear


I’d say the ratio of muscle posing to wrestling is about 50/50, which isn’t my ideal, but it’s hard not to see why MDW felt it necessary to let the camera linger long and hard on almost every stunning inch of flesh on this two beautiful men.  Chace controls the pace of the narrative, insisting pose by pose on the side-by-side comparisons.  Almost seductively, Mutant obeys at nearly every turn.  I’m thinking the fantasy I had that Chace would make this massive musclebeast his bitch for the asking could very well sort itself out, making me suspect I may have actual extrasensory perception.

When they get down to business, Chace sits his fine, hairy ass into the driver’s seat first and most.


Chace again is in the driver’s seat when these massive studs finally get down to touching each other via actual wrestling.  Chace is also the one to bring what wrestling experience there is in the ring, using the ropes, applying some decent holds, and working the story arc of muscle v muscle battle for dominance.  I find it breathtaking watching the physical confrontation framed within the albeit aesthetically questionable gear choices the boys keep making.  In particular, the highlights on bulging packages and bare asses is fantastic.  Although Chace brings a nicely established resume from the pro wrestling experts at BG East and Mutant comes with a smattering of fratboy mat wrestling experience from Thunder’s Arena, the combat side is a bit plodding.  The boys are simply too massive to move with much speed.  Most of the offense is in the form of stomps and trampling, with little showcasing of finesse or tide turning.  Bearhugs and a lot of tests of strength carry through the theme that these boys both hang their hats on sheer beef, and they’ve got little interest in controlling vulnerable joints or working on actual submission holds.  There’s a strong tone of “just beat the fuck out of each other till just one man is standing” to Oil Hunks 3.  I’m always wanting more accomplished wrestling from MDW, but then again… with physiques like these so overtly displayed, I’ve got plenty to hold my attention.




Loser pays homage to the victor’s muscles with a sacrifice of oil.


Just to prove the point that my June 11 prediction was not based on insider trading, when it comes time for one dominant stud to demand the loser oil up his massive muscles, it is not Chace making Mutant his bitch after all.  I do love that Chace is game to stroke big Mutant’s muscles and slick the big boy down beautifully. That, paired with Chace going the full monty for the VIP members makes me desire greatly to see this beauty continue to settle in deeper into the most accomplished niches of a homoerotic wrestling repertoire.  For all of his gorgeous, bulging mass, Mutant remains a little 2-dimensional for my tastes.  He doesn’t enjoy it quite enough when his humiliated opponent obeys his commands.  He doesn’t have that lick-lipping, eye fluttering hit of erotic satisfaction at grinding the sculpted, hairy muscle god before him into the mat.  Again, however, I say these two incredible specimens deliver plenty to command my attention and make me gasp over and over.

Muscleman Chace is ground into the mat before all is said and done!


My June 11 fantasy, of course, had a part 2 in which having sorted out who’s top and who’s bottom, Chace and Mutant tag team in their next outing against two of the MDW classics, preferably Muscle Master Kevin with subdued and obedient boytoy sidekick Damien Rush.  The Season 11 catalog appears not to fulfill that fantasy, but a boy can still hope, can’t he?  Oil Hunks 3 is truly delightful on so many counts.  This, along with the absolute game-changer that is the Season 11 release of Daddy’s Home, convince me that MDW is determined to make a move, capturing not only more hot slices of man meat to join their stable, but capturing more of the homoerotic wrestling market that gets off on hot guys, hard wrestling, and an unapologetic homoeroticism.

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