Friday Fashion

Fashion plays a major role in the dramas of a couple of different new homoerotic wrestling releases.  In Muscle Domination Wrestling’s newest season, Chace LaChance and giant rookie Mutant face off, repeatedly changing gear to demonstrate who looks hottest.  Even more enticingly for wrestling fashionistas, both of these muscle beasts give solo fashion shows pre-match to whet our appetites, and I for one, am drooling uncontrollably.  Almost by definition, Oil Hunks 3 insists on a series of fashion comparisons.  Chace and Mutant have clearly formed opinions about who wore each piece of gear best.  But here at neverland, it’s a tyranny of the majority of homoerotic wrestling fans who rule.  So let’s take a look at both boys strutting their stuff in the same gear during and before their Oil Hunks 3 collision.  Noting that you have 6 votes to cast below, you decide, gear by gear, who wore it best.

Chace LaChance rocked very brief black leather trunks, opting to leave the tops unzipped a little to let you follow his treasure trail.
Mutant sports the same black leather briefs fully loaded.
Chace tugs at the side of the Stars and Stripes full briefs.
Mutant opts for a sideways single bicep to highlight the bulge.
Chace goes full-on forward, daring you to take your eyes off his hairy muscles barely covered by the red thong.
Mutant puckers up and gives his freakishly hot, smooth body some loving, framed so beautifully in the same red thong.
The black and blue lace-up leotard was a bold fashion choice, but Chace is all in and bulging beautifully in it.
Not to be out-bulged, Mutant wears the same leotard out with the massive beef hanging off his bones.
Chace invites your lustful appraisal of him in a cheetah print thong.
For your full consideration, Chace also shows off the cheetah print thong from behind.


Mutant stares you down, tugging seductively at the sides of the same cheetah print thong.
Not to be outdone, Mutant shows off his astonishing backside in the cheetah print thong as well.


Chace says this tie-strap thong makes him feel like Tarzan.
The same tie-on thong makes Mutant feel like flexing.

Finally, when it comes to comparing who wore nothing at all the best, Mutant is a forfeit. He did all of his wardrobe changes off camera, leaving the undisputed and richly deserving title of who wore nothing at all best to the devastatingly sexy, hairy, muscle bound, nude beauty of Chace LaChance!




3 thoughts on “Friday Fashion

  1. Has far as I am concerned! There is only one Tarzan. Chace LaChance. I’ll leave a light on for him!!!!!

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