The Victory Lap

Is there anyone else who gets off on that moment when a wrestler just totally fucks around with his beaten opponent just because he can?  Of course there is.

Bulldog Barzini makes Denny Cartier witness his own humiliation staring back at him.

Personally, I prefer that little bit of juicy drama to cap off a suspenseful back and forth battle of brawn and brains. I like to be kept guessing, tempted back and forth to jump to the conclusion of which hot hunk is going to reign victorious, only to have my assumptions and predictions called into doubt over and over. Then, once one roaring stud is driving that bus all over his opponent’s bested body, it’s incredibly provocative for me to watch him just mess with the defanged loser. You know, flex in his face. Rip off his trunks. Or, and here’s the topic I’m working a head of steam up about today, toss his broken, once dangerous body across your shoulders and take a victory lap around the ring.

Brad Rochelle looked nothing short of orgasmic pinning beautiful Patrick Donovan in front of a roaring crowd of their peers.

I’m certain that the most satisfying victory lap I’ve ever witnessed is from the opening match of Wrestlefest 2. Moments before being awarded rookie of the year, Brad Rochelle is in a surprisingly tough tussle with then notorious jobber, sexy Patrick Donovan. The stakes are higher than normal because there’s a packed audience of fellow wrestlers watching, critiquing, urging on the boys from ringside. Brad is the it-boy. He’s tanned and phenomenally toned. Fans have been popping their corks uncontrollably for the past year since Brad debuted at BG East. Patrick has been racking up loss after loss, each one seeming to inspire yet a longer line of prospective opponents who want to dig their fingertips into his luscious pecs and make the pretty boy scream. There’s some sweet back and forth to start the match.  Patrick is no pushover. But Brad folds baby cakes up like a peanut butter sandwich, pinning Patrick’s shoulders with his noggin nestled nice and tight between Brad’s muscled thighs.  Someone eagerly urges Brad to make him squeal.  Brad takes the first fall to the applause of his peers, giving the jobber a light slap in the face somewhere between playful and insulting.  The fan favorite babyface rising looks like he’s got the jobber’s sweet ass tied up in a bow.

Dazzling babyface totally humiliated by a “jobber.”

And then suddenly Patrick pounces.  The lean, handsome stud with mouthwatering pecs flips over his opponent, folding Brad up in the very same, humiliating hold he was just submitted to.  Patrick is raging, punching Brad’s ass, calling the jock stud a pussy.  There’s laughter from the audience, as it starts to sink in that it-boy Brad Rochelle is currently getting his fantastic ass beat bad. Patrick refuses to relent until Brad is tapping, yelling out his humiliated submission. The boys ringside can hardly believe it, as Patrick pumps his fist in the air and then strolls over to take a seat on the top turnbuckle, soaking in the sight of Brad flat on is back in a pool of sweat, nursing his abused shoulder.

Just because he can.

What happens next? Fuck, I love that suspense. As it turns out, Brad opens up a can of testosterone fueled, face-saving whoop ass to what climaxes to a standing ovation from the hooting audience. He’s working out a little rage at being publicly humiliated. He’s gratuitously brutal, egged on by his bruised ego and the cheers of the audience. Patrick is laid waste, and Brad hoists pec boy across he shoulders and jogs around the ring as the boys at ringside go wild.  Brad’s face beams, feeling the victory deep down. He laughs at his total mastery, his complete ownership of the hot punk who a few minutes ago was calling him a pussy and punching him in the ass.  Shimmering in sweat, flexed, magnificently victorious, he takes another lap just because the moment is so fucking sweet he needs to savor it.

The face of total victory.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more titillating victory lap. But I typically love one when I see it. It’s less compelling for me in a squash. When a boy’s been owned from start to finish, there’s less plot, less resolution of homoerotic wrestling tension wrapped up in a victory lap.  But yeah, when all is said and done, it’s definitely value added for me to see a winner just fuck with his battered prey. Just because he can.  Just because it feels good to demonstrate that he can do whatever the fuck he wants with all that potential, all that bluster and posing and prospective danger wrapped up in the muscled beauty beaten and now at his mercy.

Brad relished the victory lap again against muscle hunk Billyboy.
…and yet again in his legendary heel turn all over gorgeous Alexi Adamov.
However, The Enforcer demonstrated this truism to Brad: karma is a bitch.
Blue Rage dishes out the punishment and the victory lap humiliation all over Bad Dog.
Cole Cassidy takes a leisurely stroll with Rob Berlin completely done.
Dom the Dominator enjoys the feel of smart ass Rolando hanging helpless as he takes a lap.
Pausing from a victory lap, Shane Styles lets Brendan Byers see what complete humiliation looks like up close.
Jake Jenkins gets a kick out of parading Eli Black around the ring with Eli’s partner impotently watching on from his corner.
Nik Knox and Shane Layne can’t stop congratulating each other as they take tandem victory laps in their tag team beat down of Cameron Matthews and Paul Hudson.
Austin Cooper drove home the point that he’s the king of the ring by taking a victory lap with newbie Adam Atom.

Make Me Feel It!

Rolando delivers the whacks on Mike Paris in BG East’s Ringwars 7
I know somebody who needs a spanking today… and that somebody is me!
Bruce Hill and Trenton Comeaux bend over and take it
like men from Eduardo in Can-Am’s All American Oil Trio Muscle Bash
It’s my birthday! I love my birthdays. I have friends who dread them, but I’ve never had a birthday that I didn’t look forward to. You know what they say about the alternative. Another year older is another year not being dead yet, and I love life. So bring on spanking!
It must have been Peter Bishop’s birthday when he wrestled Dino Phillips
in BG East’s X-Fights 11
Normally, spanking isn’t exactly my thing. I mean, physical domination and humiliation works for me (like I need to tell a neverland reader that!), but spanking for the sake of spanking isn’t at the top of my list of what I need. But a birthday isn’t a typical day, and particularly after searching for some hot photos of homoerotic wrestlers leaving a handprint on some shiny, bare assess, I know what I’m wishing for as I blow out my birthday cake candles. 
Brad Rochelle leaves a mark on Billyboy’s vulnerable cheeks in BG East’s Demolition 2
I had decided to come up with a list (because I seem to be all about lists and awards lately) of the homoerotic wrestlers I’d most prefer to deliver my whacks. The image of Brad Rochelle’s fingerprints outlined in angry red across Billyboy’s lucky ass in BG East’s Demolition 2 quickly popped into my mind. I’d lie about it being my birthday once a month if it meant I’d be forced to assume the position across Brad’s thigh!
Cameron Mathews won’t soon forget to call him
Mr. Joshua after his Wrestler Spotlight encounter

My perpetual crush on BG East’s Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!) makes me strongly identify with the lucky, lovely bubble butt of Cameron Mathews getting wedgied and swatted a hot red under the complete control of Mr. Joshua’s gorgeous body for Cameron’s Wrestler Spotlight.  I’d refuse to call him “Mr. Joshua” for at least 42 whacks (or so), just to soak in the sublime ecstasy of suffering a Joshua Goodman humiliation!

Love hurts in BG East’s Sexy Showdown 6

The image of ripped, studly twink Skip Vance landing a cracking open palm across his lover’s naked ass in BG East’s Sexy Showdown 6 works for me as well, with extra credit for the fact that the lanky lover getting spanked here is none other than reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month, Christian Taylor (aka Chris Cox).  The sweetest birthday present of all would probably be joining in on this intensely erotic homo wrestling fun, trading places with each of these gorgeous boys giving and taking my butt clenching smacks!

Skip gets it back from Mike Martin in BG East’s Wet & Wild 4 

Of course, Skip taking his whacks is also an inspiring sight, with handsome hottie Mike Martin sitting on his face and yanking down his trunks. Yep, this would be my choice of the preferred position for me to be forced to assume for my birthday spanking.

Kid Karisma leaves Z-Man’s glutes quivering in Summer Sizzlers 2
But all right, if I have to pick the one homoerotic wrestling hunk to make celebrating hurt so good… if I’m backed into a corner and required to pick just one out of the lineup of my favorite wrestlers to star in my own personal spanking birthday fantasy, truth be told, I’d pick my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler (non-pornboy), Kid Karisma. The reasons are many, but first and foremost, Kid K clearly enjoys the task… a lot!  His evil laughter at yanking Z-Man’s trunks up his crack and making the playboy model spasm in shock at the hard swat sends chills down my spine while warming my crotch delightfully.

Headscissors-as-excuse for an ass slapping.
Kid Karisma absolutely tenderized the twinky ass of fierce little Len Harder for boatloads of Florida Fun. From just about every angle, Kid K beat on Len’s skinny ass relentlessly.
Fold-over face-pin underneath Kid K’s crotch? Just another opportunity to slap ass!
And as Kid Karisma himself made quite clear, he’s nothing if not the life of the party. So definitely, to celebrate my day I’m thinking of a certain red-headed, musclebound, freckle faced, bubble-butted beauty to pin me down, sit on my face, and pound out slow, nothing-held-back whacks across my bare ass, raising a perfectly harmonized chorus of my cries of pain and Kid K’s rumbles of sadistic laughter.

Then let’s turn down the lights, turn up the house music, and dance until I drop on my bright red, aching, happy ass in exhaustion! Life is good!

Bard’s Ass Gets Kicked (again)

At this very moment, I am once again getting my ass kicked.

Sadly, so sadly, it’s not the hot, erotic kind of ass-kicking. It’s the suffocate you with paperwork ass-kicking. It’s the kind of ass-kicking that comes from doing the same, tedious task over and over until you’re so limp you worry that you’ll never be able to get hard again. It’s the cold-ice down your pants kind of ass-kicking that leaves your testicles shrunken and your eyes watering.
I can think of many, many more ass-kickings I’d much rather be enduring right now.

Owning Hair

Re-reading my own wrestling fiction is illuminating. Some patterns emerge that I didn’t recognize before. For example, I obviously get off on hair pulling. Who knew?

As I mull the high frequency of my fantasy fighters yanking one another around by the hair, I can certainly see the attraction. Wrestling Arsenal states it concisely: “Hair pulling is all about control.” It’s part and parcel of the humiliating submissions that turn my crank. There’s the heat-of-the-battle hair pull that signals the tables are beginning to tilt and one competitor is beginning to take ownership of his foe. Then, there’s the heel who’s destroyed his jobber and has him pinned, then at the last minute yanks the helpless victim up by the hair, thus interrupting the 3-count and rewarding the fans with more humiliating abuse. And of course there’s the post-victory gratuitous tossing around of the loser by his hair, rubbing in his humiliation and driving home the point that he wasn’t just beaten. He was owned.
One the the most over the top erotic collections in my mind is BG East’s Hunkbash 6. After exhausting oneself on the wonder of Joe Mazetti beating the crap out of Brad Rochelle, then the pure beauty of bouncer-stud and fantastically tattooed Mr. Big literally tossing Brad Leonard around the ring by his very long, curly locks (he’s clearly just asking for it), then you come to one-hit-wonders Danny Morris and Ryan Laramie. Ryan is a body beautiful muscle stud who looks like he’s going to crush little Danny. He worships himself in the mirror while pinning Danny’s shoulders to the mat and Danny’s face to his crotch with the aid of a convincing fistful of hair. The icing on this cake, though, is that Danny is a total sadist who ties the muscle hunk into the ropes and beats him up until he’s whimpering, “No more,” before eventually dragging the massive stud out of the room naked and on his knees. Ummm… yes.
For a dude with curly hair trailing down his back, Rolando certainly enjoys torturing his pretty young opponents with hair pulling. He relishes owning gorgeous bleach blond Matt Silodis in Jobberpalooza 1, commanding him to flex while holding the beaten hardbody by his hair. The juxtaposition of Matt being completely controlled by the hair and wincing in pain, while simultaneously flexing his meaty left bicep for Rolando to taunt him as having an inferior body is sweet, sweet (did I mention, sweet?) domination.
Cole Cassidy is such a gorgeous heel. In his Wrestler Spotlight tape, his beat down on Derek da Silva makes my day. The smooth “pretty” heel torturing the hairy, tattooed jobber is such a sweet turn on the classics. The shot of Cole almost casually leaning back, simultaneously bodyscissoring, hammerlocking, and hair pulling a screaming Derek is not just hot, it’s damn impressive! The choreography alone is astonishing, but both of these men also sell it like pros.
And speaking of pros, Brad Rochelle’s heel turn in The Contract 6 displays Brad’s salesmanship better than just about anything else I’ve seen him in. Johnny Firestorm is the heel-in-training punk using Brad as a practicing dummy, until Brad can stand it no longer. Jobber/muscleboy/face Brad FINALLY snaps, getting nasty on the smaller kid. Brad makes me believe that he’s gone over the edge, and the hair pulling is just one sign that Brad’s not taking shit from anyone anylonger. It’s a great set up for the second match on this tape, which allows Brad to truly display his new sadistic heel side and at the same time introduce for the first time the stunning body that we’ve come to know and love: Alexi Adamov.
Just to mix it up, I also wanted to mention a Can-Am classic, Suits to Nuts 1, for the joy of hair pulling. Strip wrestling is hot, in my book. The boundary-busting image of pretty boys in suits (despite the wrestling boots) throwing down, ripping each other’s gear to shreds, and fighting dirty is highly erotic. Brody and Mason both do their best at fighting nasty, including some nice hair pulls. As is Can-Am’s way, the ring action inevitably ends up on the blue tarp with both studs stripped and coated in oil.

So I realize that this could go on and on. Clearly I’m not the only one that enjoys seeing some fists full of hair as an element of domination in a wrestling match. Controlling your man by his hair tells a fantastic story of mastery, control, and humiliation… and I’m buying (and writing) that story.