Bodies Over Time – Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month Edition

Reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month: Christian Taylor
(aka Chris Cox)
Christian Taylor rocks. He’s stunning in still frame. Long, perpetually lean, gorgeously handsome square jaw, aquiline nose, piercing, long-lashed eyes, and a big, toothy, melting smile. I haven’t chatted with him in real time (though I’d love to!), but the hit I get off of his wrestling matches and his available photo sets is that he’s doesn’t quite believe just how sexy he is. A 6’2″, 175 lbs athlete with cover boy good looks who harbors some insecurity about his own attractiveness is one of the sexiest things on earth, I think.
Christian over time: (l) Undagear 15, (c) Sexy Showdown 6, and (r) Wet and Wild 6
This is a “bodies over time” post officially, but honestly, over the course of about 7 years appearing in homoerotic wrestling, his body has remained astonishingly hot. If anything, he’s getting more ripped, more handsome, and more confident with age. His pecs are a little fuller. He’s whittled his abs and obliques down to first-rate washboard condition. He looks like he’s lived into the long, sultry lines of his genetically blessed physique with more and more grace as he’s shown up over and over to put that beautiful body on the line in homoerotic wrestling.
Max Powers stretches out Chris’ hot, long body and highlights that bulging package
Christian earned his title as reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month on the strength of his ring match (wrestling as “Chris Cox“) against muscle bully Max Powers for Rock Hard Wrestling. As powerful and stimulating a sight as Max’s muscled body is, it’s Christian’s wrestling, suffering, and bulging package that make this straight-up wrestling match so freakin’ homoerotically hot!
(l) Christian Taylor and (r) Sean Patrick
As far as I can tell, Christian made his homoerotic wrestling debut, and has appeared most, wrestling for BG East. BG East has also featured some of his sexiest and most overtly homoerotic work, which is clearly a strong suit of BG East. Particularly in the physical shape Christian has been in for his most recent wrestling products, I can’t help but think of him as a new edition of classic BG East tall, cool drink of water, Sean Patrick. According to their published stats, Christian is just about an inch taller and a little heavier than Sean, but they’re both built similarly. I’d expect to see the looks of Christian on the cover of a magazine sooner than I’d expect to see (albeit handsome) Sean, but they have similar genetics.  And both of these lovely lean wrestlers have/had a similar not-so-secret weapon in their matches: opponents seem to melt when either of these handsome hotties lock their lips on them.
Austin Raines welcomes Christian to the world of
homoerotic wrestling in BG East’s Undagear 13

The wrestling “lip lock” is a move that I relish in homoerotic wrestling. I know that not everyone is with me on this, but unconditionally, when hard, hot, sweaty wrestling morphs into aggressive kissing and passionate groping, it sends my kink firing on all cylinders! And reviewing Christian’s resume (at BG East) makes it quite obvious that one opponent after another has tasted his lovely lips sooner or later in match after match.

Christian sucks the fight out of Blaine Janus in Undagear 15

Like Sean Patrick, when Christian’s mouth makes contact with an opponent, it seems to sap the battle right out of them. Who can stay focused on a fight when a hunk like Christian distracts you with a lingering lip lock? On top, on the bottom, in the heat of battle or as post-match foreplay, the beauty of battlers aroused by their wrestling and sucking face hot and heavy is an essential analogy to what turns me on at my core.

In Wrestleshack 12, Tim Sheridan seems unconcerned about being
put to his back once Christian starts to toy with his nipples and kiss him.

Of course, if it were just making out, I’d be entertained, but it wouldn’t exactly feed my kink. I enjoy seeing guys with their tongues down each other’s throats, but what arouses me most powerfully is watching hunks face off, throw down, crush and slam one another, and within that context, wrestlers driven to distraction by their own lustful lips tasting one another makes my ears whistle with the dramatic redistribution of blood flow in my body.

Christian neutralizes Tim’s bearhug in an instant

Christian’s wrestling gives me the impression that he “gets it” intuitively. I’m certain that there are plenty of wrestlers who punch the clock in homoerotic wrestling, earning the cash but not owning the kink.  That isn’t a problem, in and of itself, for me. As long as they can sell what I’m buying, my imagination and discerning eye can take from homoerotic wrestling all that I need, whether or not the antagonists walk away owning it for themselves. But Christian is one of the hotties that sells so well, either from the inside out or outside in, that I can’t help but think that he’s in “our” camp both on screen and off.

Kid Karisma conquers Christian, knocks him out cold, and then can’t resist
employing some mouth-to-mouth “resuscitation” 

And as someone I like to think of as “one of us,” what a delight it is to identify with Christian for all of the crazy, enviable positions he’s had the opportunity to find himself in on the mat and in the ring.

In Wet & Wild 5, Kid K buries Christian’s face
in his crotch long and hard.

Getting called out and absolutely owned by the likes of my reigning undisputed favorite homoerotic wrestler (non-pornboy), Kid Karisma, is enviable enough. But the sight of Christian’s face shoved in Kid’s K’s crotch, squeezed between the charismatic one’s pumped, muscled thighs, and then lip-locked in post-match foreplay is like jolts of electricity shooting through my body (the good kind).  And then, as Kid K lets his opponent lean his half-a-foot taller frame on him as they head into the sunroom, Christian stretches his mile long arm and platter-sized hand down and squeezes that epic muscle ass of Kid K’s! Holy shit! I’m so envious that I could start to hate my homoerotic wrestler of the month just a little.

Christian makes drop-dead gorgeous fantasyman Alexi Adamov
scream like his bitch in “Who’s Next?”

And what’s not to be insanely jealous of when you see Christian straddling sexy Alexi Adamov’s tanned, toned muscle body, nearly ripping the Russian’s shoulders out of their sockets, and sitting back on Alexi’s bodacious bubble butt to listen to the babyface scream!?  So he didn’t get a liplock on the Russian, but hot damn, a fellow wrestling kinkster putting it all on the line in the BG East backyard against the likes of pristine prettyboy fantasyman Alexi makes me absolutely ache with lust!

Jake Jenkins makes every inch of Christian suffer in
Wet & Wild 6
And it’s no wonder Christian keeps hanging out by the pool, when the likes of Kid Karisma and then Jake Jenkins show up for a wet and wild bully showdown!  Then contrast of sizes and body types between Christian and Jake makes my jaw drop. Jake’s 5’7″ muscle packed mat body tying up and twisting the infinitely long, graceful, powerful lines of Christian’s 6’2″ physique is a visual masterpiece. Someone like Christian with a proven track record of getting off on the eroticism of wrestling, paired with the intensely sincere amateur-come-pro likes of straight-up dominator Jake, is guaranteed to transport me from this side of the screen onto that very match, feeling it ache every ounce as much as Christian suffers.

Christian and real-life lover Skip are passionately merciless with one another
in Sexy Showdown 6

And damn, what could be hotter than to get paired with your very own real life lover, showing up in the BG East mat room to wrestle in a product that’s destined to be entitled “Sexy Showdown 6?” The torque that these two work up on each other’s joints, the humiliating domination that they exchange, paired with a genuine romance and physical lust for one another that spills over off the mat is like a homoerotic wrestling kinkster’s anthem. Taking Skip Vance, making him hurt, taking some punishment from him and then squeezing out a final fall, once-and-for-all (until they get home) victory over the man he’ll wake up in the morning next to in bed is fucking awesome!

And an adorably sweet smile!? My homoerotic wrestler of the month
has it ALL going on!

I’m entirely ready to admit that I could be completely wrong about the backstory that I’ve convinced myself to fill in for hot hunk Christian Taylor (aka Chris Cox). He could totally be punching the clock. He could be an asshole narcissist with an ego that can barely squeeze it’s way into the BG East matroom. He could be a body facist, condescending, frigid bastard who knows precisely the worth of his every asset and how to exploit a homoerotic wrestling audience like a maestro waving a baton. But I don’t think so. And more importantly, I don’t believe so. Because Christian has sold me, lock, stock and barrel, on a fully formed, deeply arousing, fantastically entertaining through-story, and whatever he gets up to off camera, when he’s on camera I’m entranced and fully engaged.  So it’s no wonder at all that he’s joined the ranks of those who’ve so completely captured and controlled my lusts on their way to earning the title of homoerotic wrestler of the month.
Mike Martin is instantly under Christian’s spell in
incredibly sexy Undagear 18 

Nicely played, Christian. Nicely played.

Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

Thanks for the kind messages asking about my well-being. I’m well, just crazy busy, thus scant posts lately. I have several exciting upcoming posts with some exclusive content to share. Well into April, and I have yet to put the crown of homoerotic wrestler of the month on a new hunk. Let’s take care of that right now!

I’m nominating both Jimmy Clay and Tyler Ford from Can-Am’s Pro Sex Fight 7 as finalists this month, as well as Tyler St. James and Jobe Zander for Decrotchery 3.  Rock Hard Wrestling also put up some excellent contenders in March, including Ethan Andrews getting revenge on muscle stud Jake Jenkins, and Max Powers controlling long, lovely Chris Cox.  Thunder’s Arena’s Angel gets another nomination for breaking in the muscle mass of bodybuilder Python (a rookie I’m also happy to nominate) in Battlespace 26. Thunder’s also floods the field with team Raging Cherries (Big Sexy, Dominic and Cameron Mathews) and team 2.5 Men (Z-Man, Lex and Marty Party) in their 6-man tag team match called Battlespace 27. I’m also giving a nod to Thunder’s Dominic and a second glance at Python for their brief face off in Battlespace 28. And from Battlespace 29, I’m liking the look (and particularly that hairy chest, of guido extraordinaire, Enzo.

Even without BG East boys in the mix, this is a delightful field to choose from. I’ve gone back and forth about this for some time, torn between two lovers (so to speak). Just when I think I’ve come to a conclusive decision, I waver, and think for sure the other finalist is my man. It’s nearly the second tie for the title since I started the homoerotic wrestler of the month title. But not quite. By a hair’s breadth, I’m selecting a veteran whose allure has been swelling steadily as his wrestling resume grows, just barely beating out a pornboy rookie whose attitude rocked me hard this month. I’m putting this in writing now before I change my mind, once again!  My new homoerotic wrestler of the month is…

6’2″, 175 pounds Chris Cox
…Rock Hard Wrestling’s Chris Cox.

AKA Christian Taylor to BG East fans, Chris rocked it against one of the big muscle studs at Rock Hard last month. His match against Max Powers ticks all my boxes. So far, Rock Hard is the only company that’s put 6’2″ Chris in a pro wrestling ring, which is the setting that tends to stroke me hardest. His long, tall frame looks fantastic towering over (and occasionally in) the ropes. When Chris quickly tosses that big muscle man into the corner to take advantage of the turnbuckle to pound his gut, I can’t help but think that this is, unquestionably, Chris’ most natural habitat.

There’s just so much to be done with such a long, lean body like this! Chris is always cool under pressure. He looks like he’s playing a chess match, seriously contemplating 5 moves ahead of where he is at any moment. He wrestles with sexy savvy, every posture and angle communicating confidence learned from being a graduate of the school of hard knocks. But there’s also something delightfully arousing about a sexy, smart thinker getting caught and tortured by a big, bulging musclehead! Chris looks like he’s on the brink of snapping in half in big muscle bearhugs and Boston crabs.

I love it when a 6’2″ lean machine like Chris refers to his opponent as “big boy!” He uses his nominal height advantage beautifully, stretching Max out vulnerably (and gorgeously) in a full nelson.  And when he starts wrapping his lovely, long limbs around Max, all that luscious length is picture perfect. Softening him up, once Chris slides his sweaty legs into position to lock a figure-4 choke across his throat, all those muscles on Max are just tasty, tasty window dressing.
True enough, Chris will always have an added advantage for my affections thanks to knowing that he’s got Skip Vance (aka Jeff Hollister) off camera ready to nurse his wounds. Personally, I’d pop my cork to see Chris taking it hard on his own, only to have Skip/Jeff dive under the ropes and leap onto big Max’s back in a rear choke, giving his handsome boyfriend the breather he needs to come back and get some revenge for being bullied in the ropes.
And I just have to say that Chris brings the sexy to this match, notwithstanding Max’s big fitness model body. Chris sells a story, whether suffering or dishing it out. And it’s just impossible to miss the fact that Mr. Cox sprouts signs of life even in the more “implicit” setting of the Rock Hard ring. And when he’s flat on his back and out cold, bulging in all the right place, the missed opportunity of having his boyfriend rush to his side, cradle his head in his lap, and kiss him back to consciousness like Prince Charming, is nothing that my imagination can’t easily correct.

Hot damn, Chris Cox!  That’s one accomplished homoerotic wrestler who’s steadily selling sexier and sexier wrestling entertainment the longer he’s in the business. It’s no wonder this latest installment of his work is hot as hell and entirely worthy of the laurel leaves and the title of my homoerotic wrestler of the month!

Porn Sunday

In honor of the excellent concept of Porn Sunday, here are a few retailers that you might consider supporting today…

Billy Lodi v Skip Vance – BGE X-Fights 33

BG East’s X-iest new release is X-Fights 33, pitting twink buddies Skip Vance and Billy Lodi. Billy fiercely conquers and then tenderly rewards Skip. Looking for some mat wrestling, jerks, sucks, kissing and cum to celebrate Porn Sunday?

Sebastian Keys v Jake Austin – Naked Kombat

Naked Kombat’s newest release will treat you to Jake Austin determined not to lose his ass yet again against buzz cut Sebastian Keys. Jake’s fate is, of course, to get owned, spanked, and fucked 5 ways to Porn Sunday.

Landon Myclse v Michael Vineland – Can-Am Pro Sex Fight 1

For my tastes, Can-Am’s X-iest and best new release is Pro Sex Fight 1, starring the wrestling pornboy stylings of previous homoerotic wrestler of the month, Landon Mycles, and Can-Am work horse Michael Vineland. This offers a delightful recipe of pro wrestling, erotic wrestling, and mutually satisfying sex in the middle of the ring.

Trent Diesel v Hugo Milano – Raging Stallion’s Brutal Part 2

If you’re looking for more porn (it is, Porn Sunday, after all) in your porn/wrestling mix, you might want to celebrate the day with a purchase of Raging Stallion’s Brutal. My reigning favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy, Trent Diesel, wrestles and fucks and fucks and fucks, among a non-stop, 2-part, pornboy after pornboy pornfest.

Cody Nelson v Max Powers – Rock Hard Wrestling

Less porn, but no perhaps more up your alley to celebrate Porn Sunday, includes Rock Hard Wrestling (you’d think with a name like that there might be more porn), and their just out release of new Mr. Franchise, Cody Nelson going muscle to muscle in the ring with Max Powers.

Conan v Johnny Bravo – Thunder’s Arena

Or you may want to see some big, big, big muscleboy’s wrestle in less-than-porn fun over at Thunder’s Arena, where Johnny Bravo pounds the bodybuilder pecs of Australian blond bombshell, Conan.

Trent Diesel – Reigning Favorite Homoerotic Wrestling Pornboy

I’m a booster. That’s pretty much what I have to offer, and so I’m fully in favor of a lot of us showing some love to the hardworking boys in front of and behind the camera, bringing us orgasm after orgasm of entertainment by celebrating Porn Sunday with a special purchase, dedicated to our favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboys. No shame. No way.

Blindingly Pretty

5’11” tall. 170 pounds of fit, lean muscle. A sweat-soaked mop of blond hair. Blue eyes. Pouty lips. A mouthful of bright, white teeth. Some smart-ass (you know I love you, topher) commented recently that I’m not-so-secretly all about pretty boys. I still say that’s not entirely true. But I must admit, Rock Hard Wrestling’s Travis Storm is just so blindingly pretty that I’m helpless to resist him. So I don’t try.

Santa came through a little early, plucking from my Christmas wish list the desire to see a little more white bread Southern charm back in the RHW ring. Like a shiny present tied up with a bow, Travis arrives in RHW’s latest release, taking on the imposing figure of Max Powers (okay, I hate that name). And just in keeping with my last post, I’m happy to report that Travis fills up the front of his supertight shorts nicely.

This was my second tasty feast with Travis as my main course, but this was my first glimpse of Max. From his pics and description, I expected to see a big baddie at play. He’s got the look of a classic pro heel, I think, with his stubble helmet and powerful build. He just looks like he’s someone who takes no shit, somewhat impatient to beat down the next chump in his way, someone who’s typically packing more than enough to crush his opponent, but quick to resent the need to break a sweat. And indeed, Max proves almost immediately that he’s a kick-em-while-their-down sort of punk.

Nice trash talk from both boys. Both boys are adjusting their crotches a lot, which is always nice to see in otherwise straight-up fare. It has to be said, though, that Travis is working precisely twice as hard as Max in selling these 19 minutes.  The hit I get is that Travis actually has some amateur wrestling cred (his bio claims as much), with an accompanying nice sense of balance and awareness of his own body, whereas this is pretty new to Max (I peg him for a high school football hero). As a result, Travis sets the pace, pulls off what finesse there is, sells all sides of the story for both of them, and totally earns the drops of sweat beading off his chin by the end of the final fall.

A few highlights that make me feel just fine about being a little lighter in the wallet include several moments in which Travis is almost literally spinning circles over Max, with the palm of his hand squeezing Max’s mighty glutes. The over-the-knee backbreaker to finish round 2 places Travis on delightful display (he gives up way too quickly, though). Travis repeatedly lifted off his feet in multiple fall 3 bearhugs is just all sorts of enjoyable. But I think my favorite, ever-so-brief moment is when Travis has just worked the shit out of Max, illustrating that he can own his ass at any moment. Max is flat on his stomach, not sure which end is up. Travis is taking half a second to catch his breath, straddling the big boy’s back. And he smashes Max’s face into the canvas by holding him down by the back of the neck. It’s a hot, dominating, just-how-will-I-crush-you-next sort of moment that tweaks my kink and makes me come up for air.

Coming up on the anniversary of RHW’s launch, I feel the need to point out that they’re still working out their own kinks (of a different sort than mine). That is, they’re still working with how to make the most of the astounding high definition quality of their visuals in light of the fact that they’ve got wrestlers often ham-handedly pulling punches. This time around, they’ve got some odd visual post-production edits, with body blows apparently intended to be accentuated by quick cuts or a shaking, “pulsing” camera shot. It’s not as distracting to me as their previous over-reliance on off camera sound effects to make body blows seem louder, but it’s still not nearly as high quality of wrestling production as it is high quality video production. My suggestion (no one asked… just offering…) is just rely less on strikes to tell your story. Particularly now that they’re in a ring where the boys can really lift and slam one another, I think they can sell that sort of high impact move in place of so many stage-strikes, and then pour on more long-held, really hard selling squeezes, claws and scissors (all those luscious pecs and not a claw in sight!? There oughta be a law…). I’d personally sign over a paycheck to experience Travis’ sweaty thighs wrapped around me, so let the boy crush some internal organs and really milk the muscleboys with those long, strong legs!

One way or another, keep this boy coming back for more!

Reduce, reuse…

I’m not going to harp on this long, because you’ve heard it before, and I sort of suspect I may be the only one that really gives a damn. But I notice with Rock Hard Wrestling’s newest release that BG East’s Skip Vance has entered the ranks of the recycled homoerotic wrestlers, showing up for RHW as Jeff Hollister.

One promoter has suggested to me privately that there really is a relatively small pool of fit, hard hunks willing to strip to nothing (or next to nothing) and wrestle for a primarily gay wrestling fetish audience. Can this really be true? Of course, not everyone has what it takes to make a go of it in homoerotic wrestling, and I’m sure if you’re just looking to moonlight, being immortalized in digital recording in a scenario with at least a nod to eroticism could very well have implications for any other career.

But on the other hand, I have a hard time entirely believing that the pool of young, randy hard bodies itching to capitalize on their six pack abs is quite so tiny. I’m not trying to imply anything at all against the hardworking hunks who’re signing on the dotted line for multiple wrestling fetish operations. Cameron Mathews, Rio Garza, Zack Johnathan, and more recently Donnie Drake, Paul Hudson… the list goes on and on. Ride the horse as far as it’ll take you boys, and more power to you.

But personally, I definitely have a preference for two other personnel management strategies over the promotion of the same boys, often fighting the same boys, often released around the same time. First, I’m a fan of character development. The erotic potential of tracking a homoerotic wrestling character over time is what can transform a wrestling fetish product from a quick top off into actual entertainment. I like it when a homoerotic wrestler has a good working relationship with a given promotion such that he can stick around for multiple products over time, and his aptitudes can be understood, appreciated, evolved and built into a story. My dollar and cents will tend to get invested there.

Second, when I catch a hot, fresh face showing me something new, I’m often eager to jump on that train as well. I hope that I’m not alone when I invest in the end product of good, old fashioned talent recruitment and development. If I am alone, perhaps that explains the penchant these days to reduce, reuse and recycle a few boys from company to company.

Much farther down my list of what I’m looking for in new releases are familiar faces only slightly retooled and packaged with a new return address label. All this chatter from me, I realize, is probably overkill for a product I haven’t even seen yet. In fact, Jeff/Skip’s opponent for RHW, Max Powers, looks like he may be exactly the fresh, hot new element that I’m talking about. And I’m not even going to bother dissecting whether Skip/Jeff compromises the promise of exclusively handsome, rock hard Abercrombie boys populating the RHW world. I’m just feeling the need to grouse a little. That’s for cutting me a little slack.