Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

Thanks for the kind messages asking about my well-being. I’m well, just crazy busy, thus scant posts lately. I have several exciting upcoming posts with some exclusive content to share. Well into April, and I have yet to put the crown of homoerotic wrestler of the month on a new hunk. Let’s take care of that right now!

I’m nominating both Jimmy Clay and Tyler Ford from Can-Am’s Pro Sex Fight 7 as finalists this month, as well as Tyler St. James and Jobe Zander for Decrotchery 3.  Rock Hard Wrestling also put up some excellent contenders in March, including Ethan Andrews getting revenge on muscle stud Jake Jenkins, and Max Powers controlling long, lovely Chris Cox.  Thunder’s Arena’s Angel gets another nomination for breaking in the muscle mass of bodybuilder Python (a rookie I’m also happy to nominate) in Battlespace 26. Thunder’s also floods the field with team Raging Cherries (Big Sexy, Dominic and Cameron Mathews) and team 2.5 Men (Z-Man, Lex and Marty Party) in their 6-man tag team match called Battlespace 27. I’m also giving a nod to Thunder’s Dominic and a second glance at Python for their brief face off in Battlespace 28. And from Battlespace 29, I’m liking the look (and particularly that hairy chest, of guido extraordinaire, Enzo.

Even without BG East boys in the mix, this is a delightful field to choose from. I’ve gone back and forth about this for some time, torn between two lovers (so to speak). Just when I think I’ve come to a conclusive decision, I waver, and think for sure the other finalist is my man. It’s nearly the second tie for the title since I started the homoerotic wrestler of the month title. But not quite. By a hair’s breadth, I’m selecting a veteran whose allure has been swelling steadily as his wrestling resume grows, just barely beating out a pornboy rookie whose attitude rocked me hard this month. I’m putting this in writing now before I change my mind, once again!  My new homoerotic wrestler of the month is…

6’2″, 175 pounds Chris Cox
…Rock Hard Wrestling’s Chris Cox.

AKA Christian Taylor to BG East fans, Chris rocked it against one of the big muscle studs at Rock Hard last month. His match against Max Powers ticks all my boxes. So far, Rock Hard is the only company that’s put 6’2″ Chris in a pro wrestling ring, which is the setting that tends to stroke me hardest. His long, tall frame looks fantastic towering over (and occasionally in) the ropes. When Chris quickly tosses that big muscle man into the corner to take advantage of the turnbuckle to pound his gut, I can’t help but think that this is, unquestionably, Chris’ most natural habitat.

There’s just so much to be done with such a long, lean body like this! Chris is always cool under pressure. He looks like he’s playing a chess match, seriously contemplating 5 moves ahead of where he is at any moment. He wrestles with sexy savvy, every posture and angle communicating confidence learned from being a graduate of the school of hard knocks. But there’s also something delightfully arousing about a sexy, smart thinker getting caught and tortured by a big, bulging musclehead! Chris looks like he’s on the brink of snapping in half in big muscle bearhugs and Boston crabs.

I love it when a 6’2″ lean machine like Chris refers to his opponent as “big boy!” He uses his nominal height advantage beautifully, stretching Max out vulnerably (and gorgeously) in a full nelson.  And when he starts wrapping his lovely, long limbs around Max, all that luscious length is picture perfect. Softening him up, once Chris slides his sweaty legs into position to lock a figure-4 choke across his throat, all those muscles on Max are just tasty, tasty window dressing.
True enough, Chris will always have an added advantage for my affections thanks to knowing that he’s got Skip Vance (aka Jeff Hollister) off camera ready to nurse his wounds. Personally, I’d pop my cork to see Chris taking it hard on his own, only to have Skip/Jeff dive under the ropes and leap onto big Max’s back in a rear choke, giving his handsome boyfriend the breather he needs to come back and get some revenge for being bullied in the ropes.
And I just have to say that Chris brings the sexy to this match, notwithstanding Max’s big fitness model body. Chris sells a story, whether suffering or dishing it out. And it’s just impossible to miss the fact that Mr. Cox sprouts signs of life even in the more “implicit” setting of the Rock Hard ring. And when he’s flat on his back and out cold, bulging in all the right place, the missed opportunity of having his boyfriend rush to his side, cradle his head in his lap, and kiss him back to consciousness like Prince Charming, is nothing that my imagination can’t easily correct.

Hot damn, Chris Cox!  That’s one accomplished homoerotic wrestler who’s steadily selling sexier and sexier wrestling entertainment the longer he’s in the business. It’s no wonder this latest installment of his work is hot as hell and entirely worthy of the laurel leaves and the title of my homoerotic wrestler of the month!

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