Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

Perusing the list of June new releases in homoerotic wrestling, I was seriously torn as to who I wanted to pick for homoerotic wrestler of the month. Honestly, I was agonizing about this choice way, way more than a totally subjective, ultimately meaningless recognition like this deserves. I was charmed and turned on by so many wrestling hunks in June. There were so many former HWOTM title holders in the mix, it was guaranteed to be a tough call. But then, finally, a comment on this blog brought it all into focus for me. Someone complained that, in his opinion, I focus far too much on twinks. In fact, if I keep focusing so much on twinks, this commentator warned that he may have to stop reading neverland. Twinks, twinks, twinks, just too many twinks. And then my choice for homoerotic wrestler of the month came into crystal clear focus.  My homoerotic wrestler of the month for June 2016 is…



Charlie Evans, Christian Taylor, Chase Addams, and Ty Alexander.

A fun time had by (nearly) all!

As I’ve mentioned several times, these 4 gorgeous wrestlers put together a sensational tag team drama in BG East’s Tag Team Torture 19 that simultaneously tickled my funny bone and turned me on. They successfully construct a compelling drama rife with extravagant attitude and sweet suspense. I doubt that any of these 4 handsome studs were born when I was watching the loud, larger than life, character-driven pro wrestling of indy pro wrestling in the 1980s. Yet, somehow their tag team showdown grabbed precisely that nostalgia and wedded it seamlessly with 2016 sensibilities and technology. While my choice may irk each and every one of these fine specimens (it is hard to imagine Ty Alexander “sharing” anything at all, isn’t it?), I honestly couldn’t isolate any one performance in TTT19 as the pivotal, standout contribution to this pivotal, standout ensemble. Only twice before have I named more than one hunk as HWOTM, and never have I named as many as 4 co-title winners. But I’m feeling really, really good about this decision. So if you’re tired of me getting off on adorable, lean, lithe, lickably sweet twinks, pucker up and kiss my ass, because I’m lauding 4 of them.

Charlie suffers like a champ

One of the two newbies in the quartet of HWOTM winners, ginger house-on-fire Charlie Evans earned his spot on the dais based on several factors. First, his opening handstand headscissors snap mare is a work of art. It’s acrobatic and extravagant and incredibly confident. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before in a homoerotic wrestling match, and I’m crazy hot for a newbie who pulls off high quality, high impact innovation right out of the gate. And then when Charlie weathers a boatload of double-team brutality from Team Vanity, my admiration and crush on crushable Charlie steadily grows.


Frankly, I don’t really think of any of the other 3 winners this month as twinks, but Charlie? Of fuck, yes, I’d consider him an incredibly tasty twink morsel, and, clearly, I’m an unapologetic fan of Charlie’s smooth, lean body. Charlie embodies something delicately vulnerable, so lightweight that his opponents repeatedly manhandle him like a sack of potatoes. At 130 pounds, he simply doesn’t have the mass and thickness that most wrestlers use for leverage in the ring. But then again, Charlie appears made out of kevlar. Blow after blow, potentially crippling hold after hold, body slam after body slam, the ginger twink takes the hits and just keeps clawing his way back up for more. I expect big, big things out of lovely, little Charlie Evans, and I’ve got no qualms at all about him sitting his fine, fine ass on the throne as HWOTM.

Christian Taylor owns the ring like he owns the HWOTM title

Christian Taylor is no stranger to the HWOTM winner’s sash. In the current quartet of HWOTM winners, Christian represents the most BG East experience, though most of that has been on the mats rather than in the ring. He’s also a standout in the crowd, standing a full half a foot taller than Charlie and taller than both members of Team Vanity. Christian grabbed the reins in the HWOTM race right around the moment when he and Charlie have cleaned house in the opening minutes of the match, full of contempt for their selfie-obsessed opponents. They each grab one of their opponents’ mobile phones and populate the photo libraries of Ty and Chase with the All-Americans’ own handsome mugs. But then Christian takes it one step further, instructing Charlie to follow his lead in taking photos down the front of their own trunks to give the narcissists some humiliation to suck on later. Babyface dicks? Fuck yes, this is homoerotic wrestling done right!

Devastated and devastatingly handsome

Christian’s ripped torso takes my breath away. If pressed to apply a label, I’d put him securely in the “jock” category. He sexes up everything he touches, and if there’s one misstep in TTT19, it’s the absence of Christian’s signature move, a long, wet, soul sucking lip lock (like seriously, show Charlie some lovin’ for taking that beating solo!). But what Christian does bring is a body to die for, a face to launch a thousand ships, and sensationally sexy focus both dishing out and soaking up pro punishment. He deserved it the first time Christian earned the HWOTM title, and he abundantly earns it again.

Chase works that appendage protruding from between his legs like a pro!

Chase Addams is the other rookie debut in TTT19, and like I said to Chase, he looks damned seasoned in his first BG East match. It would be easy to get overshadowed being the tag team partner of Ty Alexander (I think we can all agree on that, can’t we?). However, Chase carves out plenty of ring space all his own, both working independently and working off of the Trophy Boy. Chase’s full-throated commitment to his half of Team Vanity’s narcissist-off-the-rails narrative is outstanding. In the opening moments of this match, I was worried that the sexy newbie would be all flash and no go. Then he gets his turn sinking his claws deep into his babyface opponents, and… oh, fuck, no, he’s got plenty of go.

Call it what you will, this is sensational pro wrestling punishment!

But it’s Chase’s chickenwing suspended backbreaker (or, what? fuck I haven’t seen anything quite like this before) on Christian that finally convinces me that Chase is the real deal. The precision and execution of this hold is incredible. Is Chase a twink, however? I’m not really sure what silo to throw him into. He’s got a little too much muscle, and he’s way too much of a badass for me to think of him as a twink. He’s not hard enough, probably not yet toned enough to fit neatly in the jock category. He is pretty, though, and effortlessly sexy. I’d do body shots off his salted nipples in a heartbeat. So I’m fine with Chase without, as yet, possessing a label, but if you need something to call him, just call him homoerotic wrestler of the month.

All about Ty(‘s ass)

Finally, there’s Trohpy Boy Ty Alexander rounding out this foursome. This is Ty’s second drink at the HWOTM watering hole. And in TTT19, he is the “Ty-est” he’s ever been. There’s always been at least a glimpse of a narcissist in Ty’s wrestling resume, but he showed up for TTT19 in full bloom. He’s self-obsessed, raunchy, rowdy, and vicious as hell. There’s something quintessentially “Ty” about leaving your trunks pulled down your thonged asscheeks for nearly the entire match, for the sole reason that you possess Ty’s bronzed bubble butt. The Team Vanity versus the All-Americans stage dressing on TTT19 would have fundamentally fallen short if Ty had been any less extreme, any less over the top. And this is not a failure, by any means.

Christian rips Ty apart

And let’s be clear, I think Ty’s got a hot body (if you aren’t convinced, just ask him). Just like the evolution of his dangerously skilled narcissist character, Ty’s been beefing up and presenting a fitter physique in each and every match. The unapologetic narcissist in pro wrestling is pretty much guaranteed, almost by definition, to generate its own contrapuntal. Ty titillates and provokes in ways that are deceptively and carefully calculated. If you already think Ty is a hot piece of ass, then I need not argue the point further. However, if Ty irritates you, if he sort of pisses you off, if you find yourself filled with contempt for him, thinking  out loud that he’s just not as hot as he thinks he is, and if, in response, you find yourself wanting to see his Trophy Boy ass beaten and humiliated because he’s just too self-obsessed, too confident, too convinced of his devastating good looks, then, again I say, Ty has done his job. That’s what pro wrestling narcissists do, they provoke you into crushing on them or aching to see them get their asses beat, which Ty does better than almost anyone. So, yeah, love him or hate him, Ty’s a chart topper and provides absolutely essential ingredients to TTT19 that earn him his full share of the HWOTM title.

So it’s an unconventional choice, but as I’ve explained often, it’s my choice. I know what I like, and that’s all this blog has been about for over seven years. You may have made a different choice, and you’re welcome to start your own blog and do just that, but here, and now, I’m more than satisfied with selecting 4 lovely, lithe, lean, handsome, delicious young studs as co-winners of the title of HWOTM for June 2016.

June 2016 Homoerotic Wrestlers of the Month: Christian Taylor, Charlie Evans, Ty Alexander, and Chase Addams

14 thoughts on “Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

  1. Wow! As a huge fan of your blog, believe me when I say this is a tremendous honor!!! Thank you sooooooooo much!!! I’m not taking this amazing opportunity to wrestle for fantastic companies for granted. I’m pushing myself every single month to improve my body, my repertoire of moves, and my skills in the ring! Responses like this make it that much easier to push myself a little extra harder. Thx again! 🙂

  2. Its your website, so you can do what you want. I would not presume to tell you what to post or not post. But personally, I am also not interested in twinks. And none of these four wrestlers do it for me, personally. I can understand why others, who like twinks, might enjoy this match. But it holds no interest for me.

    And I do wish that you would not focus on so many twinks here, because I otherwise like your site. (I like it a lot!!!) But, as I said, it is your site, and you can do what you want. I am only telling you my opinion about twinks because (until today’s snarky comments) I thought you were actually interested in hearing what your readers thought. If I am mistaken about that, then feel free to ignore this.

    Regardless, thanks for a great site.

    1. Hey, Fed. I am interested in hearing what your opinions are. I save the heavy duty snark for people, unlike you, who attempt to post comments that include personal attacks, including racist, ageist, anti-Semitic, body shaming, and intentionally insulting statements. I’m definitely interested in hearing from readers, but those type of comments piss me off, and I screen them to keep that type of negativity off of my site. From the moment I started blogging, I was receiving comments telling me I was getting it wrong, focusing on the wrong wrestlers, paying too much attention to someone and not enough to someone else. I take all of that with more than a grain of salt, these days, and I’ve learned to follow my own tastes and turn ons in deciding what to write about. I’m genuinely happy to hear when my interests overlap or contradict with another fan of homoerotic wrestling. And in addition to the beasts and bodybuilders and fitness models and bear daddies and porn stars and jocks and average joes that I like watching wrestle, I also like plenty of twinks in my diet. Those who disagree can read on or not, at their pleasure.

    2. I’m really wondering how ty is considered a twink. He’s not small built. Maybe he used to but maybe a twunk? In any case maybe bard likes his Twinks and posts about them because muscle Doesn’t mean a good match. There is a match on this DVD with muscle men. Damien, Morgan, brute,and thrasher and it’s not very good and kinda boring.

      This match is entertaining and honestly hot and I’m not a huge “twink” fan myself.

      These guys put a lot of heart into the match and it’s great and there are small sexual elements. Some of your muscle guys in any company honestly are straight stale and just plain boring. I end up skipping 90%of the match and just get to a hold I like and pause it. Muscle guys arnt that creative, not good at selling holds and it makes for some really non believeAble wrestling.

      Bard made an excellent choice with these for Christian and Ty make it homoerotic. Chase and Charlie are great in this debut for them. Bloggers on muscle sites who never comment or review these types of matches have looked at and loved this one.

      As for you feeling Bard is grossly unfair and posting about Twinks way to much, I would wonder if you would post on a muscle wrestling blogger about his lack of diversity on his blog as well? Just because bard likes these doesn’t mean he has to put up with insulting posters agains his preferences or an insult to those he knows likes and is friends with like these 4 guys. He, like you, is entitled to his opinion.

      All in all this is a great match great fun and I’m now giving all of these guys more attention. Because the 2nd tag match which I bought the DVD for initially was dreadful. And the single and tag match was great.

      Bard if I said to much here please feel free to delete. I’m not in a habit of insulting people but I thought a voice of admiration as opposed to someone just posing because they didn’t like the post was deserved. I’ve seen to many times on other postings about these types of wrestlers when there looks are insulted because they are not muscle hunks. And people forget especially fans that 90% of the muscle hunks that they worship arnt even gay and have 0 love for the community of gay men who think they are so hot. Yet they attack out gay men like Ty chase Christian and Charlie because they are not their muscle hunks. Calling that out is a post I would Love to see you do because of your great way with words.

      Thanks for all yor posts you will always have me as a fan.

      1. Thanks for chiming in, Mike. For the record, I agree that Ty doesn’t fit my idea of a twink, and like I said in the post, I don’t think Chase or Christian quite qualify either. But regardless, they’re hot as fuck and wrestle their way right into my homoerotic fantasies. In the past I’ve been accused of unfairly favoring nasty heels, fitness models, legit pro wrestlers, or pretty boys at different times over the past 7 years. Most of the time I just shrug and move on. I only get pissy about things when people start seriously insulting wrestlers. And again, for the record, I love plenty of muscleboys and bear daddies (for fuck’s sake, the post immediately before my initial review of TTT19 was a fawning interview of Brook Stetson!).

      2. Mike, I am not sure why you are framing this as just twinks or “muscle hunks”. There are more than just those two options.

        Yes, I like “muscle hunks”. Guys like Brad Rochelle or Damien Rush are very hot, and do a great job of selling. But even within the world of muscular guys, there are many different types, not just “muscle hunks” like them. I mean, Brooklyn Bodywrecker, Mitch Colby, Chris Dickinson/Guido, Morgan Cruise, and countless others are very muscular and hot, but they are not in the same “muscle hunk” category as Rochelle or Rush (or Mike Columbo or Austin Cooper or Josh Goodman, etc.).

        And there are other guys, that are not either twinks or very muscular. For instance, I find Kid Vicious hot. And he is fit, but he is not muscular in the same that way Austin Cooper is. And he is lean, but he is not a twink. Johnny Firestorm, Jobe Zander, Doug Warren, Lon Dumont — there are many wrestlers that I find hot who would not be easily categorized as either very muscular or twink.

        Twinks or muscle hunks are not the only two options. Some of us are not at all interested in twinks, but still interested in a variety of other types of wrestlers (bears, jocks, daddies, guy next door, thugs, etc.). Just because we are not interested in twinks, and wish that this site did not focus so much on them, does not mean that we only want to see “muscle hunks”.

        As others have said, It is Bard’s site, to do what he wants with. But if he is interested in the opinions of his readers, let’s not confuse the responses. A request for “fewer twinks” is not the same thing as saying “we only want muscle hunks”.

      3. I’m glad that everyone agrees this is my site. Since there persists this question of whether I’m interested in reader opinions, let me just reiterate that I am, but I will screen out attempts to post comments that engage in racist, ageist, anti-Semitic, or body shaming attacks, or intentional insults, such as calling wrestlers “ugly.” Otherwise, as 7 years of blogging demonstrate, I am interested in discussion and have a very light hand in exercising my prerogative to censor out offensive comments. And I agree with Amir that there are a great variety of body types and wrestling characters that are sexy, and a review of my posts demonstrates that I celebrate nearly all of them.

  3. I do find people getting grumpy over blogs or sites featuring certain wrestling figures, types of matches, or moves a little odd sometimes. Online wrestling that is catered to gay men is obviously a niche community, in the most general sense. And of course people in this niche community are going to have different tastes. I myself only care for twinks OR muscle beasts when they’re in David vs Goliath matches (and I always root for the Goliath), which are kinda hard to find outside the Indy-Pro scene, so I totally get it. But when people voice these preferences, it’s all about the tone. Being pleasant and smiley (even if people can’t see your face, you can still sense that behind the words if it’s there) just comes across a lot better than just complaining or venting. And if you ARE a positive person and are unsure if people will get those happy vibes behind the words, just add a smiley 🙂

    Thx again Bard, for both the honor of HWOTM AND running this blog! I can’t even successfully manage my Charlie Evans facebook page and this is sooooooo much more work, so kudos 😉

  4. Glad to hear (in the comments sections) that you want to hear readers opinions. Your “snarky” comments in the 1st paragraph of your actual post might be the reason that some of us thought you did not want to.

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