Friday Fashion

Big Sexy’s epic ass clad in pink and lime

I amuse myself. I also offend, bore, irritate, and disgust others at times. I know this because I get comments to that effect on a regular basis. The liberating part of blogging about my erotic tastes and opinions, however, is that whether or not any particular reader likes what I write about, it’s really all about me (sorry Ty). So you can disagree with me, complain even, and I’m still good. As long as you don’t make racist, agist, anti-Semitic, body shaming or otherwise personal attacks. I shut down that shit on the pages of my own blog in a heartbeat.

NJustice’s bubble butt packed into the same trunks.

The flip side of that tension is that occasional experience when a reader tells me that something I’ve written turned them on, titillated, or tickled them. Like I said, it’s still all about me, but I’m happy when it turns out to be about you, as well. So it’s a nice surprise when a long-time friend of this blog reached out with a specific suggestion for resurrecting one of my favorite games here at neverland. I always suspect my polls and quizzes entertain me more than anyone else, so of course I’m thrilled to pull out a new installment of Friday Fashion, aka, Who Wore It Best.

BOLT v BRUTE tv - 171 of 199
Brute’s glutes work the full range of motion in these square cuts.

Specifically, we’ve been asked to weigh in on a particular pair of lime green and pink square cut trunks. Thunder’s Arena fans recognize this gear in a heartbeat. I believe that it’s likely that Big Sexy wore them first. Considering they keep popping up cradling the bulges and baubles of new TA competitors, I’m guessing they’re a permanent part of the TA gear closet. If those trunks could talk, I’d buy them a cup of coffee to hear what they have to say about the sensational glutes that have stretched their seams over the years.

Vinny’s muscled ass makes a big for fitting these trunks best.

While we can’t ask the trunks which body they enjoyed lifting, separating, and supporting most, I can ask neverland readers who you think wore it best. The contenders are all big bruisers. Big Sexy slid his big sexy body into these storied pink and lime trunks in at least 5 matches (currently embargoed on TA’s public store, reportedly at Big Sexy’s request). NJustice dabbled in TA competition just a couple times, but it was his Brutal mauling at the hands of Brute in Mat Wars 69 that gave us a chance to see how the pink and lime square cuts perform on the receiving end of an indy pro grudge beat down. Then again, perhaps Brute just had his eyes on those trunks, because he subsequently packed his massively muscled ass into them in Custom 28, Ring Wars 17, Mat Wars 59, Custom 31, Rough & Ready 79,  and Labor Day Special. And finally big, big muscleman Vinny bulged in the pink and lime in Custom 37.  They all wore them. Who wore them best?  Vote below.

Big Sexy certainly wore it first, and though we haven’t heard from him in a while, we know who he would think wore it best.
NJustice wore it just once, but it was certainly memorable. Memorable enough to say he wore it best?
Brute has worn it most often, clearly liking how these trunks look on him. In this case, do quantity and quality amount to the same conclusion? Did he wear it best?
Vinny left nothing to the imagination in the one, stunning match he wore these trunks. Did he wear it best?


3 thoughts on “Friday Fashion

  1. Big Sexy is far and away my favorite wrestler out of the group, but that last image of Vinny won my vote. Wow. I’m not normally a squarecut fan, but if you wear it like that, I can be convinced.

  2. I think it’s going to be a tight race between Big Sexy’s ass and Vinny’s front. And Vinny’s pose and imprint left a bigger imprint on me than the nostalgia of seeing Big Sexy back on your blog.

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