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Skinny dipping with the Boss looks like fun!

I think I may have become too serious in the past 41 days or so. Sure, I believe the very fabric of our fundamental social contract as a modern society is unraveling. And, yeah, I have to acknowledge that I’ve been feeling happy not to have children to worry about suffering in the coming new world disorder. But there’ve got to be some reasons to smile these days.  As if reading the secret thoughts of my darkest hours, a long-standing, anonymous, yet dependable friend suddenly reached out and dropped a boatload of candid, behind-the-scenes photos smuggled off the sets of BG East, starring some of the most sensationally sexy wrestlers on the planet taking a little off the cuff joy in life.

Happy heels Jonny & Kayden

OMI (Our Man Inside) has long been aware of my pleasure at seeing candid images of the heroes, villains, and whipping boys who star in the homoerotic wrestling fantasies that I enjoy so much. Far too easily, we who are fans can forget that there are actual people behind the made-for-pro wrestling characters and storylines that we tune in for. Too often, we take our prerogatives as consumers too literally. We collapse the people who put in the time to craft their bodies for wrestling sport entertainment into the products they star in. So we too often feel free to critique not just the products, but the people. We act as if it’s our right, from the anonymity of our side of the computer screen, to trash people based on our tastes and preferences in wrestling entertainment, dismissing the people themselves as worthless if we judge their wrestling products or performances to be uninspiring. I delete comments from the pages of this blog when I think they’ve stepped over that line, because that’s not what this blog is about. People can, and do, do that anywhere and everywhere else on the internet. This blog is about celebrating the industry, promoting the best of what I enjoy in homoerotic wrestling, and encouraging producers and wrestlers alike to continue to titillate and innovate for a homoerotic wrestling sensibility.

Charlie, Kayden, Drake, Jonny, Chase and Ty are arm in arm after the matches

So I particularly enjoy these candid shots that give just a glimpse of the men behind the masks (whether literal or figurative). I know that there are some who would likely prefer not to see behind the curtain. I respect that. But these rare glimpses of these hot hunks’ humanity make me love this industry even more.

Brooks bakes

We don’t have to like them all. Fuck, that’s the whole point really. Some of the hottest wrestling happens when hunky characters who I despise lie, cheat, and steal their way into contention in the ring. The rules of polite (straight) society do not apply in the homoerotic wrestling universe in which these magnificent men show up and throw down, putting bodies and egos and sometimes even their asses on the line in these Greek melodramas that we enjoy so passionately. In that world, these men can fly. They can be broken to pieces and pick themselves right back up and battle on with nothing but sheer will stitching them together. In that world, they’re devious and diabolical. They’re naive and gullible. They’re virtuous to a fault and psychologically flawed to perfection. In that world, they may or may not even be aware that we are crushing on them, debating about them, pulling for or rooting against them. They are apart from us, operating by different rules, and the distance can make us imagine that our estimation of them, in this world, also need not abide by conventions of common decency.

Kid Vicious spies something delicious, whether it’s Christian or the cake (or both)

But in this world, they’re guys like you and me. Well, guys who probably work out more, eat better, and, if they’re any good, train to wrestle beyond what 99% of fans ever do. But in my experience, they’re just guys, most of whom are charming and complex, a patchwork of pride and insecurity, just like all of us who are afflicted by this human condition.

Austin & Jonny ham it up

And in these waning days of 2016, I could probably use with more glimpses of genuine humanity. I wish every one of these smiling studs success and good fortune in the coming year. I want them to know that they are appreciated, even beyond being adored by those of us who are fans. When they’ve peeled their bruised and battered bodies off the mats, when the cameras are off and the street clothes are on, when they clock into their day jobs where people don’t even know that they are phenomenally sexy fantasymen with superhuman strength and skill when they strip their hot bodies down to supertight trunks, I hope their lives are filled with happiness. They are beautiful and brave, powerful and provocative. They’re terrifying and titillating, inspiring and inciting. They turn us on and transport us to a world in which our fantasies of gorgeous  gladiators locked in erotic combat play out, live action, before our very eyes.

OMI snuck out this tasty tease of as-of-yet unreleased, hardbodied newbies turning up the charm!!!

Wrestlers, when you’ve had your spine snapped in an OTK backbreaker and punched in the testicles until you’re a screaming, writhing mess on the mat, after you’ve gotten us off with your beauty and your might, I hope the world is kind to you in the coming year. Thanks for smiling.  ~Bard

I want an invitation to the next slumber party with Kid Leopard, Jonny, and Kid Vicious!
Vintage smiles from Ian Nesbitt, Jeff Jordan, Keith Sullivan, Dino Serra, DW and … who’s the tanned beefcake standing at the left?
Just Kidding
Mason Brooks starring in Tom of Finland?
Ty shares a smile and a shot of his backside
Ty’s got to hand it to Nino “Baby Boy” Leone – that’s a hot ass and an adorable smile
Nino and Calvin seemed to be happy to join the party in 2016
The rare glimpse of the Cheshire Cat NOT smiling!
The Boss is happy to hit the town with young muscle in tow


I had a birthday a couple of days ago.  One more year older, one more year closer to perfection. Someone who knows of my infatuation with BG East classics and glimpses behind the scenes gifted me with a few pics I’ve never seen before featuring homoerotic wrestling hunks who have populated my erotic fantasies for nearly 2 decades.  Now that’s a birthday present! Knowing the perfect surprise gift to give is surely the sign of a true friend.  So climb into your way-back machine and vicariously enjoy my thrill when I received these hot, mostly candid pics of sizzlingly sexy wrestling titans of yesterday (and a couple, still of today!).

Scan 11
Ian Nesbitt, Sean Patrick, Kid Vicious and Kid Leopard look for wimps to bully at the beach.

This shot of Ian, Sean, KV and KL sunning in the sand is instantly one of my most treasured possessions. Each of these hunks surely owns his own corner in the homoerotic wrestling hall of fame.  I’m still torn as to whether Sean “the Kisser” Patrick or Christian Taylor deserves the lifetime achievement award for sexiest liplock. And gorgeous heel master Kid Vicious can pull my trigger absolutely any time. What’s with the Boss being the only one fully clothed here?

get-attachment-47 copy
Andy Bailey, Thom Katt, (?) and Brian Baxter make male grooming a sexy, full contact sport.

I need help identifying the bright-eyed babyface flexing his bicep under Brian Baxter’s chin. Seeing these classic hunks so obviously having fun together is so awesome. Brian Baxter’s marathon ring match with Kid Leopard, with fellow wrestlers off camera flinging taunts and catcalls, is one of the rawest, sexiest, personality-forward homoerotic wrestling matches ever.

IMG_3509 (1)
Back row: (?), (?), Shane McCall, Cage Thunder. Front row: Tommy Lopez, Kid Leopard, Sailor Rob

Holy crap look at this reunion of pioneers of homoerotic wrestling hotness! The two silver foxes on the left in the back defy me, though I feel like I ought to be able to identify them. Shane McCall and an unmasked Cage Thunder are both classics and ongoing forces to be wrestled with in BG East new releases. Tommy Lopez!  Tommy Lopez!!! Just a few months ago I was waxing nostalgic about this babyface wrestling rock star.  And if you want to be brought to your knees hard, check out Tommy and Sailor Rob’s photo collection from their full frontal, pedal to the metal  homoerotic wrestling match in BGE’s Arena Vintage section. And it’s great to see KL and Sailor Rob are still close after their cut throat, brutally humiliating title match documented in the Arena’s Vintage Photo Story.

Happy birthday, indeed!

From Asses to Kissing

After Rudolph was the first to correctly identity the beautiful glutes in last week’s Name That Ass game, I asked him to name a topic he’d like to see a neverland post devoted to.  He named a classic figure from BG East yesteryears who, I completely agree, has been woefully neglected in the pages of this blog.  Honoring both Rudolph’s awesome game winner and the abundant merits of the sexy ass hunk in question, let’s chat just a bit about Sean Patrick.

Sean “The Kisser” Patrick – 6’1″, 160 lbs., lips licensed to thrill.

Sean earned the name, “The Kisser,” by doing exactly that.  He used those luscious lips to lock on to an opponent mid-match and suck the fight right out of him.  He came out swinging in his notable debut against BG East fixture and ever-dangerous mat daddy, DW, in Undagear 2 (you may have to ask for it, since I don’t see it listed in the online catalog at this point).  A hot, long, sexy rookie leading with his lips is quite a way to establish your credentials, so it’s little wonder the BG East boys starting lining up to sample Sean’s wares.

Sweaty Ted Hamill was apparently so satisfied by every inch of Sean’s body in Wrestleshack 3 that Ted never wrestled again!

I’ve mentioned before my impression that Christian Taylor became Sean’s heir apparent a few years later. The two bear more than a passing resemblance, at least in my estimation. Very similar body types. Less than an inch in height difference. Classically handsome, dark haired, luxuriously long. And they both have lips that absolutely scream out for some mid-match suckface.  Like Christian, there was an instant, intuitive homoerotic passion whenever Sean climbed on board. Kissing shows up with remarkable regularity with both of these pretty boys.

Sean clearly had a major oral fixation!

Sean inaugurated the Sexy Showdown series at BG East in his sophomore release.  His opponent, Kurt Eriksen, came loaded for bear in order to work over the audacious rookie who had the nerve to completely distract Kurt’s buddy, DW, with those sexy lip locks.  So, in a way, the very concept of the Sexy Showdown franchise his built upon Sean’s searching, probing, aggressively grasping lips. There’s no need in Sexy Showdown 1 (or 2, or 3, or 4… Sean starred in them all) to read a homoerotic subtext.  The eroticism is right in your face, or, more accurately, planted squarely across the lips of his opponents.

Iain Scott nearly rips Sean’s head off in his eagerness to taste those lips!

He regularly wrestled his way right out of his gear, and the lovely, lean stunner had an ever-ready rod proportionally long and, appropriately enough, a magnet for the mouths of many opponents. Sean broke-in epic muscle stud Iain Scott in Sexy Showdown 3, and the meat of both of these incredible studs played prominently in the explosive finish. In Showdown 4, Sean’s sword was once again unsheathed by sweaty muscle pig Bud Orton, who uses Sean’s incapacitation in a steamy figure-4 headlock to make the Kisser lose his load, and the match, but in Sexy Showdowns, who really loses?

Hottest homoerotic wrestling finish in history? This has got to be a contender!

Sean also helped inaugurate the Tag Team Torture franchise, starring in what I continue to think of as the paradigmatic example of the essence of homoeroticism in wrestling by teaming up with Patrick Donovan and running into the brutal heel-buzzsaw of vicious, sadistic, perpetually horny Cruze and Jose.  There’s so much right about that bout. The pitch perfect positioning of beautiful, lean babyfaces staring down meaty, hungry heels is spot on.  Sean and his brave compatriot, Patrick, play their parts with skills that no pair of rookies should be able to, bravely flinging themselves again and again into the breach.  And the 2-on-1 double teams, brutal humiliation, and total disregard for common decency of Cruze and Jose send this match hurtling headlong into a genre-defining moment, as Sean and Patrick are stripped naked (Cruze also peels off his own trunks, but just because he’s so fucking turned on!), brutalized, and stacked like cordwood in an innovative double-dose suffering of a camel clutch/boston crab combination.  Just for kicks, and judging by the size of Cruze’s erection, he’s getting a major kick out of it, the heels finally force the doomed babyfaces into face-to-face simultaneous camel clutches, topping off (me) the homoeroticism by forcing the humiliated twosome to suck face on command.  That’s got to be in my top 5 most insanely sexy matches!

Sean commandingly put Ian Nesbitt right where he wanted him.

Sean cemented his credentials as one of the founding fathers of explicit sexiness in homoerotic wrestling by starring in two X-Fights, first against Dick the Prick in X-Fights 22, then against Ian Nesbitt in X-Fights 23.  Check out this sizzling match description of The Kisser at the peak of his wrestling prowess and reputation:

“As this erotic epic begins “the Kisser” traps cute Ian in a vicious spladle neckcrank and the tone is set for some very aggressive mat mayhem. The feisty Scot counters with a ballgrab and a surfboard submission, but that just provokes Sean’s mean streak: Ian soon finds his face repeatedly forced into Sean’s crotch, wedged under his bare feet, defenseless against Sean’s infamous liplocks! After Ian “wedgies” his trunks, Sean cranks on a nasty boston crab and then makes him scream in a surfboard. Visibly horny, Sean strips the now less-resistant Ian, trapping him in a nude guillotine/legsplit complete with cocklock and kissing! More humping, more feet in face, with Ian finally “exploding” his load trapped in Sean’s figure-4 headscissors. As Ian cries “I submit,” Sean shoots his load on the Scot’s pretty face. Intensely erotic mat punishment. HOT!”

Simply too satisfying for Sean?

Sean’s final match. as far as I can tell, was against his former tag team partner Patrick Donovan in Submissions 6.  Apparently there was no love left by the time the two lean stars collided on the mat.  Maybe the shared public humiliation at the hands of Cruze and Jose was what ratcheted up their Submissions 6 collision to such a vicious, fevered pitch.  There was still kissing, of course, but holy fuck, it was so brutal, so aggressive!  They nearly rip each other’s heads off in this battle. Face sitting, crotch-ripping, neck-wrenching full nelsons and tit-for-tat guillotines… maybe this was always going to be about determining who has to walk away with the lion’s share of the Tag Team Torture 1 shame. Whatever the reason, we don’t seem to have heard from The Kisser since settling his score with Patrick.

WANTED: The Kisser!

So, on behalf of Rudolph, let me just put this out there into the ether: what did ever happen to Sean Patrick!? Is he still wrestling somewhere?  Is he a corporate banker with 3 kids and a 4th wife? Rudolph wants to know, and I’m first in line if anyone can track The Kisser down for an interview.   Spread the word. Lots of us have plenty of love left for Sean Patrick!

Ken-dred Spirits, Continued

Chatting with Ken Canada, one of BG East’s classic, handsome jobbers, was truly a delight! I hope that Ken’s enthusiasm and damn sweet earnestness come through, because they’re awfully charming. My conversation with Ken continued from where I left off in yesterday’s post, with me asking about Ken’s other BG East matches after he wrestled Sal Bruno and in Wrestlefest 1’s Battle R’Oil.


BG East’s Ken Canada and his strategically placed Maple Leaf
[…interview continued from yesterday...]

Bard: And, needless to say, the image of you sliding around in the middle of the Battle R’Oil is warming a different part of my body. Any other BG East wrestling memories that stick out for you?

Ken: On that first visit in the summer of 1996, on the same weekend as I’d wrestled in the Battle R’Oil, I’d also wrestled Jett Larson and Ian Nesbitt in two separate matches. Jett is a handsome, nicely put together lad and one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. Ian is a real sweetheart too; witty, clever, and…while wrestling in a skimpy speedo…he’s raunchy as hell!

Ian Nesbitt sets the pace in his match with Ken from Wrestlefest 1

Bard: Ian is another classic favorite of mine, and in no small part due to his being “raunchy as hell!” The Scottish accent also makes me weak in the knees. If I’m not mistaken, you wrestled a couple of the other early BG East icons as well, right?

Ken: On my second visit to the BG East estate, around 1997, it was while the comet, Hale-bop was slicing its way through the heavens above, a welcomed harbinger of victory in the ring or an ominous omen of disaster for me? Hmmmm. Time would tell. That weekend, I tangled with Kid Vicious in a hot ring match, and then, the next afternoon, with TNT Horrigan down in the BG East basement on the cool, black mats in the Mat Room. Kid Vicious is a veteran wrestler who knows all the right moves, and all the dirty illegal ones, too. TNT Horrigan is another veteran BG East rassler who knows how to get his opponent into a hold which soon has him screaming like a little girl. I’m not saying that that was the case in our mat match, but I can’t deny that he had me in agony with a couple of his expertly applied submission holds.

KV makes Ken hurt so good in Ringwars 4

Bard: You’ve simply got an incredible wrestling pedigree! I haven’t seen a few of your matches, but that will soon be rectified. I imagine that, years later, some people might second-guess being immortalized as a homoerotic wrestling gladiator. As you look back, do you have any regrets?

Ken: Both times I went to Pembroke to wrestle, I boldly went where few men have gone before: into the BG East ring or onto the BG East mats up against bigger, stronger, more skilled wrestlers. But I can honestly say that I’ve absolutely no regrets for having done so. I’ve always held onto the belief that you just gotta’ grab life by the balls and yank life around until it gives! I apply this same philosophy to wrestling. Whenever I’d find myself trapped in a hold of which I could see no immediate escape, I’d always go for the ever-vulnerable bulge. Hell! If it didn’t do the trick, at least I’d have had the pleasure of having squeezed the other guy’s man-jewels in my horny hand and of seeing that hot, sudden look of utter agony splash over his cocky face. YEAHHHH! Now that’s what does it for me! Dirty moves or not, whatever it takes to get the other guy to say, “I give! I give!”… I’m right there!

Bard: You are an inspiration to me, Ken. I hope to embrace life, wrestle it to the mat, and crank on it by the short hairs with as much abandon as you have! Do you stay in touch with any of your brothers-in-wrestling?

“Raunchy as hell” Scottish grappler,
Ian Nesbitt

Ken: I do still stay in touch with Kid Leopard and Ian Nesbitt. Even before our Wrestlefest 1 wrestling match on that 1996, July fourth weekend, Ian and I had established an instant connection, as soon as we’d met each other on that Friday afternoon. Behind his rough ‘n tough, alter ego of Ian Nesbitt – Glasgow’s infamous street gang leader – Ian’s a very funny, intelligent, articulate man who also happens to be a great writer too! Kid Leopard and I have a different sort of connection; spiritual, yet still centered upon man-to-man, erotic wrestling. We’d come to terms with our own individual wrestling obsessions via very similar routes. I look upon wrestling as being a key part of the very core of who I am. When puberty decided to kick in, I’d imprinted wrestling upon it to such a degree that for me, sex and wrestling had become synonymous… an inexplicable and inextricable morphing of the two dissimilar entities. Kid Leopard and I are also connected by birthdays too; his falls exactly one week after mine. I write him every March 15th just to make him smile or (hopefully) laugh. He’s invited me down to his place in Florida several times, and with the colder weather now starting to creep in, I may soon take him up on his kind offer.

Bard: Did you keep wrestling after your stint on camera with BG East?

TNT demonstrates his expertise in his match
with Ken in Submission 6

Ken: Oh yeah! I’d joined a gay wrestling group in Toronto who met up weekly for arranged matches in a free space replete with wrestling mats and even showers! There was no sexual activity allowed in these matches (damn it!) , but it was a fantastic opportunity to meet other guys of like mind and body, with whom any manner of relationship would be totally free to blossom later on. My friend -“Mike” – who’d introduced me to BG East by way of his videos, had invited me over to his apartment one summer evening to be tossed around by a big, lean, handsome, closeted, wannabe heel wrestler named “Paul.” Paul had been looking to wrestle against a local smaller jobber who’d be up to being lifted, carried, tossed, pinned, stretched, groin-grabbed…well…you know…all the really good stuff! Was I up for his exquisite abuse? Hell ya!!! I’d nicknamed him, “Paul Bun-yon.” And although he was indeed a very ruggedly handsome, broad-shouldered, towering giant of a man, it was his squeezable, bitable, tight, rock hard buns which really did it for me! I wanted to get totally lost in between those magnificent glutes of his, but had to settle for being trapped in endless body and head scissors holds between those massive, muscular gams of his! I’d ended up wrestling Paul only twice more after that first wonderful night. He had a partner who didn’t care much for wrestling. A couple weeks later, Paul had actually said to me that were it to happen that I should run into the two of them walking the streets of Toronto, to walk right past he and his partner and to not acknowledge him!

Bard: Damn. That’s cold.

Ken: Painful though it was to do, after he’d said this to me, I declined his request to meet up and wrestle with him again. I’ll always have those great memories of being scooped up by this 6’3″ giant, being body slammed to the mat and then slowly climbing up his gym-sculpted body, and lingering at his invitingly growing basket. Yeah…being a big heel wrestler and male nurse’s secret jobber call boy was a wonderful, though short-lived experience…and one which I’ll never forget.

Bard: Has being a BG East wrestler affected your personal relationships?

Inside and outside the ring, sometimes
we all need to take a good beating.

Ken: My partner has known all about my ties with BG East since the beginning of our relationship. He’s watched all five of my matches and is totally great with the fact that wrestling turns me on. He’s not into erotic wrestling himself, and I fully respect that; just as he respects my interest in it. We’re not together solely based upon our similarities. Our interesting differences help to bind us as well. Nobody wants to partner off with an ass-kissing, yes-man. I really believe that deep down, we all want and need an honest counterpart, someone who’ll awaken our conscience and bring us to our senses by figuratively slapping the stupidity out of us whenever we’ve stubbornly dug our heels into the ground, just to avoid bruising our ego! I’ve been “slapped” many times…and I’m a better man for it!

Bard: Sounds like you’ve found a real keeper there! Congratulations! Even though your partner isn’t into erotic wrestling, there’s something awfully hot about him sitting down and watching Ken Canada’s greatest hits. And it sounds like you’ve definitely remained immersed in wrestling.

Ken: I’d also wrestled at Hillside Campground in The Endless Mountains, Pennsylvania. I’d only gone there one time, and I believe that it was only the third anniversary of the gay wrestlers’ campground having been established. Since then, Hillside has grown incredibly larger, welcoming many more wrestlers than in the year when I had gone. It was amazing! I highly recommend camping there. I guarantee that you’ll be “pitching a tent” – if not overhead, well then most certainly in your wrestling trunks/speedo. The campground also offers all campers access to their great in-ground swimming pool. The guys are really, really friendly…and really, really hot, too! Go! Enjoy yourself! While there, I’d met a wonderful bearded lawyer/wrestler named “John” from Washington D.C.. I regret having lost touch with him over these past years.
Bard: You’ve really lived it, Ken! Again, I say, you are truly an inspiration. What are you up to these days?

Ken: As I mentioned, I’m very happily partnered off now and living in Ontario, Canada. I still maintain regular contact with Kid Leopard, and Scottish bad boy – Ian Nesbitt. I love visiting the BG East website to keep up with the latest news, faces, and tanned, muscular bodies of the wrestlers. I wonder if they know how truly lucky they are to be welcomed through the gates of the BG East wrestling home.

Bard: Any of the BG East boys that have come along after you that you’d like to get your hands on?

Ken and I have some plans to pick up where
Blaze left off, with Mr. Joshua captured
in the corner

Ken: Hmmm. That’s a tough one! Well, I sure wouldn’t mind goin’ one-on-one with Mr. Joshua Goodman, Jobe Zander, or Brook Stetson… or, better yet, having all three of them take turns ripping me apart piece by piece! That’d be fun! Hey! What if, by some miracle, (and it’d have to be some kind of miracle), Ken Canada were to take ’em all by surprise and manage to bind all three wrestlers in the ring corners, with their legs spread wide apart, their trunks pulled down, and their bountiful junk hanging free? I’d float from big guy to big guy, squeezing, fondling, groping, licking these giants’ tantalizing packages! Now that’d be a blockbuster DVD, for sure! Then again, that’d be a lot of balls for just one guy to juggle!

Bard: I’m pulling out my wallet as we speak! And if you need a hand with all those balls, you have to call me up. I’ll take personal responsibility for working on Mr. Joshua. Any other BG East hunks that you’d like to face off against?

Ken: Come to think of it, it’d also be loads of fun playing, “What’s inside your trunks?” with The Enforcer, Magnus, Surge, Cage Thunder, and Muscle Mask. Do you see any kind of theme going on here? Masks sorta’ turn me on… big time!
Bard: You and me both, brother! Any other Ken Canada updates for your fans?

Ken: Just like the eager, underdog jobber in the BG East ring, I’m a man with great ambition! For the past year or so, I’ve been working on a novel – an exciting, suspenseful thriller about the discovery of a cancer cure. I’m also trying to finish up my first feature film script – a romantic dramedy about two brothers. I guess you can call it a “bro-mantic” dramedy”. There aren’t enough brother-bonding films out there. If I were to ask you for one right now, could you name one?

Bard: One that isn’t a homophobic mess? Hmmm… nope!

Ken: I can think of “Fred Claus”, starring Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti. I’m stuck for another, though. Whether by blood or by choice, brother-bonds are important. I have one brother by blood already, but I’ve come to realize that life has come to bless me with a small handful of other brothers, with whom I share a deep-set passion for man-to-man wrestling and more!

Bard: Well this conversation certainly gives me a feeling of strong “Ken-ship” with you! I’ve said it at least twice already, but I have to say it again before we’re done here: you are an inspiration! You’ve been incredibly generous to share your time with me and agree to let me post our interview. I can guarantee that I won’t be alone in being both entertained and inspired by your fantastic journeys in homoerotic wrestling!

Ken: Thanks again, Bard. You’re a proficient, prolific, and talented writer. I’m honored to have been asked for this interview. BG East has been an important part of my adult life. You can’t spell BG East without an “A”…or as I like to say, “an eh!” I love your blog, and I’ll remain a loyal reader/follower for as long as you write it.

Ken Canada – A Classic