Name That Ass

I’m back from a well-earned vacation and reconnected to internet access. For Throw Back Thursday (or is that so 20 minutes ago?), I’m sending up an homage to one of my favorite pastimes of years gone by: the Name That Ass game.  Readers who’ve been with neverland a while, or who’ve scoured the archives, will remember that for a season or two I used to put up the homoerotic wrestling version of the old, old game show, “Name That Tune” (just dated myself, I know).  However, this is neverland, so the “tune” was close ups of the luscious asses of homoerotic wrestlers (or occasionally cocks, but mostly asses).  I’m resurrecting the gimmick with a twist today.  Be the first person to name that ass in the comments of this post if you’d like me to attend to a personal homoerotic wrestling infatuation of yours.  You see, I regularly get “requests” from readers to devote a post to a particular wrestler, a specific hold, a notable body part, a categorical gear choice, a favorite match, etc.  I typically try to be encouraging but non-committal, because I have the attention span of a tsetse fly.  More often than not, I forget, and the request gets buried in my inbox along with my best intentions.   So if you have a particular topic you’d like me to post on, take a look at the amazing ass below.  Study it well.  Enlarge the photo as necessary.  Lick the screen if it helps.  Whatever it takes, be the first person to identify this beautiful bubble butt belonging to a perpetual infatuation of mine (and many, many of others), and you get to name a topic for me to opine on.  And I’ll really do it, I swear.

So with the limited clues above and below, name that ass…


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