Wet & Wild Meets Wrestlefest

Wade Cutler’s Glorious Ass!

Congratulations to Rudolph for correctly fingering the mystery ass in yesterday’s post as belonging to Wade Cutler. I’ll consult with Rudolph about what topic he’d like some attention devoted to on the blog.  In the mean time, I’d like to take a moment to consider fluid.

The Cheshire Cat smiles in control of dangerously sexy Skrapper.

Water, specifically.  BG East’s newest catalog features a Wet & Wild release (#7, for those counting) that is unlike any I’ve seen before.  This has the feel of Wet & Wild meets Wrestlefest, which, in my estimation, dials up the hotness of a Wet & Wild release about 34.6 times.  We saw preview shots of these shenanigans smuggled out from OMI (Our Man Inside) last fall.  I thought it was probably just the hot boys of  BG East blowing off some steam (perhaps each other) in between matches.  Little did I realize the fun in the pool would become it’s own full length feature.

Trey gets acquainted with rookie heel Kayden Keller’s hot thighs and crotch.

Specifically featured are Mason Brooks, Trey Dixon, Ty Alexander, Kayden Keller, Drake Marcos and Skrapper.  Three of these hot numbers have graced the pages of this blog with interviews, and I’d donate a redundant internal organ to nail interviews with the other three.  The combat side of the poolside fun starts with a game of “chicken” (at least, that’s what we called it when we played it in the pool as kids).  Ty Alexander mounts Kayden Keller(‘s shoulders) and Drake Marcos mounts Mason Brooks(‘ shoulders) to see who can unseat whom.  Play turns to elimination submission wrestling, with head-to-heads featuring Kayden v Ty, Kayden v Skrapper, Skrapper v Drake, Skrapper v Trey, and Trey v Mason.

Ripped Trey puts the rookie heel Kayden in his place.

I’ve gone on the record about being lukewarm about pool wrestling productions in the past, mostly due to so much fine skin remaining unseen underwater.  The boys of Wet & Wild 7 largely take care of that problem by taking the action above the surface, including writhing racks, OTK backbreakers kneeling on the pool steps, and a whole lot of humiliating head scissors perched on the pool deck.  This Wrestlefest version of W&W also features a delightful display of personalities that I sometimes find missing among the sputtering and splashing of pool matches.  Kayden’s predator face cuts straight to the bone as he eats rookie Ty alive (yum!).  Drake’s ever-present smile is beaming as he ambushes Trey from behind (only to be erased as Trey humiliates him later), and Mason’s supremely confident smirk nearly makes all competition wither by itself.  Like all pool shenanigans, there are egos displacing more water than bodies, and I adore both the bodies and the personalities getting dunked and crushed equally.

Trey shows off the tanned, impeccably toned physique that just humiliated young Kayden. Who’s next, chumps!?

The epiphany in this match for me personally is Trey.  I’ve admired his incredibly sexy bod plenty before now.  His Passion and Punishment mat match with Skrapper (for which, I’m assuming, their head-to-head in the pool must have been mere foreplay) gives me a fever just thinking of his ripped glutes flexing and covered in sweat under Skrapper’s relentless waves of offense.  But when Trey manages to eliminate Skrapper from the impromptu king of the pool tournament, I’m genuinely shocked.  But when Trey stretches out his arms, showing off his ripped muscles and glaring with icy cockiness, daring Mason to take his best shot, I am completely, entirely, knees-buckling sold.

Too much cocky invites double-teaming!

The Mason v Trey head-to-head turns into a best of three falls, interrupted by a melee of double-teaming brutality in which every boy at poolside gets into the action.  I love a gloves-off, rules-be-damned moment when a cocky hunk pushes his luck too far and gets teamed up on and humiliated, so I’ve got so much love for Wet & Wild 7!  In this lean and luscious weight class of BG East, nobody is quite dominant enough to defend against a pack of hungry contenders, so watching these studs gang up on and humble the pack leaders is sweetly satisfying.  But eventually, Trey and Mason are left standing, and Trey insists on riding the wave to a best of 3 come from behind victory.

Trey is either going to snap off Mason’s head with those powerful thighs or drill a hole through his skull with that clenched-jaw-laser-focused stare of total domination.

It goes all three falls, happily.  I feast for days on the sight of either Mason’s pumped pecs or Trey’s mouthwatering abs so masterfully displayed by each one’s opponent.  The combination of back and forth dominance, however, is glorious!  I’ve got to push rewind and watch it all over again when Mason is completely at Trey’s mercy, staring face/mouth first at Trey’s package in a spectacular face-to-crotch headscissors with Trey’s beautiful, tanned, toned body stretched out across the pool deck.  Then again, I require an instant replay when Mason latches on a figure-4 choke on the deck, simultaneously showing off his own beautiful ass and his opponent’s hotly muscled, completely owned body. Hot damn!

Mason ties up his challenger, perfectly showing off both of their hot, wet bodies.
Bad to worse, Mason crushes Trey’s balls and batters his spine in an OTK backbreaker across the pool steps.
The look of delight perfectly matches the total mastery Mason has over every mouthwatering inch of struggling Trey Dixon!


There’s a winner, though Skrapper is, not surprisingly, ready to fight it out all over again to contest the victory.  But then again, everyone’s a winner as the boys top the hill of hot competition and coast headlong into full on passion in the middle of the pool.  The affection is absolutely genuine, without a doubt.  The open lust is obvious and needs little sell to deliver.  Poolside Wrestlefest turns into full on orgy!? Okay, okay, okay!  I’m duly chastised.  Wet & Wild 7 absolutely convinces me that pool wrestling can be outstandingly sexy!

This was all heading just one place: pool orgy.

4 thoughts on “Wet & Wild Meets Wrestlefest

  1. Would like to point out that this match features the second win of my career and all in the same catalog. Despite it being a tournament I still won…again! Told ya!!!

    1. True enough. Of course, you didn’t win the tourney, and sheer luck would dictate that you can’t lose them all. But credit where due. Still waiting for my Christmas present though.

  2. Wait a sec drake. I’d like to point out that ours was a draw and in the aftermath of our match your the one that came first buddy. You obviously knew that your self because you felt the need to do something a little underhanded. Revenge will be sweet just so you know.

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